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Try Informercials Hair care from WEN conditioners and Brag for Your Worthy Strands

Chaz began his career in photography and this gave him the passion of venturing into hair care. He is known Los Angeles stylist whose proficiency in salons gave his an opportunity to host profound clientele base that is embed who’s is who in Hollywood.


Chaz attended school in Los Angeles and studied Cosmetology after being in numerous commercial photography classes that gave him the interest to join a school of cosmetology. Chaz is a specialized in Cutting and color and much interest in hair that transcended into an enormous Professional career.


Wen Hair by Chaz Dean ( was founded by Chaz, as within the career line he perfected his skills that led him to become a manager of a Salon in Bel Air. Chaz Dean engaged into a consultancy and he is involved in helping Highly-profiled companies develop product and thus, his career in developing product started to grow. Chaz purchased a salon and his clientele base included an impressive roster of celebrities.


Chaz Dean relocated his business from Los Angeles to Hollywood and renamed it Chaz Dean Studio because most of his clients came from Hollywood and his coming drew more from paparazzi and its environs.


Informercials are known hair conditioners that women like to brag about being a product of Wen hair by Chaz that referred it to be a magical bottle that works wonders in their hair. Infomercials is a fantastic hair care conditioner that transforms thin hair into mystic worthy stand through using Wen cleansing conditioner.


WEN hair cleansing conditioners are superb as they contain all essential products that are all in one Shampoo, conditioner, and Stylish treatment. Depending on the formulation that you use, these products offer a great deal on Ebay and works well even on any type of hair. It gives an allure of big, strong, moisture, and bouncy shiny air.


Stephen Murray: The Ex-CCMP CEO and President

A LinkedIn post, confirmed that Stephen P. Murray is an American who was born on 2nd August 1962.He spent his childhood at New York surburb in the Westchester County. Murray was the brain behind the founding of CCMP. He was the chief executive officer and the president until his resignation early February 2015 due what he termed as health reasons. CCMP was founded in 2006 after it split from JP Morgan Chase & company. This move was necessary in the sense that it was meant to avoid unnecessary conflicts with banks clients resulting from the association of CCMP and JP Morgan Chase & company.

Stephen Murray passed on a month after he resigned from CCMP. He died aged 52 years. He left behind a widow called Tami A. Murray and four sons. Until his demise Murray and his family resided in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stephen Murray joined Boston College where he graduated in the year 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Subsequently he furthered his studies by joining Columbia Business School and pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration graduating in the year 1989.

CCMP having been founded in 2006, subsequently in the following year Stehpen Murray was appointed the head of the company. In his tenure at the company he was a respected Investor and a real deal maker. CCMP is a private equity investment firm based in New York (read more at Fortune). The company specializes in quite a number of fields but majorly in mid-markets buyouts together with investments in growth equity.

Murray oversaw the growth of the company which in the year 2015 had raised funds amounting to $3.6 billion. CCMP undertakes investments that range between $100 million to $500 million per transaction making it among the top private investors in the United States and Europe.

Stephen Murray joined the firm in the year 1989 and has since been with the company as it underwent a lot of transformations that subsequently resulted into the formation of CCMP. Investments that CCMP prides itself include the field of energy, industrial, healthcare and consumer products among many others.

Mr. Stephen Murray entry into the firm was when it was still a private equity and leveraged- finance unit of manufactures known as Hanover. As a result of three subsequent mergers the name was changed to JP Morgan Chase & company in the year 2000. In 2005 Murray was made the head of the bank’s buyout business the position he held until CCMP spun out of JP. Morgan and become an independent firm.

Overview of Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Ideas and Experience

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investor in the stock market. Born in Brazil, he works for Bainbridge Investments, Inc, which is a firm that mainly deals with long-term investments, as of 2016. As the firm’s proprietor, his main objective is working towards realization of creative means of utilizing the stock market to ensure future success of stock industry.

