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Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions: Investing for Tomorrow

Richard Blair is a popular figure in the Dallas community. He is known for many things, but the most notable ones are offering financial advice and services to the residents of this community. In this area, he deals with people from all walks of life ranging from individuals, families and small business enterprises.

Blair has been inspired by his mother and grandmother who were both teachers. He has acknowledged the way teaching can influence a person especially improving their self-esteem and confidence. He has always had some passion for finance. This coupled with the influence of his family background led him to establish Wealth Solutions Company. This was back in 1994, and the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

With the many years of experience in the financial world, he can offer any financial advice that the clients may need. His firms remain committed to offering the best unbiased and objective advice to the Dallas community. The company also continues to help its clients to grow while at the same time protecting their assets. Richard Blair has many certifications which include CES, CAS, CFS as well as RICP. According to Blair, success is not just a matter of luck. Instead, it requires a lot of planning. Richard Blair and his firm follow a three-pillar plan to help the client manage their financial situation and needs.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has engineered the first pillar to be in such a way that the client can set up a good financial map. This is the point where crucial items like the growth opportunities of this roadmap are identified. This roadmap also identifies other factors such as goals, strengths as well as the risk tolerance involved. This is where the firms get to understand the history of the client. Where is he or she coming from?

Wealth Solutions has designed the second pillar to establish a long-term strategy that will ensure that the client meet their objectives. This is where the firm narrows down to the specific investment and liquidity needs of every client. This is where Wealth Solutions maximizes performance and reduces risks involved especially during the recession period. The third and final pillar allow Wealth Solutions to take care of the insurance needs of the client. This is the stage where annuities are also taken care of. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions has specialized in financial goals, Banking, and portfolio management as well as investments and retirements.

Top Technology Staffing Firm Diversant Led by John Goullet

Diversant is a company that specializes in providing staffing services for companies looking for information technology workers. The firm has been around since the mid 1990’s and has established itself as one of the top companies in its industry. This firm emphasizes the values of diversity, discipline and teamwork. With these values, the firm will help a number of technology professionals find the employment and career opportunities that they seek. It also helps a number of different companies find the ideal technology professionals for its departments. Diversant works within its staff and its clients to make sure that they are able to facilitate the ideal employment arrangement. As a result, Diversant has proven to be a leader at helping both technology professionals and companies reach their goals.

John Goullet is the current principal of Diversant and has been leading the firm for two decades. As principal of Diversant, John has established the firm as a leading source of placing top technology professionals with companies looking to fill positions. With his expertise, Goullet understands what it takes to succeed in the technology field as well as what technology procedures need to be followed in order to maximize efficiency. By adopting the organization’s core values, Goullet has led the firm to provide expertise, advice and feedback to both technology professionals and companies. As a result, both parties will often be in great position to get the ideal arrangement that best meets their goals.

Prior to becoming a business executive, John Goullet worked as a consultant for a number of companies that specialized in computing. He would provide advice and feedback about computer systems, hardware, software and what technologies are most efficient. This would help a number of companies stay up to date on current computer technology. Once the mid 1990’s came around, Goullet realized that there were many companies looking to hire technology workers. This was a golden opportunity for him to start up a company that can be quite lucrative. He founded his own staffing firm that helped companies hire technology workers. Goullete would later merge his company with Diversant and then be appointed as its current principal.

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Milan, Italy Is Now Becoming A Destination For Talk Fusion Associate Vacations

Milan, Italy one of the world’s most picturesque regions and home to both historical landmarks and entertainment venues is now on the list for Talk Fusion vacations. Talk Fusion has always offered vacations as part of its incentives program, and this vacation is 100% paid for by the company. Associates who meet monthly requirements can qualify for this vacation and will win their plane ticket and stay in a luxurious hotel they would otherwise only dream of staying in. This trip is scheduled for December in 2017, and joins the list of other destinations Talk Fusion has put on their list including Maui, Hawaii and Dubai in the UAE.


Talk Fusion is a multilevel marketing company that was built on a philosophy of allowing people to put the work in that they want to and be able to pursue their dreams of living independently and getting to spend more time with family. The way this business model works is people who join Talk Fusion’s associate program can market and sell their products and earn commission doing so. If they start making weekly and monthly sales quotas, they then start qualifying for rewards and can earn prizes such as expensive jewelry and paid vacations.


Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina, a man who wanted his own life to be more than the 9 to 5 pace he had always been living at. Several years ago, he had wanted to build a program that could send videos as emails without having to send large attachment files, and after succeeding in having it developed, that became Talk Fusion. Since then, Talk Fusion has evolved into a regular video marketing product suite that not only includes video emails, but also newsletters, online meeting and chat software, and website signup forms. Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Recorder even won a Product of the Year award this last year. Reina has encouraged philanthropy among his associates, donating over $1 million himself to Tampa Bay’s pet shelters, and now allowing associates to donate a Talk Fusion account to a charity of their choice.

Eric Pulier, the Man with a Heart of Gold

Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. After graduating, Eric went to Harvard University where he attained his BA and Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University in 1988. Had you told him that he would be the co-founder, founder, and investor in over 15 companies he would not have believed it. Years later the industrialist now owns some of the famous brands in the globe. Over the years Pulier has invested millions of dollars of his money in businesses and business ideas that many people would have ignored. Some of the brands that he has a direct input include Digital Evolution, Us Interactive, Media Platform, Desktone and ServiceMesh among many more businesses.Eric Pulier has not only redefined the way people do business, but he has also embraced technological advancements that help curb the day to day problems that we face.

Also, the entrepreneur, technologist, published author, columnist, public speaker and philanthropist has also invested heavily in venture capital funds and charitable organizations. The most notable VC’s include eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, and just recently he announced that a new firm with some of the most distinguished names would be launched very soon. It just goes to show you the lengths that Eric will go in making sure that irrespective of your age, race, and gender everyone will get the necessary tools to make it in business as proved by the way he invests heavily. Eric’s investments have helped a great deal to this day as most of the companies he has invested in have become major brands in the business world. Pulier is also a father of four children and serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for children with chronic disease. Through the Camp, kids have been helped cope with their chronic diseases as they get the necessary medication needed, quite a gentleman indeed.

In conclusion, in 2010, Pulier was honored for his work in bringing technical innovation to the health care needs in Africa. In an event where he was the top-billed honoree, Pulier’s presence attracted a packed house of paid attendees and well-known businesspeople from all walks of life as they all came to see the gentleman that had changed the way technology was being used to help the society. No matter where he goes, Eric Pulier is a man that commands great attention.

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Let Handy Get All The Cleaning Done

Cleaning can be such a hard task that many people don’t take it on and may let their home become very dirty before they realize that there is a problem. Those that have no time to clean their home now have a great solution, which is the Handy company. Many are still only just learning about the Handy company, but they’ve been around long enough to where many people are making use of their services. Handy isn’t only a cleaning service, although cleaning homes is the most popular service that Handy offers, they also offer a lot more.

Plumbing services, moving services, assembly services and a lot more can all be found at Handy, and even those who need their house painted or inside their house painted can also get services from Handy as well. Although Handy mostly appeals to residential homes, anyone who has a business that needs any type of service that Handy offers can also benefit as well. Handy makes it easy to acquire their services by having everything online. Those that need more information about Handy can find it online as well as those that want to make an appointment for Handy services.

Those who make their appointments can make it online and can schedule it for as little as one day later, and future appointments are also available for those who don’t need the services done right away. According to Ecohustler UK as long as an account is created online, the customer can also feel free to make their payment for the service online as well. The customer will need to be very accurate about the work they need done to get the right estimate for the services, and payment can be made in the form of a credit or debit card. Customers can also tip Handy workers if they want to.


The Importance of Shampoo Brands

There are thousands of products on the shelves that are for hair care, which makes it fairly overwhelming when making a decision as to what is best for you. We are all different, including our hair. Some people have oil issues, some people have thinning issues, and so on. The most important thing to consider is that there are damaging ingredients in most mainstream shampoos and conditioners.

While most people use these products for various reasons, it is time for most to look into different lines of hair care. After causing so much damage to the hair, it takes a little bit of work to make sure it gets back to where it needs to be. That includes hair treatments, nurturing styling products, and reliable shampoos and conditioners.

Wen by Chaz has full lines of natural hair care for all hair types. The first step to figuring out what is best for you, is to gauge what your issues are. Once you know what you are looking for, you can look over their product lines. They are made in various, soothing scents like sweet almond mint and lavender. Wen is a high end hair care brand that has been changing lives for years.

Do you want fuller, stronger hair? Does your hair become too oily, too quickly? They have lines for that. They even have seasonal scents such as Fall Apple Spice, Ginger Pumpkin, and Tuscan Pear. With so many different options, you will find your hair feeling great and smelling amazing.

Look over the different products that Wen by Chaz has. They have thought of everything and they care about the health of everyone’s hair. You will find that your hair is far more luscious, strong, and far more controllable. They have ingredients that make your hair healthy, full of moisture, and gorgeous.

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