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U.S. Money Reserve and The Importance Of Buying Gold

June 20, 2017: U.S. Money’s Reserve, America’s Gold Authority, released an eBook that aims to educate Americans on the importance of owning gold in times of constant economic global decline and political anarchy. The eBook titled, The 2017 War Of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money, works towards coaching Americans on how to protect themselves and their money from the world wide risks that the economy can bring by buying and owning gold.

In addition to providing important knowledge and tips to prevent economic downfall, the eBook comes with a limited offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins available to purchase at an additional cost. Gold is known to be by many a trusted precious metal that during time of economic uncertainty its price increases drastically.

According to Crunchbase, as president of U.S. Money Reserve Philip N. Diehl assures, “It is tangible and less vulnerable to volatility…” buying gold ensures many from economic doom.

What is U.S. Money Reserve:

Being one of the country’s most trusted gold distributors, clients who buy gold from the U.S. Reserve buy with confidence. Obtaining the piece of mind of knowing and trusting the reputable source of where the purchase of one of the most precious metals is being made is an exceptional feeling the company thrives on. With experts from the industry leading numismatic to coin research professionals, buying gold from the U.S. Moneys Reserve is a smart choice.

Why buy from U.S. Money Reserve:

Founded in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve prides itself in years of experience with the aid of professionals with expert market knowledge. Alongside all the employee expertise, U.S. Money Reserve prides itself in being the one and only gold company led by a former United States Mint director. Led by Philip N. Diehl, the company runs on firsthand experience making its reliability even harder to question.

Being awarded with the highest rating there is in precious metals and financing, U.S. Money Reserve provides its clients with the reliability and resources they deserve. With thousands of client testimonials thanking U.S Money Reserve for aiding them in maintaining a steady economic balance, buying gold with U.S. Money Reserve is not an opportunity you want to pass up.

“The Greyhound Diaries” Take Doug Levitt Across The U.S.

“The Greyhound Diaries” are seen as a labor of love for Doug Levitt who has been a major supporter of the work of artist Doug Levitt who has been the driving force behind the project that has been in operation for more than a decade. Doug Levitt has been a major fan of the WPA broadcasts that were developed in the 1930s by the U.S. Federal Government to supply information and record the events that took place during “The Great Depression” with artists hitting the road to help record just how the effects on economic decline had destroyed the working classes of the U.S.

Doug Levitt has always been looking to become a major source of information for the people of the U.S. and the world as a whole, which has included his work as a broadcaster with some of the largest news organizations in the world. Levitt has spent a large amount of his adult life living and working in the British capital of London where the Washington D.C. native completed his studies in international politics from the London School of Economics; as the family of Doug Levitt are some of the best known local politicians in the U.S capital he has always had his eye on the aspects of policy that affect people at all levels of society.

“The Greyhound Diaries” now see Doug Levitt embark on a series of journeys each year that include his time spent exploring parts of the U.S. that have remained largely unexplored by the mainstream media during the 2008 economic slowdown. Levitt himself spotted the effects of the slowdown long before 2008 as he continued on his journey that has taken him over the 120,000 miles mark, and given him material for songs, writings, and a spoken word event that have marked him out as one of the most creative and politically important artists of recent times; Doug Levitt has remained important to the rising level of political awareness sweeping the U.S. that has included the launch of a YouTube channel that includes the work completed for “The Greyhound Diaries”.

How do Programs like Success Academy’s Science Program Solve Problems Present in Other Public Schools?

New York City’s Success Academy is a network of charter schools that has been high-performing since its inception over a decade ago. In that time, it has instituted some of the best education in New York City, and has students in elementary and middle schools that are now testing in the top 10 percent of students state-wide.


Success Academy schools also do not have the same problems other New York City public schools have. Namely, their students behave better, work harder and do better on tests than almost any other public school in New York.


So how have things like Success Academy’s science program helped them avoid the problems other public schools face every day?


Success Academy’s science program is excellent — Success Academy schools spend a lot of time teaching their students core subjects like English, math and science.


Their science program is one of the best in the country and, along with other programs they run, has gone a long way to making sure Success Academy schools do not face the same problems of other public schools. It has done so by the way science is taught and how students are involved.


Science at Success Academy schools is a hands-on subject. That means students are taught by being involved in group projects like putting together a computer, dissecting a squid or programming a working robot.


This type of instruction begins even in elementary school, with Success Academy’s youngest students understanding and being able to do things students in high school at other public schools cannot.


That is because Success Academy knows students perform best when they are taught critical thinking and problem-solving, and are allowed to actually work on the things they talk about in class rather than just watching from the sidelines.


Discipline is also essential — The other part of Success Academy’s success is discipline and hard work.


Students are expected to adhere to a strict set of rules, and to work hard. If they do not, there are consequences.


Hard work is looked at as essential for anyone to succeed, but failure is also looked at as not failure at all, but instead just another opportunity to learn.


No wonder Success Academy students learn so well.

