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Jay-Z Has History With His Close Friend And Business Partner OG Juan Perez

World famous rapper Jay-Z has a storied history with his close friend and business partner OG Juan Perez. The two first met in 1996 when they were introduced by Kareem Biggs Burke. OG Juan Perez was running the studios with Jay during the record label’s epic run in the 90’s. They have indulged in several business projects together including the record label Roc La Familia, as well as a series of sports bars known as the 40/40 Club. Juan Perez and Jay-Z formed a friendship immediately. Jay has repeatedly referenced Perez in his albums throughout the years and shown a great deal of respect for his close associate.

The 40/40 club is based in New York City and is the foundation of the partnership between Jay-Z and Juan Perez. In the spring of 2013 OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z announced that they would be entering into a another venture together. The two formed Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation Sports is a sports agency concept that has been a discussion point between Perez and Jay-Z for quite some time. It took years for the idea to be formed into a business plan. They decided to put the concept of sports together with the other entertainment enterprises that were already under the Roc Nation brand. OG Juan Perez is currently the President of Roc Nation Sports. The company is dedicating itself to supporting athletes in a way that they have not been in years past by their management teams. It is a similar concept to why Roc Nation was formed in the first place, to help deal with management issues for performing artist.

The sports agency is dedicated to building the athletes profile within their particular profession and to the general public as well. OG Juan Perez and his wife were subject of the news when Jay Z was rumored to have spent over $100,000 for OG Juan’s birthday. The crew went out as a small group. The entourage included Jay-Z and his wife along with several members of the Roc Nation family. The events were in honor of OG Juan Perez’s 50th birthday. Expenses included a $91,000 bar tab. This was preceded by dinner at the Japanese restaurant Zuma where $13,000 was reportedly spent. Another $9,000 was shelled out at Made in Mexico on Jay-Z’s cognac brand. The story ran wild in the press. However, it was confirmed by Jay-Z himself that OG Juan Perez actually paid the tab for the evening.

The flourishing journey of OSI Group.

OSI Group is a company specialised in the foodstuff supply. It started small as a family business and through a lot of work done it has grown to be a globally recognised company with branches in many countries. It rose from a corner butcher shop to a multinational food provider especially due to the evolving to fit the changing economy.

Relocating to the United States was the start of the small retail shop which expanded to a wholesale shop to supply meat to the community. It grew, and after a decade it followed the storyline of family-business and was rebranded, Otto and Sons. The buying of McDonald restaurant led to a shift as it was the start of drastic growth of OSI Group. It grew consistently driving to the company to divert its concentration to manufacturing in order suite the growing demand of the restaurant.

The consistency led to the hotel having many branches. OSI Group grew to gain a broader market which resulted in its recognition as the largest private food production company. Many countries came to work with the company as branches were opened in the places. Therefore, the company grew to an international company. One of the nations that had branches was China which has a consistent and rapidly growing market. Therefore the food manufacturing and supply-demand and the growing market.

Some few years back China negotiated to enter as a member of the World Trade Organization. The step was of impact even for OSI as the market grew to better. It is mostly because of the drastic-growing economy that would increase the market due to increased demand.

Another factor that has led to the flourishing of OSI Group is the partnership and collaboration with various companies and countries as well. For instance, it created an alliance with the United States to collaborate in the production of new foodstuff. It is evident from the signed documentation to work with Nation Pizza and Foods. Therefore, the market grew further as the consistently led to the creation of new line production.

OSI Group changed to a corporate leading to growth. Its constituency has led to the acquisition of many products under it. It has grown to not only produce meat but other meat products as well. Moreover, it has many companies working under it and has a partnership with many processing plants. The ability to have good corporative skills and good workers as well as transparency has facilitated the growth of the company. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Grand Vision, Grand Results: Fortress Investment Group

With any investment team, it’s the need for accurate leadership. This leadership must have a vision and with that vision, there must be results attained to keep the vision alive in the minds of the clients and the team as a whole. With Fortress Investment Group, you will realize that their grand vision has produced and will produce grand results. Let’s take a look at the leadership of this magnificent group of asset managers.

