Ryan Seacrest, the Slim and Handsome Face of TV

Today’s Ryan Seacrest is almost unrecognizable when compared to pictures of the cute chunky kid who grew up in Dunwoody, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Everyone that has watched Ryan Seacrest emcee on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve or American Idol has seen a slender confident handsome man who doesn’t appear to struggle with his weight. However, Ryan Seacrest recently opened up to reveal his struggle with staying slender and not returning to his once plump physique.

The 38 year old Seacrest has adopted the tools that keep him fit and able to fight off the destructive forces of stress. It’s a struggle for Seacrest to schedule and fit in a workout, so when he sets one up, it is not cancelled for anything. While Seacrest is in action during a TV or radio announcing set, he may take a commercial break to exercise. He’ll simply get on the floor and do pushups or lift weights.

When he’s working at several locations, he doesn’t worry about racing across town to make a workout session, he actually keeps a change of clothes at strategically placed hotels where he keeps lockers for his convenience. With his workout gear close by and a 45 minute break , he can go to a nearby gym and get the workout he needs to fight the bulge; and because of the proximity to work, he can immediately proceed to his next gig.

Unfortunately for all his success, Seacrest, the owner of Distinction, is a food lover. He loves to eat, so he has to balance that out with one hour workouts five days a week. Some weeks, he only gets four hours to workout. On the weekends, he spends 15 to 20 minutes in the pool swimming. When he spends some time with a trainer, he prefers to break a sweat quickly doing circuit training and core workouts.

When he’s on his own Seacrest enjoys running, biking and yoga. His back is a little stiff, so yoga positions are difficult for him to achieve. He hurt his knee in the snow recently, so he has postponed his running and substituted stationery biking. He realizes, he’s getting older, because his body cannot take the same abuses and he can feel them for longer periods of time. Still, he relies on exercise to keep his body in motion while he maintains a very active and productive career. Twitter: @RyanSeacrest

Learn how you can support Ryan’s Foundation: http://ryanseacrestfoundation.org/

Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Establish Their Identity Through Their Music

The Chainsmokers have already publicly released their new hit “Closer,” that featured singer Halsey. In contrast to their other past singles like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”, their recently released hit highlights Andrew Taggart singing.

Most singers naturally sing their own composition and songs, but it is quite different for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart along with their DJ peers who normally depend on vocalists and songwriters to make their electronically manufactured sounds have a more human touch to it. The duo’s venture into customizing their kind of music complements their dream to become full-fledge artists who expresses feelings and ideas that cannot often be seen with traditional music beat head-bangers that are behind DJ booths.

Really happy!! These sort of days mean the world to me!

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Despite the fact that most DJ artists would prefer to be obscured behind big stage drops and enormous synthesizers, Taggart and Pall are striving to make the public see them more when they perform, trying to incorporate a tenderness into their genre of music which is often absent in most performers nowadays.

The duo were interviewed on their plans of evolving as their fan base grows, about their new hit sensations, and their plans on launching their unique identity. And below is the answer on how they are currently establishing their personality as a duo via their music:

Question: Does being a DJ duo and being in the electronic genre makes it more difficult to create a strong identity as an artist?

Answer: Yes and no. Because each genre has the same stuff that sounds like other popular stuff, and there are plenty of individuals vying to stand out among the rest. So, mostly a song can be played with in more than 30 different versions. However, if you really want to be an artist then the song you put out must be creative, artistic and has content that nobody else has. So, to develop your identity as an artist you will wait for your big song, and ensure that it is heard by the right people before you put it out for the public to hear.

Like in “Closer,” where the lyrics state about hooking up again with a past girlfriend. Then being attracted to her again and knowing the real reason of the break-up.

How Ryan Seacrest Branched Out From Television Hosting

Ryan Seacrest started out as a television host, most notably American Idol. He soon branched out, first as a radio host on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, a morning show that airs on KIIS-FM. Starting on May 1, 2017, he started hosting another television morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, on ABC. Every New Years he also appears on another ABC show, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. He has now hosted this show for 13 years, along with Jenny McCarthy for the past eight years.

