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IC Systems: A Receivable Management Service Company

IC System is privately owned company based in St. Paul Minnesota in the U.S. The company was founded by Jack and Ruth and since 1938 up to date it has been under the leadership of the family’s three generations. IC System Company deals with the provision of accounts receivable management services which it offers to thousands of it client in the United States.

IC System is governed by several core values that are followed to the letter when it comes to decision making. These core values include doing the right thing, delivering results that surpass the client’s expectations, treating each and every person with dignity and respect, doing things in the best way possible, and being proud of what they do. Any core worker who in the best manner demonstrates these values stands a chance of being nominated for the Core Value Award (

IC System maintains the (CRMS) which stands for Compliance Risk Management System. It includes through documentation, good training and serious auditing. The auditing process basically begins with assessment and validation that all the needed policies are present, the policies are well documented and the staff members are properly trained. The company has an internal Audit Department that is in charge of auditing, the department is headed by a director. He reports to the Audit Committee which consists of the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Audit and the Chief Compliance Officer.

IC System, Inc. is highly committed to achieving its sustainability targets by the manner in which they communicate to their customers and learning from previous failures and successes. The company has its main objectives which include supporting projects of clients, employees and vendors. They also encourage their workers to bring their sustainability principles in to other communities through research, learning and discussions.

IC System, Inc. has a philosophy of giving back to the community through charities. The company’s charities include Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, White Bear Lake Food Shelf, American Red Cross, Special Olympics Wisconsin, and Arming Heroes among others. The company works hard and strives to be the best and the most trusted company when it comes to provision of receivable management services.


Dr. David Samadi’s Smart Technology and Experienced Professionalism in Cancer Treatment

Following Mitt Romney’s decision to have surgery to treat his prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi said that it was the best choice instead of radiation that worked well in saving his life. After a prostate cancer diagnosis, it is essential to look at the treatment methods well. For Mitt Romney and in most cases where doctors are able to localize cancer to the prostate. Patients who prefer surgery after localization have almost 100% rate of survival. Those who choose radiation over surgery have chances of developing secondary cancer and reduced live expectancy than those who underwent surgery.

David works at Lenox Hill Hospital, where he serves as the chairperson of urology and chief of robotic surgery since 2013. He served in similar capacities at Mt. Sinai Medical School bringing his entire surgical team at Lenox Hill. He served previously as Director of Laparoscopic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.

Born in Iran, Dr. David Samadi is a Persian Jew who was affected by the 1979 Iranian Revolution moving to Brussels, Belgium and later London aged 15 years. He finished his high school education at Roslyn High School in New York before he took a step towards realizing his medical dream by joining Stony Brook School of Medicine graduating with honors in biochemistry that was on a full scholarship.

In the year 1994, Samadi earned his master’s from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine before undertaking postgraduate education at Montefiore Medical Center in Urology. By 1996, he had finished proctology training at both Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He went to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he earned an oncology fellowship in proctology in 2001 and later in 2002, he completed a fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil being trained by Prof. Claude Abbou.

He is dedicated to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer using his self-invented Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART). Using SMART surgery, he has a high-level robotic procedure, that spare nerves during robotic prostate surgery improving marriage life of prostate cancer surgery survivors. He is a urologic oncologist who is board certified specializing in diagnosis and treatment of urologic related illness, cancer of the bladder and kidney as well as prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi, MD, won the New York Magazine Best Doctor in 2009-2012 and 2015, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer 2009-2013, and America’s Top Doctors 2008-2012. He also won the American Cancer Society’s Community Partner Award in 2012, and the Patient’s Choice Award in 2008-2011 and 2013, among other honors and awards.

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“Four Rooms” And Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is an American movie producer best known for his close working relationship with renowned director Quentin Tarantino. Ever since producing the breakout piece Reservoir Dogs, Bender has been the producer for all but three of Tarantino’s films. The films produced by Lawrence Bender have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards, with six of those nominations leading to a win.

One often overlooked yet highly entertaining Bender-Tarantino collaboration is the movie Four Rooms, a quirky four-part performance linked by a frame story, all based on the writings of Roald Dahl. While Dahl is best known for his children’s books, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach, he also wrote critically-acclaimed literature for adults. In particular, Four Rooms draws from Dahl’s Man From The South.

TED it starts!!

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Four Rooms follows Ted, a bellboy staffing a high-end hotel all by himself on New Year’s Eve, played by actor Tim Roth. As Ted navigates his way through an evening from hell, he finds himself dealing with a wide variety of quirky and unsavory characters. Ted does his best to service a coven of witches headed by Madonna, rescue a wife played by Jennifer Beals from her manic husband, look after the unruly children of a Latino businessman portrayed by Antonio Banderas, and finally help settle a bet between a playboy director and his friends.

In the final scene, the director is played by Quentin Tarantino himself, and it’s in this scene that Lawrence Bender finally makes his cameo in a role referred to in the credits as “Long Hair Yuppie Scum.” Bender loves making cameos, as does Tarantino, and he has made a habit of it, appearing in eight small roles throughout his career as a producer.

Given its star-studded cast, brilliant acting, unusual plot, and off-color comedy, it’s safe to say that Four Rooms is the hidden gem of Lawrence Bender’s career. It received solidly negative reviews when released in 1995, but with the sheen of time its style and subject matter are absolutely worth revisiting for a one-of-a-kind laugh-out-loud viewing experience.

O2PUR joins the big players in the e-cig industry.

Around the year 2003, a new concept was introduced e-cigs, e-cigs was first heard of in Beijing and later spread on to other continents. E-cigs is an electronic device that has revolutionized smoking tobacco. The electronic device has become more popular and more people are embracing the idea. Some of the advantages of using e-cigs are;

You can regulate nicotine levels.

Isn’t this wonderful everyone wants to be in control of what they consume, e-cigs gives you that opportunity to be in control.

Has a variety of flavors.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs offers a variety of flavors making the experience even better, some of the flavors include; banana, mint, peach

They are odor free.

One of the significant challenges with traditional cigarettes is the odor you always have to use chewing gum, which is not an ideal option for everyone. E-cigs has come with a new touch one does not need to use gum since e-cigs are odorless.

The popularity of e-cigs cannot be denied even as companies engage in the production of more products to meet their client’s needs. Some of the top companies to look out for include;

British American Tobacco, this company has a new technology that will be the next big thing in the market the heat not burn technology heat not burn heats real tobacco which in turn produces a vapor that supplies the taste to the user. This is a new experience that will change and improve the smoking experience.

The other big company is Phillip Morris which is the leader in the rechargeable pen like equipment; this device is short making it easy to use and be carried around and allows the user to insert their cigarettes and enjoy the smoking experience.

Apart from improving the smoking experience one other thing that e-cigs have come with are stocks, good deals on the shares to buy, British American and Phillips Morris are some of the e-cigs stocks to consider this year their returns are potentially high and shareholders should expect to yield much from this venture.

Another company that has entered the e-cig market with a boom is O2PUR, though young and new in the business O2PUR has proved to be one of the rising firms in the business they have come up with a variety of products and flavors. O2PUR is a company to look out for, all we can do now is wait and hope that they grow to become among the best in the industry.

Vijay Eswaran Creates an Empire Through Motivating Others

Vijay Eswarren has become one of the most powerful business man in Asia. He has managed to create an empire for himself in the area of direct selling. This has been something that he has improved in over the years.Vijay  Eswaran has helped other people building their financial empire by putting them in positions of power. This came largely from his ability to motivate people with various seminars and books where Vijay gives people insight on what they need to do to be successful.

Eswaran is a big believer in taking time to hear the small silent voice inside. This is why he wrote books like “In the Sphere of Silence.” He believes that there is so much noise and confusion in the world today that most people simply walk around like zombies while they complete various tasks throughout the day. They are wired into technology, and they are never taking any down time to actually get silent and meditate. They don’t have time to hear the small voice inside that begs them to rest or have more patience. These are the things that can ultimately play a very important part in your success.

Vijay Eswaran knows that people that take time to meditate are going to be more focused on what they are trying to do. There are a lot of concepts that Vijay has embraced down through the years to help him build his empire. One of the things that he has done successfully is embrace his fears.