Up first is Peter L. Briger, Jr. As the co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, Peter has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006, he has been a member of the management committee since 2002, and he is responsible for the credit business at Fortress. With an interesting history, Mr Peter L Briger, Jr. joined Fortress Investment Group in March 2002. He spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co where he became a partner in 1996. Mr Briger serves on the board of Tipping Point, a nonprofit organization serving low-income families in San Francisco. He has also dedicated himself to assisting a network of charter schools committed to preparing students for success in some of the most competitive four-year colleges and beyond. Mr Briger educational background consists of receiving a B.A. from Princeton University and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Nothing short of impressive, this man is worth his weight in gold.

Up next in this fantastic team of leadership is one Mr Wesley R. Edens. As co-founder, principal and co-Chief Executive Officer. Mr Edens has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006. Mr Eden’s has been a member of the management committee of Fortress since 1998 and he is responsible for the company’s private equity arm a publicly traded alternative investment business. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Edens was a partner and managing director of BlackRock financial management where he headed the asset investors, a private equity fund. In addition to such amazing accomplishments, Mr Edens was formerly a partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers. His educational background consists of receiving a B.S. in Finance from Oregon State University.

Last but not least in the group of managing directors is Mr Randall A Nardone. As co-founder and principal, he has been a member of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group since 2006. Mr. Nardone has been a member of the management committee of Forestry since 1998, and he served as the interim chief executive officer from December 2011 to July 2013 and was appointed the chief executive officer in August 2013. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Nardone was a managing director of UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. His education consist of receiving a B.A. in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group is led by some of the most impressive financial minds in the world today.

Stream Energy

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating catastrophes in the recent times where huge of people lost their places of abode, pets and some of them even their lives. Many corporations in the United States and abroad couldn’t do much and were helpless spectators. But amidst all of the havoc, there was one company Stream Energy which stood up for the victims and provided funds for the recovery process. Stream Energy has a very successful business model for its energy sales and they used the finances from it to help the hurricane victims. Even though the organization has been involved in a lot of charitable programs, they formally commenced their charity operations through a foundation called as ‘Stream Cares’.

For Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy clearly proved how the corporations in the Dallas, Texas area have been generous about contributions towards tragedies and their unique philanthropic contributions. Stream Energy, as a company believes that philanthropic activities offer dual benefits. One of them is obviously giving back to the community whereas the other and the most important one is to earn the trust of potential clients and the general public. Since the corporate charities are often publicized and are discussed in public and media domains, it offers a lot of competitive advantages to the corporations. And the list does not stop here.

During the Texas Tornado chaos in 2016, Stream Energy stepped up immediately and raised thousands of dollars for the victims while directly working with the salvation army. While the associates were able to collect as much as they could, the organization matched the funds which resulted in converting the aid to two-fold. Corporate philanthropy is one of the key values within the organization and it believes in the concept of always finding potential areas to help and give back to the community as much as it could. This is one of the reasons, Stream Energy is termed as an organization with a heart which clearly is justified in the noble causes they are involved in. As per the senior leadership in the organization, they are committed to changing lives of individuals in any slightest form that they could.

Equities First Holdings, Great Company , Great CEO

Equities First Holdings is a financial company that has been in business for several years now. In 2017, the company celebrated their fifteenth year of being in business. Considering this celebration, Al Christy Jr., the company’s founder and CEO, shared with the public some of the factors that have helped them become successful. These factors were based around the company’s principles. Discipline, Equities First Holdings is a company that always remembers to practice in their industry with discipline. This means that they never pass their boundaries when dealing with a customer. Integrity is another principle of Equities First Holdings. The company and their employees always ensure that they handle all business transactions using transparency and integrity. To do this Equities First Holdings never share any of their customers personal information. This helps the company lower the risk of identity thief and fraud within the company. Equities First Holdings is a great company.

Glen Wakeman’s Expertise at Identifying Growing Companies

There are so many new businesses and ideas being developed at all times and with the rise of social media it can almost seem easy to build up a brand/business. However, real business experts know that even the best ideas need to execute a well thought out strategy — that is where Glen Wakeman and his company (LaunchPad Holdings, LLC) have found their niche (Crunchbase). By taking the potential energies of newly founded companies and turning them into kinetic and well-oiled machines Wakeman has built a reputation as one of the “go-to guys” when it comes to growing a brand new business.

