Bat-Director Looks for Redemption with Comic Series

If any Batfans are interested in what Joel Schumacher’s intended plans were for his much-maligned 1990s Batman movies may get a chance to find out. Rumor is the director could end up on the printed side of the fun should he get the go-ahead to produce a mini-series that would take a fresh look at his original plans for a Batfilm trilogy that was cut short after 1997’s Batman & Robin went belly up. It was only the second of his efforts behind the Batcamera.

If the project sees fruition, Schumacher will be collaborating on the series with Dustin Nguyen, the artist that’s worked on both Batman and Batgirl.

Schumacher’s original Batman movies are hardly regarded as great advancements in Batcinema. Despite working with the lights of Tommy Lee Jones, Uma Thurman, Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarznegger, many audiences were extremely unhappy with the dramatic shift in tone the films took after Tim Burton’s first two groundbreaking movies which are still seen as definitive in the way Batman should be viewed cinematically. While some saw the lighter material in Schumacher’s first Batman movie as a welcome change, a majority thought he went a little too far in Batman & Robin, which was far more reminiscent of the Caped Crusader’s campier days and seemed a little too obsessed with innuendo and sexuality.

There has been argument the studio was far more responsible for Schumacher’s disappointments behind the Batcamera. This mean there could be an audience curious to see how the director originally intended to represent the Batfamily on the silver screen. Whether the comic exonerates or exacerbates Schumacher’s reputation as a Bataficionado remains to be seen.

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    Although I was never a huge fan of the Schumacher Batman, I almost feel bad for how things ended up. If he makes this happen, Igor Cornelsen will be on board, and that means I’ll be right there watching with him. It could also be that for urgent custom essays which a lot has been derived in the near future.

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