Eswaran has spoken to people and seminars and stated reasons why fear can be a great motivator. He has been able to carve out strategies that help people that are trying to find some type of way to connect with their potential while overcoming obstacles. What he has done with his books and seminars is give people a method for to break beyond the traditional ways in which they have always done things. This is used by people that are part of his direct marketing team. People that are in direct sales are going to need these types of motivators.

Agora Financial Provides Tips For Investors

A lot of savvy investors follow the advice from Agora Financial to help ensure their decisions are profitable. Their predictions may be bold but they are also accurate. Their best tips for investing in the future are detailed below.Some investors do their own analysis and research while others turn to professional investors. Agora Financial encourages investors to learn if they plan to use professional help. This provides more control over their money.Long term goals are best fulfilled by setting short term goals. A long term goal can be building savings for retirement or purchasing a new home. Agora Financial recommends making a prioritized list of long term goals. Short term goals are generally limited to five years. This can be saving for new tires or a vacation. The short term goals can be linked to the long term goals. An example is completing a home improvement each year so the value of the home increases and can be sold in ten years.

Many people are unfamiliar with the different investment vehicles such as an IRA or a 401 k. Different people are better suited to different types of investment vehicles. Agora Financial encourages everyone to understand each option in relation to their circumstances.Short term investments are ideal for individuals requiring money within five years. Taking money from a long term investment can lead to costly fees and tax penalties. The typical options are money markets, certificates of deposit, real estate investments and commodities. Each type has disadvantages and advantages. Agora Financial recommends an experienced profession to choose short term investments.

A safety margin is purchasing a security at a price lower than the intrinsic value. This will yield a higher value and minimize risks. Most undervalued stocks will not significantly decline. Agora Financial cautions investors against making emotional choices. A company must be evaluated using facts. Purchases should only be made when prices are sensible. Portfolios should be balanced with stocks and bonds.There are active and passive investors. Active investors analyze returns, do research and generally see bigger returns. Passive investors do not invest the time and are satisfied with smaller returns. An index investment is a good choice for a passive investor.Investors must review and diversify their portfolios on a regular basis. Stocks, retirement accounts and goals must be reviewed. Risks due to age and account balancing can be negatively impacted if not reviewed.

Market America: Success Through Time and Commitment

For people that are looking for online business opportunities and other money making opportunities, it is important to prepare. For one thing, this is where the American Dream lives. The way people will succeed at making money online is through time and commitment. While this can be very frustrating for some people, this is the best way to succeed with Market America and other money-making opportunities. When working a regular job, people are getting paid a fixed rate by the hour. They are only paid according to the number of hours they work as opposed to the work they get done.

When it comes to working online on a business, it is rare to find an hourly wage job. One can supposedly find the amount he is getting paid by the hour by calculating the amount of work he gets done. Then with Market America, people are going to be working plenty of hours before they start making money. Therefore, the one who is the most committed is going to be the one who makes the most money. The only thing is that one is going to have to make the most out of his commitment. While it is easy to say that success comes from hard work, there is actually more to it than that.

Success actually comes from wisdom. For one thing, people who figure out the right channels to work on are going to make the most money from Market America. This means finding out the type of products that they are going to be able to sell. Another thing they can do is find out what channels they can use in order to sell the products. Afterward, they can come up with a plan to get their business out there so that they will be able to generate income for Market America and themselves.

Glen Wakeman’s Expertise at Identifying Growing Companies

There are so many new businesses and ideas being developed at all times and with the rise of social media it can almost seem easy to build up a brand/business. However, real business experts know that even the best ideas need to execute a well thought out strategy — that is where Glen Wakeman and his company (LaunchPad Holdings, LLC) have found their niche (Crunchbase). By taking the potential energies of newly founded companies and turning them into kinetic and well-oiled machines Wakeman has built a reputation as one of the “go-to guys” when it comes to growing a brand new business.

Wakeman has always been fascinated by the concept of new businesses and he sought out to figure out why so many of them, even ones with genius ideas, would fail so magnificently. He learned quickly that it boiled down to these new startups having a frenzied and unorganized business model. By founding LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman would use his expertise in finding and providing matching costs in addition to his ability to come up with a detailed and dynamic business plan. Not to mention the fact that Glen Wakeman has considerable international business experience — he has lived/worked in six different countries and ran businesses in over 30 different global regions; this international expertise is proof that his concepts and ideals in the business world can be successful no matter where Wakeman is physically located.

LaunchPad Holdings is a natural outlet for Wakeman’s unending curiosity in the business world and meshes perfectly with his willingness to listen to and try out new ideas ( In the constantly changing business world a good startup is one that can adapt with ease to changes in their respective field, and LaunchPad (under Wakeman’s guide) has been able to do a phenomenal job in creating business plans that expect the unexpected.

For startup owners things like capital raising, angel investing, and other financial measures can be considered intimidating. Luckily, companies like LaunchPad Holdings exist to help mesh the passion of entrepreneurs with the business acumen of experienced leaders such as Glen Wakeman. Locally or internationally, Glen Wakeman has made a career of giving startups the clear, well-organized plan they need to launch their business into the next phase.


Graham Edwards Real Estate Professional and Business Leader

The real estate industry is booming in many parts of the world. Graham Edwards is a business owner in the industry. He is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium. The company focuses on helping customers with various real estate services. Graham Edwards recently added property management services at the company. When owning rental property, a property management company can make a huge difference. Many investors are willing to pay a ton of money for a quality property management company.

Telereal Trillium is expanding quickly ( However, Graham Edwards is continuously looking for ways to improve the company. He wants to focus on various areas of the business in the coming years. He firmly believes that Telereal Trillium could become one of the most successful real estate companies in the United Kingdom.



Graham Edwards credits his strong education with his professional success. He was accepted to the University of Cambridge and started attending the school in 1984. He struggled in class, but he learned valuable lessons about business. He also built a robust network of friends and mentors who help him in multiple ways.

After graduating with a degree in economics, Graham Edwards received a job offer at a prominent company in the United Kingdom.


Real Estate

After working in the corporate world, Graham Edwards decided that he wanted to manage his own company. He became a real estate investor to increase his income. With a robust real estate portfolio, Graham Edwards knew that he would have additional options in his future. He purchased multiple homes to rent to tenants. He slowly increased his income and improved his financial position.

In the coming years, Graham Edwards wants to continue investing in his company. He wants Telereal Trillium to be one of the most prominent companies in the United Kingdom. He is excited about the future of his business.


What Is The Company Known As Talos Energy

In looking at the article on WorkBoat pertaining to the Mexico oil reform, we can learn more of how in the first time in 80 years, a private company created an offshore oil well in Mexican waters. The article goes on to talk of how Houston’s Talos Energy LLC, as well as two other oil companies, one from London, and the other from Mexico, began drilling the well on in mid-May of 2017. This oil well creation is monumental as it creates a competitor to the Petroleos Mexicanos, who have been the monopoly oil supplier in Mexico since 1938. The well created by the 3-company partnership is called the Zama-1, and it is located in the Sureste Basin. It holds between 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude oil. The article cites that the drilling for the well is expected to take 90 days from the start date to complete, and it will cost just one company 16 million. The rights to the Zama-1 were settled to the 3 companies in 2015, after Mexico went on to open their oil industry to private investment.

In taking a closer look at one of the companies which has invested in the Zama-1 well, being Talos Energy, we can learn about the acclaim of the company, under commercial manager Ash Shepherd who earned the Oil and Gas Investor’s thirty under 40 honor. In looking at a post on Talos Energies’ Facebook page, from July 12, 2017 we can see a post announcing their claim of the Zama-1 oil well in Mexico at a 35% participating interest. The post goes on to highlight some of the main characteristics of the oil well, being things such as 1.4-2.0 billion barrel in place estimate, which exceeded pre-drill estimates.

Furthermore, in looking at an article on Business Wire pertaining to Talos’ acquisition of Energy Resources Technology, we can learn more of Talos’ business dealings. In addition to acquiring ERT, Talos also went on to obtain Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. The acquisition of ERT was vital for Talos, as ERT had just discovered a well named the Wang exploration well.

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