Amicus Therapeutics Brings Hope To Those Who Are Affected By Rare Genetic Disorders

Amicus Therapeutics is a publicly listed American business that delivers biopharmaceutical solutions. The company’s primary offices are found in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company offered its IPO in the year 2007 in the NASDAQ. Before the company was listed on the NASDAQ stock market is was financially backed by some investment firms such as Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, and New Enterprise Associates. Read the company profile at Crunchbase.

Amicus Therapeutics’ bias in the medical industry is in the research and treatment of rare and orphan diseases. Orphan diseases are ailments that afflict a tiny percentage of the world population marking it difficult for researchers and medical experts to gather enough resources to advance research on these conditions. Rare and orphan diseases are mostly genetic, and they affect a tiny percentage of the global populace. Amicus Therapeutics mainly focuses on a group of disorders clinically referred to as lysosomal storage disorders. The company has championed several technologies that develop enzyme replacement therapies. Amicus Therapeutics is ranked as one of the most advanced firms in research on the small molecule in the development of pharmaceuticals.


Amicus Therapeutics has managed to get several drugs into the market. The firm relies on contract manufacturers to develop its medical solutions. In the past, Amicus has collaborated with other big players in the medical industry such as GlaxoSmithKline to come up with various pharmaceuticals.

According to the chief executive officer of Amicus, John F. Crowley, the company is committed to the development of solutions that help the minority who are affected by orphan diseases. John F. Crowley is also the chairman of the board of Amicus Therapeutics. Donald Hayden is the firm’s Lead Independent Director while the COO and CFO of the company is Bradley L. Campbell and William D. Baird respectively. Amicus has carved out its space in the pharmaceutical industry. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

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