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Choosing Indie Beauty Brands

Drugstores and department stores are no longer the main places to buy makeup. Thanks to the Internet, people have more choices than ever for where to discover and purchase their beauty products. This has helped independent cosmetic companies to thrive.

Dozens of independent brands have sprung up, featuring everything from blush and lipstick to high-quality brushes and skin toners. Unlike mainstream corporate brands, indie companies focus on producing high-quality cosmetics and on enhancing their customers’ individuality.

For example, the popular brand Lime Crime began when its founder, Doe Deere, couldn’t find makeup that was bright or vibrant enough to suit her tastes. She didn’t sit around, waiting for an established makeup company to create something she’d like; she came up with her own lines of high-intensity eye shadows and lip colors. These bold, bright products in all shades of the rainbow are cruelty free — perfect for the person who wants to express herself without using makeup that is tested on animals.

The “cruelty free” factor is another great reason to choose indie beauty brands. Many of these companies are committed to protecting animals and the environment, while mainstream drugstore and department store brands are still testing their merchandise on rabbits, mice and other lab animals. There are even vegan indie beauty companies that use no ingredients derived from animals at all.

If toxins and harsh chemical ingredients worry you, have no fear. Many independent cosmetic companies focus on making products without unpronounceable chemicals that are rough on or possibly even harmful for you. Many of them do so at price points that are easy on your wallet.

When choosing indie beauty brands to experiment with, do some homework first. Read the descriptions of each item carefully and check the ingredients. If you’re not sure what an ingredient is, run a search on it to find out what it’s for and if there are any possible downsides to it. Investigate who created the brand. Was it a makeup artist? A scientist? A regular person? Be sure to read reviews on anything you’re tempted to buy, whether it’s from an indie company or a typical big-name brand.

How Stephen Murray Achieved Success For CCMP Capital

It is said that great leadership can turn the tides for the worst of times in a company’s life. If the times are good, great CEOs can turn them into gold. Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital and the reason why this NY based private equity firm is so successful is all because of the great work of its former CEO. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a visionary who not only worked for CCMP Capital but also had board seats for Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Infogroup, Crestcom International, and Octagon Credit. He died this year at the age of 52 years.

What is the reason behind the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital? How did Stephen Murray help CCMP capital and what were the secrets behind his success? The following points answer these questions in detail –

He Was A Leader Unafraid Of Challenges – CCMP Capital did so well under Stephen Murray because he was a unique leader who loved challenges that were generated by outside sources. He took challenges head on but was never impulsive with his decision. All the decisions he took were decided after much thought and deliberation. At the same time, he was capable of making quick decisions for CCMP Capital which ensured that opportunities were not lost due to wastage of time.

He Understood Failure As A Mechanism For Growth – Stephen Murray always told the members of the company to not be afraid of failure. He was extremely experienced in the field of private equity investment and, as such, there was rarely a situation that he couldn’t deal with. Even after all this time, he still understood that failure was a part of life and professionals need to use their failures as tools for growth and development. He made it a point to inculcate this habit in his peers and employees as well.

He Was Excellent In Communication – No one can become a great leader without knowing that communication is important. Stephen Murray had a personal communication style. He liked knowing about the people who were working with him and it made him happy to share stories about his own life with his people. He was extremely perceptive and a good judge of character which, combined with his jovial and open attitude, helped his employees trust him. He had the unique ability to make anyone comfortable around himself.

He Loved His Work – The biggest reason why CCMP Capital has done so well is because it has a knack for choosing leaders who are in love with their job. Stephen Murray was one of those people who liked working more than anything. Despite that, he still found time to spend with his family and friends.

It was because of these reasons that Stephen Murray was the best CEO for CCMP Capital.

Playful And Sensual Cat Eyes: Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Has A Great Palette

What girl doesn’t love to don a playful and sexy cat eye every once in a while? This look has such a classic feel, but can add a bit of edge, glamour or fun to your look depending on how you choose to wear it. Here’s a few ideas that will help you create a sultry cat eye. This look is great if you want to add drama to your day look or if you want to let the night pulsate with fun. Imagine how sexy you’d feel drinking cosmos at the bar with a fun ombre cat eye! You and your girls would be the life of the party!

If you are looking for a bit of a twist, try an inverted cat eye by lining only the bottom lash line with a thick bold line. This look is unexpected and a bit edgy.

Another cat eye look that can pack a lot of glamour is a double lined cat eye. First layer a black, dark brown or charcoal liner on the top lash line, then add a layer of color or metallic liner. This adds a bit of drama to your look. You can wear this look different ways depending on your eye shadow palette. If you keep the eye shadow a bit neutral it can draw more attention to the playful line of the double cat eye.

Don’t be afraid of trying the eccentric hollow cat eye. This creates a look that is dynamic and intriguing no matter from every perspective point. This look is engaging enough without eyeshadow.

