A Philanthropist and Role Model, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the founding member of The Custom Companies Incorporation in Northlake, Illinois. He is dedicated person both in his career and to the community at large. He has been a role model to many people in his society. According to the blog post, Perry Mandera has received awards from the Illinois State Crime Commission, which He supports wholly in terms of volunteering and funds. He received The Citizen of the Year Award and Bishop Sheil Award from this Commission. This Commission works in Chicago in conjunction with the police, to help the Chicago state citizens and the law enforcement authorities work together, to improve the state of society. They help the people by educating them, therefore impacting them with knowledge, that will reduce crimes ensuring that all laws are adhered to. Follow Perry Mandera on Linkedin.

Additionally, Perry Mandera in his company holds a position of handling sales operations and development in business. This is due to his experience in the industry that deals in transportation. He has worked for more that forty years in such industry. Moreover, Perry Mandera together with his company decided to develop bill of lading, an electronic feature that works as a receipt of goods therefore, acting as a prove to the seller that the shipped cargo has reached the owner. It is also used as an evidence of contract of carriage, thus allowing the seller to take the transporter to court in case of a fraud. Thirdly, bill of lading could be used as a title to the goods therefore allowing the carrier to transfer rights or withhold it till full payment has been made. Perry Mandera’s main purpose for the bill of lading was to ensure that, all his customers receive customer satisfaction of his high-quality services easily. Follow Perry Mandera on twitter.com.

Furthermore, Perry Mandera has been of great influence to the community and the church. In conclusion, he is a philanthropist who finds pleasure in serving. He majors in charity organizations, purchasing and transporting basic needs to the needy. Perry Mandera also has helped the youth in the society improve their talents, as a coach for football, basketball and boxing.

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