A Review Of Sean Penn’s Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Hone Who Just Do Stuff is Hollywood famous actor, writer and director’s newest creation. He took a break from his typical medium of writing screenplays to write his debut novel that has captured the entire world. The novel is much different from what is normally on the bookshelf and changes the perspective of how readers can view the current state of the world.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was first released as an audiobook. Back in 2016, the author used Pappy Pariah as an pseudonym Pappy Pariah. The slim audiobook is now a full length novel combined of chapters and poetry that express similarities to today’s world. The text of the novel features presidential references and mentions Russian involvement in U.S. political elections. The setting of the novel takes place in a world of dystopian chaos. References to politics also include a scene at the Republican National Convention. The novel even offers the tale of a gathering between the story’s main character Bob Honey and a character that resembled closely in description to drug lord El Chapo. This scene does not come by surprise since Sean Penn once interviewed the infamous kingpin.

Bob Honey favors his creator. Bob Honey is a baby boomer like his author. The author’s own personal emotions can be felt coming through the character. Bob Honey the mouthpiece for his author is giving a response heard loudly and felt strongly to the world through this interesting character. Bob Honey works a few different jobs here and there. But mainly he works for government murdering people. His deadly job differs wildly from his desire to be a social person. He is a wise and prophetic individual giving readers an interesting viewpoint of today’s society from the adventures he has through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


It is not just politics Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff speaks on, the novel also talks about real life events like the mass shooting in Las Vega, Yemen, North Korea, civil wars happening around the world and the #MeToo Movement. The novel has an ample dose of vocabulary that causes readers to notice’s the author’s talent in creating beautiful prose while highlighting the not so beautiful events happening around the world.

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