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MB2 Dental is a place that is known for all of the encouragement

MB2 Dental is a dental practice management company that is located in Texas. It was founded in 2007 and has nearly 5,000 employees. This company has become more than just an ordinary for employees to earn a living. This company quickly became a safe place for many doctors to be able to feel the support and motivation they need in their careers.

MB2 Dental is a place that is known for all of the encouragement and the motivations that are given to the doctors. They are constantly fighting and advocating for them, and making sure that they are not settling for any less than what they deserve. hey are on a mission to prove to the world that dentists can offer so much more than just oral hygiene. MB2 Dental makes sure that dentists are receiving the necessary support and guidance in their career. At MB2 Dental, they help doctors start their own business ventures and help them get started. Fir example, they are known to help out in the following areas: Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Development and Support Training all of which are crucial when starting off a practice on your own. MB2 Dental has given many the opportunity hat they have been waiting for for many years. This safe place has encouraged any doctors and dentists become successful and reach their highest potential in life.

There are training available that help them improve and move forward in their career branch. MB2 Dental is a special place that has allowed many to grow and continue to grow in this field of study.

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Mina Ebrahimi: From A Lunch Distributor To Founding The Best Catering Company

Mina Ebrahimi has proved her entrepreneurial skills by turning her cooking passion into a booming stateside catering company. Within the last two decades, Mina has overcome several hurdles to establishing the biggest catering company in Northern Virginia. This has earned her numerous recognitions and awards including featuring in the prestigious annual 40 women under 40 list. She has also been hailed for her role in uplifting women in her all women-led organization. But where did it all start?

Starting St. Germaine catering company

Mina Ebrahimi nurtured her cooking passion while working at her family-owned bakery business. She would, however, leave the family business in 1998 and dip her feet into the catering world. She started off by supplying homemade and packed lunch to busy executives and other professionals to their workplace. The business did quite well that she decided to open a new larger leaf by providing catering service to corporate meetings, luncheons, and any other business events.

Her outgoing personality, strong business skills and knowledge of the different cuisines consumed in the country played a key role in the fast expansion of her business. She, therefore, sought out more business opportunities and customizes products of their liking. In a few years, she merged the corporate and social world and was now providing catering services to both the business-related events as well as weddings, birthdays and related social gatherings.

Fast forward

In the less than two decades that St. Germaine catering company has been in operation, it has managed to surpass existing food companies in terms of operations and quality of food. It has also flourished into becoming a market leader in the hospitality industry. Year after year, Mina’s catering company has emerged the top caterer in North Virginia. It has also broadened operations and capacity to ensure that it can host any type of event regardless of the number of attendees or their food requirements.

About Mina Ebrahimi

Mina is an accomplished food entrepreneur with deep that specializes in delivering different food tastes from any part of the world alive in her delicacies. Born to Iranian immigrant parents, Mina often mentions that her company has helped her live the American dream that her parents desired for her. Today, Mina and her team provide catering services to more than 200 events across the state and beyond every day.

The flourishing journey of OSI Group.

OSI Group is a company specialised in the foodstuff supply. It started small as a family business and through a lot of work done it has grown to be a globally recognised company with branches in many countries. It rose from a corner butcher shop to a multinational food provider especially due to the evolving to fit the changing economy.

Relocating to the United States was the start of the small retail shop which expanded to a wholesale shop to supply meat to the community. It grew, and after a decade it followed the storyline of family-business and was rebranded, Otto and Sons. The buying of McDonald restaurant led to a shift as it was the start of drastic growth of OSI Group. It grew consistently driving to the company to divert its concentration to manufacturing in order suite the growing demand of the restaurant.

The consistency led to the hotel having many branches. OSI Group grew to gain a broader market which resulted in its recognition as the largest private food production company. Many countries came to work with the company as branches were opened in the places. Therefore, the company grew to an international company. One of the nations that had branches was China which has a consistent and rapidly growing market. Therefore the food manufacturing and supply-demand and the growing market.

Some few years back China negotiated to enter as a member of the World Trade Organization. The step was of impact even for OSI as the market grew to better. It is mostly because of the drastic-growing economy that would increase the market due to increased demand.

