E-cig Industry

O2PUR joins the big players in the e-cig industry.

Around the year 2003, a new concept was introduced e-cigs, e-cigs was first heard of in Beijing and later spread on to other continents. E-cigs is an electronic device that has revolutionized smoking tobacco. The electronic device has become more popular and more people are embracing the idea. Some of the advantages of using e-cigs are;

You can regulate nicotine levels.

Isn’t this wonderful everyone wants to be in control of what they consume, e-cigs gives you that opportunity to be in control.

Has a variety of flavors.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs offers a variety of flavors making the experience even better, some of the flavors include; banana, mint, peach

They are odor free.

One of the significant challenges with traditional cigarettes is the odor you always have to use chewing gum, which is not an ideal option for everyone. E-cigs has come with a new touch one does not need to use gum since e-cigs are odorless.

The popularity of e-cigs cannot be denied even as companies engage in the production of more products to meet their client’s needs. Some of the top companies to look out for include;

British American Tobacco, this company has a new technology that will be the next big thing in the market the heat not burn technology heat not burn heats real tobacco which in turn produces a vapor that supplies the taste to the user. This is a new experience that will change and improve the smoking experience.

The other big company is Phillip Morris which is the leader in the rechargeable pen like equipment; this device is short making it easy to use and be carried around and allows the user to insert their cigarettes and enjoy the smoking experience.

Apart from improving the smoking experience one other thing that e-cigs have come with are stocks, good deals on the shares to buy, British American and Phillips Morris are some of the e-cigs stocks to consider this year their returns are potentially high and shareholders should expect to yield much from this venture.

Another company that has entered the e-cig market with a boom is O2PUR, though young and new in the business O2PUR has proved to be one of the rising firms in the business they have come up with a variety of products and flavors. O2PUR is a company to look out for, all we can do now is wait and hope that they grow to become among the best in the industry.