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OPSkins with CIO Malcolm CasSelle is the Leading Bitcoin Merchant in the World

OPSkins, with the leadership of CIO Malcolm CasSelle, is a global seller of in-game virtual assets over the blockchain and is the leading Bitcoin merchant in the world. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He continued his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Malcolm CasSelle has established a long productive career as an innovator, trendsetter, and leader within the digital industry through various appointments of leadership in some of the industry’s top global digital companies. Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is providing structured sound leadership in the industry of virtual assets within the gaming system industry. OPSkins has provided the structural approach to the transfer of virtual assets over the blockchain and is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry. In fact, the number of in-game virtual asset transfers at OPSkins is increasing by making them user-friendly through a systematic approach. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins are converted into game tokens that can be easily transferred across global, regional, and national borders without the interference of the centralized banking system. Bitcoin, in particular, has established headlines globally for its growth and expansion as a virtual asset. By producing a platform for the universal transfer of Bitcoin over one platform individuals can easily take advantage of the newly established blockchain. OPSkins is normalizing the blockchain by transferring assets easily with a safety, security and simplicity never before realized. OPSkins has become the leading innovator of new technologies to transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Providing safety and security in the execution of various trades of Bitcoin, OPSkins is revolutionizing the crypto industry by providing a secured approach to cryptocurrencies that will lead to the universal usage of the blockchain and other cryptocurrencies throughout the world. Taking advantage of the excellent leadership and intellectual prowess of CIO Malcolm Castillo, OPSkins has become the leading Bitcoin merchant in the world and established itself as a pioneer for future growth of the overall blockchain

With New Track ‘Sickboy’, The Chainsmokers Show A Healthy Attitude Towards Social Media

As reported in everywhere from Forbes to L.A. News Watch, The Chainsmokers have dropped a new single on us, the track ‘Sick Boy’. Having already broken the song worldwide as of this writing (it premiered on January 17th), The Chainsmokers continue their hot streak which began back in 2014 with ‘#Selfie’.  With ‘Sickboy’, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart take a turn from their patented symbiosis of Top 40 and EDM to deliver a darker view than we have come to expect from them. It turns out that the highest-paid DJs of 2017 have a lot to ponder these days about what comes with their enviable position. Taggart sings lines like “Make no mistake, I live in a prison / That I build myself, it is my religion” and “Feed yourself with my life’s work / How many likes is my life worth?”, making it clear that things are no longer all coming up ‘Roses’ in Chainsmoker-Land.

Credit for the track is due to not only Pall and Taggart, but also their keyboardist Tony Ann. The songwriting fingerprints of powerhouse Emily Warren are on the tune as well. As you may recall, her relationship with the guys dates all the way back to their track with Tritonal, ‘Until You Were Gone’, back in 2015. Quadruple-threat producer, songwriter, DJ, and singer Shaun Frank takes a hand in stirring up the pot as well.

Thankfully, this change in direction doesn’t seem to have alienated many (if any) of their worldwide fans. The song has taken top radio positions all over the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and more.   According to the interview in Forbes, it appears we can expect even more topical tracks and sonic boundary-pushing from Pall and Taggart. Perhaps emboldened by the Grammy nomination for ‘1-800-273-8255’ for Song Of The Year (Drew was one of the songwriters of Logic’s smash about suicide prevention), it is clear that The Chainsmokers aren’t just going to rest on their laurels and keep pushing out what worked for them early in their career.

E-cigs investment opportunity

E-cigs are becoming popular by the day. Every company that produces cigarettes are now adding e-cigs as part of their products portfolio. Considering their convenience; they come in pen- like containers where the user puts the cigarette like contents then smokes, many people prefer them to the traditional form of cigarettes. These contains are powered by electricity and can be recharged by regular chargers. In addition to this, they come in a variation of flavours and are friendlier to the environment compared to the traditional forms of cigarettes. This makes the companies such as O2Pur, that produce them, ripe for investment.

Investment thrives on sales. The more a company sells the more profits it makes. The profits made are divided per share. As a result, the investor who saw value in the company and invested a lot stands to gain much more than he who saw little value in the company and invested a little. Since e-cigs are moving products, investing in a company that produces them is a good idea. The pens they use may be reusable but the cigarettes like contents are to be refilled. This means that the companies constantly have something they are selling out to their clients.

To ensure that you make even more money as an investor, choosing to invest in e-cigs alone is not enough. It is important that you choose a company that is stable financially and has fundamentals that can support its growth. A company like O2Pur will ensure that you get increasing returns. This of cause is going by the company’s capital structure and its fundamentals.

Other companies that produce e-cigs and promise great returns apart from O2pur are British American Tobacco and Reynolds-American. It is important to look past the sales of a company and check out their stability as a company.

Saygus Raves about NewsWatchTV

With the rapid rise of social media in recent years it can often be overwhelming for a company to try and find their niche in a crowded news cycle. Luckily, with companies like NewsWatchTV creating curated reviews and dynamic online marketing campaigns it is becoming easier to have your company make a positive impression on consumers in the digital age. For one such example of a success story look no further than Saygus, a company out of Utah that creates smartphones. Saygus, wanting to make a big splash, hired NewsWatchTV to promote their newest line of phones. The marketing campaign blew up and yielded intensely positive results for Saygus. Their Indiegogo campaign absolutely shattered their fundraising goal netting them $1.3 million dollars, well over their original expected amount.