Another factor that has led to the flourishing of OSI Group is the partnership and collaboration with various companies and countries as well. For instance, it created an alliance with the United States to collaborate in the production of new foodstuff. It is evident from the signed documentation to work with Nation Pizza and Foods. Therefore, the market grew further as the consistently led to the creation of new line production.

OSI Group changed to a corporate leading to growth. Its constituency has led to the acquisition of many products under it. It has grown to not only produce meat but other meat products as well. Moreover, it has many companies working under it and has a partnership with many processing plants. The ability to have good corporative skills and good workers as well as transparency has facilitated the growth of the company. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Write About the Fagali Airport or Island

Guests and their families who are wanting to take a vacation, but do not want to travel too far from home will find the Samoan Islands are a great choice. The guests will fly in the the Fagali Airport and can start their adventure the minute exit the plane. The local cities are filled with history and fun activities everyone will enjoy.

The Fagali Airport reopened its doors in 2009. The Fagali airport is on the second largest of the Samoan islands, located of the coast of Upolu. The city itself has estimated 36,000 residents. It is currently just outside the city of Apia, which is the capital of Samoa. The airport services several airlines including Ploynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Samoa Air has weekly flights for the public between the Samoan Islands. Samoa Air also services flights to Pago Pago.

Guests can easily purchase a flight to Fagali Airport on the Samoan islands through several different travelers websites or by calling the airlines directly. If the guest chooses to use a travelers website to purchase the airline tickets, they could potentially purchase other tickets for attractions to visit.

Guests will find there are many luxurious hotels and resorts within a short distance of the airport. Many of the hotels offer a swimming pool and hot tub. The large private bathrooms are perfect to relax in after a day of traveling. The guests can adjust the air conditioner to the temperature they are most comfortable with. And they have the option to use the room service provided. The customer service representatives through the hotels have access to local cab companies, and other resources that will help customers with their traveling needs.

Guests and their families will find flying into the local airport to vacation on the Samoan Islands to be an experience of a lifetime. Guests can find all sorts of family oriented activities as well as activities they can enjoy with their significant other. If guests have questions when making the reservations, they are welcome to call the customer service number provided on the website.

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One of the largest private equity firms, Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is a global leading firm in investment management based in New York City. It was founded in the year 1998 by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Robert Kauffman.The firm mainly deals in private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid markets. Randal Nardone is the interim Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He was appointed to the post after Daniel Mudd voluntarily stepped down in the year 2011.Mudd had been selected to the position in 2009. Wes Edens is the principal and co-chairman of Board of Directors. He shares the post of co-chairman with Peter Briger. The firm began in 1998 with an initial investment of $400 million.It has since grown to operate in real estate, hedge funds, and debt security. These operations are headed by Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz who have extensive experience in fund management.Fortress Investment Group was enlisted in the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2007.

It became the first large-scale private equity firm to be traded out publicly. The firm has won many awards including Management Firm of the Year from HFMWeek, Hedge Fund Manager of the Year from institutional Investor and Credit Focused Fund of the year. The firm controls over $70 billion of assets under management. This is distributed across private equity, traditional assets management, and liquid markets. It has a highly skilled and experienced staff of about 2600 employees. Since its inception, Fortress Investment Group has acquired a couple of other companies. In 2006, it acquired Canadian ski resort Intrawest. On November 2006, it went ahead to purchase RailAmerica corporation at $16.35 per share.

After buying the RailAmerica in 2006, Fortress Investment Group sold it in 2009 through the initial public offering. Penn National Gaming, Springleaf Financial, Eurocastle Investment Limited Alea Group Holdings, Global signal and Green Tree servicing are some of the other portfolio corporations under Fortress Management Group. The firm is specialized in asset-based management in its businesses and diverse asset types. Its expertise ranges from the pricing and financing of investments to the oversight and management of both financial assets, these include real assets and capital assets. It also has high expertise in corporate mergers and acquisitions. It was largely involved in the 2010 winter Olympics. The company was the major lender of Millennium Development Group. It funded the MDG in the building of the $875 million athlete village in False Creek, Vancouver in British Columbia.

Sheldon Lavin Is Also An Experienced Businessman

The story of Sheldon Lavin is one that inspires so many people. Mr. Lavin was brought up in a humble background, but that never prevented him from becoming the CEO of one of the most reputable food processing firms. OSI Group has rapidly grown over the years thanks to the excellent management skills of Sheldon Lavin.

