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How David McDonald Intends To Secure Sustainability of OSI Group

OSI Group is not new to those who are fans of beef and poultry products. In any food processing company or any another company you find successful, there is strong leadership behind it. The future of the OSI Group looks sustainable and successful because of the leadership that David McDonald has shown so far. He is not only the Chief Operating Officer of the group but also it’s President. Other than just being a member of group’s board of directors, he is also the Director of the OSI International Foods Pty Limited based in Australia. Before he came to the OSI Group, he used to work with Marfrig Global Foods based in South America. Upon joining the OSI Group, he first became the Project Manager of the company.

David is a learned person. He went to Iowa State University to study Animal Science and graduated with an undergraduate degree. To the North American Meat Institute’s leadership, David serves as the chairman. Such credentials indicate that the roles he played in this company were active and influential. Whenever every company has started, the leadership looks forward to expanding it to reach as many corners of the globe as possible. It’s now 30 years since David McDonald joined the OSI Group, and the tremendous impact he has brought to the company is undeniable.

OSI Group has enjoyed remarkable accountability and growth since David was the dynamic force behind it. He says that continued growth and expansion has been the culture of the company. David outlines that his main mandate and that of every employee in the company is to offer the clients the best quality services. He hopes that he will make OSI Group a sustainable company through his entrepreneurial passion and unrelenting passion for business growth. According to David, OSI Group would not have become more innovative and flexible without private ownership.

In the process of expanding, OSI Group had to find its way into other countries. This would not have been possible without diversifying in the type the food the company is processing. For this reason, the company acquired Baho Foods, Dutch food manufacturer, in order to serve its customers in about 18 European countries. This acquisition was the best tactic to widely penetrate the European market. David McDonald is doing everything possible to ensure the sustainability of the OSI Group is guaranteed. David insists that OSI Group will not just be a sustainable company, but also an environmentally conscious firm.

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How Ryan Seacrest Branched Out From Television Hosting

Ryan Seacrest started out as a television host, most notably American Idol. He soon branched out, first as a radio host on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, a morning show that airs on KIIS-FM. Starting on May 1, 2017, he started hosting another television morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, on ABC. Every New Years he also appears on another ABC show, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. He has now hosted this show for 13 years, along with Jenny McCarthy for the past eight years.

He is also known for his sense of fashion. Beginning in 2009 he began to partner with Christopher Bailey of Burberry’s. Bailey designed his clothing for Ryan Seacrest at first for his red-carpet hosting and then for what he wore on American Idol. He likes to wear close-fitting suits and decided he would launch a line of clothing like this. His clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, was first available in 2014 and is available at Macy’s in an exclusive arrangement. His line also includes accessories like belts, jewelry, ties, and cufflinks.

Other than his radio show, Ryan Seacrest also launched a line of skincare products for men called Polished in 2017. He announced this line on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There are five products in this line such as a Daily Micro-Scrub, a Dual Cleanse and Shave, and an Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30. This was launched in a partnership with his dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer.

As a philanthropist, he launched Ryan Seacrest Foundation eight years ago. His foundation builds broadcast media centers inside of children’s hospitals, ten of them to date. The patients at these hospitals can go into these media centers and find out about radio and TV media. They can also access media inside of their patient rooms as well.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation accepts donations through its website, which are tax-deductible. They also have volunteers working in these media centers. To find out if any specific hospital needs volunteers a person can go to the contact page at or check out @ryanseacrest on facebook and on instagram and send a message to that hospital who will inform them if they have any opportunities available.

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ECU Launches a Program that will educate the Electorate in California about Katie Porter

End Citizens United and WOMEN VOTE announced a digital advertising program and a direct mail program to enlighten the electorate in the 45th Congressional District about the flawless record by Katie Porter. Katie Porter is a consumer protection lawyer and a law professor at UC Irvine. Porter has spent her legal career taking on the big financial institutions of Wall Street. She has always won the litigations. End Citizens United believes that Katie Porter, if elected into office, will serve as a brave advocate for working American families and the majority of the middle-class population. She has stood up against the legislation tabled at Capitol Hill by Republican legislators and policies of the Trump administration.

