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Ryan Seacrest: Man on a Mission

As many of his fan base is aware, Ryan Seacrest seems to be a man on a mission. From hosting Dick Clark’s New That’s Rockin’ Eve to starting his own non-profit organization, he seems to be everywhere at once. Leaving us to wonder what he’s really like and how he keeps it all together.

A Routine Morning

According to the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest is a man all about his routine. He greets the day early with comfortable clothes and a mix of matcha. Physical training is also an important part of his routine. Insisting that it helps him to regulate a hectic day; he is known to take a personal trainer when he is out of town.

On Set

After the previous co-host left Kelly Ripa stranded, the network looked around for a replacement and their eyes lit on Ryan Secreast. In 2017, he officially joined the show; now aptly named Live with Kelly and Ryan.

It might surprise people to know that Regis and Kelly did not socialize while off the air. This is surprising as Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are known to chat it up in the green room and even FaceTime each other. Their comraderie off the set has made a tremendous impact while they are on the air.

A Giving Spirit

When travelling coast to coast one sees many things. What inspired Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) the most was the courage he saw from children facing life threatening conditions. Watching them battle for their lives, he was inspired to do something that would help lift their spirits.

According to TMZ, this was the beginning of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. A non-profit dedicated to inspiring children through music and entertainment. Through this program these children have a happy diversion from medical treatments and procedures. The foundation has developed Seacrest Studios to build interactive tv/radio studios and even introduce children to their favorite stars.

While his life may be hectic, he is thoroughly grounded by his work. Especially, through his foundation. He sees the bigger picture and still makes time to relax with a good bottle of wine.

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OSI Industries Helps Europe with New Growth

OSI Industries has always tried to make sure they are relevant in the food industry. From the beginning, they worked hard to establish their spot as one of the top companies. They try to always give people what they are looking for no matter the size of the restaurant they own. They also try to show others there is a chance for success even among the difficult trials that come with working in the food industry. OSI Industries has made sure they are working as a positive influence in the food industry.

The new Flagship Europe acquisition is something OSI Industries has been working on for years. They have always wanted to have a stronghold in the Europe market and that has pushed them to keep pursuing new opportunities there. They want to keep growing and making sure they are among the best in Europe. Because of their dedication to being a major part of the food industry in European countries, OSI Industries has set themselves apart from the other companies that were trying to buy into the Flagship opportunity. OSI Industries wanted to do it and they had the means to make sure it happened.

OSI Industries’ Flagship acquisition is not much different from the other areas they have grown in and been successful in. They knew what they wanted to do in Japan and they were successful there. Because they knew a lot about the food industry, it gave them the chance they needed to solidify their relationship with other Japanese food industry companies. They have remained dedicated to helping their clients in Japan and it has helped them make sure they are doing the right thing in the business. Like other markets, Japan was unique in the rules and the customs they used to make things better.

All of the new facilities they took over has led to more production for OSI Industries. They know they’ll be able to show people there will be other ways they can be successful and that’s what has led to their success currently. With even more production becoming a possibility in the future, OSI Industries is going to keep growing. They want to be as successful as possible and will stop at nothing to get to that point. For OSI Industries, this means they have to try their best to do the right thing for the company and for the people who are a major part of the company.

Everything OSI Industries has done has led back to what they can do now. They are operating in Europe and Japan as well as the United States. They have secured strategic positions around the world to ensure they can make a true difference for all their clients. While doing all of this, they haven’t lost sight of their values. They want a company that is sustainable. They have managed to continue working as a sustainable company. They want their customers to know they can rely on where the food products came from and they want to make sure they are high-quality. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

Why Professional Businesses Need Southridge Capital

As someone who owns a business, it’s difficult for you to keep track of the running of your company as well as how much money you’re able to handle. It’s also not horribly uncommon for a person to go into debt because of their business, and some business owners are so close to going into debt and losing their companies that it’s just a matter of weeks before this happens to them. If you’re struggling as a business owner, you need to think about choosing a financial solutions agency like Southridge Capital.

According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital is a financial company that works with business owners to complete problems and get rid of errors that might be on your reports. The most important thing to remember is that Southridge Capital is there to help when they can, and this is something that will prevent you from having to get the work done in a way that is too expensive for you. In fact, a lot of people are noticing that it is incredibly affordable to hire Southridge Capital and know that this is a company that is going to help them out in a way that they would not be able to do on their own. In fact, when you hire Southridge, they will get to work right away on any of the problems that you have and the errors that you’re experiencing. You can visit their website

There are lots of people who are choosing Southridge Capital and finding this company to be one of the very best out there for themselves. This is a great choice for when you need to make sure that your financial problems are behind you and you can simply focus on the specific type of business that you are operating. Now is a good time to get in contact with Southridge Capital and see if they can work with your situation and get you back on track in a way that is not only beneficial, but affordable as well. You will love what Southridge Capital does for your finances and how they help you out in the long run with this.

