A Better Modern World With Avaaz

Public empowerment is a powerful tool towards the development of essential sectors of any economy on the globe. Empowered people tend to have a similar purpose, and they focus towards the achievement of a particular goal or objective. They are ambassadors of the mission at hand. For effectiveness’ sake, these people come together to form activist groups that help magnify their voice. A superb example of an effective activist group is Avaaz.

Avaaz is both a civic and social organization, and its name literally means ‘voice.’ It was launched about a decade ago, in 2007, with the sole democratic purpose of organizing citizens of all nations to transform the world we are currently living in into that which most people in every corner of the world want. Avaaz, therefore, exists to empower as many people as it can to act upon the issues they face whether at the global, regional, or national level. These issues may encompass human rights, animal rights, politics, corruption, conflicts, climate change, poverty, and a lot of others in the contemporary world today.

Avaaz utilizes unique strategies to unite people. For instance, it makes use of an internet organizing model. In turn, this approach enables it to effectively pool together the individual efforts of thousands of persons into a powerful collective force no matter their geographical location. Moreover, it is considered the largest online activist network globally.

The group’s campaigns are greatly diversified. It conducts its operations in 17 different languages to coordinate teams from six continents and benefit from thousands of volunteers globally. The organization’s functionalities include the signing of petitions, funding of target media campaigns, direct actions, calling and lobbying governments, emailing, and organizing events and protests.

All this is executed to ensure that the values and views of the people are incorporated in the decisions that affect all. Avaaz works have no ideologies of its own, but it serves to unite practical idealists globally for the common good of them all.

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