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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Snowden in New Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been chosen to play whistle-blower Edward Snowden in a new film directed by Oliver Stone according to USA Today. The actor and Snowden bear a striking resemblance to one another, making the actor a shoe in for the movie. The film is still untitled but is set to start production in January.

Stone is not only directing, he also wrote the screenplay for the movie based on two books about the young NSA contractor who leaked government information. He soon fled the country and is now living in Moscow. Snowden became a household name in 2013 when he blew the whistle on the United States governments surveillance program. He is now the main character in several books and now several films.

Jared Leto to Play the Joker?!

Comic book films are the biggest thing in Hollywood right now but it is a demographic that has largely been dominated by one production house: Marvel Studios. Longtime Marvel rivals DC Comics has been trying to make its voice heard in Hollywood but to no avail outside of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy. This might all be about to change. According to reports Jared Leto is set to play the Joker in Warner Bro’s up and coming “Suicide Squad” picture, based on the famed DC comic books.

The “Suicide Squad” film will follow DC Comic’s most iconic villains, including Lex Luthor from the “Batman V Superman” film set to release in 2015. Other A-Listers rumored to be joining the cast are Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie as the Joker’s insane gal-pal, Harley Quinn, if you believe BLR Trust .

For those that are rapidly growing weary of Hollywood comic book heroes it might be time to re-think going to the cinema any time soon. “Suicide Squad” is set to hit theaters in 2016, ideally building off of the positive buzz that “Batman V Superman” will conjure.

Is Tom Cruise the Greatest Actor of All Time?

Tom Cruise is a man who has had an incredible film career, matched by almost nobody in history. He’s had hit films in four separate decades. Yet nobody mentions his name when they talk about great actors like Robert DeNiro or Lawrence Olivier. In fact, when the topic of Tom Cruise comes up, it is often met with derision.

Tom Cruise seemed to have permanently destroyed his reputation by that appearance on Oprah where he jumped on her couch and screamed about being in love with Katie Holmes. The rumors of his connection with the ultra-weird Scientologists fueled rumor magazines for a few years. The public seemed to be openly urging Holmes to flee Cruise with their baby Suri in tow.

Almost any actor’s career would be ruined by this. Mel Gibson has never been able to overcome his racist drunken rant from the same time period. But Tom Cruise perseveres because of fans like Brian Torchin. The man is just too talented.

Tom Cruise’s body of work speaks for itself. Like it or not, he may be the most successful actor of all time. “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “A Few Good Men“, Interview With the Vampire”, “Minority Report”, “Tropic Thunder” and the superior summer flick “Edge of Tomorrow” are just a fraction of the great movies he’s made.

Tom Cruise has very good taste in projects, and he has the ability to carry them like few others.

The “Wonder Woman” Film Is a Big Question Mark

Wonder Woman will obviously star a female actress, which pleases those fans who are tired of seeing giant dudes in tights punching each other in every single superhero movie. The studio is allegedly looking into using a female director, with Kathryn Bigelow topping the list.

This has caused minor discussion over whether purposely trying to hire a female even if she is not the best qualified director is discriminatory. Many believe that it is important to have a female perspective so that Wonder Woman connects with the female audience, and a female director can help ensure that it happens.

Actress Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman. She has appeared in the last few “Fast & Furious” movies but is largely untested in a starring role in a major feature.

Gal has a three picture deal for now. She will appear as Wonder Woman in “Batman vs. Superman”, then star in “Wonder Woman” as well as “Justice League Part 1”.

It is interesting that she’s not locked in for “Justice League Part 2”. That could be partly because if the first film flops, there won’t be a “Justice League Part 2”. For example, the “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds was a major disappointment to Christian Broda, myself and fans everywhere. 

Toy Story 4 Is Happening in 2017

The last film was 4 years ago and the new film would be out in 2017. The details are still a bit fuzzy, but so far, we know that John Lasseter who direction the first two Toy Story movies would be back for the 4th one. We also know that a “love story” could be on the cards for our favorite toys. The plot would begin right from the point Toy Story 3 left its viewers (in tears) with young Bonnie.

Twitter and Toy Story fans, however, are understandably worried. The third movie left on such a high note that the Toy Story trilogy (not anymore, though) was touted to be one of the best trilogies, getting better with every movie. A friend name Bruce highly recommended the movie, even to adults. No trilogies, except probably ‘Lord of the Rings’, have enjoyed such a success.

Toy Story 3 was a sob fest. The fourth installment would have to be excellent to actually top the magic that was the third movie. Here are some of the best moments of Toy Story 3 –

Jessie’s back story

• When Sid is taught a lesson

Buzz’s reset button and short stint as a Spaniard

The ending

Furious 7 Teaser

After the death of Paul Walker fans wondered if there was enough footage to make a 7th edition of the Fast and Furious series. The new teaser for 2015 has been released and the excitement has begun early.