She has always fought against the domain of particular interest in the halls of Washington and advocated for the safety and health of American citizens. End Citizens United also knows that Katie is a mother and a university don who knows the value of keeping AK-47s out of the hands of criminals and the most vulnerable youths who lead lives of despair. Katie has committed to eliminate million-dollar donors and significant money interests from the American political arena. She has also said that she will not be accepting corporate PAC money. Katie Porter has received an endorsement from senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. The two senators from California gave her the support because they know that Katie will be a progressive champion for people of the 45th Congressional District and the state in general.

Katie has promised to defend the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as ObamaCare and invest heavily in public education by recruiting more teachers and paying them higher salaries. Katie is also a champion of protecting a woman’s right to choose and Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Katie’s opponent, Mimi Walters, has taken millions of dollars from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has voted to loosen the gun ownership restrictions under the second amendment. Walters was one of the chief architects of the Republican healthcare plan that has failed terribly.

She was also one of the proponents to end protections and increase premiums for American citizens who live with pre-existing conditions. Walters has also voted with President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan to limit the access of affordable and quality healthcare to American women. Walters has over the years put the interest of big corporations and oil companies ahead of the hard-working families in California. The digital advertising and direct mail programs are meant to educate Californians about the progressive ideas of Katie Porter.

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Equities First Holdings, Great Company , Great CEO

Equities First Holdings is a financial company that has been in business for several years now. In 2017, the company celebrated their fifteenth year of being in business. Considering this celebration, Al Christy Jr., the company’s founder and CEO, shared with the public some of the factors that have helped them become successful. These factors were based around the company’s principles. Discipline, Equities First Holdings is a company that always remembers to practice in their industry with discipline. This means that they never pass their boundaries when dealing with a customer. Integrity is another principle of Equities First Holdings. The company and their employees always ensure that they handle all business transactions using transparency and integrity. To do this Equities First Holdings never share any of their customers personal information. This helps the company lower the risk of identity thief and fraud within the company. Equities First Holdings is a great company.

Lime Crime Offers Bright New Release

Through the use of social media, Lime Crime produced a spring surge in anticipation when it hinted towards it’s newest palette release. On IG and other sites, the company teased the audience with images and hints at what to anticipate this spring with the result one many couldn’t wait to see. The introduction of the next palette in the Venus line.

Lime Crime, a cruelty-free and vegan makeup company, has decided to continue with the production of vibrant eyeshadow pigments. With a focus on revolutionizing the makeup industry and setting trends, the company can be found in many stores along with having a very prominent online presence. And they shine through the many products they produce, including the palettes.

The previous version of eyeshadow palettes by the company, Venus XL received high praise when it was released months ago, and it looks like the company is shooting for a quick repeat of the success by giving the people want they want: another eyeshadow palette. For not long after the XL had made it to the shelves, the company was at it again, putting up the teaser of yet another new release.

The initial buzz lead to many guesses before the company made any official announcements and it was ll in hopes of seeing a Venus III palette produced. After the tease of the image and announcement at the future launch, the stratosphere went abuzz with the options. The number one desire on the list then became the reality to many shoppers satisfaction. And it’s looking promising. Lime Crime is giving the people what they want again with their new “heavenly grunge” designed palette and many can’t wait for this new one to hit the store shelves in the hopefully not too distant future.

Upwork: The Most Effective Way To Do Your To-Do List

The company was formed on December 18, 2013 from a merger between two existing companies: Elance and oDesk. Upwork’s website platform has a real-time chat allowing for interviewing, hiring and working directly. It even has a digital time-sheet that takes automatic screenshots and tracks the time spent on the task given.


Recently, Upwork posted an online blog about how to most effectively manage your daily To-Do List. Some of the most important key factors listed are: Preparing your To-Do List for the next day the night before as you have the most energy in the morning. Make sure it’s all on one sheet of paper, or a single software application so that nothing will “slip through the cracks”, so to speak. They also recommend setting start times for every task and an estimate on how long the completion of said task should take. Prioritizing and assigning energy levels to your tasks for the day is a great idea as well. Another key factor is to re-evaluate your tasks. Maybe some of the tasks you have listed aren’t even worth the time spent thinking about them. Another helpful tip is to see which of your tasks should be done by you personally, and which should be delegated to others. There’s also something they call, “Zooming in and out”. It’s how they define taking big tasks and breaking them down into sub-tasks which all work to achieve the goal at hand. This should keep the momentum flowing by the many raindrops creating a big storm philosophy. They also recommend batching similar tasks together, i.e. phone calls.


Even if you have an amazing memory, you should take the time to write/type everything down. This is due to something called the Zeigarnik Effect. The Zeigarnik Effect states that people remember uncompleted better than completed ones. This adds extra mental stress which will hinder your overall performance.


Jeff Aronin: The Pharmaceutical Underdog

Paragon Biosciences — a leader in the pharmaceutical industry — has been making steady progress in recent years. Paragon which is lead by Jeff Aronin is an innovative company attempting to discover cures for rare diseases and conditions that are, as of yet, untreated. Paragon is working diligently to save as many lives as possible.


Leading Companies

There are over 6,000 diseases in the world that have no treatment options available. Paragon is setting out to make that number as small as possible. Paragon Biosciences has a few privately held pharmaceutical companies under their wing. These privately held companies are making progress towards creating a treatment for some of the rarer untreated diseases across the globe.

Castle Creek is working towards treating rare conditions in the dermatology field of medicine. Harmony Biosciences, on the other hand, works to treat sleep and central nervous system disorders. Decade is a research and development company that is working on Alzheimer’s treatments. Precision BP is working towards treating rare genetic oncology diseases. This portfolio of companies under the wing of Paragon Biosciences are employing scientists in the pharmaceuticals industry to help combat these rare and complex diseases.

At the helm of Paragon is Jeff Aronin. Jeff has been CEO of Paragon since 2010. Heading up an innovative company such as Paragon isn’t easy, but Jeff was the right pick. He has a massive portfolio. Before heading up Paragon, Aronin was president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., a company that he founded. In 2009 Ovation was acquired by Lundbeck. During this acquisition, Jeff acted as president and chief officer of Lundbeck.

Jeff Aronin brings his extensive experience and proven leadership to Paragon. Jeffs experience in finance and business development has shaped Paragon into a modern bastion in the pharmaceutical industry. Paragon is constantly working towards developing treatments for some of the rarest and most complex diseases in the world.

Jeff Aronin is pushing Paragon Biosciences towards the future. Paragons work in the pharmaceutical industry is starting to make a mark. With several important treatments in development, Paragon is helping treat those who go untreated. Aronin is the perfect man to lead such an ambitious company. Hopefully, this ambition will pay off because, if it does, thousands of lives could be saved.

Utilize the Talents of Chris Linkas to Snowball Your Investment Strategy

Investing is something that has the potential to really pay off (latterly) if you start early on. The longer you kick investing down the road, the less time your money will have to accumulate, and the smaller your return on your investment will be, expressed by Chris Linkas.

If you have time on your side, you will also have more time to take risks and to recover from any downfalls that you may experience. Compound interest can really pay off, and it is the interest that you earn on top of interest. If you reinvest your earnings, you could really increase your return on your investments.

Chris Linkas has some really great tips and guidance to offer when it comes to investments and investment strategies. He has experience in the financial world, and it can be a good idea to get a second opinion when you are not sure which investment strategy would be the best option for you and your future.

By investing at an early age or early time period in your life, you will most likely develop good spending and investing habits. You will learn to save and to really think about your purchases. It is very helpful to set goals and to keep your retirement in mind when you are saving and spending. Early investment is key to a comfortable retirement fund.

Keep ahead of everyone else and think ahead. No one is going to take on your bills or pay your way when you no longer work so be sure to set yourself up for success and a worry-free future. You will find that as your establish a nest egg, you will fell the weight of financial stress lift and your worries will become reduced ( There are many great retirement plans to invest in such as a 401(k) or Roth IRA as well as mortgage options for military buyers.

Chris Linkas has functioned as an analyst as well as an asset manager, and he has been vice president at RER Financial Group LLC and has held many other prestigious roles in the financial world providing advice and expertise.

IC Systems: A Receivable Management Service Company

IC System is privately owned company based in St. Paul Minnesota in the U.S. The company was founded by Jack and Ruth and since 1938 up to date it has been under the leadership of the family’s three generations. IC System Company deals with the provision of accounts receivable management services which it offers to thousands of it client in the United States.

IC System is governed by several core values that are followed to the letter when it comes to decision making. These core values include doing the right thing, delivering results that surpass the client’s expectations, treating each and every person with dignity and respect, doing things in the best way possible, and being proud of what they do. Any core worker who in the best manner demonstrates these values stands a chance of being nominated for the Core Value Award (

IC System maintains the (CRMS) which stands for Compliance Risk Management System. It includes through documentation, good training and serious auditing. The auditing process basically begins with assessment and validation that all the needed policies are present, the policies are well documented and the staff members are properly trained. The company has an internal Audit Department that is in charge of auditing, the department is headed by a director. He reports to the Audit Committee which consists of the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Audit and the Chief Compliance Officer.

IC System, Inc. is highly committed to achieving its sustainability targets by the manner in which they communicate to their customers and learning from previous failures and successes. The company has its main objectives which include supporting projects of clients, employees and vendors. They also encourage their workers to bring their sustainability principles in to other communities through research, learning and discussions.

IC System, Inc. has a philosophy of giving back to the community through charities. The company’s charities include Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, White Bear Lake Food Shelf, American Red Cross, Special Olympics Wisconsin, and Arming Heroes among others. The company works hard and strives to be the best and the most trusted company when it comes to provision of receivable management services.


Dr. David Samadi’s Smart Technology and Experienced Professionalism in Cancer Treatment

Following Mitt Romney’s decision to have surgery to treat his prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi said that it was the best choice instead of radiation that worked well in saving his life. After a prostate cancer diagnosis, it is essential to look at the treatment methods well. For Mitt Romney and in most cases where doctors are able to localize cancer to the prostate. Patients who prefer surgery after localization have almost 100% rate of survival. Those who choose radiation over surgery have chances of developing secondary cancer and reduced live expectancy than those who underwent surgery.

David works at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he serves as the chairperson of urology and chief of robotic surgery since 2013. He served in similar capacities at Mt. Sinai Medical School bringing his entire surgical team at Lenox Hill. He served previously as Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.

Born in Iran, Dr. David Samadi is a Persian Jew who was affected by the 1979 Iranian Revolution moving to Brussels, Belgium and later London aged 15 years. He finished his high school education at Roslyn High School in New York before he took a step towards realizing his medical dream by joining Stony Brook School of Medicine graduating with honors in biochemistry that was on a full scholarship.

In the year 1994, Samadi earned his master’s from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine before undertaking postgraduate education at Montefiore Medical Center in Urology. By 1996, he had finished proctology training at both Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He went to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he earned an oncology fellowship in proctology in 2001 and later in 2002, he completed a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil being trained by Prof. Claude Abbou.

He is dedicated to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer using his self-invented Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART). Using SMART surgery, he has a high-level robotic procedure, that spare nerves during robotic prostate surgery improving marriage life of prostate cancer surgery survivors. He is a urologic oncologist who is board certified specializing in diagnosis and treatment of urologic related illness, cancer of the bladder and kidney as well as prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi, MD, won the New York Magazine Best Doctor in 2009-2012 and 2015, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer 2009-2013, and America’s Top Doctors 2008-2012. He also won the American Cancer Society’s Community Partner Award in 2012, and the Patient’s Choice Award in 2008-2011 and 2013, among other honors and awards.

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