Ombre has been quite popular in the fashion world and in the world of hair color. So it is no surprise that ombre cat eyes are becoming more popular. This can look especially stunning when it is achieved with bold vibrant colors like aquamarine. It is usually best to showcase the most striking color at the outside corner of the eye, in a fluid sweeping style.

A thick glitter cat eye can add a touch of fun to any look. Try silver or gold for a sensual yet whimsical look. This look can be achieved by applying the eyeliner in a thick manner and forgoing eyeshadow.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime make up line on ideamensch has a wild palette of glitter eyeshadows, and metallic eyeliners that can be used to complete a sultry or playful cat eye. The Venus Palette also features some neutral and earthy colors that can be paired with a classic cat eye. The Lime Crime cosmetic line is meant to inspire women to have a bit of fun with their make up. The Zodiac glitter eyeshadow comes in fun colors like saturated aquamarine, and mermaid green and a glittering gold.

Whether you are creating a playful or sensual cat eye look for going out with the girls or just because you feel like having fun, the cat eye is a bold look that radiates passion. Go ahead, let your hair down and have a good time!

Tips On Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is by far one of the most reliable online sites. What makes the site so reliable is the amounts of factual sources in the article. When creating your own Wikipedia page creation, the hardest thing to do is to get the article approved by their editors. The hardest part about Wikipedia is the fact that creating your own page requires following strong rules that may otherwise be tough to follow. With the following tips, however, you’ll have an easier time on getting your own page up without the struggle involved.

Tips On Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

– Write In The Third Person

Always write in the third person when you’re writing any type of upon tent from the site. Wikipedia is a very strict site that wants content to come from a strictly professional angle almost as if every article was written by the same person. They work hard to maintain their quality level of content consistently. This is an aspect that may not seem like that big of a problem, but it definitely plays a huge role with how the site portrays itself on the web. It is really important to use only the best grammar and correct usage of the voice when writing.

– Create Simple Sentences

Simple sentences sound so much better in the long run when writing an article. It turns out better and sounds more relaxed. The best thing to look out for is crafting articles that use as little words as possible in a sentence. Wikipedia wants articles to be straight and to the point. It’s easy to get lost when talking about yourself and to continue writing countless words about your life or your company. Wikipedia does provide a wide range of useful tips regarding typical writing mistakes made by writers on Wikipedia, so going through those resources can be a big help.

To create your own article, there’s plenty of expectations involved. It’s highly recommended to instead allow for somebody else to do the job for you. Get Your Wiki is an online program where they have writers craft the perfect looking wiki page for you. They have all the knowledge, writing abilities, and all the secrets to working with the full fledged online encyclopedia.

Slyce Becomes Big-time Visual Search Mobile Shopping Partner

Visual search has forever changed customer shopping experiences. With pioneering image recognition company Slyce promising unmatched search results for every query, no wonder it’s creating enormous waves. What’s its secret? Well, Slyce technology isn’t a standalone visual search resource. It complements a standard image search and recognition app. Slyce intelligence is nearly as accurate as the human brain which makes it extremely reliable. Launched in January 2012, Slyce has since become a top competitor. The Canada-based startup uses a dynamic image recognition software to deliver the perfect visual search results.

It’s established an alliance with numerous retail giants, including Best Buy, Target, Staples, Macy’s and more. It’s fast becoming immense competition for the already popular Amazon marketplace app releases. With a combined effort, Amazon Firefly and Flow apps have been creating a buzz these days. Unfortunately, both has restrictions, which make it undesirable to some real-world consumers. Slyce has no search limitation according to its developers. Unlike Amazon Flow which recognizes in-package products, Slyce has the capability to match any image. It promises the best real-world search experience. Mark Elfenbein, Slyce’s CDO (Chief Digital Officer) believes that there’s a larger audience out there looking to purchase items they’ve seen out of the package. With this thought, it makes logical sense to design a technology that focuses on delivering favorable results either way.

With a generous investment of $10.75 million raised by investors, including Harrington Global, PI Financial and more; Slyce intends to maximize its visual search effort. The desirable feature is that Slyce has the capability to find any product no matter the condition. Unlike other visual search technology that focuses on identifying products by analyzing the most distinctive features. Slyce uses complex image recognition software to match items. It intends to infiltrate all industries and not just retail. It’s also compatible with desktop platforms, particularly, a newly developed visual search resource.

Slyce has a presence throughout North America where it’s used as a support arm to retailer apps and web shops. It’s acquired Pounce, a deal comparison search engine designed to connect consumers with print materials. It uses smartphone image recognition to generate search results. Slyce invested an estimated $5 million in the acquisition and intends to enhance its capabilities. The culture of mobile shopping has reached unimaginable levels especially since visual search surfaced. Slyce promises to maximize the speed and accuracy of image recognition to increase consumer satisfaction. Its image recognition technology depends heavily on organic, single-click mobile shopping.

Its dynamic purchasing platform primarily focuses on visual search technology, NFC, barcode and QR scanning as well as audio/video recognition. With brands, retailers and publishing houses relying on visual search to connect buyers to their favorite products, they’re improving everyone’s shopping experience. Slyce has redesigned Pounce which it relaunched just last month to create better visual search opportunities for all shoppers.

Dan Newlin Helps The Community Through His Law Practice

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin has played an integral part in the community of Orlando, Florida as he has built a legal practice that is the envy of many in his profession. Newlin is now hoping to replicate the effect he has had on the legal field and community of Florida with the opening of a new office in Chicago and his own commitment to extending his charitable activities into his hometown of the windy city. The former law enforcement officer has built a strong reputation based on his legal skills and the fact he places his clients well being and welfare at the top of his list of priorities.

Dan Newlin began his career more than 20 years ago as a law enforcement officer, a career choice that reflected the fact he has always felt his calling was in assisting others. Following a successful law enforcement career he moved on to another area of service as a firefighter, which allowed him to extend his own area of service within the community and built Newlin’s own sense of giving back to the community as an important part of his life. After qualifying as a lawyer Dan Newlin embarked on a practice in Orlando that specialized in the area of personal injury law and allowed him to continue in his lifelong choice of assisting those in need. Check out Dan Newlin on YouTube.

The opening of the Chicago office of Dan Newlin comes as the innovative attorney has worked with some of the major communications providers in the US to make it more simple than ever to contact his law office. Newlin has created his own hashtag of #DAN, which allows his clients the opporunity to dial the four digits and reach his law offices. The law offices of Dan Newlin are thought to be the first in the US to take advantage of a communications technology designed initially to allow marketing to be simple for major corporations. It is now more simple than ever for any person who feels they have been injured or harmed in some way by the actions of others to seek the compensation and justice they deserve with the help of Dan Newlin.

Buying Art From Art Galleries Is A Good Idea For Most New Collectors

Art galleries have gotten a bum rap over the years. Back in the old days, art galleries were stuffy places filled with snobbish people that thought the art world revolved around their knowledge of paintings, sculptures and other works of art. But, those days are over. The art galleries of today are hip places that offer people the opportunity to discuss art, artists and news about the art world. A few new collectors are still intimidated by art galleries but when they decide to take the plunge and visit one collecting becomes an interesting adventure.

Collectors like to hear about the success of other collectors. Collectors that have collected valuable works of art are considered the rock stars of the art world. Steve Wynn, the Mellon family, and Adam Sender give new collectors hope and a mission. Sender has turned into a contemporary art guru over the last several years. When Sender closed his hedge fund management company, he decided to devote all his time to collecting art. Adam asked curator Todd Levin to help him create a timely collection of contemporary art years ago, and in the span of two decades the results of that joint endeavor paid off. Sender sold several pieces in his collection for more than $70 million, and he still has hundreds of paintings in a gallery in Miami. If it weren’t for the help Sender received from a gallery curator when he first got started, Sender might still be searching for a way to enhance his collection. Adam Sender also has an IMDB profile.

The point is; galleries help new collectors navigate through the world of art. They bring artists from all over the world together, and they highlight their work. Art galleries are not the stuffy places of yesteryear anymore. They are learning centers that provide knowledge and a service to new and seasoned collectors.

Tips For Being an Economist

New York based Christian Broda on is a popular name in the economic world. He has written various papers examining the impact of certain economic events on a national and global scale. Some of his most popular papers include those on Japan deflation, increasing promotion of income equality by China and Walmart, tax rebates of US in 2008, 2010 US strengthening, et al. He is the present Managing Director of the company Duquesne Capital Management. He also has a teaching career and has served as professor in a number of universities. Christian Broda has always asserted that a knowledge of economics is essential for almost every financial field.

Here are some vital tips about being an economist and what it takes to find success in this field –

Get Proper Education – Because Economics can be a complicated subject, nothing can replace proper education in this field. There are many formal courses that students can get enrolled in to enhance their knowledge of economics and learn about practical concepts. Generally, a person needs a Bachelor’s degree in the subject to start working in the field and a Masters or Doctorate to get to higher levels.

Get Some Work Experience – For people hoping to seek employment in the field, some amount of work experience is absolutely essential. There are a lot of things can be learned from books and formal education but actual knowledge is gained by applying those concepts in a real work environment and using them to analyze actual economic problems. Industrial summer internships are available at a lot of places for students who are still studying.

Cultivate Personal Skills – Great communication skills are found in almost every good economist. This is because simply analyzing a situation is not enough, the economist must be able to communicate those findings to the masses. So, in order to make it in the field, it is advised to cultivate great communication skills. Other personal characteristics include ability to work under pressure, micromanaging, multitasking, perseverance and management skills.

