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Fortress Investment Group Invests $20 Million In Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you have ever sat down at an airport to connect to the Wi-Fi network then you have probably linked up your device to iPass. iPass is an innovative technology company that specializes in connectivity options. The company operates worldwide with more than 64 million different hotspots. These hotspots are mostly centered around airports, hotels, restaurants, bars, event areas, sports stadiums and music halls.

iPass offers customers an incredibly comprehensive package of Wi-Fi connectivity options. Customers are allowed to connect to any of these Wi-Fi hotspots with an unlimited number of devices at any time. And the connectivity company plans to expand to 340 million different hotspots worldwide by the end of 2018.

They plan to facilitate this growth with a $20 million loan from Fortress Investment Group. The company’s CEO, Gary Griffiths, is excited about the loan even though his company can only get $10 million of the loan up front. The CEO says that the loan has fortified the company’s balance sheet and now they are free to focus on making a profit. He goes on to further state that the company laid down its patent portfolio as collateral for the loan which gives the company’s innovations credibility on a worldwide scale.

And iPass is doing business with one of the most powerful private equity firms in the world. Fortress Investment Group has been operating for nearly 20 years and is in charge of more than $40 billion worth of assets worldwide. The company started humbly in New York City with a few investments in real estate in the United States and in Canada. But it quickly diversified to command billions of dollars in assets.

Fortress Investment Group has always been on the cutting edge of technology investments. They understand that the growing need for Wi-Fi access should facilitate iPass’s growth to 340 million hotspots by the end of the year. Analysts believe that more business people are working on the go and that iPass can fill their need for convenient Wi-Fi connectivity across the globe. It’s just another sound investment from Fortress Investment Group that should pay dividends for their investors.

Alex Hern Provides Virtual Reality Solutions To Business

Virtual reality has now been around for a few decades. Yet, no real world applications have been implemented. Alex Hern and Tsunami VR are planning to change that. Alex Hern is the co-founder, co-chief executive officer and co-chairman of Tsunami VR Inc. Tsunami VR is company that provides virtual reality applications for the global business market. Their applications are highly interactive and immersive. They use the analytic data to explain and service complex products.


Tsunami VR Inc. is able to provide virtual reality solutions to the

  • aerospace and defense industry
  • healthcare and life sciences industry
  • energy industry
  • automotive industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • construction industry


Tsunami VR Inc has recently teamed up with an energy company to test the capabilities of the virtual reality solutions in a real world situation. The employees of the energy company utilized the HoloLens headset and set out to change out a pneumatic drill component. This type of job usually lasted the energy company about two hours to complete. With the help of Alex Hern and Tsunami, the duration of this task was significantly reduced to approximately fifteen minutes. Learn more about Alex at

Quite a few companies have attempted to implement the benefits of virtual reality software but have not been successful. One such industry is the mobile device industry. The mobile phone industry has attempted to use virtual reality but has not had much success because of the incorrect weight distribution. The mobile phone was not designed to support virtual reality hardware and software.

The other issue that the mobile device industry is having with virtual reality is the battery life. The battery life of the mobile phones is not sufficient enough to support virtual reality hardware and software. The gaming industry hopes to alleviate this. Follow Alex Hern on