He is also known for his sense of fashion. Beginning in 2009 he began to partner with Christopher Bailey of Burberry’s. Bailey designed his clothing for Ryan Seacrest at first for his red-carpet hosting and then for what he wore on American Idol. He likes to wear close-fitting suits and decided he would launch a line of clothing like this. His clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, was first available in 2014 and is available at Macy’s in an exclusive arrangement. His line also includes accessories like belts, jewelry, ties, and cufflinks.

Other than his radio show, Ryan Seacrest also launched a line of skincare products for men called Polished in 2017. He announced this line on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There are five products in this line such as a Daily Micro-Scrub, a Dual Cleanse and Shave, and an Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30. This was launched in a partnership with his dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer.

As a philanthropist, he launched Ryan Seacrest Foundation eight years ago. His foundation builds broadcast media centers inside of children’s hospitals, ten of them to date. The patients at these hospitals can go into these media centers and find out about radio and TV media. They can also access media inside of their patient rooms as well.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation accepts donations through its website, which are tax-deductible. They also have volunteers working in these media centers. To find out if any specific hospital needs volunteers a person can go to the contact page at ryanseacrestfoundation.org or check out @ryanseacrest on facebook and on instagram and send a message to that hospital who will inform them if they have any opportunities available.

To know more about Seacrest’s On Air with Ryan, visit https://onairwithryan.iheart.com/.

“Four Rooms” And Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is an American movie producer best known for his close working relationship with renowned director Quentin Tarantino. Ever since producing the breakout piece Reservoir Dogs, Bender has been the producer for all but three of Tarantino’s films. The films produced by Lawrence Bender have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards, with six of those nominations leading to a win.

One often overlooked yet highly entertaining Bender-Tarantino collaboration is the movie Four Rooms, a quirky four-part performance linked by a frame story, all based on the writings of Roald Dahl. While Dahl is best known for his children’s books, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach, he also wrote critically-acclaimed literature for adults. In particular, Four Rooms draws from Dahl’s Man From The South.

TED it starts!!

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Four Rooms follows Ted, a bellboy staffing a high-end hotel all by himself on New Year’s Eve, played by actor Tim Roth. As Ted navigates his way through an evening from hell, he finds himself dealing with a wide variety of quirky and unsavory characters. Ted does his best to service a coven of witches headed by Madonna, rescue a wife played by Jennifer Beals from her manic husband, look after the unruly children of a Latino businessman portrayed by Antonio Banderas, and finally help settle a bet between a playboy director and his friends.

In the final scene, the director is played by Quentin Tarantino himself, and it’s in this scene that Lawrence Bender finally makes his cameo in a role referred to in the credits as “Long Hair Yuppie Scum.” Bender loves making cameos, as does Tarantino, and he has made a habit of it, appearing in eight small roles throughout his career as a producer.

Given its star-studded cast, brilliant acting, unusual plot, and off-color comedy, it’s safe to say that Four Rooms is the hidden gem of Lawrence Bender’s career. It received solidly negative reviews when released in 1995, but with the sheen of time its style and subject matter are absolutely worth revisiting for a one-of-a-kind laugh-out-loud viewing experience.


Lawrence Bender the Actor and Celebrity

Born in 1957, October 17 of a history professor (father) and a kindergarten teacher (mother), Lawrence Bender is an American producer. He grew up in New Jersey. Lawrence is a graduate with a course in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine (class of 1979). Having begun as a dancer, he later joined the film industry after an injury.

Movies by Lawrence Bender have to date been nominated a record 29 times for the academy Awards, including three Best Picture nominations. His movies have won six Academy Awards. With many producers trying to make action movies that will get a chance to come out in the theatres, there is a shortage of such in the market. Safe stands out as a prodigious miniature film that will imbibe you in as much as one may not be expecting much.

Safe, a 2012 movie is the best thing Lawrence Bender has produced. It is a rough and cost-effective action thriller. Director Boaz Yakin gives his best to keep things moving assertively and energetically. The movie has a reasonably byzantine conspiracy. Statham, a retired MMA but homeless fellow after losing his wife through murder makes the film interesting with an aim to save Mei from James Hong _ a crime boss in the Chinese Triad. With morality, crime and revenge as the themes in this film, it can only be rated four stars.

Revenge by Lawrence Bender is seen when the Russian mafia decides to torture Statham for winning against a Russian opponent and putting him in a coma while he should have thrown the fight off. In an archetypal model of evil-movie-guy lucidity, erasing everything he ever cared about is their best strategy instead of killing him directly. This throws him off to the streets. Coincidence reveals itself when little Mei runs from a Russian mob to the subway in which desperate Statham relaxes. Believing to be the only good thing he would before dying, he has to protect her. This scenario as well prepares his ground for retaliation. The fights and chases from the subway to an expensive hotel; from homeless hoodie dressed Statham to the one in a fancy suit, the plot is magnificent. However, it doesn’t explain how a guy with a British accent ends up being a New York police officer.


With New Track ‘Sickboy’, The Chainsmokers Show A Healthy Attitude Towards Social Media

As reported in everywhere from Forbes to L.A. News Watch, The Chainsmokers have dropped a new single on us, the track ‘Sick Boy’. Having already broken the song worldwide as of this writing (it premiered on January 17th), The Chainsmokers continue their hot streak which began back in 2014 with ‘#Selfie’.  With ‘Sickboy’, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart take a turn from their patented symbiosis of Top 40 and EDM to deliver a darker view than we have come to expect from them. It turns out that the highest-paid DJs of 2017 have a lot to ponder these days about what comes with their enviable position. Taggart sings lines like “Make no mistake, I live in a prison / That I build myself, it is my religion” and “Feed yourself with my life’s work / How many likes is my life worth?”, making it clear that things are no longer all coming up ‘Roses’ in Chainsmoker-Land.

Credit for the track is due to not only Pall and Taggart, but also their keyboardist Tony Ann. The songwriting fingerprints of powerhouse Emily Warren are on the tune as well. As you may recall, her relationship with the guys dates all the way back to their track with Tritonal, ‘Until You Were Gone’, back in 2015. Quadruple-threat producer, songwriter, DJ, and singer Shaun Frank takes a hand in stirring up the pot as well.

Thankfully, this change in direction doesn’t seem to have alienated many (if any) of their worldwide fans. The song has taken top radio positions all over the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and more.   According to the interview in Forbes, it appears we can expect even more topical tracks and sonic boundary-pushing from Pall and Taggart. Perhaps emboldened by the Grammy nomination for ‘1-800-273-8255’ for Song Of The Year (Drew was one of the songwriters of Logic’s smash about suicide prevention), it is clear that The Chainsmokers aren’t just going to rest on their laurels and keep pushing out what worked for them early in their career.


Chainsmokers Take A Darker Turn With New Single

The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) have always been known for a distinctive style that is equal parts pop and equal parts electronic dance music. For a band that has only been on the national scene for about two years, they have quickly distinguished themselves as industry favorites and carved out a niche all their own.

The Chainsmokers have always had a habit of putting out a song about once a month. They say they like to do that in order to keep the themes of their music as current as possible. However, the interim before “Sick Boy” was a lot longer. Before releasing this song, they had not put out any music for about nine months. The explanation for this, as given by the duo themselves, is that they wanted this song to be the beginning of a “new chapter. They said that they had grown a lot, as artists and as people, and that they wanted to reinvent their music in order to reflect that.

As such, this new single moves in a significantly darker direction. It is a very plain and direct statement about what the internet has become. A lot of the lyrics imply a sense of isolation and narcissism all rolled into one. It is not simply another whining critique of society’s ills. Rather, it seems to honestly accept the nature of fame in the internet age, and all the scrutiny that goes with it. In a world where every celebrity both past and present is in competition for the collective attentions of the internet, and where the average person has just as much of a voice as these celebrities, narcissism and isolation can often lead people to say and do things that destroy their careers and credibility forever. Internet fame can often turn into infamy.