Mr. Lavin insists on timely delivery of the products to the clients while maintaining the quality at all times. He also advocates for the use of green techniques that are safe to the environment. Mr. Sheldon Lavin is also an experienced businessman who has unique marketing ideas that have propelled OSI Group to become the giant firm that it is today. Mr. Lavin is now 85 years old but still committed to his role as the company’s CEO.

The company was started in 1909 as a small firm. The founder was a German who had migrated to the United States in search of a business opportunity. Initially, it was a butchery that supplied meat to Chicago residents. The owner called it Otto and Sons as it was a family business. This humble beginning highlights the rapid growth rate of OSI Group to become the most trusted meat supplier in the country and abroad.

Currently, the firm has set up more than 65 stations in different parts of the world from where they distribute their products. The company’s breakthrough happened in 1955. This was after Otto and Sons signed a contract with McDonald’s to be their hamburger supplier. The demand for the hamburgers become so high that Otto and Sons decided to open a new plant that would solely produce McDonald’s hamburgers. It was around this period that Sheldon Lavin joined the firm. He became a partner with the sons of the founder and together they agreed to change the company’s name to OSI Group.

After the rebranding, the next thing was exploring new markets outside the country. OSI Group opened plants in Germany, Austria, Brazil, and Spain. This expansion was the beginning of the numerous mergers that OSI Group has been part of. In 2014, OSI Group merged with a UK based firm called Pickstock. This enabled OSI Group to market their products in the country.


Dr. Saad Saad’s Accomplishments and Inventions

Saad was a famous and lucky doctor in the 1980’s as he received a golden opportunity to work for the royal family in his country, Saudi Arabia as a personal pediatric surgeon. He got this chance because happened to be the sole pediatric surgeon who was certified by the US board. Additionally, he was fluent in both Arabic and English languages.</li>




The doctor was raised with his seven siblings in Kuwait, but he was born in Palestine. He then joined Cairo University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine. He then went to undertake his internship in England, UK after which he moved to the US of America to partake a pediatric surgery residency.




He is an icon in pediatric surgery with many accomplishments like performing thousands of pediatric surgeries throughout his career. He is a technology-oriented person and has continuously been challenging technology to find new improved ways of reducing risk and pain for his patients during the surgical procedures.




He has worked for over forty years now, performing complex pediatric procedures inside his locality as well as the surrounding communities. Also, he helped children and teenagers in Holyland and served the people of his district in the US. He also went for several missions in the United States, Jerusalem, and West Bank to provide free complicated surgical services to the poor and needy children.




He is a proud owner of two patents, both from his new medical inventions. One of the designs is a medical catheter which is advanced in the sense that it contains an integral electromagnetic location identification device. This device aims at reducing or avoiding the use of MRI and X-ray scans to locate catheters. The other invention is an endoscope that provides both irrigation and suction. This device is thus being used by many doctors today.



Dr. Saad Saad said that his primary motivation in inventing these two devices is to help doctors and surgeons perform their work efficiently, safely and more practically. The tools will also help in reducing risks and complications during surgical procedures. Learn more:

The Growth Of The National Steel Car Under CEO Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is one of the oldest companies in North America. It was started in 1912 as a railroad freight cars manufacturing company. Since it was founded, the company has been running efficiently over the years. It, however, had to deal with the challenges that were facing the economy at various stages. Its toughest test was in the 1930s when the company had to change the products so that it could stay in business.


1National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Canada and it is the biggest company in the area. It is boosting economic development in the area by creating employment opportunities to hundreds of people in the area. When Greg Aziz was buying the National Steel Car, the company had about 600 employees. In 5 years of his leadership, he had already demonstrated good results as employees in the firm had grown to over 2000.


Gregory Aziz bought the National Steel Car in 1994 and has helped in building the company from a small level it was to now that it is leading in North America. Before he bought the company, he was working as an investment adviser with various investment banks in the country. Gregory Aziz studies economics in the university and is therefore conversant with the management of companies that are performing badly and helping them resuscitate their business operations. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Gregory Aziz trusted in his abilities to run the company before he purchased the National Steel Car. He knew that even though the company was performing badly at the time, he had the knowledge needed to push growth in the firm to a higher level. Greg Aziz unleashed his business skills in this company, helping it become a top manufacturing company in the whole of North America.


