Beneful: Premium Dog Food That Owners Trust

According to a recent article on the Twitter, there is a strong demand on the dog food industry for premium dog food. The reporter who wrote the article was given a tour of the Freshpet, Inc. Company, one of the premium dog food companies that were highlighted in the story. The company’s CEO, Michael Thompson, said that since more people want to eat healthier, they are expecting the same for their dogs. The article says that premium dog food makes up a larger percentage each year of the billions of dollars pet owners pay for dog food. While the reporter was interviewing Thompson, the company’s chief production manager took a piece of food off the conveyer belt and ate it. The food was flavored with real turkey and vegetables, and the manager said it tasted like a holiday dinner, says the article. Many dog owners are suspicious of dog food that has ingredient lists that look like they came from a chemistry book. The article mentions the push for companies to use whole proteins, fruits, and vegetables instead of questionable fillers. Thompson says that if their food is good enough for a human to taste, then it will be great for dogs. He basically ignores skeptic economists who say that the cost of whole foods is too high for premium dog food and that companies like his will gradually fail. However, Thompson states in the article that Freshpet will be turning a profit in 2016. Among the premium dog food manufacturers that were mentioned in the article was Purina Brand Dog Food. Purina has been feeding generations of dogs and owners trust their product. Purina launched their own brand of premium dog food called Beneful. This product pleases dog owners who believe that their canine friends should eat just as well as they do. Beneful does not use questionable fillers and bi-products. When customers look on the Beneful ingredient label, they see whole proteins like beef, lamb, and chicken. These tasty morsels are blended with fresh vegetables such as peas, green beans, carrots, and spinach. Beneful comes in hard and wet dog foods in blends for each stage of a dog’s life. They also offer tasty treats and dental chews. With a name like Purina Beneful, customers know that their dogs are getting the best.

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