Choose Financial Rebirth

NexBank has discovered a way of minimizing the cost of account fees by securing over $40 billion dollars in assets. A huge number of financial institutes pass on ridiculous fees to their personalized account holders. Fortunately, their services and features help customers to reduce the amount of money that they pay and get more financial growth for the benefit of their hard earned money being maximized allowing you to save or pay for a family vacation. You can learn more about their account features by visiting their NexBank website and choosing from many unique service tabs. They have proudly served the local Dallas area for over 60 years with an expertise in industrialized, commercial, and investment accounts.

John Holt, CEO and President of NexBank, has decided to expand their general counsel with their recent $24 million dollar common equity gain. Holt, would also like to expand his leadership professionals by a few associates over the course of the upcoming year. They are also looking forward to offering their customers innovative banking features that offer integrated services and features for their wide range of personal and business account holders. You never have to worry about being alone trying to navigate your account because NexBank offers a friendly customer service professional that is standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

You can now become a first-time home owner through a mortgage program that offers their customers lower mortgage payments and interest. They have merged with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity to bring low income residents of the local area to realize their dreams of owning a home. The process is easy and you can find out more information and apply for their home owners program through their mortgage tab listed on their website. Become a valuable NexBank customer today and take back your financial freedom.

Andrew Rolfe Brings Hope To South Africa

Andrew Rolfe studied at Oxford University where he received his bachelors degree. From there, he went on to attend Harvard Business School and earn his Masters of Business Association. He is currently the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa.

The Ubuntu Education Fund was created as a non-profit organization meant to support education, social welfare, and community health. It is based in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Andrew Rolfe joined this group in order to help children receive the education they deserve. He looks toward a future where these children have long term success and are able to make the most of their lives.

Andrew Rolfe’s work includes ensuring the donations to children in Africa are received in full. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the money to be withheld from them unlawfully. The Ubuntu Fund gives money to schools all over South Africa and supports programs meant to better the lives of the children. Every day he dedicates his time to making sure these South African children receive their donations without restrictions, and that they are given the best education possible. He believes this will open up their futures to many successes and possibilities.

The Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe soon realized that education was not the only issue—poverty and rioting were also large contributors that prevented children from ever reaching school. This led to the organization opening a grassroots programs for the children in Port Elizabeth and it has already seen great progress. The Ubuntu Fund services over 400,000 people in that area that are low on money and resources.

The Ubuntu Fund faces many difficulties. South Africa frequently shuts down schools and many of the families are stricken by poverty. It is due to this reason that many students drop out of school or never enroll to begin with. Andrew Rolfe works to bring attention to these issues and creates resolutions for the many obstacles in their way. There is a long road ahead, but the Ubuntu Fund has been bringing hope and positivity to many children and families all over South Africa.

Find Out About The Career Journey Of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 in Wall Street. He acted as an assistant Portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust. Paul was then promoted to prominent positions at ING and Deutsche Bank whereby, at this Bank, he managed so many multimillion- dollar accounts. He was afterwards hired by the owners of the Kinetics Asset Management which is a 6 billion dollars firm. He managed their hedge fund and made lots of changes. The assets of the firm quickly increased under his leadership up to $25 billion. After that, the firm was then named as the World’s Best hedge funds by Templeton Foundation. Also, Paul was invited to take part in the Prestigious Investment Competition that was put on by the Templeton Foundation. At that time, he started at an investment of $50 million dollars. From 2008-2009, he managed to generate a return on that investment to $ 88 million.

Paul Mampilly got used to making money at that quick pace for the rich people only and decided that it was now time to spend time with his family. Although some think that he is retired, he is still an investor. Mampilly today does not make money for the ultra-rich. Instead, he decided to quit working at the Wall Street since it had no reasonable impact on other people who need help in investment. He now assists such common investors in making money on their investments by using his skills and expertise.

In the year 2016, that is when Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as a senior editor and specializes in enhancing Main Street Americans to find wealth and increase investing, small-cap stocks technology, and specialize opportunities.

Paul founded the Extreme Fortunes and the popular newsletters Profits Unlimited. Today do not find the research on Wall Street anymore. Instead, the services are available for most American citizens and at an affordable price. Also, He is soon coming up with a new research service in the year 2017 named as the True Momentum.

Paul started his career from a humble background. When he first came to the U.S, he started with pumping gas at a station in New Jersey. When he was in College at SUNNY Albany, he worked in a cafeteria.

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Avaaz: Taking the World to Where It Ought To Be By Advocating for Social Justice

Avaaz, roughly translated to voice in some linguistics, has been the voice of the voiceless for the last ten years. It has been argued for a long time now that the world we live in today is not the world we would have wanted if we were presented with a choice. In fact, we would be living in the world we all aspire if at all the necessary steps were made in closing the social gap that divides us. Those steps are the ones Avaaz has been seeking to undertake on behalf of the general populace. The organization is non-profit NGO based in America, but with activities across the globe.

The Organization’s Leadership

The organization has been very vocal in standing up against social and historical injustices. Through sponsoring petitions and demonstrations, the organization has been able to deliver on its mandate. Its leadership team constitutes of some of the world’s most respected activists such as Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, and Ricken Patel. Patel- an alumnus of Oxford University and Harvard University- serves as the CEO. He has been in involved in peace accord negotiations in crisis-hit nations such as in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Sudan. Avaaz is also supported by several organizations such as Res Publica, an organization that advocates for good governance, and MoveOn.Org- a firm that crusades for progressive public policy in America. Service Employees the International Union has also got ties with Avaaz.


