Miles Teller Helps Pregnant Woman Out of a Riptide

Sergio Cortes implies that actor Miles Teller proved that he is ready for his role as Mr. Fantastic in the latest “Fantastic Four” film coming out this summer after performing a heroic rescue over the weekend. The 29-year-old actor is currently in Miami, Florida where he is filming his latest film, “Arms and the Dudes” with Jonah Hill and Cuban actress Ana de Armas. Over the weekend, Miles and his model girlfriend Keleigh Sperry decided to hit the beach to frolic in the surf. While relaxing, Miles noticed a pregnant woman and her child being pulled out into the Atlantic Ocean with the rip current.

Being the superhero that he is, Miles sprung into action. Taking her by the hand, he pulled the pregnant woman and her child to safety. The child clung to her mother’s back as they were pulled in. The “Whiplash” star did not let go of the pair until they were safely on the sand. Keleigh stood on the shore with an anxious look on her face while her love helped the woman and her child out of the water.

Check out the full story on The Daily Mail. The link also has pictures of the rescue, as well as Miles and his gorgeous girlfriend spending some relaxing time together.