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David McDonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald is the OSI group president and the chief officer in the global food processing company where he has spent over thirty years. He pursued a degree in animal science at Iowa state university and completed in the year 1987. He was hired to serve as a manager of projects in OSI group. McDonald has become an integral resource in the establishment of the company that is of significance in China.

David McDonald has played a significant role to ensure OSI group acquire flagship of Dutch and Europe Baho foods. His work with logistics experts has maintained the OSI group at the top internationally in food industry services. McDonald as a government agency, marketer and local supplier ensures all activities flow smoothly. David McDonald is actively involved in Iowa state university activities. He works with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative of the ISU’s. He has set internships in the OSI group for ISU students. He contributes scholarship fund to the school.

McDonald’s ability to deal with technical issues and aid OSI group to establish partnerships that are dynamic and develop culturally sensitive products with the aim to achieve a unique taste for all customers in different countries has enabled OSI group to go beyond the expectations of the customers and enjoy higher profit at early stages in the new markets. His deep understanding of the goal and vision of the company has contributed to enough flexibility of the company to utilize business opportunities immediately they emerge. McDonald helps the workers to maintain standards of high quality. He treats both customers and staff as members of his own family.

David McDonald position at northeast Iowa farm has helped OSI group become a great force as the international industry of food service. This has led to the promotion of OSI group to positions due to rise in importance and responsibilities. McDonald has helped the OSI attain high accelerated growth. It serves clients in approximately 80 countries in the world with around 70 facilities to aid in the processing in China Europe, India, parts of Australia, Asia and others. With the help of McDonald, OSI group has established ten facilities for processing process in China thus contributing to the growth of China as the largest processor of poultry.

Fortress Investment Group Innovation

Successful investment is every group’s goals and targets. Fortress Investment Group is a leading and most diversified global investment management organization. It was private business organization and became the first private organization to go public.

Fortress Investment Group consists of assets which in the end, brings the company long-term cash flow. This asset includes capital funds and investment vehicles.

In its many years in operation, the group has created robust tools that are used for taking out value investments. In addition, it has developed strong expertise in controlling mergers and acquisition. Its operation management has impact relationships and understanding with members of the corporate board, management professional, among others stakeholders.

Historical Foundation

Fortress Investment Group was established by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who are the current principals, together with Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The founders’ target was to come up with a new alternative type of investment firm. This strategy raised private equity by investing in cutting-edge vehicles. As a result, the group assets under management expanded rapidly in the first five years from $400 million to nearly $3.9 billion. By 2007, the assets were approximately $32.6 billion.

In 1991, the Fortress Investment Group came up with its first vehicle. The company grew in debt and high exposure to risk funds. It therefore, became a success having grown over a short period of time. Its private equity funds also grew by 40% from 1999 to 2006.

Wes Edens and Randal Nardone are currently still involved in the running of the company. On the other hand, Kauffman after 15 years in the company, decided to concentrate on car racing; one of his long life interests. Kauffman purchased a 50% racing stake to compete on the NASCAR circuit. In addition, he established RK Motors Charlotte which facilitated restoration of vintage. Indeed, the company has encouraged numerous investors and created job opportunities for the unemployed.

Currently, Fortress group operations are divided into categories which include; private equity which is focused on the generation of cash flow, credit, and permanent capital vehicles divisions which was launched in 2002 by Briger.

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Ryan Seacrest: Man on a Mission

As many of his fan base is aware, Ryan Seacrest seems to be a man on a mission. From hosting Dick Clark’s New That’s Rockin’ Eve to starting his own non-profit organization, he seems to be everywhere at once. Leaving us to wonder what he’s really like and how he keeps it all together.

A Routine Morning

According to the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest is a man all about his routine. He greets the day early with comfortable clothes and a mix of matcha. Physical training is also an important part of his routine. Insisting that it helps him to regulate a hectic day; he is known to take a personal trainer when he is out of town.

On Set

After the previous co-host left Kelly Ripa stranded, the network looked around for a replacement and their eyes lit on Ryan Secreast. In 2017, he officially joined the show; now aptly named Live with Kelly and Ryan.

