Biography Of John Textor, Visual Effects Artist

John Textor started his career back in 1987 when he received his Bachelor’s of the Arts at Wesleyan University. He co-founded and manages Wyndcrest Holdings which was created in 1997. Wyndcrest Holdings is a equity firm located in Florida and focuses on entertainment business, telecommunication and social media. He later went on to become the CEO of Digital Domain Productions as well as Digital Domain Media Group, a parent company.

The company is responsible for the effects of over 80 large scale feature films including films such as Tron: Legacy, Flags of our Fathers, Transformers, Real Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Digital Domain became a market leader and the go-to company in visual effects. They won multiple Academy Awards, Clio advertising awards and made the first believable digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

During Textor’s leadership the company was also the ones behind the digital Tupac at the Coachella music festival and now the digital resurrection of none other than Elvis Presley. And most recently, they had the digital version of Michael Jackson preform and the Billboard Music Award. Textor has said in interviews that he would love to bring back Bob Marley or Frank Sinatra. After his work with Digital Domain he moved on to become the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. They are the ones that specialize in computer-generated human likeness.

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