Brian Bonar Honored With Cambridge List

Cambridge’s Whos Who list has stringent requirements for inclusion. They seek out the top professionals in a number of different fields to include in their list. Once selected a special committee investigates both the professional and educational standards of the individual. Three of the main facets that are examined include professional accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership abilities.  Brian Bonar has been selected to be one of the two male inductees to this list –

He exemplifies what Cambridge is lookingfor and helps to set the standard for both professional integrity as well as academic excellence.  Brian Bonar holds a PhD degree. He has been working in the finance sector for more than 30 years.

His unique experiences in the management arena has led him to become the Chief Executive Officer of DelRada Financial Corporation. The duties that he has held within the company have put him in direct control of both employee and employer benefits, but also for after market products. Specifically Bonar has worked tirelessly to bring about higher levels of efficiency within companies.

As a liason in the marketing department he has brought offers of exceptional solutions for employee effectiveness.  Some of these solutions are contained within employee benefits and rsik management insurance. He has also aided in making worker compensation more effective and efficient across a broad range of companies.

Mr Bonar also is affiliated with the American Finance Association. Coupled with his extensive education in finance and management Mr Bonar is a perfect fit for the Cambridge list. He is one of only four individuals who are included in the list this year. Two women and two men are chosen according to the stringent requirements of Cambridge and their committee.

According to PR News Wire and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has exemplified excellence in all that he does. He works hard to bring better solutions to raise the bottom line for companies. In his private life he is a loving father. Living in Escondido California allows im the worldwide reach to the finance world. He volunteers with his children’s activities and has a rich and rewarding private life that includes many friends and close acquaintances.

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