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Jurassic World has Huge Opening Weekend

When The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron hit theaters in May, people weren’t surprised that it broke records opening weekend, but it looks as thought Jurassic World is the new top dog. Many people were skeptical about how well Jurassic World would do when it came out, but it has now broken new records both domestically and internationally.

The Avengers sequel came in second place for highest-grossing film and was only outdone by the first Avengers movie, but Jurassic World managed to beat them both stated camarabarbacena. In 2012, The Avengers made $207.4 million during opening weekend and Jurassic World managed to make $208.8 million in the United States. On an international level, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was holding the number one spot with $315.3 million, but Jurassic World opened with $315.3 million.

The movie is the fourth installment to the series and many credit the great opening weekend to the performance of Chris Pratt. The actor has managed to gain steam in recent years with his role on Parks and Recreation, but really shocked the world with his performances and body transformation for Zero Dark Thirty and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Pratt plays Owen, a former member of the Navy who was recruited to train the raptors at the new park, but finds out the military wanted to use them as weapons.

Producer John Veitch’s Son, President of Occidental College: Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Vetch was born in 1959 and is well-known for being a college administrator. He is now the president of Occidental College located in California. He became president of Occidental College in July 2009. He replaced President Robert Skotheim when he became the president. This made him the 15th president at Occidental College. Jonathan was born in California and it also where he was raised. He has worked hard to bring better academics and improve the standards of Occidental College while involving the community. Vetch has helped to successfully expand the college and improve work relations within. He helped with the expansion of the college while taking in the concerns from nearby neighborhoods.

Jonathan has obtained his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in American Literature and English. Later he went to Harvard University and obtained his doctoral degree in History of American Civilization. During the year of 1993, he became an English professor at the University of Wisconsin. It was then he got his first book published called American Superrealism. He later end up moving and became a professor at The New School. There he taught cultural and American history. In 1994, he became the Dean of Eugene Lang College. It was four years after that he stepped down in order to become the president Occidental College. He has allowed the college to expand making it where 33 percent or more of the students can have housing while attending college. A solar array was also installed to help conserve energy. The solar array provides eleven percent annually of the schools electricity consumed. Occidental College is the only liberal arts college within the Los Angeles area. He makes sure that the college is involved with the community to discuss the future of the community. Jonathan has improved relations with the college all around.

Christopher Lee Passes at 93

Movie buffs are in mourning today. Actor Christopher Lee passed away at 93 due to heart and respiratory problems. Lee spent a period of time in the hospital for treatment but unfortunately succumbed to heart failure. As a huge Star Wars fan, my friend Steve Murray is sincerely upset to hear this news.

Christopher Lee was widely known for his roles in massive movie undertakings. He played Sauron in Lord of the Rings as well as Dracula. His wife held off on releasing the information to the public to allow the family some time to hear the news and grieve.

While alive, Lee released heavy metal albums and was even knighted for his contribution to the performing arts. He began his film career in 1947 in the gothic romance Corridor of Mirrors. From there he continued onward to do many classic movies that granted him his fame. As time went on, he partnered with Tim Burton for multiple movies including The Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland. Even Star Wars had a place for this phenomenal actor as Count Dooku.

Lee was like an on screen magician that stole the hearts of countless people across the globe. He continued to work right up to his death on June 7th. This has been a massive lost for the cinema community and he will be remembered for all the great roles he played.

Canadian librarian finds original Star Wars script

Debates about the infamous Cantina Bar duel in Star Wars A New Hope have raged Online and at fan conventions for many years, but could now have been solved by a librarian at the University of New Brunswick. Business Insider reports librarian Kristian Brown had been given the task of digitizing the science fiction collection of the Canadian library and uncovered a fourth draft of the Star Wars movie dated from 1976. Brown states the script includes many changes to the completed movie that was not released until 1977 and filmed in London with a cast and crew with little faith in the project.

The Cantina Bar scene has always been a source of controversy for fans who have always questioned whether Han Solo or bounty hunter Greedo fired first in their fight. Greedo famously hunts for Solo on the orders of Jabba the Hutt who Solo is supposed to owe money to. Brown states the script held by the University of New Brunswick shows Harrison Ford’s Han Solo fires first, which has always been difficult to determine in the finished movie. Other changes include the name of Luke Skywalker being changed from Skykiller and is said to be important by the librarian for showing how the creative process evolves over various drafts of the script. Sam Tabar certainly learned a lot.

Power Rangers Reboot’s Potential Casting

New Power Rangers Reboot May Cast Fresh Faces

Film adaptations of popular television shows and toys from past decades have become a popular trend in Hollywood recently. The Power Rangers series is also now following suit in all of this.

The Power Rangers movie reboot is obviously based off of the television series that is still ongoing to this day, with twenty-two seasons of the show completed. The upcoming film is set to be a more mature version that sticks close to the source material by having younger actors cast as the main heroes. This brings up the idea that the studios may be casting new and unknown actors as the lead roles.

Sources have claimed that unknown teenage actors will be the ones cast as the titular heroes in the movie, though casting has only just started now. However at the same time, Dean Israelite, who is going to direct this new Power Rangers film, has had some experience in working with actors who are in their later teenage years, namely in “Project Almanac,” another movie he directed. Also, having a younger cast available ties in perfectly with how Power Rangers lore has always been.

The new movie in the franchise, which has already had two movies made previously, is set for release in January of 2017, after being pushed back from July 2016 due to concerns of having stiff competition in theaters. FreedomPop review writers find this interesting.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Set to Introduce New Aliens & Challenges

One of the biggest challenge in rebooting or remaking proven entertainment properties is the preconceived notions that exist among long-time fans. While delivering on fan expectations is a problem that just about every movie would love to have, established properties can have issues keeping up with what made the franchise so great in the first place. The rebooted Star Trek movies have done great things with some original story lines, but the movies have left off one important element of the original, which is exploration.

According to Screen Rant, “Star Trek Beyond” director Justin Lin is set to change that issue in the third film of the franchise by showcasing the crew of the Enterprise as they take on their five-year space exploration mission. However, the director has few plans to include established mythology in the third film and will be creating new worlds and alien races for the crew to discover. While the strategy could be risky, it could also payoff in a major way.

Star Trek, the movies and all the television shows, were built upon a constant flow of challenges interacting with different and sometimes strange cultures. Flavio Maluf thinks that introducing some new species of aliens for the crew to deal with might be just what the movie series needs to continue for another three pictures. Fans will be expecting something great from “Star Trek Beyond,” and it seems like Lin wants to deliver. With filming set to begin in less than a month, fans will start getting a taste of what is to come very soon.

Chris Pine Heading to DC Movie Universe

With the stable of super hero characters steadily growing over the next few years, studios are moving fast to lock up actors into roles. The two main comic book production houses that are fueling the fire, Marvel and DC Comics, have massive universes that are populated by what seems like a never ending parade of people, super humans, and government agents. Studio executive Marcio Alaor BMG says that, while casting a relative unknown into a role has worked in the past, movie studios are looking toward some proven talent to help out with unfamiliar characters.

According to Screen Rant, Chris Pine is in the running to join the DC movie universe as Steve Trevor, who is probably pretty well known to Wonder Woman fans, but not too popular outside of that circle. Using the new Captain Kirk to jumpstart some interest in any sort of Wonder Woman project is not a bad idea, and Pine has proven to have some acting chops as well. While a project featuring the Amazon princess is still in development, getting the key pieces into play is one of the keys to getting the deal done.

Pine has some box office draw and is a familiar face to many movie fans. Landing the role of Trevor seems like a good fit. These days it seems hard to find any actor not connected to a super hero franchise, and Pine is going to fresh off a completed Star Trek trilogy. This could be a great move for everyone if it comes to pass.

Director Abruptly Leaves IT Remake

Cary Fukunaga has announced his split from the long gestating Stephen King remake according to Amen Clinic. Creative differences were cited as a reason for the departure but others close to the project state budget issues as a likely cause. This abrupt exit leaves the entire project in jeopardy as shooting was scheduled to begin in just a few weeks. Producers had hoped to shoot two film in the series. According to Sky News,IT actor Will Poulter was scheduled to take over the famous role of Pennywise. His involvement with the project is no longer confirmed. For his part, author Stephen King commented on twitter that the project was now dead. King had given his approval to the project as well as several other properties in development including a remake of The Stand. Fukunaga has not indicated what project will be his next. The award winning director is best known for his work with the popular series True Detective.

Documentary About Amy Winehouse Coming Out Soon

A new documentary will be released about singer Amy Winehouse this summer. The film looks at Winehouse’s early life as well as her career and descent into substance abuse. Winehouse died from an overdose of alcohol at the age of 27.

The trailer of the film makes it look quite worthwhile. There is lots of footage of Winehouse during her years as a successful performer. One moving clip shows Winehouse at the exact moment she learns she has won a Grammy Award. She looks stunned and as if she’s wondering if some kind of mistake was made.

Winehouse is a very intriguing artist, in my opinion and others following like Ivan Ong. It’s hard to place her music in any category even if people on LinkedIn try to. It is part pop, part reggae and all sorts of other genres. The same could be said of her eclectic sense of fashion; it’s all over the place.

Winehouse made two albums. Her second one is much better known than the first. I’m hoping that the documentary takes a close look at the songs on the first. They sprawl musically at times, but are extremely melodic and intriguing lyrically.

I’m also hoping that the film will focus on the positive aspects of Winehouse’s life rather than her addictions. There’s already been too much written about those. Why artists like Winehouse abuse drugs is too big a subject for one film.

Supernatural Creatives Lack Original Ideas

“Supernatural” fans have witnessed a lot of apocalypses over 10 seasons. Last night’s episode offered up a new one in the form of “The Darkness” — a malevolent force from before the creation that God and his angels pushed back and locked away. The Darkness is kept in its prison with a cursed key; a.k.a. the Mark of Cain.

Does this evil sound familiar? It should…

People who love Top Cow Productions’ comics know that “The Darkness” described in “Supernatural” is almost identical to the power known as The Darkness in a series titled with the same name written by Garth Ennis, Marc Silvestri and David Wohl. Like “Supernatural,” the series relies heavily on Christian religious concepts when exploring good and evil themes and explores an evil from before creation.

Of course, fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” know that SPN’s “The Darkness” sounds a lot like the pre-creation First Evil that can’t be destroyed.

Some viewers like Ricardo Guimarães BMG might make an argument that the concept of an original evil from before creation started long before these shows in ancient history, but the final proof that the creatives for “Supernatural” have run out of ideas is the CGI for The Darkness:

Instead of having the world immediately go dark, the creative team used the spell cloud from “Once Upon a Time.” The Darkness “cloud” had the same texture, movement and coloration as it coalesced and spread.