Learn About Networking – Not just for economists but for any professional, networking is something that cannot be ignored. It can be done by joining various associations and groups dealing with the field, communicating with peers in the industry, learning and teaching, and making a mark on other economists and businesses.

With these tips, students of the subject would realize that almost all their financial endeavours have better results because economics, as a concept, teaches people how to predict and deal with unintended consequences. Knowledge of economics is especially vital for trading, stock exchange and similar financial areas. It also equips people with a good basis to start their own business and work well with strategic planning.

The gradual growth in the Business and Technology’s Control Systems sector

The world of business and technology has overseen moments of tremendous growth, a factor that’s mainly attributed to an ever growing client base as well as teams of qualified managers and executives. From the pre-fiber optic and Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System (TONICS) era to today’s Integrated Operating Plan, the changes are immense. Although this growth was imminent given the vast number of creative minds on the platform, it will be an offense not to mention Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir, a business and technology guru.

Having specialized in Electrical Engineering’s branch of Control Systems at the Cornell University, he pioneered network routing, management and control in GTE before playing a role in what is today’s multi-billion dollar telecommunications firm, Verizon Wireless.

Verizon’s FiOS Fiber Optic Video and even DVR were developed under his watch. Furthermore, a bunch of other innovations that include iobi and the Verizon One are some of his brainchild projects. Shaygan Kheradpir is famed for helping the firm increase its profits through his aggressive negotiation skills and even installing better cheaper software in Verizon.

After the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic for Verizon, much of the firm’s diversification and even transition into automatic operating occurred during this technology guru’s tenure. Besides having a bigger hand in the new firm’s core systems that include the automated customer services, the call center, and even its website, his decisions focused on decreased expenditure of the company.

Mobile payment in the business and technology platform worldwide picked up in less than a decade ago. Pingit and Cloudit Mobile payment software, associated with London’s Barclays Bank are some of the customer products widely attributed to Kheradpir’s creativity in this platform. Additionally, lots of cultural changes and processes that transformed the bank across its retail, business, cards, and even corporate branches were as a result of this business and technology expert.

Juniper Networks is mostly known because of their pioneering networking inventions in the Silicon Valley. During the announcement of this Integrated Operating Plan to reduce expenses and increase their dividends, Kheradpir was the chief executive, a factor that led to the sudden increase in the firm’s profits and market shares.

Throughout the years of growth and progress in this industry, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir’s efforts are not just visible but massive. From the humble growth in the broadband, media and communication sector over the recent past to what his knowledge has brought in what has become mobile payment, he has hugely crafted what today’s telecommunication is. Digitalization and industrialized controls, as well as product inventions, are primarily what define this technology, officer.

Mr. Kheadpir has been among the board members of the US’s National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as the Cornell University’s Engineering Council. Additionally, massive volumes of Technology publications are under his belt. Therefore, even with the strides made over the years, forgetting to mention him isn’t easy.

The Rising Star of Crystal Hunt

Audiences have been dazzled by Crystal Hunt’s acting prowess for years now and yet she is still quite young. Many people know that Crystal Hunt burst onto the scene as a tormented teenager named Lizzie Spaulding on the hit CBS show Guiding Light and her star has continued to shine brightly since then.

Most people don’t know that she was cast in that starring role at seventeen years old after an agent saw her in a Actors Workshop in New York. At the same time a confluence of events caused Crystal Hunt to break into the film industry by starring in the Derby Stallion which was a feel good movie that had her starring along side Zac Efron. She followed that film success by starring alongside Amanda Bynes in a modern day telling of the Snow White fairy tale called Sydney White.

It was in 2009 when Crystal Hunt got back to television with a role for a three year stint in the popular ABC series One Life to Live. She further showed the gritty range of her acting skills in a story of four Brooklyn teens who have to face the consequences of a drug deal that creates havoc and misery for all involved. As another example of her deft skill in picking films Crystal Hunt then starred in 23 Blast which was about a football start that tragically goes blind and triumphs over that adversity.

The most recent television role is an innovative look at the filming and producing of a sultry primetime drama. In addition to that, the breakneck pace does not abate for Crystal as she starred in the recently released file Magic Mike XXL. Simply put, Crystal Hunt continues to wow us with her strong selection of roles and gritty work ethic that make her a joy to work with and watch. Don’t be surprised if she continues to broaden her horizons as she just finished producing her first film called Talbot County. It is truly impressive and inspiring to see the body of work she has put together in a short period of time. It will be fun to watch and see where her career takes her through the years and how the roles she picks evolve. Great actors always find a way to innovate and keep pushing the limits of audience expectations. There is no doubt that Crystal Hunt will push the limits of her talents with her tireless work ethic.