When asked about the motivation for this new single, Taggart says that the song was really meant to express anger and frustration about the state of the world and the nature of social media. While this represents a shift from their earlier work, Pall and Taggart say that their fans have mostly responded well to the new sound.



How to Land Parts With Nine9

When it comes to opportunities, the best thing to do is follow through. For one thing, it is a good thing when one finds an opportunity to advance. The only thing is that it is important to avoid imploding with excitement. The most important thing is to be ready and willing to take action. However, this can be done when one takes the time to learn what is needed to move forward in any industry including the entertainment industry. When people try to break into the industry, they often find themselves with agencies that will not take them very far. However, there is an unagency that is very effective at getting people the roles they want.

This unagency is called Nine9. They have an approach that is very effective in the industry. For one thing, people are better able to find the roles they want. One of the best aspects of Nine9 is that their clients are constantly updated about the new roles that are available for them to take on. All they have to do is go to the auditions so that they will get the chance at landing the role for the upcoming projects. There have been many clients that have gotten roles quickly and have even made successful careers in their attempts to enter the entertainment industry.

One good thing about Nine9 on You-Tube is that they are always communicating with their clients. In the entertainment industry, connection and communication is very important. This is so that people will not only have the knowledge but also the confidence to pursue what they are after. Nine9 is the one unagency that people have been waiting for. They are very effective compared to an entertainment talent agency. Nine9 delivers on all of the promises it makes to people who sign up.


Movies And Mushrooms


I have watched many shows on Netflix in my time. I think, if I were to ever to pick movies to watch while tripping, American Horror Story ( The Complete Fifth Season),would be the one to watch. It has excellent dialogue, plenty of twists and turns, not to mention the graphics. It is quite risque and goes above and beyond anyone’s imagination. Now overall, any season of American Horror Story is very macabre and they are all surprising. The fifth season stars one of the queens of macabre. And, she adds to the whole story. It is a mixture of rough sex, death and loss. I do believe there is a slight hint of vampirism.

Yet, it is by far not your average vampire. It is basically a characters desire for flesh. The whole series is awesome, as it takes place in a historical hotel. The hotel is designed with 50’s decor. Spirits are known to roam and seduce their fortunate or maybe not so fortunate visitors. Children are welcomed and have their own playroom while the adults venture off to play themselves. So, if you are into wild sex and a trip on the dark side, this a definitely a Netflix must watch series. I myself have it on my top favorite list. Mushrooms or not, it’ll without a doubt have you thinking for awhile.

One Piece: One of the Most Popular Anime, Regardless of Gender


One Piece” is an ongoing “shonen” anime whose popularity and large roster of characters have made it one of the most popular anime programs among both sexes. It has over 700 episodes and more than a dozen movies to its name. Here is a rundown of the popular male and female heroes from this One Piece movie list.Monkey D. LuffyRoronoa ZoroUsoppNami SwanSanjiChopperNico Nico RobinFrankieBrookeBoa Hancock

  • Monkey D. Luffy is a hot-blooded young man whose “Gum-Gum Fruit” changed his body into rubber.
  • Roronoa Zoro seeks to become the world’s best swordsman. He uses a unique three-sword style, holding third sword in his teeth.
  • Usopp is a neurotic, chronic liar with an uncanny luck and marksmanship.
  • Nami Swan is an orange-haired human who abhors most pirates and wields a weather control staff.
  • Sanji is a woman-crazy chef who uses his legs for fighting and his hands for cooking.
  • Chopper is a reindeer and medic who consumed the “Human-Human Fruit,” giving him the ability to freely change between man and reindeer.
  • Nico Nico Robin is a historian whose useful devil fruit powers allow her to conjure body parts from anywhere she desires.
  • Frankie is a cyborg shipwright.
  • Brooke is a former ship’s captain and musician whose devil fruit leaves him nothing but an afro-scalped skeleton.
  • Boa Hancock is one of the “Seven Warlords of the Sea” and considered one of the world’s most beautiful women.


While I’m typically into sports anime, this is definitely worth the watch, especially if you’re looking for a nice long series.