Greg James Aziz was born in Ontario. He was passionate about business from a very young age. He joined the University of Western Ontario and studied a degree in economics. After his studies, he joined a family-owned food business which he helped to build from a wholesale shop operating in Ontario to a global company importing foods from other continents and exporting to the United States as well as supply to other parts of Canada. The growth in the food company, which was known as Affiliated Foods, prepared Greg Aziz for bigger tasks in future. He took up the task at the National Steel Car with high spirits knowing that he could do the same thing.

Grand Vision, Grand Results: Fortress Investment Group

With any investment team, it’s the need for accurate leadership. This leadership must have a vision and with that vision, there must be results attained to keep the vision alive in the minds of the clients and the team as a whole. With Fortress Investment Group, you will realize that their grand vision has produced and will produce grand results. Let’s take a look at the leadership of this magnificent group of asset managers.

Up first is Peter L. Briger, Jr. As the co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, Peter has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006, he has been a member of the management committee since 2002, and he is responsible for the credit business at Fortress. With an interesting history, Mr Peter L Briger, Jr. joined Fortress Investment Group in March 2002. He spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co where he became a partner in 1996. Mr Briger serves on the board of Tipping Point, a nonprofit organization serving low-income families in San Francisco. He has also dedicated himself to assisting a network of charter schools committed to preparing students for success in some of the most competitive four-year colleges and beyond. Mr Briger educational background consists of receiving a B.A. from Princeton University and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Nothing short of impressive, this man is worth his weight in gold.

Up next in this fantastic team of leadership is one Mr Wesley R. Edens. As co-founder, principal and co-Chief Executive Officer. Mr Edens has been a member of the board of directors since November 2006. Mr Eden’s has been a member of the management committee of Fortress since 1998 and he is responsible for the company’s private equity arm a publicly traded alternative investment business. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Edens was a partner and managing director of BlackRock financial management where he headed the asset investors, a private equity fund. In addition to such amazing accomplishments, Mr Edens was formerly a partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers. His educational background consists of receiving a B.S. in Finance from Oregon State University.

Last but not least in the group of managing directors is Mr Randall A Nardone. As co-founder and principal, he has been a member of the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group since 2006. Mr. Nardone has been a member of the management committee of Forestry since 1998, and he served as the interim chief executive officer from December 2011 to July 2013 and was appointed the chief executive officer in August 2013. Prior to co-founding Fortress in 1998, Mr Nardone was a managing director of UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. His education consist of receiving a B.A. in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group is led by some of the most impressive financial minds in the world today.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Demonstrate Responsible Global Growth

OSI Group has long displayed a history of growth and innovation going back to its earliest days when they were known as Otto & Sons. The company has evolved from a standalone butcher shop to an international food processor with a strong reputation of nurturing strategic partnerships. They team up with top food brands around the world to bring exciting new dishes to the market.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group and has been the catalyst for their successful global expansion. His relationship with the company dates back to the early seventies when his banking and investing skills were needed for expansion. Their key customer was McDonald’s and this relationship revealed the amazing potential for worldwide growth. After he successfully helped them build a plant dedicated to this key client, he stayed on as a partner.

In 1975 Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Group which tipped their cap to the original owners and better reflected the global nature of their business. The 1980’s saw the company expand with new facilities operating in Germany, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, and Austria. In the 1990’s OSI continued its march across the globe as they entered new markets in Mexico, China, and Poland to name several.

The success that Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group have enjoyed has brought attention to their sophisticated operations and methods. Forbes magazine listed them as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Their ability to fashion lucrative partnerships with top brands has powered their remarkable results. OSI’s depth of resources is substantial and goes beyond production into the culinary creation realm. They also employ highly efficient logistics chains which increase their effectiveness in all phases of the business.

Sustainability is an important issue for OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Responsible growth has been his primary aim and the company has received plaudits for this mindset. They were awarded a California Green Business award for outstanding results and procedures at their Riverside facility. They also garnered several awards from the United Kingdom which also has strict environmental regulations in place.

Sheldon Lavin has certainly crafted an amazing career as a businessman and entrepreneur. One of his greatest honors was when he received the Global Visionary Award in 2016. This was bestowed on him by India’s Vision World Academy and honors those who show great determination in making dreams come true. They also highlight the inspiration that he stirs up in others.