Robert Ivy Is An Honorary Winner Of The Noel Polk Achievement

Robert Ivy is one of the recent CEOs and directors for the American Institute of Architects. Although he has held this position for several years, he has been showing his talents in the industry and why he is deserving of such a position with the various awards he has won over the years.

This includes the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement, which is normally given out to artists from the MIAL, which has never made it into the hands of an architect before, making Robert a first of his kind. Only a few worthy individuals have won the award over the years, including some famous figures some as Eudora Welty, the writer and Morgan Freemon, the actor.

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Robert prides himself on hard work and has dedicated the past several years of his life to building his portfolio and skills in architecture. Of all the people involved in architecture, Robert Ivy is one of the most influential today and has earned some of the most impressive awards. Robert ivy built his education at the University of Tulane and today he is regarded as an ambassador for his entire field. On top of his architect work, Robert is a commentator and published author, which he regularly takes the time to edit himself.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy has made an impressive impact on the American Institute of Architects during his time in a leadership position, bring various awards on top of his own to the company. The company even earned an award for having one of the best new websites of the year. As a Master Architect and honorary contributor to his field, Robert Ivy will go down as one of the greatest architects in the history books. He is one of only seven people to ever earn his recognized position as master architect as well.

Lawrence Bender the Actor and Celebrity

Born in 1957, October 17 of a history professor (father) and a kindergarten teacher (mother), Lawrence Bender is an American producer. He grew up in New Jersey. Lawrence is a graduate with a course in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine (class of 1979). Having begun as a dancer, he later joined the film industry after an injury.

Movies by Lawrence Bender have to date been nominated a record 29 times for the academy Awards, including three Best Picture nominations. His movies have won six Academy Awards. With many producers trying to make action movies that will get a chance to come out in the theatres, there is a shortage of such in the market. Safe stands out as a prodigious miniature film that will imbibe you in as much as one may not be expecting much.

Safe, a 2012 movie is the best thing Lawrence Bender has produced. It is a rough and cost-effective action thriller. Director Boaz Yakin gives his best to keep things moving assertively and energetically. The movie has a reasonably byzantine conspiracy. Statham, a retired MMA but homeless fellow after losing his wife through murder makes the film interesting with an aim to save Mei from James Hong _ a crime boss in the Chinese Triad. With morality, crime and revenge as the themes in this film, it can only be rated four stars.

Revenge by Lawrence Bender is seen when the Russian mafia decides to torture Statham for winning against a Russian opponent and putting him in a coma while he should have thrown the fight off. In an archetypal model of evil-movie-guy lucidity, erasing everything he ever cared about is their best strategy instead of killing him directly. This throws him off to the streets. Coincidence reveals itself when little Mei runs from a Russian mob to the subway in which desperate Statham relaxes. Believing to be the only good thing he would before dying, he has to protect her. This scenario as well prepares his ground for retaliation. The fights and chases from the subway to an expensive hotel; from homeless hoodie dressed Statham to the one in a fancy suit, the plot is magnificent. However, it doesn’t explain how a guy with a British accent ends up being a New York police officer.