Igor Cornelsen is widely recognized for his ability to help investors succeed in long-term investments by offering advice. He is an investment consultant who advises potential investors against investing in already damaged firms. Instead, Igor Cornelsen advises such people to shift their attention to investing in damaged stock. It is because of these expert investment techniques that Cornelsen is regarded by many as a shrewd leader in the world of stock business.

According to many stock market investors, the investment technique propagated by Igor Cornelsen is sensitive and appropriate when investing in firms with decreased stock prices resulting from problems that only last for a short period of time. His tips are published in various media, including CNBC.coms, in the United States. One publication on is the one in which he advises investors who intend to invest in South America.

Cornelsen possesses a wealth of experience in the realm of stock investment. He knows the best areas for investment on in the stock market that’s why he is better placed to offer advice to those who contemplate investing in the stock market. Despite inescapable competition from other investors in the stock industry, he shares his knowledge, experience and business tips freely to ensure that new investors in the stock industry succeed. According to Igor Cornelsen, the new investors should take time to learn the stock market. He suggests that for the new investors to succeed in the market, they should establish good relationships with the natives of the place where they intend to establish their investments. Additionally, Igor Cornelsen advises that the investors should be conversant with the rules and regulations of the place.

Cornelsen rendered services to various big banks in Brazil prior to joining Bainbridge Investments. As a banker on, he is remembered for controlling a huge part of the economy of Brazil prior to his retirement from banking. As of 2016, Cornelsen considers investment as his big pastime. He resides in Boca Raton, South Florida. He likes flying to his home country, Brazil, where he spends almost half of his time. He is also engages in playing golf during his free time.

The Ranch Bellamy’s and Brian Bonar, a recipe for success

Before we talk about Brian Bonar’s luxury restaurant Bellamy in San Diego, let’s take a glance at who Brian Bonar is.
He is a successful finance executive who leads Trucept, Inc. and has also had leadership positions in other companies like Dalrada Financial Corporation. This man knows how to build a business structure that works thanks to his extensive technical background. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College for Technical Engineering. He also has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

San Diego Magazine has it that Brian Bonar also worked for IBM at one time as a procurement manager and after was the Director of Engineering for QMS where he was over 100 other people. He was also a sales manager at Adaptec. Later he started his own business (Bezier Systems). After that he continued to work for other companies and found success with Dalrada Financial Services. Brian was awarded the Who’s Who in America in the year 2,000. As far as personal likes he plays golf, goes on boating trips and loves to spend time with the family.

When Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in North County, it was a bistro, Bellamy’s. It had once been called Tango, where they unsuccessfully tried to bring progressive dining to Escondido. It was renamed Bellamy’s, and Bonar looked for the new staff at one of his favorite restaurantsÑEl Bizcocho in the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Bonar wanting to create a restaurant mini-empire also has the nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon where he plans to turn the 144-acre property into a four-star event space with a signature restaurant. This is where Chef Ponsaty comes into the picture. A Master Chef of France in Escondido!

Well known Chef Patrick Ponsaty hopes to transform The Ranch at Bandy Canyon into a fine dining destination. Meanwhile while The Ranch takes form at Bellamy’s a master chef is already cooking in this hole in the wall. There is redesigning in the works very soon at this plain dining room, but the menu is another thing all together. Local mushrooms and sea scallops in a truffle scented Carpaccio; beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and goat cheese; duck sauvage, wild boar and Spanish hare; bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels cherry-spiked g‰teau Basque and tender canelŽs from Bordeaux on the dessert menu. When asked to describe his style of cuisine Ponsaty simply replies with a laugh French.

Brian Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens has the reins of Bellamys while chef Ponsaty finally gets what he has desired for his whole career, Freedom. Brian was a fan of Ponsaty for some time already and now they work together to bring us more ambrosia. Ponsaty is a collaborator of Bellamy’s, now The Ranch and a pizza place The Italian Next Door.

