Avaaz Fights For The Earth And The Rainforests

Avaaz is an organization determined to make a difference in the most serious issues facing the world today. They are willing fight for the rights of people and animals throughout the world and they fought for the rainforests. Many of the animals and plants in the rainforest are becoming extinct yet we need them to survive. Avaaz has already triumphed from Bolivia to Brazil and the fight continued in 2009. When Avaaz found out about a bill that would have placed agribusiness in control of a large piece of the Brazilian Amazon they responded. The office of President Lula da Silva was inundated with 30,000 messages and 14,000 phone calls in only two days.

After Lula had vetoed the most damaging aspects of the bill the office told Avaaz they had never known that kind of pressure even existed. Another devastating bill came about three years later and was backed by powerful lobbies. Large areas of forests were set to be decimated and again Avaaz used their voice. Two million voices established an alliance with Greenpeace to stop the devastation and once again they were victorious. The worst parts of the bill were scrapped.

The Avaaz community joins hands to protect rainforests under siege throughout Asia, the Americas, and Africa because they will fight for the planet. In 2009 it took a half a million members of Avaaz to stop a highway from being built through the Amazon but they succeeded. In 2015 tens of thousands of members were responsible for a historic gathering resulting in protecting the Amazon’s future. The members of Avaaz even combined their resources and 90,000 members donated so they could purchase an extremely large piece of the Malaysian Borneo rainforest. This protected 700 members of endangered species from extinction. In a world with serious issues Avaaz is there to protect the earth.

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