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Community Giving: Bernardo Chua Explains The Importance

There are many people who are successful in business who never spend any time or money to give back to the community. After years of working, Bernardo Chua has built a great business that he can be proud of. However, he is now starting to look for ways that he can make a bigger impact.

He primarily works with people who need help on their social media marketing. He is really good about getting the word out on a product or service. Over the long term, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people in his community.

This is something that he is excited about for the years ahead. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to help other people get to a new level in his life and career.

Starting Out

When he started out on this journey, things were not easy for him. The world of social media was just starting out, and a lot of people were worried about what was going on in the world. However, he has done a good job of making his customers feel like his business is making a difference in the world. People are willing to spend money on things when they know that there is a positive cause behind what they are spending money on. Not only that, but they can start to see a positive impact from what they are doing in this area over the long term.

Next Steps

The Street revealed that Bernardo Chua has had a great career in the world of business, but he feels like he is just getting started. A lot of people are ready to see what he can do in order to make other people feel better about their marketing plans. As a business owner, you have to have a plan for your marketing services.

This is one of the most important parts of being successful as a company. Bringing in new customers is a great way to grow your business over time and to have a lot of success in the process.

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The Lung institute Helps You Breathe Easier With Stem Cell Therapy

When your diagnosis is COPD, you may not know where to turn. The Lung Institute is there for you with the latest in treatment options. They have been making great strides with stem cell treatments.

The Lung Institute has been dedicated to the treatment of lung diseases since it’s beginning. As a specialized center, they focus only on finding a cure. Of course, there is not a cure yet, but they are gaining ground quickly. They are seeing exceptional results with stem cell treatments ( in patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions like emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

At The Lung Institute, the focus is on the patient. They treat the person, not just the illness. Putting the patient at ease and listening to them is of utmost importance. Gathering as much information from the patient is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Even what seems a minor or unimportant detail needs to be looked at? It could make the difference in a treatment regimen.

So what is stem cell therapy? According to, stem cell is a neutral cell capable of replication, taking on the characteristics of damaged cells and rebuilding them. The treatment begins with drawing the patient’s own blood or bone marrow. Stem cells from your own body are separated and injected back into the body. They travel to the lungs, where they attach themselves to the damaged tissue cells, regenerating them and repairing damage. Once the stem cells begin to repair the affected cells, inflammation from the disease is reduced, and breathing becomes easier. Since the cells came from the patient, there is no chance of rejection by their system or adverse effects. Although there are several other treatments available, stem cell is showing the most results.

Patients of The Lung Institute have been raving about the effects of their treatments. A richer quality of life and improved all around health have been reported. While not a cure, it comes close and is the only treatment that delivers such extensive results. Given enough time, perhaps The Lung Institute will come across the key to a cure. Learn more about stem cell treatment on the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America unveils high tech arsenal

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the country’s premier network of private cancer treatment facilities. Since 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped people recover from one of the most difficult illnesses they’ll ever face. Through its use of cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America brings state-of-the-art techniques to bear on behalf of its patients.

Recently, the organization has rolled out a new computer-based diagnostic system that will aid physicians in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of all subtypes of cancer. The new system relies on a database of over 2,700 subtypes of cancer. Each record contains virtually the whole of human knowledge concerning that sub-discipline of cancer treatment. The system constitutes a kind of artificial intelligence that puts at the fingertips of oncologists the totality of human knowledge concerning the subtype of cancer they are currently treating.

As stated in this article, the system will also help patients to understand their options including the full spectrum of likely patient outcomes, including adverse drug interactions and planning for and executing a treatment regimen that will allow them to maintain as full a life as possible. This relieves some of the burden that physicians have traditionally born, freeing them to do what they do best, fighting disease.

The system will be maintained by a full-time team of oncologists, nurses and other medical professionals. The system will take into account updated knowledge regarding all studies, peer reviewed research and other current trends in oncological medicine. It is through initiatives like this to Cancer Treatment Centers of America is leading the way in defining what the future will hold for cancer treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the nation’s premier network of private cancer care facilities. It has treated tens of thousands of patients successfully and has allowed many the gift of a fulfilling and long life.

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Providing Better Services with Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden is very successful, hardworking, devoted and a loyal plastic surgeon who was recognized and was currently titled by Harper’s Bazzar Magazine based in the United stated as being among the 24 greatest beauty surgeons. Through her career she has achieved a lot and her practiced cosmetic plastic surgery and also she was one of the greatest plastic surgeons in New York City. She then decided to move to Austin where she was born and continued with his practice and as well be together with his family as well.