With this fantastic combination of proper management, finances and gastronomic delights Bellamys has the recipe for success!


Crystal Hunt Enjoys Her Role on Queens of Drama

Reality television is extremely popular. People around the country love watching the daily life of their favorite celebrity. Every episode offers new insight into the way people live and function. There are hundreds of great reality television programs, each offering a new opportunity for the viewer. Queens of Drama is one of the latest television programs to give new insight into celebrity culture.

Queens of Drama is a new show on POP, which first aired last year. This show follows several major drama actresses throughout their daily life. Each episode allowed viewers to further understand the struggles that these actresses endure. Shopping, holding parties, and dealing with difficult people are a major part of each day. The actresses on this show include Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, and Vanessa Marcil. The show has received great reviews and is sure to be a new favorite.

Crystal Hunt is an extremely successful drama actress. She was proud to appear on Queens of Drama and her performances have drawn viewers in. She was quick to point out the semi-scripted nature of the show to her fans, stating that the events are real, but she is encouraged to act a certain way. The ability to work with other famous drama actresses including Joan Collins of Dynasty fame make Queens of Drama a passionate project for Crystal. She loves getting fans to check out her Instagram, as well as meeting fans of the show and returning fans that appreciate her new role on POP.

While Queens of Drama is an amazing new show, Crystal has been working in the industry for years. She started as a pageant contestant as a young child and quickly moved into the acting industry. In the mid-2000s, she was able to work on Guiding Light. Playing the troubled daughter of Beth Raines for four years. Fans loved her in this role, and she received critical acclaim as well. She received a Daytime Emmy nomination for her role in Guiding Light. After Guiding Light, Crystal worked on several films including Derby Stallion and Sydney White. She also appeared on One Life to Live on ABC. Fans loved Crystal’s dramatic flair and she is constantly receiving new offers. Crystal has a bright career ahead of her, and her Facebook fans will be along for the ride.

Viewers crave insight into their favorite stars. Queens of Drama is an excellent television show, which allows viewers to empathize with their favorite characters. Crystal Hunt is proud to share her life with her fans and she looks forward to sharing her future works with her amazing fans.  For her dramatic side, Crystal’s YouTube reel is a perfect taste of what this talented young actress has to offer.  FamousBirthdays has more on the actress, as she continues to see her star shine.

Testing out Wen by Chaz

When it comes to high profile haircare products, it is hard to get any higher than Wen by Chaz. With WEN Hair, individuals receive a top of the line product, yet it is not something available in stores. It can only be purchased directly through the sephora website, and this comes with a subscription (although the subscription can be cancelled at any time). For someone who is interested in the product, it is important to know how it is going to affect their hair and what all it takes to receive the quality hair after finishing using the product. All of this is important as it is not the cheapest product on the market. So, knowing how it is going to interact with someone and their hair is vital.

First of all, it is very important for anyone considering using Wen hair to understand it is going to not be a shampoo. This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have with the product. For whatever reason, people purchase WEN Hair from Amazon and immediately assume it is going to be the shampoo. The fact of the matter is, it is not a shampoo but a conditioner. It is designed to inject hair with large amounts of vitamins and minerals hair requires to grow strong and to become fuller and thicker. The shampoo is designed more for removing oil and other buildup found in the hair. That is why anyone who is looking for the product needs to still use their own shampoos while using Wen by Chaz.

WEN Hair is especially thick, but as long as someone spends the necessary time removing the conditioner from the hair and rinsing it out, they should have no problem and will enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair whenever they rinse out.


The Rise and Fall of Kyle Bass and his Investment Strategies

Kyle Bass is widely known as the guy who made one good financial move and later his career took a nose dive. Back in 2006, the confident Bass made a fortune by correctly predicting a crash in the subprime mortgage sector. His prediction saw him make almost $500 million.