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Southridge Capital and The Fantastic Work It Has Been Doing To Sustain Its Continued Success Since 1996

The challenge of any financial institution company is to survive in the turbulent economic fluctuations in the stocks trading industry. You can earn a lot of money in trading fast, but you could also lose it just as quick. In the case with Southridge Investment Group, the success it has been able to sustain comes from the fact that it knows how to survive first before earning a lot. What would you do with all that prosperity when you don’t get to live to enjoy them? Such simple but powerful principle is what’s driving the principles of Southridge to reach the business success that it has right now. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Since 1996

It is impressive, too, that Southridge Capital has been around for quite some time now. Founded in 1996, the company right now has about 11-50 employees and is proud to announce the fact that it is still growing, it is still surviving, and it is still equipped with all the toolset needed for an international business to still compete. It is a pleasure of Southridge to announce, too, that it had experienced entering into one of the largest equity purchase agreements today, which happened when Southridge acquired a $5 Million Equity Purchase Agreement with one of the biggest successful companies that have existed, Elite Data Services, Inc. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

Southridge Capital: A Trademark of Perseverance and Strength

Stephen Hicks, the Chairman and CEO of Southridge Capital, is also happy to announce that with its increasing number of acquisitions and with the new programs that Southridge is being part of, it still sustains its reputation as one of the most persevering companies today. The previous commitments that Southridge Capital has been involved in are also a good indication of where it will be going in the future. The diversified assets and various holdings in partnership with Southridge also mean that its middle market goals would find an entryway in big market opportunities and business ventures. Truly, Southridge will continue to be one, if not the only, of the best consulting companies that people can contact should they need a financial planning that best suits the needs of a customer, and not based on a general template.

Adam Goldenberg Made The Billionaire Club With JustFab

Adam Goldenberg never seems to stop taking ideas to the next level and building businesses that perform exceptionally. His latest achievement has been building JustFab, a high-end fashion retail company into a billion-dollar business. It’s never really become a “look at me” moment for Adam Goldenberg whose motivation in starting this business has always been customers first. But he certainly does consider it a milestone for him, his partner Don Ressler, and the many employees who have worked hard to make it happen. Adam Goldenberg’s company has taken advantage of online shopping and decided to implement a subscription model for their customers, though they do also have physical store locations where customers can still try on fashion pieces.

Adam Goldenberg got into the marketing profession all the way back when he was in high school in the mid 1990s. Goldenberg first built a company called Gamer’s Alliance, a website that pointed people to websites that had the latest hot games. This company was bought out by a soon to be social media parent company, Intermix Media and Goldenberg was hired to be their strategic development director. But his ambitions took him a lot further than that, and soon he became the company’s chief operating officer at only 20 years old. While at Intermix Media, he met Don Ressler who he teamed up with to form several subsidiaries at Intermix Media. The key company they formed was Alena Media, one of MySpace’s chief advertising engines.

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Goldenberg and Ressler left Intermix Media in 2005 after News Corp bought it out, and together with some other former employees they began running some of their own advertising companies. The area they focused on was health and beauty products, most of which were distributed under Intelligent Beauty. But Adam Adam Goldenberg wanted to do even more with their businesses, and one idea they came up with was to build an online fashion company that would tap into the millennial shopper customer base. This was the start of JustFab, and it was given a large amount of venture capital funding from Matrix Partners, Crosscut Ventures, and Passport Capital as it grew. Goldenberg and Ressler also teamed up with some of fashion’s biggest stars including model Kimora Lee Simmons, and actress Kate Hudson. JustFab started out as primarily a women’s outlet, but it’s now bought men’s and children’s divisions, as well as its own shoe stores now.

