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Walmart Adds More Line Of Products Under Beneful Dog Supplement Category

Walmart added more products under Beneful dog supplement category considering the requirement of a variety of products and acceptance of buyers. The retail major has listed a number of nutritious dog foods with real health benefits for the pets. Each line of product is of specific benefits with separate ingredients and, the pets are fond of its taste factor. The price range of products is starting from $1.77 to $58.28 and, it should be noted that the products are coming with different quantity and ingredients. While some are dog snacks, most others are healthy dog foods with meat content.

One of the major categories of products from Beneful is wet food which comes in the form of liquid food. With ingredients such as cereals, vegetables, and meat, the type products take every need of dog’s nutritional requirements. The line of products has a starting price of $1.77 up to $21.44. The dry category of Beneful dog food comes with mostly chicken and beef contents along with vitamins and minerals properly mixed. The price range of the dry dog food is $5.98 to $33.98. Most of the products are providing antioxidant-rich nutrition to the pets and supporting healthy immune system.

Beneful has listed some real Salmon dog foods with omega fatty acid contents to ensure glossy skin. It also has some wet dog foods with chopped blends of Salmon content, and they are available in different textures and great taste to attract the puppies. A majority of the dog foods by Beneful listed with Walmart is coming with real ingredients, and the starting price is from $1.77, and it is available till $58.28. Beneful also provides a coupon for Walmart shoppers that can save $3.00 per bag. Currently, none of the products are listed with rollback prices though there are some at discounted rates. However, customers can check both the rollback page on the website and official Facebook page of the brand for any update. Though there are no specials with the retailer, it has some sponsored Beneful dog foods which can offer variety benefits.if you want to buy dog food : Click here.

Beneful Treats For Your Dog Are Sure to Please

When it comes to quality dog foods, Beneful has proven to be an industry leader. This is no different when it comes to the dog food treats they offer as well. Treats are an important thing to have around for all dog owners, and healthy well-balanced treats are even more essential. Although it’s tempting to feed our dogs “human food” as treats, this can result in digestive problems. Beneful has properly formulated many varieties of dog treats, designed to promote health and well-being in your dog.

Beneful’s dog treats are in accordance to the standards of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), which is a non-governmental agency that ensures animal foods are quality products on All of Beneful’s dog food treats are made in America locally, and quality control is a top priority. Check out Beneful’s very friendly website to understand the extensive measures taken to ensure a healthy and safe product for your dog.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the specific treats Beneful on youtube offers to valued customers: Beneful’s Baked Delights, Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, and Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These are the three main brands of dog treats offered, but within these brands are 11 different types all-together. Let’s look at five of them:

– Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling and real bacon. As you may have guessed, these tasty treats from Beneful are in the shape of a heart. The oven-baked shortbread outside has a chewy center with the yummy filling sure to make your dog happy. Each piece contains 30.9 calories, 7% crude protein and 2.5% crude fiber.

– Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors. These also have a oven-baked outside with peanut butter and cheese fillings in different fun shapes. These tasty snacks have 23.8 calories each, 14% crude protein, and 3% crude fiber.

– Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese. This is the third of this brand of dog treats out of the five offered. These treats are in the shape of a star with the oven-baked outside sprinkled with chewy treats in the middle. These have 26 calories each, 10% crude protein, and 4% crude fiber.

– Healthy Smile Dental Ridges small/medium. This brand also comes in mini and large and contains real parsley and savory meat middles. These treats are made to reduce plaque and tarter build-up on your dog’s teeth, not to mention to freshen their breath and promote strong bones. Tasty treats your dog will love, which contain 61.2 calories each, 6% crude protein, and 1.5% crude fiber.

– Healthy Smile Dental Twists small/medium. This is the same concept as the ridges, but these treats are twisted in their shape. Also coming in mini and large size for different dog preferences. These treats come in a pouch weighing 7.4 ounces.
All five of these Beneful dog treats highlighted come in convenient pouches to preserve freshness. There is sure to be a dog treat here your dog will love, and by the positive feedback around each of them it’s apparent they’re dog tested and proven to satisfy. Having dog treats are important for training and rewarding the dogs we love, and Beneful offers a great choices with their well thought out and formulated brands.

The Best In Canine Nutrition

Dogs are human’s best friends. In order for humans to show their canine friends how much they care for them, a wholesome diet is a must. A dog’s diet requires a much different balance of vital nutrients than a human’s diet does. Dogs need a high level of protein in their food, a moderate level of carbohydrates, and a very specific formulation of varying vitamins and minerals. Luckily, dog food companies take out all of the guesswork so owners can give their best friends the nourishment they need.

What Dog Food Is Best?

The healthiest food for any dog is Beneful, one that has a high level of quality animal protein as the main ingredient. Wholesome ingredients in addition to the meat should include fruits, vegetables, and some starches. The brands of dog foods on the market today are plentiful to say the least. Some dogs prefer wet food while others favor dry kibble. Either type of food is perfectly fine for a dog as long as they enjoy the taste.

Guaranteed Health

Beneful is a dog food company that has the best nutrition in mind for any breed or type of canine. Beneful comes in both nourishing, stew-like wet food formulas as well as dry and convenient kibble. Owners can not go wrong when they choose a product from Beneful’s expertly formulated line of foods. Beneful looks out for the best interest of dogs and owners alike by keeping their foods both healthful and affordable.