It might surprise people to know that Regis and Kelly did not socialize while off the air. This is surprising as Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are known to chat it up in the green room and even FaceTime each other. Their comraderie off the set has made a tremendous impact while they are on the air.

A Giving Spirit

When travelling coast to coast one sees many things. What inspired Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) the most was the courage he saw from children facing life threatening conditions. Watching them battle for their lives, he was inspired to do something that would help lift their spirits.

According to TMZ, this was the beginning of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. A non-profit dedicated to inspiring children through music and entertainment. Through this program these children have a happy diversion from medical treatments and procedures. The foundation has developed Seacrest Studios to build interactive tv/radio studios and even introduce children to their favorite stars.

While his life may be hectic, he is thoroughly grounded by his work. Especially, through his foundation. He sees the bigger picture and still makes time to relax with a good bottle of wine.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina And Sussex County HealthCare

Shafik Sachedina is the head of the Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan in France. He also holds the responsibility for directing the activities and programs of the Ismaili community’s institutes in 16 core areas where they exist. Shafik Sachedina is answerable for linking and coordinating the ADNP and the institutions of the Ismaili communities in the central parts of Asia. Born in the year 1950, in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Shafik Sachedina graduated and qualified as a dentist in 1975 from Guy Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London.

He practiced as a surgeon in England for many years. He also grew considerable interests in business within the health sector. His undertakes his work at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions in a charitable capacity, in preserving the community’s practice of voluntary service. Shafik apart from holding key positions in Ismaili institute, he also holds other positions in the responsibilities he has at Ismaili Imamat and also community comprising a member of AKDN committee, Aiglemont. He holds the position of Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-coordinating Committee. Shafik Sachedina is also a member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum.

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Shafik is a well-known dental surgeon, and presently the doctor is a co-chairperson at the Sussex Health Care Company in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare Company is a healthcare provider with its objectives focused on delivering house care and support in the Sussex area, south of England. When Shafik moved from Tanzania, he came to England and was able to acquire British nationality. Very little is known of his parents back in Tanzania.

Shafik went on to establish some businesses while in England evolving around the healthcare industry. The doctor’s contributions to the entire Sussex Healthcare have stimulated Sussex Healthcare Company to prioritize high-quality care for every person in London and the United Kingdom. The continuous investment that Sussex Healthcare Company is fostering ahead with their employees and technological innovations that come up each day. This is aimed at achieving better quality healthcare services that the company delivers to the people and County of Sussex.

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Fortress Investment Group-A leader in innovate investment.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most dynamic investment vehicles in the country today. They have been able to diversify investments entering into virtually all leading sectors and industries. The leadership of Fortress Investment Group has been very instrumental to this growth with the two Co-Founders Randal A. Nardone and Wesley R. Edens heading the New York headquarters while Co-CEO and Principal Peter L. Briger is in charge of the San Francisco offices. The success of Fortress Investment Group has been credited to asset management as well as other investments made and is today in charge of approximately 40 billion dollars. Permanent capital vehicles have been a large part of the group’s success as they continue with the management of publicly traded vehicles.

Among these are five core ones that include the New Residential investment Corp, which is listed on the NYSE as NRZ and has been responsible for the management of the residential real estate. The New Senior investment group is another subsidiary they manage. Listed as SNR, they are mainly concerned with senior housing properties. The Newmedia investment group has a large portfolio of local media investments supported by investments in advertising as well. Fortress Transportation and infrastructure is the group’s main driver of investments in infrastructure. This has made a lot of investments in the private rail road’s division, especially through Brightline. Brightline runs numerous private passenger trains with its key operations based in Florida.

These are just some of the few investments that the group has under management. It recently invested in the skiing industry buying the world’s largest ski facility in Canada as part of its diversification program. In 2017 having observed the level of investments it was making Softbank became interested. The Tokyo based investment Bank had been actively looking for an investment vehicle that would help them penetrate the American market and have a number of other brands under it. The group is already a publicly traded company required approval from shareholders for any deal to be made and this request was put forward in 2017. The shareholders met in July and agreed to the offer letting Fortress Investment Group get acquired.