Wakeman has always been fascinated by the concept of new businesses and he sought out to figure out why so many of them, even ones with genius ideas, would fail so magnificently. He learned quickly that it boiled down to these new startups having a frenzied and unorganized business model. By founding LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman would use his expertise in finding and providing matching costs in addition to his ability to come up with a detailed and dynamic business plan. Not to mention the fact that Glen Wakeman has considerable international business experience — he has lived/worked in six different countries and ran businesses in over 30 different global regions; this international expertise is proof that his concepts and ideals in the business world can be successful no matter where Wakeman is physically located.

LaunchPad Holdings is a natural outlet for Wakeman’s unending curiosity in the business world and meshes perfectly with his willingness to listen to and try out new ideas ( In the constantly changing business world a good startup is one that can adapt with ease to changes in their respective field, and LaunchPad (under Wakeman’s guide) has been able to do a phenomenal job in creating business plans that expect the unexpected.

For startup owners things like capital raising, angel investing, and other financial measures can be considered intimidating. Luckily, companies like LaunchPad Holdings exist to help mesh the passion of entrepreneurs with the business acumen of experienced leaders such as Glen Wakeman. Locally or internationally, Glen Wakeman has made a career of giving startups the clear, well-organized plan they need to launch their business into the next phase.


Aloha Construction Provides Expert Service In Home Repair And Renovation

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction is a construction services company that serves that state and Southern Wisconsin. The company has completed over 7000 local projects, making it one of the leading contractors in the region. Aloha Construction has gained a reputation over the years for its excellence and integrity, and the many innovative solutions it has delivered to its clients. The company employs a high quality team of claims specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, and office staff. If you have a problem with your home or have a desire to improve your home, the specialists at Aloha Construction can help.

Gutter repair is one of the company’s areas of expertise. A functioning gutter system is an essential component of every home. The purpose of gutters is to collect the rain water that falls from a roof and to deposit it into a drainage system on the ground. This makes them vulnerable to rotting over time and to damage by blasts of high and steady wind. Without a working gutter system rain would fall from the roof directly into the ground. This causes soil erosion. It can also lead to the flooding of your basement. An increase of moisture in the grounds surrounding your home will lead to an increase in dampness inside of it, which will cause mold and mildew growth.

A gutter repair team from Aloha Construction can come out to repair your gutters. They can also install the right gutter guards, miter, elbows and downspout system.

If your siding has faded and is peeling off, you should do something about it straightaway. Worn siding can negatively impact the value of your home. Replacing your siding is a daunting task, which is why you should not take it up as a DIY project. It is best left to professionals. Aloha Construction can send a siding team to your home to assess what needs to be done. They will then lay down the color and type of siding that you desire.

The company can also help you with renovation and refurbishment projects, which includes everything from new flooring to new door and window installments.

OSI Industries Helps Europe with New Growth

OSI Industries has always tried to make sure they are relevant in the food industry. From the beginning, they worked hard to establish their spot as one of the top companies. They try to always give people what they are looking for no matter the size of the restaurant they own. They also try to show others there is a chance for success even among the difficult trials that come with working in the food industry. OSI Industries has made sure they are working as a positive influence in the food industry.

The new Flagship Europe acquisition is something OSI Industries has been working on for years. They have always wanted to have a stronghold in the Europe market and that has pushed them to keep pursuing new opportunities there. They want to keep growing and making sure they are among the best in Europe. Because of their dedication to being a major part of the food industry in European countries, OSI Industries has set themselves apart from the other companies that were trying to buy into the Flagship opportunity. OSI Industries wanted to do it and they had the means to make sure it happened.

OSI Industries’ Flagship acquisition is not much different from the other areas they have grown in and been successful in. They knew what they wanted to do in Japan and they were successful there. Because they knew a lot about the food industry, it gave them the chance they needed to solidify their relationship with other Japanese food industry companies. They have remained dedicated to helping their clients in Japan and it has helped them make sure they are doing the right thing in the business. Like other markets, Japan was unique in the rules and the customs they used to make things better.

