Grand Vision, Grand Results: Fortress Investment Group

With any investment team, it’s the need for accurate leadership. This leadership must have a vision and with that vision, there must be results attained to keep the vision alive in the minds of the clients and the team as a whole. With Fortress Investment Group, you will realize that their grand vision has produced and will produce grand results. Let’s take a look at the leadership of this magnificent group of asset managers.

Up first is Peter L. Briger, Jr. As the co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, Peter has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006, he has been a member of the management committee since 2002, and he is responsible for the credit business at Fortress. With an interesting history, Mr Peter L Briger, Jr. joined Fortress Investment Group in March 2002. He spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co where he became a partner in 1996. Mr Briger serves on the board of Tipping Point, a nonprofit organization serving low-income families in San Francisco. He has also dedicated himself to assisting a network of charter schools committed to preparing students for success in some of the most competitive four-year colleges and beyond. Mr Briger educational background consists of receiving a B.A. from Princeton University and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Nothing short of impressive, this man is worth his weight in gold.

Up next in this fantastic team of leadership is one Mr Wesley R. Edens. As co-founder, principal and co-Chief Executive Officer. Mr Edens has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006. Mr Eden’s has been a member of the management committee of Fortress since 1998 and he is responsible for the company’s private equity arm a publicly traded alternative investment business. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Edens was a partner and managing director of BlackRock financial management where he headed the asset investors, a private equity fund. In addition to such amazing accomplishments, Mr Edens was formerly a partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers. His educational background consists of receiving a B.S. in Finance from Oregon State University.

Last but not least in the group of managing directors is Mr Randall A Nardone. As co-founder and principal, he has been a member of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group since 2006. Mr. Nardone has been a member of the management committee of Forestry since 1998, and he served as the interim chief executive officer from December 2011 to July 2013 and was appointed the chief executive officer in August 2013. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Nardone was a managing director of UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. His education consist of receiving a B.A. in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group is led by some of the most impressive financial minds in the world today.

Market America: Success Through Time and Commitment

For people that are looking for online business opportunities and other money making opportunities, it is important to prepare. For one thing, this is where the American Dream lives. The way people will succeed at making money online is through time and commitment. While this can be very frustrating for some people, this is the best way to succeed with Market America and other money-making opportunities. When working a regular job, people are getting paid a fixed rate by the hour. They are only paid according to the number of hours they work as opposed to the work they get done.

When it comes to working online on a business, it is rare to find an hourly wage job. One can supposedly find the amount he is getting paid by the hour by calculating the amount of work he gets done. Then with Market America, people are going to be working plenty of hours before they start making money. Therefore, the one who is the most committed is going to be the one who makes the most money. The only thing is that one is going to have to make the most out of his commitment. While it is easy to say that success comes from hard work, there is actually more to it than that.

Success actually comes from wisdom. For one thing, people who figure out the right channels to work on are going to make the most money from Market America. This means finding out the type of products that they are going to be able to sell. Another thing they can do is find out what channels they can use in order to sell the products. Afterward, they can come up with a plan to get their business out there so that they will be able to generate income for Market America and themselves.

Aloha Construction Provides Expert Service In Home Repair And Renovation

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction is a construction services company that serves that state and Southern Wisconsin. The company has completed over 7000 local projects, making it one of the leading contractors in the region. Aloha Construction has gained a reputation over the years for its excellence and integrity, and the many innovative solutions it has delivered to its clients. The company employs a high quality team of claims specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, and office staff. If you have a problem with your home or have a desire to improve your home, the specialists at Aloha Construction can help.

Gutter repair is one of the company’s areas of expertise. A functioning gutter system is an essential component of every home. The purpose of gutters is to collect the rain water that falls from a roof and to deposit it into a drainage system on the ground. This makes them vulnerable to rotting over time and to damage by blasts of high and steady wind. Without a working gutter system rain would fall from the roof directly into the ground. This causes soil erosion. It can also lead to the flooding of your basement. An increase of moisture in the grounds surrounding your home will lead to an increase in dampness inside of it, which will cause mold and mildew growth.

A gutter repair team from Aloha Construction can come out to repair your gutters. They can also install the right gutter guards, miter, elbows and downspout system.

If your siding has faded and is peeling off, you should do something about it straightaway. Worn siding can negatively impact the value of your home. Replacing your siding is a daunting task, which is why you should not take it up as a DIY project. It is best left to professionals. Aloha Construction can send a siding team to your home to assess what needs to be done. They will then lay down the color and type of siding that you desire.

The company can also help you with renovation and refurbishment projects, which includes everything from new flooring to new door and window installments.

Saygus Raves about NewsWatchTV

With the rapid rise of social media in recent years it can often be overwhelming for a company to try and find their niche in a crowded news cycle. Luckily, with companies like NewsWatchTV creating curated reviews and dynamic online marketing campaigns it is becoming easier to have your company make a positive impression on consumers in the digital age. For one such example of a success story look no further than Saygus, a company out of Utah that creates smartphones. Saygus, wanting to make a big splash, hired NewsWatchTV to promote their newest line of phones. The marketing campaign blew up and yielded intensely positive results for Saygus. Their Indiegogo campaign absolutely shattered their fundraising goal netting them $1.3 million dollars, well over their original expected amount.

“The video [created by NewsWatch] was extremely professional,” raved Saygus’ Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Tim Rush at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, “when working with consumer brands it is really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way at the right time to the right medium and NewsWatch was able to do that just excellently. I would highly recommend NewsWatch.” Glowing reviews like this are to be expected of a company like NewsWatchTV who puts such a high priority on professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Saygus is just one of many in a line of companies who have employed NewsWatchTV to help increase sales. What makes NewsWatchTV unique is their partnerships with companies that range in size from Fortune 500 to mom-and-pop small businesses. This variety gives them the ability to approach each company with a diverse background of experiences and proven solutions for any sized company. As we move forward into the digital age one thing is for certain: more and more companies will be taking a page out of the Saygus’ playbook and using NewsWatchTV to help their company build coverage from the ground up.