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Focus on 8 Important Rules for Young Entrepreneurs based in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, is an entrepreneur who has managed to achieve quite a huge success by the age of 25 in Panama. He feels obliged to share the simple 8 rules he followed to young entrepreneurs based in Panama who could be looking for tips to start and run successful ventures. Jose grew up in Venezuela and never visited panama back then until he attained adulthood. He became a firm believer in becoming his own boss after he left school.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa claims that he is proud to be related to a generation that is full of confident, tech-savvy and risk-taking diplomats, travelers and entrepreneurs who live and also work in Panama. Jose and the other successful individuals are hardworking and have been able to set up their successful ventures which rely mostly on new tech-gadgets and hi speed internet. The group is creative, loves the high life as it drinks imported beer. Jose and his peers are the pioneer entrepreneurs to discover the amazing business opportunities that Panama has to offer on The slowing down of Venezuelan economy has seen a number of Venezuelan entrepreneurs especially the young ones flock to Panama to break ground with their novel and inventive business ideas. Panama has an environment that is great for learning and pays crafty risk takers handsomely. Below are some of the great 8 rules that every young entrepreneur ought to consider.

Entrepreneurs on ought to find a certain market niche and exploit it fully as that is what sets them apart from normal business persons. They should be mobile and flexible with the best businesses being online-based since Panama has a high-speed internet allowing an entrepreneur to run their businesses from anywhere. It is vital to network and find a business partner who is complimentary. Academic success does not determine success in Panama. It is also important for entrepreneurs to look into great ways of minimizing costs, avoiding shortcuts, plan for failure and be ready to learn from the industry itself. Getting advice from the industry is as important as paid education.

About Jose Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive who originated from Venezuela. He is the current holder of three dissimilar positions; director, president and treasurer in five companies based in Panama. The longest period of time such an appointment has lasted is four years and 8 months. He was first appointed in the winter of the year 2011. He is a prominent member of Panama’s business community who assists businesses to grow, improves economic conditions and mentors young leaders.

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Don Ressler, Businessman Extraordinaire

At times it seems like everything Don Ressler touches turns to gold. Along with his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, he has been a part of several highly successful and innovative ventures. The two were some of the first to see the potential in e-commerce for apparel and accessories. As a co-CEO of both JustFab and Fabletics, Don Ressler is a huge presence in the e-commerce category.

JustFab is a highly successful venture. Named as one of Forbes Magazine’s unicorn companies, JustFab has over 35 million subscribers around the world. With a focus on women’s goods when it started, the company has expanded to serve men, as well. And this level of expansion is not unusual for a company Don Ressler and Goldenberg are involved in.

Ressler and Goldenberg’s most famous venture may be their time at Intermix Media. The parent company of the one-time dominant social network MySpace, the company was sold to News Corp. for over $600 million. Ressler has also had a hand in the founding of Brand Ideas, Alena Media, and other companies. He started the skincare brand Hydroderm. Over the duration of his career, Don Ressler has consistently broken new ground and driven sales.

Ressler’s experience as an entrepreneur has resulted in over $1 billion in sales over the course of his career. His is a truly unique success story. Whether it’s traditional media, social media, health and beauty, or apparel, no category intimidates him. He finds a knowledgeable partner, learns, and succeeds. This ability to see opportunity and seize it serves his business ventures well.

Along with his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, he has been able to create a highly successful corporation in JustFab. Ressler and Goldberg saw the opportunity for e-sales of apparel and accessories early. While many businesspeople were still shaking their heads and insisting consumers would want to try goods on in the store, Ressler and Goldenberg have helped revolutionize commerce at

As shoppers continue to move away from brick and mortar stores, it seems more growth for JustFab and Fabletics is inevitable. With Don Ressler continuing to mint unicorn after unicorn, the future of business looks bright. It will be intriguing to see what he comes up with next.

The Importance of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, is one of the leading providers with the civil and criminal justice technology solutions towards investigations, public safety, corrections and monitoring, and has been reported by PR Newswire that there is to be a release of multiple reports, facts, articles and findings that highlight the wrongdoings and integrity that is breached by the inmate communications that are provided through Global Tel Link. In the press release it represented the first in a series of articles that the Securus America will publish the highlighted the integrity breaches and wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. To this end, Securus will be in the process of reviewing multiple issues of the potential wrongdoings and systematic wrongdoings by the Global Tel Link, in a series of press release that will come over the next six months, that will serve the purpose of shaming Global Tel Link into acting with a higher and better integrity. The first press release included a 17-page formal order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, that was in regards to the Global Tel Link actions that they served to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and have been provided to outbound telecom services to thousands of the inmates.
Securus Technologies headquarters is out of Dallas, Texas, and has served more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies and have provided services to more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus Technologies has been committed to connect and serve by providing incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, information management, communication, monitoring products, inmate self-service and services that will allow our world to become a safer place to live in. There are thousands of law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies that rely on Securus for simple, secure and powerful technologies that are easy to use and always accessible. Securus Technologies has also been named by as one of the largest providers in parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solutions.

