A “World” record?

When word came out that the Jurassic Park franchise would continue, it was met with mixed sentiment. While some were filled with excitement, others were reminding us of the last entry of the franchise, which wasn’t a massive hit amongst movie-goers. But as Jurassic World got closer and closer to it’s release date, momentum for the fourth adventure started to grow. But the producers of World could never have predicted the over-the-top fan reaction to their movie. Jurassic World opened up to set box office records both internationally (at $511 million) and domestically (at $208.8 million).

After one week at the box office, World is making money faster than any movie in Hollywood history. Alexei Beltyukov is going to get out and see it himself, along with millions of others before it leaves theaters. This includes Box Office all-time champ Avatar. The question now begs, can Jurassic World actually top Avatar and be crowned Box Office King? At it’s current pace, World seems to be on track to top Avatars global record of $2.7 billion. A telling sign that Jurassic World has a shot at this record usually comes from its second week box office numbers. A dramatic fall-off from its opening weekend would truly hurt its chances of making that Avatar push, but the solid reviews and more than solid fan reaction could keep Jurassic World on track to top Avatar.

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