Avaaz has teams of foot soldiers and campaigners in 30 different countries. It’s through these teams that the organization manages its operations in these countries. All teams are coordinated from the headquarters in America, with communication messages relayed through emails.

The organization has led many successful campaigns across the world. It actively took part in the Iranian presidential elections of 2009. Before and during the Syrian Civil War, the organization provided the liberalists with a communication platform as well as with medicines and other basics.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Eva Moskowitz is an Educational Leader

Eva Moskowitz is certainly at the forefront of educational innovation with her work in charter schools. Recently her accomplishments with Success Academy Charter Schools was recognized and honored as they won a $250,000 grant. The esteemed award is called the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. The honor was received at the National Charter School Conference in Washington, D.C.

Success Academy schools are well funded with wealthy donors contributing readily to the vision of Eva Moskowitz. The Broad Prize, however, is a national honor which underscores their success in serving underprivileged children and neighborhoods. It’s also a demonstration of the fact that these children are capable of learning and performing at high levels which are equivalent to the most affluent neighborhoods. The grant serves to strengthen Success Academy’s leadership in the charter school movement. Their goal is to reimagine what school can be and implement concepts to bring about excellence.

Regarding another issue, Eva Moskowitz and Succes Academy have won their battle with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The conflict was concerning city oversight of pre-kindergarten programs. Recently a court victory was handed to Moskowitz at the State Supreme Court level. They ruled that her programs with Success Academy fall outside the jurisdiction of the city. Her battle with the mayor lasted over 18 months.

Eva Moskowitz is inspired to a make a difference when she sees educational inequality. She also has great concern for the international competition that Americans are facing. She has noted that the higher level of American students ranks among the lowest when compared to other nations leading the world in educational accomplishment. She contends that even in upscale neighborhoods the public education system is not as good as parents may believe. With global competition getting stronger, she has once again shown her foresight.

How Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Model Changed Everything

The Ubuntu Education Fund has been a big part of bringing education and potential back to the Eastern Cape province of South Africa over the past several years. The non profit program was established by CEO Jacob Lief as a way to give educational opportunities to the impoverished, vulnerable, at risk and needy children of the region. Over the past several years Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief have helped to grow the company up, focusing primarily on what he now calls the Ubuntu Model.

Lief knew that finding success with a philanthropic endeavor meant that you’d have to be beholden to your benefactors. He also knew that benefactors could actually mire the process, causing cash flow problems to areas of need due to the bureaucratic nature of the industry. So Lief had to do something. He settled on the Ubuntu Model which focuses on a specific type of donor. Lief was speaking at an engagement in Davos for the World Economic Forum when he came to the realization that he needed to find a change. Lief says, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.”

This mentality brought Jacob Lief to approach Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board. Andrew Rolfe was a benefactor himself, having donated over $100,000 during a five year span, so he clearly understood the needs of the company from both ends. Jacob Lief suggested his Ubuntu Model and the rest of the board got on board. The Ubuntu Model, in Lief’s own words, says “We now go for high net-worth individuals or family foundations who understand that highly restricted funding isn’t worth our time.” Lief’s decision to maneuver the company in this direction came with some shock due to the nature of fundraising but it ended up being a great move.

Any time that you focus on changing your fundraising model you have to be prepared to see funds dry up, at least a little bit. The switch to the Ubuntu Model led the company to start receiving more streamlined and efficient donations and, as a result, they are now more effective than ever.

Innovation With Bruce Bent

Bruce Bent II is an American Entrepreneur. Currently holding over 60 patents, Bruce’s accomplishments have contributed to the significant growth of FCID-Insured Cash Management business. He creates short-term asset management solutions.
Bruce has held President and CEO positions in a company called The Reserve, a privately held money market institution. He has also had a position as CEO of Hallmark Investment Series Trust. He also serves start-up companies with investing, consulting and advising services.
Currently, Mr. Bent is Vice President and Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a financial technology company. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, which is a peer network of 10,000 global businesses worldwide. Mr. Bent’s previous job positions include a tenure with B2 Consulting, LLC., and Access Control Advantage, LLC. He does extensive work in managing retirement funds. Bruce was also President of the financial company The Reserve, where he expanded and diversified product lines.
Bruce Bent’s name has appeared in many prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and New York Times. His entrepreneurial ventures include asset management, financial technologies, intellectual properties, pharmaceuticals and more. Bruce is a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association as well as a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.
Bruce Bent is an active businessman who is always moving and looking for new ideas. He stays connected with clients, coworkers, and peers, and always has his phone and computer readily accessible. He believes in being as productive as possible and constantly comes up with positive new ideas to expand and contribute to the business. Bruce credits some of his success to having communication readily available.
He believes that performance is more important than higher education, and does not feel that a college degree is necessary to be successful. He also feels that businesspeople need to be resilient, open to learning, and gain experience through failures and success.

For more information on Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii