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George Soros Calls for Support for Ukraine

George Soros has made quite a few passionate pleas for international support for the future of Ukraine. Since Ukraine began its massive reformation in 2014, a new country with the potential for stable economic growth and more mainstream political parties has evolved. Although George Soros Ukraine concedes that the European Union (EU) is currently dealing with a multitude of political and economic crises, including Greece’s debt and the migration situation, he reminds us that supporting Ukraine should remain a top priority for the EU.

In a period of relative uncertainty with Ukraine still licking its wounds from fending off Russian forces, Soros sees reason for hope in Ukraine’s situation. He urges leaders of the EU to consider Ukraine as an agent for unification among EU member countries. At a time when support for European unification has been waning, the need for collective support of Ukraine’s independence and prosperity could be a welcome opportunity to show how effective the EU could be when the member countries work together.

George Soros Ukraine calls attention to one of the primary reasons to support independence and stability for Ukraine, which involves keeping Russian aggression in check, especially while Putin is still in power. According to Soros, there is absolutely no debate that Russia must be watched closely. The best way to prevent Russia from overstepping its bounds against sovereign nations in the EU is to make sure that its neighbors are able to take a stand against Russian aggression. In short, Soros’ view is that a strong Ukraine will inevitably lead to a stronger Europe.

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In addition to making sure that Ukraine is able to physically defend itself from Russia, Soros is adamant that European countries should be providing enough financial support so that Ukraine can continue its political and economic reforms. As the country continues to move away from its corrupt and bureaucratic systems, Soros says that the EU should make funds available so that Ukraine is able to stand as a beacon of democracy in that region of the world. Soros’ theory is that if the Ukrainian people are able to enjoy and stand behind widespread democratic reform, then perhaps the same types of policies will catch on in Russia. Given the proximity of Ukraine and Russia, it follows that a democratic reform in Ukraine could spill right over into Russia. This could be one of the biggest steps forward in keeping Putin in check for the rest of the world. Soros implores the EU to consider the long list of benefits that could come from political and economic stability in that area of the world. Surely, according to Soros, the price tag on that is worth more than the few billions that the EU has provided thus far in financial support to Ukraine.

In using his international experience and prominent position to plead for assistance for Ukraine, Soros once again demonstrates his commitment to seeing democracy and freedom spread throughout the world. He hopes that his words of wisdom do not fall on deaf ears of European leaders. 

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Geoge Soros Points Out that the Changing Financial Structure Appears Similar to the Crisis in 2008

Bloomberg Business reports on the latest happenings on Wall Street and around the world, and George Soros is a $28 billion hedge fund investment mogul who has been active in the market for over 50 years. He claims that his firm gained 20 percent every year from 1969 to 2011 under his leadership. He first discovered he had a talent for investments in the 1950s, and it was soon discovered afterwards that people began to follow his financial advice, and he gained a stellar reputation. Mr. Soros watched the 2008 crisis come and go, and today he says that he is seeing some of the same characteristics in the global market.

Other experts say that the market is not that affected and has not gone that far yet, but Soros’s prediction are something to watch. In any case, if you are an investor or are planning to invest in the near future, here are five points to consider from Mr. George Soros.

1) The value of the yen is decreasing, and this currency is utilized over much of Asia including China.
2) Prices of gold have hit an all-time high at over $1,100. Gold is not the standard for American currency today.
3) The Chinese trade market has come to a halt twice in the past week, and Soros attributes that to China’s changing economy from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services. Over $2.5 trillion was lost in China this year.
4) The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, which has become known as the fear gauge or the VIX, is up 13 percent.
5) The Merrill Lynch index of expected price changes in Treasury Bonds has risen almost six percent this year. Merrill Lynch is one of the largest investment firms in the country.

This is only the beginning of 2016, and Standard and Poor’s 500 index hit an all-time four-day low. This drop considered the declining yen in China and the rising gold market. Soros reports that he believes that this is an indicator that there is more trouble to occur in the near future. There has been a slide all over the globe, not to mention the Dow Jones Industrial Average here in the U.S., which wiped away 900 points.

If Soros is right in his prediction, then America would do well to take heed and begin some countermeasures to prevent a recurring of 2008. Before there are any more signs that indicate another crisis is on the horizon, it would be wise to consider the numbers that have already been revealed. Georg Soros is experienced and skilled in the area of financial investments and gauging the stock market, so his perspective is carrying weight among financial leaders.