Milan Kordestani: Success At 19

Milan Kordestani is a very accomplished 19 year old.

Most 19 year olds have just begun their college years and are learning what it takes for them to get the degree that they so desire.

However, Kordestani has already begun a very prosperous career.

A high school graduate, he writes regularly for the Huffington Post.

A prolific writer, Kordestani writes on everything from politics to agriculture and mental health.

Writing isn’t his only stream of income, however; Kordestani is also a very successful business owner.

He has been farming since the age of 16 and owns Milan Farms, a completely organic farm that specializes in three main crops: eggs, herbs, and saffron.

Milan is very open with his customers when it comes to doing business.

He feels that complete honesty is the only way to run a business and has a personal belief that whenever a customer has a question, business owners should immediately have an answer.

When Milan isn’t taking care of his farm or sending shipments of fresh food to customers, he is engaging in one of his favorite hobbies: horse riding.

Milan has been riding horses half of his life.

Although a champion equestrian now, Milan didn’t always have luck on the back of a horse.

His very first experience on a horse was not a positive one.

Fortunately, however, it was also not a traumatic one.

During his first experience, an eager and happy 10-year old Milan boarded a horse.

The horse went wild, threw Milan off, and ran away.

Milan didn’t despair, however; he simply went in search of the horse, climbed right back on it, and began again.

Since then, Milan has been consistently growing as an equestrian and is known worldwide for his riding abilities.

Milan has 2nd and 3rd place winnings under his belt and is showing no signs of stopping soon.


The Growth of Israeli Diplomacy

The most fruitful interaction that Israel and Britain have had since the beginning of time has seen trade between the two sovereign states double in less than four years. Interestingly, the four years that the relationship between the two countries has flourished have been under the tenure of an individual who was born in Britain but officially represents Israeli interests in the Court of St. James.

The open-minded diplomat, whose negotiation and mediation skills know no limits is, successfully steered the two countries into an age referred to as the ‘Golden Era’ because of the fruitfulness of their ties. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and  Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

According to the United Embassy in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub’s four year tenure as ambassador were categorized by not only an increase in trade between the two countries, but also strengthened academic, social and cultural ties.

The Court of St. James affirmed the statement by the Israeli Embassy by citing that more than 300 Israeli enterprises had been registered and set up in the United Kingdom. The Court also cited that the two states had conducted an annual bilateral trade of approximately seven billion dollars in Taub’s final year as ambassador.

However, Ambassador Daniel Taub’s tenure has not been without obstacles and challenges. When he first met her Majesty Elizabeth II the Queen of England, she asked him how it felt to be representing his native and legal country to his birth and host country, he declared that his connection between the two countries would forever be the reason he would toil hard to bring them together.

He had to be very discerning in the way he approached issues that sometimes presented conflicts of interest between his personal opinion, the Queen’s expectations and Israel’s demands. However, his most famous obstacle to serving Israel in England was presented by anti-Israel protestors in England.

Despite the significant positive change in academic ties between Israel and Britain, some students in the United Kingdom still held strong anti-Israeli opinions.

However, unlike much earlier when the biggest student union in England voted to adopt a boycott of Israel, tensions in British universities and colleges subsided during Taub’s tenure. The ambassador has been keen enough to make his input in the matter felt to reduce the already waning negative attitudes in the learning institutions.

He even weighed in on university administrators to make their institutions tolerant of different religious and political views. He specifically demanded that students who hold positive opinions of Israel to be allowed to express their opinions free of fear of intimidation.

When the racist Member of Parliament for Bradford publicly declared the constituency an ‘Israel free zone’ that did not welcome any Israeli academics, businesses or sympathizers, Taub defiantly made a visit to the city. He later claimed that he visited the city in response to invitations by various groups and institutions, ironically after George Galloway declared that Israel was not welcome to the city.

He concluded that the racist Member of Parliament only expressed his personal opinions and did express the true opinion of the people of Bradford.

Learn more about Daniel Taub: