Adam Milstein The Chairman of Hager Pacific Properties

So many online platforms have been looking for an opportunity to interview Adam Milstein, a Jewish man who really stands out in America. Milstein talked passionately of how he came to start a career in real estate. In his hey days in Haifa, he helped his father who worked in the real estate industry. In the year 1983, after completing his MBA from USC and not getting an employer who was willing to recognize his capabilities. He thought of beginning a career as a real estate broker. Three years later, he had saved some money and decided to invest in the real estate industry. That is how he started as real estate business man and within no time he co-founded Hager Pacific Properties.



Milstein told Ideamensch that his days are made productive by philanthropy. Giving every day gives him a sense of satisfaction. Otherwise, he says that no one day is similar to the other. As business grows and acquires more assets, more activities have to be completed. Milstein talked on how he gets his creative ideas and how he commercializes them. He stated that persistence is the key to accomplishing goals. He said that on a daily basis, he has to follow-up on everything that he started and never loses track. He also advised other entrepreneurs to do the same if they want to be successful. He also encouraged entrepreneurs to be part of problem solving. Other than relying on other people to do everything, as an entrepreneur one is supposed to set the trend and to understand that success takes time.



The one trend that really excites Adam Milstein when it comes to real estate is how demand and supply always lag behind each other. At no time will you find the two at par. He is intrigued by how demand lags behind supply then tables turn and supply exceeds the demand.



From the interview we learn that Milstein is a very positive man who is very enthusiastic about his job. He quoted that he enjoys working and throughout his life he has never had a bad job.

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