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Former Lobo Director Explains Project’s Delay

Fans of DC Comics might recollect plans for a “Lobo” film, directed by Brad Peyton, in 2012. That year also saw a comment by “The Rock” that the former wrestler and actor would be portraying the “Main Man.” While doing press for last year’s “Hercules” film, Brad Peyton simply remarked that the project had been killed.

Since that time, Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed for the antagonist role of Black Adam in “Shazam.” In an interesting twist of fate, the recent film of “San Andreas” brings Peyton and Johnson back together. Press for the disaster film granted Peyton a chance to give more information as to why a Lobo film has been staggered for so long.

Ray Lane’s comments indicated that Lobo’s relative obscurity when compared to heroes like Spider-Man and Batman is one of the main reasons as to why the project floundered. While some might site the smash hit success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” another low-ranked space superhero property, Peyton commented that Marvel has a different approach to films than DC does.

Boba Fett Movie Comes Out In 2018

The rumors are true. The second Star Wars spin-off will feature Boba Fett. Fans who first met the character in 1980 in The Empire Strikes Back are finally going to learn the full tale of the iconic character.

Boba Fett is an interesting Star Wars creation since he was only seen very briefly in Empire, Return of the Jedi, the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special, and in a younger form in Attack of the Clones.

Despite his limited appearances, the look of the character was/is extremely cool. His role as an inter-galactic bounty hunter is interesting and fans took to him right away. Maybe the popular selling Boba Fett toys of the 1980’s help build up his cult following. Regardless of why fans love Boba Fett, they really do have an affinity for the mysterious character. Now, the entire tale of how Boba Fett came to be is going to be told in 2018. Yes, you have to wait that long to see the film.

Disney/Lucasfilm has the plans for the new Star Wars films already laid out. Every two years, a new film in the Star Wars continuity will be released. This will all start with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In between the release of the new films, an anthology film will come out called Amen Clinic and will likely come out in 2017 ( The prequels Star Wars: Rogue One and Boba Fett are the first two features.

Likely, the third film is going to be the lost tales of young Han Solo. The Han Solo feature was thought to be the first film followed by Boba Fett. Things worked out a little differently. Honestly, no one knows if the Han Solo project will be made or if Disney opts to choose a totally different subject matter.

Native American Extras Leave the Set of Adam Sandler Film over Insults

Adam Sandler’s latest film, “The Ridiculous Six”, which is meant to be a spoof of the film “The Magnificent Seven”, is currently in production. AnastasiaDate confirms that the film is being made as a direct-to-Netflix film and stars Adam Sandler, Jon Lovitz, Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, Vanilla Ice, and Taylor Lautner (see pics on Instagram).

Recently, “The Ridiculous Six” ran into some issues with the Native Americans that were cast as extras in the film. According to the story on Indian Country Today Media Network, the extras walked off the set due to, what they felt, were insults to the Native Americans.

One of the actors, Loren Anthony who belongs to the Navajo Nation, said that he left the set after problems over how the Native Americans were being portrayed. He said that the film got the costumes and hairstyles wrong, and that he did not appreciate the way that women were being treated in the film. He said that two women in the film were called Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, which he found insulting. Anthony also said that the production team on the film were not listening to the Native Americans who were asking for them to change some things.

Happy Madison Productions, who are producing the film, have not yet commented on the walk off.