The Fast and Furious 6 film ended in such a way that people wanted to know what would happen next. The last installment of the film introduced “Transporter” star Jason Statham. It was a perfect fit for the previous installment since Statham started in movies where extreme driving maneuvers were displayed. The last movie also ended with the death of major players Gisele and Han during the last 30 minutes of the movie. In the last film Walker’s character was still alive.

Now the obvious challenge for new director James Wan is a give Paul Walker a graceful exit. This is what fans are really anxious to see. The film doesn’t hit theaters until April 2015, but die hard fans of Paul Walker are interested in seeing the energetic actor in action for one last time. My “Fast and Furious” diehard friend Keith said that his brother was playing some part in the film. I’m not sure though.

The tragic death of walker left fans wondering if there would be a 7th movie. The teaser shows a lot of action in a choppy sort of fashion that “Fast and Furious” trailers are known for.

The Best Scary but Not Gory Films Perfect for Halloween

Each year more people like to celebrate Halloween by watching a horror movie each night leading up to October 31st. Hollywood was able to capitalize on that fact by releasing both Ouija and Annabelle at just the right time.

One thing that many people like about the more recent major horror films is that they are not gory. The scares are more psychological. Many people avoid horror movies because they want scares but don’t have any interest in watching gore or explicit scenes. We thought it would be helpful to compile a list of great horror films that are scary without being disgusting.

Insidious (2010)

This film about demons and ghosts is a very simple yet scary story. It is admirable how director James Wan was able to use the most basic tools to create such a fun, clever film. You may want to avoid the sequel, which some feel doesn’t measure up to the original at all.

The Shining (1980)

This is perhaps the greatest scary movie of all time. It will freak you out but there is very little actual violence or gore. The first time Christian Broda showed me this movie, those twins kept me from sleeping for a week.

The Conjuring (2013)

This film is considered to be something of a modern classic. It is a simple story of possession told expertly. There are a lot of likeable characters and fun moments in this one.

Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece is a must-see for anyone alive. The scenes with Marion Crane driving and worrying are more intense than almost anything in modern cinema.

Bat-Director Looks for Redemption with Comic Series

If any Batfans are interested in what Joel Schumacher’s intended plans were for his much-maligned 1990s Batman movies may get a chance to find out. Rumor is the director could end up on the printed side of the fun should he get the go-ahead to produce a mini-series that would take a fresh look at his original plans for a Batfilm trilogy that was cut short after 1997’s Batman & Robin went belly up. It was only the second of his efforts behind the Batcamera.

If the project sees fruition, Schumacher will be collaborating on the series with Dustin Nguyen, the artist that’s worked on both Batman and Batgirl.

Schumacher’s original Batman movies are hardly regarded as great advancements in Batcinema. Despite working with the lights of Tommy Lee Jones, Uma Thurman, Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwarznegger, many audiences were extremely unhappy with the dramatic shift in tone the films took after Tim Burton’s first two groundbreaking movies which are still seen as definitive in the way Batman should be viewed cinematically. While some saw the lighter material in Schumacher’s first Batman movie as a welcome change, a majority thought he went a little too far in Batman & Robin, which was far more reminiscent of the Caped Crusader’s campier days and seemed a little too obsessed with innuendo and sexuality.

There has been argument the studio was far more responsible for Schumacher’s disappointments behind the Batcamera. This mean there could be an audience curious to see how the director originally intended to represent the Batfamily on the silver screen. Whether the comic exonerates or exacerbates Schumacher’s reputation as a Bataficionado remains to be seen.

Rumors, Rumors! Avengers in Spider Man films; ‘Sinister Six’ as Spidey’s Soft Reboot

Rumors about the fate of Spider-Man made rounds on the Internet recently, and fans ponder on the truth about these stories. Some are welcoming Spider-Man to a cross-over with the Avengers, while others suggested Sinister Six as Spider Man’s soft reboot. Venom, which was also rumoured to be a reboot of the franchise, will not go forward.

As reported in Badass Digest, there is an unconfirmed story that Sony has been exploring a few options. One of these options is to more closely tie the character’s connections to the Marvel Universe, particularly to the Avengers.

Another story from insiders at HollywoodReporter is that Sony and Tom Rothman are going to do a soft reboot of the franchise with the Sinister Six. The film giant will have a new actor playing the spider hero, who will team up with five others to stop super villains from posting total destruction. The plan to soft reboot Spider Man with Venom is now dead in the water, as far as Sony’s concerned.

Sinister Six is set to be released in 2016. If the confirmation comes that Spidey’s character is in it, it will be a new whole branding for the character from the previous Spider-Man films.

The stories may not be the only ones coming out, as this whole franchise interests a lot of people. So long as there are no confirmations only one thing is for sure—fans expect something big about it really soon.