Equities First Business

Equities First Holdings is an Investor’s Refuge in Financial Crisis

Recently Equities First Holdings relocated its Australian Melbourne office to the heart of Melbourne. The move was to improve accessibility by business associates and clients. Again, as the company’s Australian market base is rapidly growing, the new Equities First Holdings location provides room for expansion to accommodate both staff and customers. Equities First has other business offices in Perth and Sydney. Besides Australia, the US-based company has regional offices in Singapore, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Equities First Holdings provides stock based loans to investors in need of expansion capital purposes such as strategic investment. Since stock based loans do not require disclosure of purpose, they can be used for any purpose. Equities also provide loans on shares or managed funds. Its flexible alternative credit offers make the company a place of refuge in times of economic crisis.

Equities First offers a number of benefits to investors and businesses. Companies and individual s who are illegible for credit based loans can offer their stocks and shares as collateral to secure a loan. Investors who wish to liquidate a substantial amount of stock can benefit too form the services of Equities First. The organization provides cheaper liquidation services compared to other financial institutions. Furthermore, the high value loans attract very low fixed interest rates.

Since it began its operations in 2002, Equities First remained a leader in the alternative credit solutions industry. Its unique services, flexible terms and simplified application process have made it the best choice for most entrepreneurs businesses. To date, the company has completed over 700 transactions worth more than $1.4 billion.

Its continuous growth as seen Melbourne is an indication that growing businesses and investors realize the matchless benefits Equities First offers. It is also due to the company’s efficiency, friendly customer support services and prompt response to client’s needs.