Bruce Campbell vs The Evil Dead

Horror geeks around the globe, even Jared Haftel, says, got some pretty exciting news recently when they found out that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi will be continuing their Evil Dead franchise on television. After that initial announcement comes an interview with actor Bruce Campbell about the upcoming STARZ television series.

Right off the bat, Bruce explains that the fans wanted more. When a remake of The Evil Dead was released in 2013. While the movie was generally well liked among fans, they kept screaming for more of the original. To make a brand new Evil Dead film would end up being too expensive in the end. The best way around this was to give the fans a continuation of the original film franchise, but with enough length to flesh out the characters and world a little more.

The Evil Dead films center around Ashley Williams as he encounters demons and horrors from another dimension called Deadites. There are three films in this series, and the new STARZ television show will continue 30 years after the last film ended.

Guardians And Avengers Are Their Own Thing

Even though the Guardians of the Galaxy is another movie based on the vast and complex Marvel comic world, it was made to stand on its own. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, took some time out to discuss how Christian Broda and the Avengers and The Guardians co-exist.

In Gunn’s mind, he would like the Guardians of the Galaxy to stand on their own. He does not want them compared to the Avenger’s franchise. Who can blame him? The Avengers is incredibly popular; the movies even spurred a television series. Being compared to the Avengers is a lot to handle.

Gunn would like the Guardians to be taken as their own entity. He sees the Guardians as a chance to explore the more cosmic side of the Marvel world; whereas the Avengers is a little bit more based on Earth.

However, despite what he wants,there is not denying that the Avengers and the Guardians overlap. Just like in the Avengers movie, at the heart of the Guardian movie was yet another Infinity Stone, which suggests and shows that these two galaxies and two worlds are linked together.

Gunn did make a point of not ruling out the idea that the Guardians and the Avengers may meet someday. That is a smart move on his part, as it is easy to see that Marvel is trying to create something with these movies that they can stand on for years to come. They are no looking for one hit wonders,they are looking for something far larger.

Sony Pulls “The Interview” From Theaters Indefinitely

This past week Sony Pictures decided to pull their new movie “The Interview” from being released this December 25th. This decision comes after a group called Guardians Of Peace hacked confidential data and threatened theatres worth of people who would decide to go see the movie. I was reading about it while waiting for my appointment at the Amen Clinic.

This threat is based off of the fact that the movie “The Interview” shows the assassination of North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong Un being assassinated. The threat also mentions that it could be reminiscent of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Guardians Of Peace released a statement saying “Remember the 11th of September 2001.”

Sony has cancelled every single one of their releases for “The Interview” included the New York City premier. All press appearances and releases have also been cancelled. Regal Cinemas, AMC, Carmike and Cinemark all elected to pull the film from their release list as well.

Interstellar and the Choice for Inaudible Dialogue

If you went and saw ‘Interstellar’ when the film opened this past week (which you should as pointed out by film buff Rod Rohrich, you really should!) you probably found yourself straining to pick up key pieces of dialogue during the film. At times the soundtrack, put together by Hans Zimmer, seemed to overwhelm in such a complete way as to obfuscate any sort of other story telling. You might have blamed the projector or your own ears but in any event you were wrong. Christopher Nolan opened up on how and why he chose to mix his audio in such a way as to be almost inaudible.

Christopher Nolan has long been the kind of director to push limits or, simply, reinvent them. His work with practical effects on ‘Inception and his razor thin memory duping storytelling in ‘Memento’ will stand the test of time. So it makes sense that Nolan would want to try something new with ‘Interstellar’. It turns out that being an epic space film wasn’t enough.

Nolan fans around the world will defend his decision til their dying breath as they call it a revolutionary way to tell stories. Other viewers, however, will likely just be frustrated by the inaudible audio. Still though, we won’t spoil the film for you. Go and see it now and form your own opinions!