Wengie’s creative gift box ideas

Wengie offers a number of original gift wrapping ideas that includes cookie dough, glitter, and tissue paper. There is nothing more comforting than a homemade cookie and Wengie believes one should use it to top off a gift package. Uncover the gift recipients favor cookie, mix up the dough, and then using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out a few cookies, and place on to a baking sheet. Prior to placing the cookies into the oven, use a small straw to carve out a hole. Once baked, pull some yarn through the hole of the cookie and secure the cookie to the gift box. The recipient will be happy not only with the gift but also the cookie treat attached.


A gift box can gain a bit of pop by attaching a couple of rows of double sided tape to it. Next, locate your favorite bottle of glitter and pour some of it on to the box. The result is a box with not only gift wrapping but also a shine to it provided by the glitter. Many people love to receive a bottle of wine. This gift can be snazzier by rolling the bottle into five sheets of tissue paper. Once the bottom of the bottle is taped up, cut out peddle shapes at the top of the tissue paper. Tie up the bottle at the top and then pull out the five rows of tissue paper. By doing so individually, the tissue paper will create flower peddles and result in a creative top to the wine gift.