Charity Work

Perry Mandera Community Partner

Perry Mandera created the group Custom Cares Charities. The Charities group is a apart of the his Transportation Company. His Company is called the Custom Companies Incorporated. When he started his company, he wanted to succeed the best he could. His decision to create a profitable and charitable Corporation would be very beneficial. Perry has been acknowledged for his Charity work nationally and locally. The Company has become an official 501 Charity. He is able to be a Philanthropist through his Company’s good deeds.

Perry Mandera’s Philanthropist work is very important to him. He has a passion for giving back in every way he can. His Charity group offers relief assistance in natural disasters. During disasters, they send truck loads full of needed supplies. The Custom Care group helps children in need also. Perry has personally coached a variety of youth Sports. The Jesse White Tumblers is one youth group that Mandera has put lots of undivided attention into. The Tumblers was created in Chicago to help young children. Perry has passion to help youth stay off the streets and away from bad addictions. He also donates money to further Medical treatments and research.

Perry Mandera has a passion to help the environment and our country’s Military. He has always been proud of the sacrifices our Military men and women make every day. He donates to Military Charities and hires Veterans to work for his Transportation Company. Perry likes helping Veterans ease their way back into society. He personally knows what it is like after coming home from tours of duty. He joined the United States Marines in the 1970’s. Perry Mandera is passionate about supporting Environmental causes. His driving Company uses the Smart Way Program. The Company’s trucks use the lowest fuel emissions possible. Perry strives to only use natural energy sources in his Company’s vehicles.