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Whitney Wolfe And The Dangers Of Having Information Stolen and Posted

While there are a ton of opportunities on the internet, there is also a cutthroat and ruthless element to the internet. One thing that can be said is that the internet is not as safe as people may think. For instance, people have to be very careful with the amount of information they put out on the internet. All it takes is one person who has bad intentions to take the information and post it on sites run by people who do not have good intentions. This is one thing that has happened to Whitney Wolfe. Someone has taken information about her and her staff and has posted it on a new-Nazi website.

As a result of those actions, Whitney Wolfe has had to hire a bodyguard to go with her everywhere she travels. Her fame has made her a target. Therefore, she has to take a lot of safety precautions at least until things calm down. However, being someone who is fighting passionately for a cause is worth all of the harassment that comes as a result of it at times. Given that Whitney Wolfe is fighting for women to have a life without all of the harassment and objectification, she is not going to stop anytime soon.

Whitney Wolfe has spoken on this issue. One thing that she has pointed out is that this is a misogynist time. There are a lot of people who are against women in many different ways. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has stated on an interview with The Times is that misogyny is a very dangerous thing. For one thing, a lot of harmful acts against women have occurred as a result of misogyny. This is one of the things that feminism is fighting against. However, it does seem that the misogynists are getting louder.

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Lime Crime Offers Bright New Release

Through the use of social media, Lime Crime produced a spring surge in anticipation when it hinted towards it’s newest palette release. On IG and other sites, the company teased the audience with images and hints at what to anticipate this spring with the result one many couldn’t wait to see. The introduction of the next palette in the Venus line.

Lime Crime, a cruelty-free and vegan makeup company, has decided to continue with the production of vibrant eyeshadow pigments. With a focus on revolutionizing the makeup industry and setting trends, the company can be found in many stores along with having a very prominent online presence. And they shine through the many products they produce, including the palettes.

The previous version of eyeshadow palettes by the company, Venus XL received high praise when it was released months ago, and it looks like the company is shooting for a quick repeat of the success by giving the people want they want: another eyeshadow palette. For not long after the XL had made it to the shelves, the company was at it again, putting up the teaser of yet another new release.

The initial buzz lead to many guesses before the company made any official announcements and it was ll in hopes of seeing a Venus III palette produced. After the tease of the image and announcement at the future launch, the stratosphere went abuzz with the options. The number one desire on the list then became the reality to many shoppers satisfaction. And it’s looking promising. Lime Crime is giving the people what they want again with their new “heavenly grunge” designed palette and many can’t wait for this new one to hit the store shelves in the hopefully not too distant future.