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Stephen Murray: The Ex-CCMP CEO and President

A LinkedIn post, confirmed that Stephen P. Murray is an American who was born on 2nd August 1962.He spent his childhood at New York surburb in the Westchester County. Murray was the brain behind the founding of CCMP. He was the chief executive officer and the president until his resignation early February 2015 due what he termed as health reasons. CCMP was founded in 2006 after it split from JP Morgan Chase & company. This move was necessary in the sense that it was meant to avoid unnecessary conflicts with banks clients resulting from the association of CCMP and JP Morgan Chase & company.

Stephen Murray passed on a month after he resigned from CCMP. He died aged 52 years. He left behind a widow called Tami A. Murray and four sons. Until his demise Murray and his family resided in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stephen Murray joined Boston College where he graduated in the year 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Subsequently he furthered his studies by joining Columbia Business School and pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration graduating in the year 1989.

CCMP having been founded in 2006, subsequently in the following year Stehpen Murray was appointed the head of the company. In his tenure at the company he was a respected Investor and a real deal maker. CCMP is a private equity investment firm based in New York (read more at Fortune). The company specializes in quite a number of fields but majorly in mid-markets buyouts together with investments in growth equity.

Murray oversaw the growth of the company which in the year 2015 had raised funds amounting to $3.6 billion. CCMP undertakes investments that range between $100 million to $500 million per transaction making it among the top private investors in the United States and Europe.

Stephen Murray joined the firm in the year 1989 and has since been with the company as it underwent a lot of transformations that subsequently resulted into the formation of CCMP. Investments that CCMP prides itself include the field of energy, industrial, healthcare and consumer products among many others.

Mr. Stephen Murray entry into the firm was when it was still a private equity and leveraged- finance unit of manufactures known as Hanover. As a result of three subsequent mergers the name was changed to JP Morgan Chase & company in the year 2000. In 2005 Murray was made the head of the bank’s buyout business the position he held until CCMP spun out of JP. Morgan and become an independent firm.

The Ranch Bellamy’s and Brian Bonar, a recipe for success

Before we talk about Brian Bonar’s luxury restaurant Bellamy in San Diego, let’s take a glance at who Brian Bonar is.
He is a successful finance executive who leads Trucept, Inc. and has also had leadership positions in other companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. This man knows how to build a business structure that works thanks to his extensive technical background. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College for Technical Engineering. He also has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

San Diego Magazine has it that Brian Bonar also worked for IBM at one time as a procurement manager and after was the Director of Engineering for QMS where he was over 100 other people. He was also a sales manager at Adaptec. Later he started his own business (Bezier Systems). After that he continued to work for other companies and found success with Dalrada Financial Services. Brian was awarded the Who’s Who in America in the year 2,000. As far as personal likes he plays golf, goes on boating trips and loves to spend time with the family.

When Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in North County, it was a bistro, Bellamy’s. It had once been called Tango, where they unsuccessfully tried to bring progressive dining to Escondido. It was renamed Bellamy’s, and Bonar looked for the new staff at one of his favorite restaurantsÑEl Bizcocho in the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bonar wanting to create a restaurant mini-empire also has the nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon where he plans to turn the 144-acre property into a four-star event space with a signature restaurant. This is where Chef Ponsaty comes into the picture. A Master Chef of France in Escondido!

Well known Chef Patrick Ponsaty hopes to transform The Ranch at Bandy Canyon into a fine dining destination. Meanwhile while The Ranch takes form at Bellamy’s a master chef is already cooking in this hole in the wall. There is redesigning in the works very soon at this plain dining room, but the menu is another thing all together. Local mushrooms and sea scallops in a truffle scented Carpaccio; beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and goat cheese; duck sauvage, wild boar and Spanish hare; bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels cherry-spiked g‰teau Basque and tender canelŽs from Bordeaux on the dessert menu. When asked to describe his style of cuisine Ponsaty simply replies with a laugh French.

Brian Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens has the reins of Bellamys while chef Ponsaty finally gets what he has desired for his whole career, Freedom. Brian was a fan of Ponsaty for some time already and now they work together to bring us more ambrosia. Ponsaty is a collaborator of Bellamy’s, now The Ranch and a pizza place The Italian Next Door.

With this fantastic combination of proper management, finances and gastronomic delights Bellamys has the recipe for success!