All of the new facilities they took over has led to more production for OSI Industries. They know they’ll be able to show people there will be other ways they can be successful and that’s what has led to their success currently. With even more production becoming a possibility in the future, OSI Industries is going to keep growing. They want to be as successful as possible and will stop at nothing to get to that point. For OSI Industries, this means they have to try their best to do the right thing for the company and for the people who are a major part of the company.

Everything OSI Industries has done has led back to what they can do now. They are operating in Europe and Japan as well as the United States. They have secured strategic positions around the world to ensure they can make a true difference for all their clients. While doing all of this, they haven’t lost sight of their values. They want a company that is sustainable. They have managed to continue working as a sustainable company. They want their customers to know they can rely on where the food products came from and they want to make sure they are high-quality. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

Insightful Facts about Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes and has in the past years worked hard towards the growth of the firm. Stokes, together with Scott Stokes, the COO recently announced that the company would create some job opportunities to the public, and the best employees will secure them. The Huntsville based Disaster Relief Construction contractor firm has in the past years designed as well as constructed unique homes for the people of the area, and due to the extraordinary nature of their work, the firm has received a high accreditation. Scotts efforts towards making the firm great have seen it gain an excellent reputation and also emerge to be one of the profoundly sought after construction companies. Read this article at

The renowned chief executive has always employed teamwork and collaboration as part of her active policy, and in the recent years, she has sought the partnership with other firms to ensure that they combine their ideas for the generation of maximum profits in their companies. Her expertise in the architecture and construction industry is second to none, and through this, she has built an excellent reputation for herself. Barbara Stokes believes in the sharing of ideas and always involves people, particularly her employees and other prestigious entrepreneurs in her decision-making process. Her firm has grown tremendously, thanks to her commitment and passion towards achieving the best.


Scotts looks forward to creating the announced jobs to people around the areas of Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, North California, Minnesota, and many other regions across the United States. She believes that through the jobs, individuals in the particular areas will gain an excellent opportunity to upgrade their living standards as well as cater for their basic needs with less strain. She looks forward to employing safety in the daily operations of the firm’s activities and insists that she will ensure that the company adapts to the ever-changing trends in the market, particularly the construction industry.

Besides, Scotts has always employed innovation as part of her daily business operations and believes that the adoption of the latest trends as well as designs of houses is one of the primary ways through which the firm will efficiently cater for the huge demands in the market. She insists that the company will keep on providing Unparalleled American quality housing and ensure that each of their customers’ needs and preferences is met regardless of the many challenges that emerge in the market. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Louis Chenevert Significant Role at the Utc Success

Louis Chenevert is a former chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a Canadian businessperson. UTC is an American multinational company that is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of high-technology products. He served as the general manager at General Motors for 14 years, and in 1993, he joined Pratt Whitney Canada where after six years he was elected president.

Between 2011 and 2012, Chenevert served at Business Council as the vice chair of the executive committee. On December 8, 2014, he stepped down as the CEO of UTC joining Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in September 2015 as an exclusive advisor. His target is in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Louis Chenevert accomplishments

Chenevert played a crucial role at UTC while he was the CEO leaving behind a legacy of high standards that the other CEOs have not been able to meet. His notable achievement includes the acquisition of Goodrich and making profits for the company in the recession. The Goodrich acquisition marked his signature deal highlighting extraordinary patience and business acumen having spent more than a year in negotiating that resulted in $18.4 billion deal.

Chenevert enabled UTC to achieve its goals of investing in high-quality technology that creates manufacturing jobs, still pushes the growth of the company to date boosting the United States economy. Chenevert believes in employee education and the use of latest technology for future success the same belief shared by the UTC current CEO Gregory Hayes.

Learn more:

Louis Chenevert understood the idea of creating more environmentally friendly and greener designs making it a selling point for the products United Technologies Corporation was producing. The company was able to set similar standards for all its facilities globally. They created products that minimized the emission footprint, factories and plants reduced water consumption by 53% and the emission of greenhouse gases decreased by 26%.

GTF was Louis Chenevert’s pet project and ranks on top of accomplishments. This project was selected as an option for the Airbus and was the basis for the establishment of Pratt and Whitney that has grown to be an influential company in the jet’s narrowbody engine market. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.