Whitney Wolfe And The Dangers Of Having Information Stolen and Posted

While there are a ton of opportunities on the internet, there is also a cutthroat and ruthless element to the internet. One thing that can be said is that the internet is not as safe as people may think. For instance, people have to be very careful with the amount of information they put out on the internet. All it takes is one person who has bad intentions to take the information and post it on sites run by people who do not have good intentions. This is one thing that has happened to Whitney Wolfe. Someone has taken information about her and her staff and has posted it on a new-Nazi website.

As a result of those actions, Whitney Wolfe has had to hire a bodyguard to go with her everywhere she travels. Her fame has made her a target. Therefore, she has to take a lot of safety precautions at least until things calm down. However, being someone who is fighting passionately for a cause is worth all of the harassment that comes as a result of it at times. Given that Whitney Wolfe is fighting for women to have a life without all of the harassment and objectification, she is not going to stop anytime soon.

Whitney Wolfe has spoken on this issue. One thing that she has pointed out is that this is a misogynist time. There are a lot of people who are against women in many different ways. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has stated on an interview with The Times is that misogyny is a very dangerous thing. For one thing, a lot of harmful acts against women have occurred as a result of misogyny. This is one of the things that feminism is fighting against. However, it does seem that the misogynists are getting louder.

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Clay Hutson – Designer. Manager. Innovator.

When Clay Hutson graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production, he wouldn’t have believed if you told him that he would go on to work the biggest names in music during his career. He’s had a chance to work with bonafide rock stars like Guns and Roses, Prince, Kid Rock, and Pink.


He followed up his graduation with a masters in business administration from the University of Michigan and has held a variety of roles in the music industry as a tour manager, tour operator, production manager and even rose to the rank vice president of production at Ronin Event Creative since 2001.


With nearly three decades of experience, he’s learned quite a bit thanks to the various positions he has held. He believes that these positions have helped him, each in their own unique way to mould his perception of what is required to get the result he wants. Clay Hutson, who wakes up at 6:30 seldom sits idly, he is working every waking moment, even when he has to travel, he’s already planning his entire day, to the most minute detail. His work ethic has made him a sought-after producer and designer for live tours that he manages.


With the technological improvements allowing to introduce more dramatic elements in stage design, Clay Hutson is excited to see what he can do next with the ever-evolving technology. He knows the importance of constant upgrade and knows that if you stay in the same spot for too long in the industry, you’ll become obsolete. He’s appreciative of the improvement in many factors of technology like with lights, which are still as big and bright as ever but has reduced a lot of its weight, allowing it to be moved from place to place a lot more easily.


Clay Hutson’s creativity is of paramount importance to what he brings to the table, his vivid imagination allows him to see the stage and shows happening, allowing him to use computer software like CAD to bring them to life. Everything from lighting, to stage design and prop placement, is thought of before he sits in front of a computer.


With his experience and work ethic, it was no surprise when hit pop star Halsey announced she would be availing the services of Clay Hutson to manage her international tour where she will be performing in a variety of venues.

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How David McDonald Of OSI Group Promotes Green Practices And Sustainability

David McDonald began his career at Chicago-based OSI Group right out of college in 1987. He worked his way up the ladder and a number of years ago he became the president and chief operating officer. He also serves on the North American Meat Institute’s board of directors.

Because of these roles he has deep insight into the global consumption of proteins and what the ongoing trends are. He recently attended Swine Day which is an educational event that is held each year at Iowa State University. This educational event brings in over 450 attendees from across the nation each year. During David McDonald’s presentation he talked about where the global food industry is headed.

OSI Group’s presence in Europe has been a big focus for David McDonald for the past few years. One issue his company had was that there has been growing demand for chicken in Portugal and Spain for the past decade with that demand beginning to accelerate over the past two years. His company’s processing facility in Spain couldn’t keep up with this demand and so needed to be upgraded. He authorized greatly expanding this facility’s processing capabilities while also making a number of other improvements such as building a new kitchen where they can test out new recipes for their clients. After this expansion was completed it can now process 24,000 tons of chicken each year while before it could only do 12,000 tons.

