Attorney Bruno Fagali Writes About New Advertising Laws

On his law firm’s website, Bruno Fagali writes about different legal issues so as to inform his clients and the general public. A few months ago he wrote about how some countries are now putting in place laws about retouched photographs in advertising, or what he calls the “Photoshop Alert” rules. He wrote about how French Decree 2017-738 was put in place as a health issue.

Advertising often shows people’s bodies, women in particular, that are not attainable in real life. In France somewhere between 30,000 to 40,000 people have anorexia, often because they want to have the bodies they see in advertising. This nation has a high rate of death from anorexia and the people who have this condition are usually young and female.

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Bruno Fagali wrote that any photo used in an ad which has been retouched must have a warning on it acknowledging this fact. He said that France is attacking this issue in other ways as well. Since 2016 any model in the French industry must send in a medical certificate where a medical doctor has measured their body mass index and their general health before they can work in this industry.

Three other countries are considering similar laws, Bruno Fagali wrote. This includes Australia, Israel, and Brazil could soon pass similar laws. He wrote that people in the industry are also beginning to realize that the conventional skinny girl advertising just doesn’t work anymore. Bruno Fagali pointed to new standards of advertising such as the success of the “Dove Portraits of Real Beauty” ad campaign.

Bruno Fagali worked for a number of law firms before establishing his own in 2016. He has a number of legal specialties such as anti-corruption law, public law, advertising law, and parliamentary law. Bruno Fagali attended the University of Sao Paulo where he earned his master’s state law.

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