Alex Hern Provides Virtual Reality Solutions To Business

Virtual reality has now been around for a few decades. Yet, no real world applications have been implemented. Alex Hern and Tsunami VR are planning to change that. Alex Hern is the co-founder, co-chief executive officer and co-chairman of Tsunami VR Inc. Tsunami VR is company that provides virtual reality applications for the global business market. Their applications are highly interactive and immersive. They use the analytic data to explain and service complex products.


Tsunami VR Inc. is able to provide virtual reality solutions to the

  • aerospace and defense industry
  • healthcare and life sciences industry
  • energy industry
  • automotive industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • construction industry


Tsunami VR Inc has recently teamed up with an energy company to test the capabilities of the virtual reality solutions in a real world situation. The employees of the energy company utilized the HoloLens headset and set out to change out a pneumatic drill component. This type of job usually lasted the energy company about two hours to complete. With the help of Alex Hern and Tsunami, the duration of this task was significantly reduced to approximately fifteen minutes. Learn more about Alex at

Quite a few companies have attempted to implement the benefits of virtual reality software but have not been successful. One such industry is the mobile device industry. The mobile phone industry has attempted to use virtual reality but has not had much success because of the incorrect weight distribution. The mobile phone was not designed to support virtual reality hardware and software.

The other issue that the mobile device industry is having with virtual reality is the battery life. The battery life of the mobile phones is not sufficient enough to support virtual reality hardware and software. The gaming industry hopes to alleviate this. Follow Alex Hern on


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