“The video [created by NewsWatch] was extremely professional,” raved Saygus’ Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations Tim Rush at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, “when working with consumer brands it is really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way at the right time to the right medium and NewsWatch was able to do that just excellently. I would highly recommend NewsWatch.” Glowing reviews like this are to be expected of a company like NewsWatchTV who puts such a high priority on professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Saygus is just one of many in a line of companies who have employed NewsWatchTV to help increase sales. What makes NewsWatchTV unique is their partnerships with companies that range in size from Fortune 500 to mom-and-pop small businesses. This variety gives them the ability to approach each company with a diverse background of experiences and proven solutions for any sized company. As we move forward into the digital age one thing is for certain: more and more companies will be taking a page out of the Saygus’ playbook and using NewsWatchTV to help their company build coverage from the ground up.

Waiakea Water: H2O With a Twist!

Many bottled companies in the United States today capitalize on creating bottled water products. Our grocery aisles and convenient stores are brimming with a multitude of promising brands. The $100 billion bottled water industry has forged its way into the United States with a major presence. Even so, Italians still remain the largest bottled water consumers to date.

Some of the leading bottled water companies share different claims as to how and why their brand delivers the best experience and a host of health benefits. Today, because consumers have so many choices, we have become even the more selective with our aquatic alternatives. Brilliant company, Waiakea Water derived from Hawaii, offers a natural wholesome characteristic that no other H2O source can deliver. Waiakea Water translates to “broad waters”.

The Hawaiian volcanic water company takes pride in fostering feel-good vibrations that are aligned with Hawaii’s balanced culture. Waiakea Water incorporates a distinctive water filtering system. Their product naturally passes through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock via the Mauna Loa volcano, producing natural Hawaii volcanic water. It is intrinsically enriched with electrolytes and healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The filtering process produces high Waiakea water pH Alkaline levels. Waiakea Hawaiian water propels their brand to the next level by promoting an eco-friendly environment.

They have ingeniously created the world’s number one fully degradable and recyclable plastic. Ordinarily, plastic bottles usually breakdown over a period of 1,000 years or more, whereas Waiakea Water’s version will degrade in 15 years tops. The Carbon Neutral certified company uses low emission transportation to deliver their goods. They also donate a portion of their profits to nonprofit organizations and disadvantaged areas.

Waiakea Water takes the lead in the bottled water industry. They have been recognized as one of the 500 companies in the United States that demonstrate the strongest growth. The company cares about the environment, produces filtered rich alkaline volcanic water benefits, and give back to the community.

Chainsmokers Take A Darker Turn With New Single

The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) have always been known for a distinctive style that is equal parts pop and equal parts electronic dance music. For a band that has only been on the national scene for about two years, they have quickly distinguished themselves as industry favorites and carved out a niche all their own.

The Chainsmokers have always had a habit of putting out a song about once a month. They say they like to do that in order to keep the themes of their music as current as possible. However, the interim before “Sick Boy” was a lot longer. Before releasing this song, they had not put out any music for about nine months. The explanation for this, as given by the duo themselves, is that they wanted this song to be the beginning of a “new chapter. They said that they had grown a lot, as artists and as people, and that they wanted to reinvent their music in order to reflect that.

As such, this new single moves in a significantly darker direction. It is a very plain and direct statement about what the internet has become. A lot of the lyrics imply a sense of isolation and narcissism all rolled into one. It is not simply another whining critique of society’s ills. Rather, it seems to honestly accept the nature of fame in the internet age, and all the scrutiny that goes with it. In a world where every celebrity both past and present is in competition for the collective attentions of the internet, and where the average person has just as much of a voice as these celebrities, narcissism and isolation can often lead people to say and do things that destroy their careers and credibility forever. Internet fame can often turn into infamy.

When asked about the motivation for this new single, Taggart says that the song was really meant to express anger and frustration about the state of the world and the nature of social media. While this represents a shift from their earlier work, Pall and Taggart say that their fans have mostly responded well to the new sound.


JNS Author Adam Milstein Reveals the Unlikely Allies Behind the Rise in Anti-Semitism Worldwide

In a recent Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) article, author Adam Milstein delved deep into the heart of a growing threat to the Jewish community worldwide. Adam’s latest piece on JNS is titled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide.” In the article, Adam Milstein sheds light on the alliance that has developed between the radical right, radical left and radical Muslims against what has now become clear is their mutual target: Israel and the Jewish community at large.

As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Still, how has it come to this? The radical right and radical Muslims have always seemed to have a bone to pick with Israel and the Jewish community. What is surprising is that they have set aside their dislike for one another enough to join forces in an effort to push an anti-Semitic agenda. Even more surprising is the fact that the radical left seems to be joining forces with them.

In the past, the radical left has abhorred the ideals and actions of the radical right and radical Muslims. However, as Adam Milstein reveals in his new article, times they are a changing. Now, despite denouncing actions that the radical right and radical Muslims have been known for, such as bigotry, racism and hate, the radical left seems to be okay with it as long as it is directed at the Jewish community.

As the alliance between the radical left, radical Muslims and the radical right grows stronger, they will seemingly continue to share ideas and tactics in an effort to spread their hate of freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism, tolerance and the Jewish community.

In addition to his position as a JNS author, Adam Milstein is a humanitarian and an avid supporter of Israeli rights. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is a humanitarian organization. The foundation focuses its resources towards supporting pro-Israel causes and the Jewish community as well as helping to strengthen Israel-U.S. relations.

GoBuyInside: World Class Talent Search Engine

GoBuyInside is a global recruitment platform which aims to disrupt the traditional search involved when one is trying to find opportunities for careers in finance. They specialize in recruiting workers for private equity firms, hedge funds, advisory platforms and other Fortune 500 companies. By leveraging proprietary technology and diligent attitude towards work the team at GoBuyInside is nearly always at an advantage when it comes to sourcing and screening candidates for financial positions. With a team of professionals who have an excess of experience and education, they stand out from their competitors and their ability to execute which has allowed them to form deeper relationships within the markets they operate in. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

GoBuyInside has over 400 clients across the globe which have used the company for their human capital needs. With over 10,000 firms and 500 cities around the world it is likely you have worked with or for a company that has ties to GoBuyInside.

As part of a continuing effort in the fund management industry GoBuyInside has decided to outline some of the rights for data subjects under the general data protection regulations. Under this act and information relating to a real person including names photos email addresses medical information IP addresses or bank, information is to be protected by data controllers and processors. Data breaches will be required to have notifications to data subjects within 72 hours of a breach.


Through all of this GoBuyInside is still committed to helping its clients in the fund management industry by helping to provide top class talent across the globe capable of helping any organization be brought up to speed. By utilizing cutting-edge technology GoBuyInside is able to systematically identify and screen professionals in order to meet the needs of their clients. In this way, GoBuyInside has been able to circumvent the traditional search method and is capable of serving all of a company’s human capital needs. They are able to both help employees who are looking for work and for employers who have a specific need that needs to be filled within their organization. At the end of the day, this company is dedicated to helping provide you with world-class opportunities or world-class talent whichever one you need they are there to help. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.


Malcolm CasSelle Is Working On Something New

Malcolm CasSelle is doing something new with a company that he is working on and the job that company has taken on. He has helped to create WAX, and this company is a blockchain platform for asset trading. This company is going to allow individuals to buy and sell virtual items without leaving the game that they are playing. WAX is doing something that other companies have not done and it is trying a new way of helping people with cryptocurrency needs.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and someone who is always coming up with new ideas. He is someone who thinks outside the box and who is not afraid to try something that others have not done before. He is someone who enjoys investing in those companies that are in an early stage of development and he has been involved with some companies that have made it big. He was an active investor for Facebook when it was in an early stage. He was also an active investor for Zynga and some bit-coin companies. He is someone who sees a good idea and gets behind it, and that way of doing things has served him well through the years.

There is a certain education that can help a person with their work, especially when that work is technology-focused. Malcolm CasSelle received a bachelor’s degree through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then went on to receive a master’s degree from Stanford University. Both of his degrees were in computer science, and both have served him well in the work that he has done since graduating. Malcolm CasSelle has worked many different jobs and been involved in the work of a variety of companies. Most recently, he has been serving as the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange as well as CIO of OPSkins.

Find out more about Malcolm Casselle:


Vijay Eswaran Says Change Is Necessary In Life And Important For Everyone

Vijay Eswaran has a lot of advice for entrepreneurs and longtime business owners not only in how they run a business, but also in their personal lives. He believes personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs play as much of a role in business as they do in your daily routine. He’s written books and articles on spiritual topics, and one that he’s discussed is change and how life changes affect people. Eswaran says that adapting to change when it comes is important because no matter where you come from or what you’re currently doing, it’s going to happen. He’s made a point that successful businessmen recognize change and adapt to it, and that those who do the same in personal life also find greater success. What Eswaran says should not change are your core beliefs and moral compass.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia though his family is from India and he’s lived all across Asia during his lifetime. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and his career began in marketing consulting but has been largely made in direct selling and asset management. He is the co-founder and current Chairman of QI Group Ltd. which has direct selling branches through QNET and QI Lifestyle, and it also has investments in vacation properties through QI Asset Management. Eswaran started this company because he dreamed of building a business that could help others succeed just as much if not more so than himself. From his youth through adulthood, he has always believed in serving others in order to truly successful.

Vijay Eswaran has also given back a lot to needy Asian communities through RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation, so much so that he was named on Forbes Asia’s “Heroes of Philanthropy.” Eswaran wrote several bestsellers on spiritualism and leadership including “In The Sphere Of Silence” and “On The Wings Of Thought” and he’s lectured on university campuses around the world as well as the World Economic Forum, 6th Pravasi Divas and Global Indian Meet where he was presented the New Global Indian award.