Green practices and sustainability are two things that are considered to be critical at OSI Group. During the upgrade of the Spanish facility David McDonald made sure that these issues were addressed. Even though the production facility was upgraded with new equipment its energy consumption fell by 20% as new equipment was installed which is much more efficient, for instance. David McDonald also made sure that a system was put in place which recovers waste heat. Because of the focus on sustainability and green practices the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund kicked in some money to complete this project. This expansion also resulted in additional jobs being created at this plant which resulted in the Chamber of Commerce giving it an award.

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A Review Of Sean Penn’s Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Bob Hone Who Just Do Stuff is Hollywood famous actor, writer and director’s newest creation. He took a break from his typical medium of writing screenplays to write his debut novel that has captured the entire world. The novel is much different from what is normally on the bookshelf and changes the perspective of how readers can view the current state of the world.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was first released as an audiobook. Back in 2016, the author used Pappy Pariah as an pseudonym Pappy Pariah. The slim audiobook is now a full length novel combined of chapters and poetry that express similarities to today’s world. The text of the novel features presidential references and mentions Russian involvement in U.S. political elections. The setting of the novel takes place in a world of dystopian chaos. References to politics also include a scene at the Republican National Convention. The novel even offers the tale of a gathering between the story’s main character Bob Honey and a character that resembled closely in description to drug lord El Chapo. This scene does not come by surprise since Sean Penn once interviewed the infamous kingpin.

Bob Honey favors his creator. Bob Honey is a baby boomer like his author. The author’s own personal emotions can be felt coming through the character. Bob Honey the mouthpiece for his author is giving a response heard loudly and felt strongly to the world through this interesting character. Bob Honey works a few different jobs here and there. But mainly he works for government murdering people. His deadly job differs wildly from his desire to be a social person. He is a wise and prophetic individual giving readers an interesting viewpoint of today’s society from the adventures he has through Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


It is not just politics Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff speaks on, the novel also talks about real life events like the mass shooting in Las Vega, Yemen, North Korea, civil wars happening around the world and the #MeToo Movement. The novel has an ample dose of vocabulary that causes readers to notice’s the author’s talent in creating beautiful prose while highlighting the not so beautiful events happening around the world.

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb Says Surgeons and Fund Managers Are Alike

To Dr. Jacob Gottlieb, physicians and stock managers love taking risks.

In the fields of medicine and economics, Dr. Jacob Gottlieb MD, CFA, PRMIA has truly excelled. Rising to prominence through an illustrious education and natural propensity, Gottlieb would eventually go on to act as CIO for Visium Asset Management, formerly an $8 billion healthcare hedge fund.

Gottlieb’s investment prowess became evident when he was in the 7th grade. Upon placing first in a stock selection contest, Gottlieb’s father, Max, opened an investment trading account for his young financial guru.

Just like his father, a PHD economics professor at City University of New York and his mother, a successful pediatrician, Gottlieb practically inherited his passion for the pursuit of both disciplines. After completing high school, he was accepted to Brown University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in economics. Wanting to further his education and take advantage of his medical interest, he then completed the Doctor of Medicine Program at the New York University School of Medicine.

However, shortly after finishing an internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital, he ultimately decided on a career in finances as opposed to medicine, although the business side of healthcare would highlight his notoriety.

Dr. Gottlieb officially began his trading career in 1998 as a buy-side deal analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, researching global healthcare markets.

After a short stint at healthcare portfolio company Merlin Biomed Group, Gottlieb became top portfolio manager at Balyasny Asset Management.

His drive, experience and fortitude lead him to found Visium Asset Management in 2005, which at its peak had an $8 billion valuation and had 170 employees under its umbrella.

Outside of his work on Wall Street, Gottlieb is active in several New York area nonprofits including the Covenant House, an international organization protecting endangered youths through crisis care, healthcare, education, job skills training, drug abuse treatment and other preventative programs.