A Review Of Clay Siegall’s Career Journey

After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Clay Siegall was optimistic that he would lead a successful career in zoology. However, this dream was never to be. While still a student at the university, Siegall’s relative was diagnosed with cancer. In the next five years, the future genetic expert witnessed firsthand how cancer could destroy a family by tormenting the lives of their loved ones. Eventually, his relative succumbed to the diseases. This way, Clay vowed to revolutionize cancer treatment and patience care. To achieve this objective, he furthered his studies. Later, he pursued his doctorate degree in genetics. For a few years, the executive worked for different cancer research facilities before venturing out with a partner to establish Seattle Genetics.

Clay says that establishing the company was not easy. He faced many challenges, including lack of sufficient funds to help the organization to advance its research and come up with high quality cancer therapies. A few years ago, the company released the first ever FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate cancer therapy. By selling the drug in over sixty countries globally, the company has been able to generate huge profitability margins, a move that has seen its share prices triple in a decade. In addition, Seattle Genetics makes money from selling its technology to other drug makers. According to Dr. Siegall, their licensing strategy helps the company to make more revenues, thus enabling them to hasten the process of new drug development.

The founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics noted that having a dynamic sales team was critical to the company’s success. Strategically, the company hired sales staff who had loads of experience and thorough understanding of biotechnology. Clay believes that any business that has an experienced sales team can be successful.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a Seattle-based genetic expert and transformative leader. The shrewd entrepreneur is credited for founding Seattle Genetics, a leader in ADCs technology. The company has been a key player in the development of cancer therapies. Over the years, Clay has played a pivotal role in relieving the pain of cancer patients and prolonging their lives.

He is an alumnus of the renowned University of Maryland and the prestigious George Washington University. The genetic expert sits on the boards of other drug manufacturers, including Genentech, Pfizer, and Bayer.

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