Series of Bad Moves

However since then, Bass has been unable to repeat this feat and is today seen as one of the most unethical investors in the financial markets. After his subprime mortgage success, Bass later predicted the economic crash of Japan and Greece by 2012, with other countries following suit in the next coming years. However, this never came to pass and by 2016, he had come up with another unscrupulous method of turning profit.

Cashing in on Pharmaceutical Companies

UsefulStooges were first to report that Kyle Bass formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs in order to fight various patent rights of selected pharmaceutical companies. He joined forces with infamous patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, to legally challenge selected patents while at the same time short selling the shares of the pharmaceutical firm. Their primary aim was to devalue the company shares and make a huge profit from their short sale. This created an uproar from the healthcare industry and initiated senate reforms to close loopholes used in patent challenges.

Support for the Ruling Argentine Government and General Motors

Bass has shown immense public support for embattled Argentinian ruler, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, despite her failing economic policies and tarnished reputation. In addition, in a bid to protect his investment in General Motors, he went on air to protect the position of the firm on the matter of faulty products released to the market. Although the company was accused of knowingly releasing faulty cars that killed people, Bass was adamant that it was the fault of the victims who either refused to wear seat belts or drove while intoxicated.

About Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is the founder and owner of Hayman Capital Management. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas and was established as a hedge fund in 2005. Since its inception, Bass has worked hard to ensure the growth and profitability of the firm. In 2006, Bass became convinced that the real estate market in the United States was going to end up in crisis. As a result, he successfully bet and profited from the eventual subprime mortgage crisis and made nearly half a billion dollars.

Bass was born in Miami, Florida, in 1969. His father worked at the Fontainebleau Hotel as its manager. However, he later moved the family to Dallas, Texas where Bass grew up. After high school, the athletic Bass got an academic and diving scholarship to attend Texas Christian University. He later graduated in 1992 with a Business Administration degree in finance together with Real Estate Finance. Before starting his hedge fund, Bass worked for Prudential Securities, Bear Stearns and Legg Mason.

George Soros – Market Predictions

Billionaire George Soros warns the economic forum in Sri Lanka that international markets are facing a crisis and should take caution with investments and money markets. Countries, such as China, are struggling to find a model of new growth. Without new growth, it trickles down to the economic crisis handed to the rest of the world. The ultimate goal would be to return the interest rates to a positive standing, however, that is hard to do right now with the way the developing world is as well as the current environmental similarities compared to 2008.

The first week of the new year lead to global currency and stocks taking a negative impact in the commodity markets. China’s economy continues to take a plunge from investments and manufacturing services which is an added major concern for the communities as well as the government officials. Approximately $2.5 trillion was demolished from the value of global monies. Asia also experienced losses that reduced and stopped trading commodities for the rest of the day on Thursday. 

George Soros feels that China has a major investment problem and that because of that, they are facing a crisis in the financial markets. It will pose a serious challenge when it comes to building and rebuilding certain global strategies. The crisis, Soros feels, is similar to what they faced in 2008. He warned of the same crisis happening in 2008, happening now, and wants to evaluate the markets and ensure that they can overcome some of the negative impacts that have caused such an outbreak.

Soros has an estimated net worth of $27.3 billion on, and is responsible for a 20 percent increase of income from 1969-2011. His hedge-fund firm has gained funds through proper investments and economic positive decision. His career began in the 1950s and his reputation continued to increase throughout the years with his investing powers.

China’s economy seems to be suffering with the economic loss of funds, however, China’s Communist Party has agreed to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020. Weakness in the world’s second-largest economy remains a problem for the world, as certain business practices as well as outcomes filter through the rest of the world. George Soros feels that the economic costs and decline can be salvaged, but it will take a lot to overcome the necessary work needed to perform such services. The sluggish manufacturing issues are at hand hard not to blame, but should be increased over time and allowed to raise their trading throughout the rest of the world. Interest rates in China have also been cut which has increased the government funding that needed to be placed in the economy. Soros predictions are valued and his suggestions are taken into great consideration. For more information on the article, click here.