Jennifer Walden experience and expertise made her be unique therefore she was part of the board of directors at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She as well was invited in numerous medium podiums so that he can give advice and also to interviewed. Because of the great work she did made her be recognized and awarded on surgery. Other skill that she has is writing books. She is an adoring mother to her twin’s children.


She also is self-confident through committing herself in assisting her patients in looking good in their appearance. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin whereby she got Bachelor’s Degree in medicine. She decided to pursue her career because of the entire originality and the outcome. Furthermore she also was inspired to assist women in looking better through surgery.


When she went back to Texas she started from scratch but that did not stop her because her dedication and the experience she had made her succeed and she also inspire other women to pursue medicine as a career.



Avaaz Fights for Social Justice

In a world where not everyone can fight for their rights, an organization like Avaaz is a strong and valuable voice for many. Avaaz is an international organization fighting to protect the marginalized by bringing up issues that affect people in real time. The movement handles matters pertaining climate change, animal rights, human rights as well as conflict, corruption, and poverty among others. In fact, it is considered the world’s most powerful activist network.

Like its Persian translated name meaning, Avaaz is a voice or song for the people. Two movements with core values and beliefs founded the organization to fight for social justice. The Res Publica and both believe in fighting for deliberative democracy, good governance, and public policy advocacy. The two communities received support from the Service Employee International Union, which has been its founding partner.

Avaaz has been able to achieve much of its success because of the people it has at its leadership. An organization, most of the time, is as good as the people running it. Most of the workers in Avaaz are volunteers with a passion for changing how things run around the world. The company’s co-founders include Ricken Patel who is the current President. There is also Eli Pariser who serves as the board chairman, and he was the MoveOn Executive Director. Others include Tom Pravda, the current board secretary, Tom Perriello who is a former congressman from Virginia, Andrea Woodhouse, Jeremy Heimens the co-founder of and David Madden, a progressive entrepreneur from Australia. These individuals came together to start the organization because of the common purpose of helping the world get the change it needs.

The organization is mostly funded through voluntary donations from its members. It does not accept payment that is more than USD 5000. The team of over 30 voluntary workers spreads in more than 30 countries communicate via email and achieve their goals through online petitions, video campaigns, and other relevant campaign tactics.


Todd Lubar’s Legendary Lending Options

Todd Lubar came up with the idea to lend money to people who were in different situations than what traditional banks would consider them able to lend money to. He wanted to make sure that he could get more people to have the loan options that they wanted while still being able to make some money for himself. Todd, as an entrepreneur, knew that there were so many options when it came to lending and he also knew that people would have to go through different processes to get the lending that they needed. He wanted to make sure that most people had the chance to get money when they needed it. Through the ideas that he had for lending, the company Legendary Investments was born. He worked hard to make this company viable and did everything that he could to improve the options that he had for many people.

Legendary Investments did well. The people who needed loans were able to get what they came for and Todd was able to profit from the relatively high interest rates. Most people who dealt with Legendary knew that they were going to pay high interest rates but they did not care because they knew that they were getting the money that they needed in the different areas that they were in. Todd also knew that he was doing something to help people and that the majority of his customers would be grateful to have that chance to make more money.

Once he realized that he had something very good going with Legendary Investments, Todd Lubar decided to branch out. He created a second loan company that gave people the chance to get more money from the options that they had. He wanted everyone who was in troubling situations to get exactly what they needed from the options that he had to offer them. He also wanted people to be aware of the options that were open to them and be able to get more money from the situations that they were in. Todd Lubar did what he could to make things better.

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Eric LefkofskyAnd His Role At Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who was born in Detroit, Michigan in September of 1969. He is most notably known for being the chairman and co-founder of the very popular website Groupon. He is also currently the co-founder and CEO of Tempus.

What Is Tempus?

Tempus is a new and innovative way to treat cancer patients. It uses a series of genetic codes and data to help offer the most personalized care for every individual. Tempus helps provide doctors and caregivers with real time information on how to deal with a variety of different issues.Tempus has built a state-of-the-art lab to bring the most scientific data and technology into clinical care. The lab is a highly robotic lab that currently studies over 50,000 patients a year. The office and lab are run out of Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the biggest business ventures that Lefkofsky has been involved in. It is one of the many ways he works to give back to others.

Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropic Endeavors

Aside from his great work at Tempus Eric Lefkofsky is also involved in a ton of other philanthropic endeavors. In 2013 Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth joined The Giving Pledge which is one of the biggest organizations in the world and is run by Bill Gates as well as Warren Buffett. The goal of the organization is to inspire the wealthiest people in the world to donate some of their worth to different philanthropic causes throughout their life and even after death.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife also formed a charitable trust back in 2006 named Lefkofsky Foundation. The foundation works to support a variety of different charities including scientific charities and educational charities. Although the focus is mainly on children the trust works to help people all over the world. To date they have helped fund more than 50 different organizations.These are just a few of the many philanthropic endeavors that Eric Lefkofsky has been involved with over the years. Everyday he fights to make it a better place to live for women and men all over the world.

NuoDB Cloud Solutions

NuoDB is the database technology that works for databases now and in the future. With many companies looking at and already using cloud applications, it’s only logical that a database system that is elastic and easily scale-able would be the perfect fit.
Since NuoDB supports SQL, it is simple to use for DBAs and Architects familiar with the common language. Due to NuoDB using distributed architecture, when a new server is added, the database runs faster. This avoids bottle-necking and adds peace of mind when working on a database. In addition, since NuoDB has disaster recovery built in, there’s no need to add any extra costs in architecture or other components.
There are three versions of NuoDB available; a free version called Community Edition, a professional paid, SQL version and an enterprise version. With three different choices, you can make the best decision on what your business database needs might be.

The Merchant, Investor James Dondero.

With his greater professional skills he attained from the University of Virginia, Mr. James Dondero has accumulated more qualifications in the banking sector than he was expected. The experiences he gained from his previous career made his investment idea worthwhile. His current position as the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management has enhanced his contributions in the business and finance sector.


Mr.James is the icon in the society representing better administration and investment skills. He equally believes that the opportunity he got as a chief Investment officer for protective life GIC subsidiary, significantly nurtured his success in different arrays. It has given him numerous opportunities to interact and link with many financial institutions.


Currently, through his success, he has won himself a better rank three major schools in Dallas TX. He was also the chairperson of the three top firms including, Netbank, cornerstone healthcare, and the CCS medical corporations. Consequently, also serves on the board of directors at HCM Acquisition Company.


The year 2014 impacted the greater memory for James Dondero, for this matter, some of the major firms that relate to him were awarded various trophies. The awards entailed morning star’s five stars designated for the reservations in 2014. He equally, was awarded the morning star number one ranked healthcare fund in 2014. Due to his commitments and real leadership he again won the Lipper award in the same year.


His 30 years’ experience in the credit market has created positive change in the management system Highland capital. Therefore, the Highland capital management is rated as one the best institutions that provide excellent support to individuals with interests in securities and bonds. The reputations of this company have with time attracted many investors throughout the region.


The business newsletter in the USA reportedly announced that HCM was the most improved institutions regarding the realized profit. The profit increased to $5billion citing an increase to up to 80% in 2017 compared to other years. According to his recent posts on social media, he noted that indeed investment is the delicacy for every man who wishes to fly above the sky.

Are the Jews the only Privileged People to Study Kabbalah?

Perhaps this question can be answered by considering another issue such as whether Yoda belongs to George Lukas only. He is the one who wrote the character and also brought the Star War trilogy into the concept. But that is not the origin of Yoda. It originated from other realms. However, it can be said that he channeled Yoda and the force from a pure and high source. The teachings of Yoda are found in some doctrines of the past such as Taoism and Samurai wisdom. Now it is easy to understand the above question about Kabbalah.

Let’s look at Kabbalah and Judaism. Jews drafted Kabbalah, and many of the scholars maintained its secrecy despite a lot of objection from the mainstream religion. Though Jews perpetrated the teachings, its origin is transcended to time, nationality and space. It has one root. Regarding spirituality, it does not discriminate people according to religion or their background. For instance, one cannot say that yoga is only for Indians or Christ is only for Christian and so Taoism is not only for Chinese. Taking mental note into the past, during the golden age there was the interaction between Christians, Muslims and the Jews. As a result of that interaction, they interchanged their ideas and cultures, and every group found something beneficial to derive from one another.

Look at how Science grew rapidly as well as philosophy. Soon these disciplines spread to every part of the world. It is an open society, and that is why people can now benefit from the spiritual truths without discrimination. A good example is Pico Della Mirandola who tried to interpret Kabbalah using Christian symbols although he had no much understanding about Kabbalah. There began a Christian Kabbalah called Cabala. During the renaissance in Europe many people tried to understand and interpret Kabbalah, but with little success, because to understand it, you should learn from the teachers who have the wisdom. In England for example, Francis Bacon studied and mastered Cabala and did everything to spread it across Europe. Look at the work of tenets of the Free Masons. They built their temples according to the Blue print of King Solomon of Jerusalem. Therefore, despite its origin, Kabbalah is universal, and everyone in the world can study it.