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Various Uses of Visual Effects

There are many things that visual effects are used for. The main use of visual effects is to help tell the story. It is not just action scenes, but there are various effects that can help the audience see things that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen. For instance, in certain racing films, they show the audience the engine at work during a racing scene. Some action films show the inside of the human body while it gets damaged. Other uses of visual effects include manipulating the age, size, and other traits of certain characters and environments. The limit is the imagination.

One company that tests the limits of imagination with visual effects is Pulse Evolution Corporation run by John Textor. John Textor is a producer of large movies as well as a visual effects expert. His company has worked on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean. They have brought out the scale of action and adventure movies as well as some of the smaller scale films that required visual effects. John Textor continues to work with big budget films and improve the craft of visual effects.

When the various types of visual effects are done right, they actually bring the audience into the film. When the effects are not well done, it makes the film look unfinished. It is important to Pulse Evolution Corporation that the film looks complete no matter how little time they are given to work on the post-production effects. In the end, their goal is to bring to life the world that is being presented to the audience.

Rising Star Crystal Hunt Earns Important Role In Magic Mike Xxl

Crystal Hunt, a rising actress known for her roles in Life to Live and Guilding Light, earned a featured role in the new Magic Mike XXL. The comedy-drama film , recently made available in theaters, is a sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike. Taking place three years after the events of the prequel, the movie details the story of a male stripper (Channing Tatum) who decides to end his career in a grand finale.

Crystal Hunt worked with other actresses such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Kimberley Drummond, Andie MacDowell, Elizabeth Banks, Raeden Greer, Rhoda Griffis, and Jane McNeill. She and the actresses reportedly bonded incredibly well, and felt there was a sense of comradery surrounding the actresses.

Crystal Hunt has always been talented, and began her acting career from the ripe age of two. She participated in pageants, then starred in ads for big companies such as Disney. By far, she is best known for her portrayal of Lizzie in CBS soap opera Guilding Light.

Crystal Hunt’s most recent involvement is in the new reality series Queens of Drama, wherein Hunt and several other talented actresses pitch new drama series. The women want to use their experience to create a unique new soap opera with a compelling plot.

Perhaps these new roles will open up new doors for Crystal Hunt. She has demonstrated her talent and hopefully will find a big opportunity that will give her a big break.

Chris Pine Heading to DC Movie Universe

With the stable of super hero characters steadily growing over the next few years, studios are moving fast to lock up actors into roles. The two main comic book production houses that are fueling the fire, Marvel and DC Comics, have massive universes that are populated by what seems like a never ending parade of people, super humans, and government agents. Studio executive Marcio Alaor BMG says that, while casting a relative unknown into a role has worked in the past, movie studios are looking toward some proven talent to help out with unfamiliar characters.

According to Screen Rant, Chris Pine is in the running to join the DC movie universe as Steve Trevor, who is probably pretty well known to Wonder Woman fans, but not too popular outside of that circle. Using the new Captain Kirk to jumpstart some interest in any sort of Wonder Woman project is not a bad idea, and Pine has proven to have some acting chops as well. While a project featuring the Amazon princess is still in development, getting the key pieces into play is one of the keys to getting the deal done.

Pine has some box office draw and is a familiar face to many movie fans. Landing the role of Trevor seems like a good fit. These days it seems hard to find any actor not connected to a super hero franchise, and Pine is going to fresh off a completed Star Trek trilogy. This could be a great move for everyone if it comes to pass.

Former Lobo Director Explains Project’s Delay

Fans of DC Comics might recollect plans for a “Lobo” film, directed by Brad Peyton, in 2012. That year also saw a comment by “The Rock” that the former wrestler and actor would be portraying the “Main Man.” While doing press for last year’s “Hercules” film, Brad Peyton simply remarked that the project had been killed.

Since that time, Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed for the antagonist role of Black Adam in “Shazam.” In an interesting twist of fate, the recent film of “San Andreas” brings Peyton and Johnson back together. Press for the disaster film granted Peyton a chance to give more information as to why a Lobo film has been staggered for so long.

Ray Lane’s comments indicated that Lobo’s relative obscurity when compared to heroes like Spider-Man and Batman is one of the main reasons as to why the project floundered. While some might site the smash hit success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” another low-ranked space superhero property, Peyton commented that Marvel has a different approach to films than DC does.