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Beneful Treats For Your Dog Are Sure to Please

When it comes to quality dog foods, Beneful has proven to be an industry leader. This is no different when it comes to the dog food treats they offer as well. Treats are an important thing to have around for all dog owners, and healthy well-balanced treats are even more essential. Although it’s tempting to feed our dogs “human food” as treats, this can result in digestive problems. Beneful has properly formulated many varieties of dog treats, designed to promote health and well-being in your dog.

Beneful’s dog treats are in accordance to the standards of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), which is a non-governmental agency that ensures animal foods are quality products on All of Beneful’s dog food treats are made in America locally, and quality control is a top priority. Check out Beneful’s very friendly website to understand the extensive measures taken to ensure a healthy and safe product for your dog.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the specific treats Beneful on youtube offers to valued customers: Beneful’s Baked Delights, Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, and Healthy Smile Dental Twists. These are the three main brands of dog treats offered, but within these brands are 11 different types all-together. Let’s look at five of them:

– Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling and real bacon. As you may have guessed, these tasty treats from Beneful are in the shape of a heart. The oven-baked shortbread outside has a chewy center with the yummy filling sure to make your dog happy. Each piece contains 30.9 calories, 7% crude protein and 2.5% crude fiber.

– Baked Delights Snackers with peanut butter and cheese flavors. These also have a oven-baked outside with peanut butter and cheese fillings in different fun shapes. These tasty snacks have 23.8 calories each, 14% crude protein, and 3% crude fiber.

– Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese. This is the third of this brand of dog treats out of the five offered. These treats are in the shape of a star with the oven-baked outside sprinkled with chewy treats in the middle. These have 26 calories each, 10% crude protein, and 4% crude fiber.

– Healthy Smile Dental Ridges small/medium. This brand also comes in mini and large and contains real parsley and savory meat middles. These treats are made to reduce plaque and tarter build-up on your dog’s teeth, not to mention to freshen their breath and promote strong bones. Tasty treats your dog will love, which contain 61.2 calories each, 6% crude protein, and 1.5% crude fiber.

– Healthy Smile Dental Twists small/medium. This is the same concept as the ridges, but these treats are twisted in their shape. Also coming in mini and large size for different dog preferences. These treats come in a pouch weighing 7.4 ounces.
All five of these Beneful dog treats highlighted come in convenient pouches to preserve freshness. There is sure to be a dog treat here your dog will love, and by the positive feedback around each of them it’s apparent they’re dog tested and proven to satisfy. Having dog treats are important for training and rewarding the dogs we love, and Beneful offers a great choices with their well thought out and formulated brands.

The Iconic George Soros

The legend, Philanthropist, leader, entrepreneur and author has soured into greatness and has made several contributions towards the betterment of his fellow men by being diverse the Budapest-born is one of the lucky few to have managed to be one of the greatest investors in his generation and for that gained international notoriety back in the 90’s when he shorted the British pound on mere speculations thus dubbed as ”the person who single-handedly broke the England Bank.”

George Soros is also well celebrated for his management at his Quantum fund that made him a big earner as it averagely made yearly return of 30% and he is also said to be the one behind or trigger for the Asian economic disaster in 1997 with him leading the bet against the Thai baht. His open society foundation that was established in 1979 geared to one fact that the world is innately imperfect as such it can be enhanced.

His article in the New York Times provides a chance for the European Union to organize its house if it doesn’t want to be surprised in the near future as its bureaucracy lost its monopoly power with that unity is needed, flexibility and efficiency if it wants to stand a chance to save itself as other European countries are becoming more powerful by the minute.

He being an author has led him to write several masterpieces of articles that make him a force to be reckoned with and his plan to solve asylum chaos is quite remarkable as it is all about taking responsibility and looking at ways for improvement to secure a better future. Every penny has to be accounted for as adequate financing is critical so as to help fund the refugees living in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Safety channels have to be created for asylum-seekers to calm the panic as such the EU has to respond with a genuine asylum policy.

The icon that is George Soros is also known for providing numerous studentships for black students of the South African University of Cape Town and for Eastern European dissenters to study overseas paving the way for the kids to have the much-needed education as such a chance for them to be leaders of tomorrow making the world a better place.

“George Soros being a prominent supporter of democratic ideals all the way as shown by his Open Society Foundations which has been forefront for the support of democracy, human rights in more than 100 countries and funding Democrats in the right to vote cases just continues to show his importance making him a highly respected public figure that only goes to show that thought becomes action with that you can be whoever you want to be provided you put your mind to it and work hard giving it your all as such George Soros sets examples for others as he continues to be prolific.

Doing More In Two Decades Than Most Do In There Life, Yeonmi Park- Activist, Author, Young Adult

“In Order to Live : A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is a must read book by Yeonmi Park at It is currently listed on Amazon’s best of the month, book picks. She talks about what live was like growing up in North Korea, where fear was a normal feeling and freedom fell short of being defined and failed to exist. It is a very well written book by someone who is not just writing a book but, she was the story. It is important that we give her kudos for her valiant ability to get out with Yeonmi Park at family and rise above. This book is about doing something so difficult that most could not even imagine making the same decisions, yet alone as a child. It was released at the end of September in hardcover.

Pick up the book and stare into the eyes on the cover of the book. In one glance you will see a child and through her eyes you can see a powerhouse of strength, endurance and world changing, charisma. There is no denying that in this world two things tend to happen, the world either makes you or the world breaks you. The world has made, Yeonmi Park. That is not an assumption but a fact. When a child is so entrenched with anxiety that she believes she is being watched and heard by the dictator of North Korea. It is amazing that she was able to get past that and seek freedom. Yeonmi Park watched her mother get raped and she was sold. Tragedy a girl of 15 should not even know about.

She has endured so much, but the thing about Yeonmi is that her life is better for it. Yes that sounds like a crude statement but her misfortune is what is drilling a fire into her heart to fight and try and make this world a better place to live in.

Do Your London Vacation By Apartment!

Hotels aren’t your only option when vacationing in London; you may find that an apartment is a better fit. Apartment rental is fast out-pacing hotel accommodations for vacations, and it isn’t only because the costs are lower. Hotels are expensive, and there is no guarantee that those high rates will offer you good service. Often hotel rooms don’t live up to your expectations, and they are shabby and dirty. At hotels you are charged for every little item, and the prices for internet and that wet bar are scary, but there is another option in short-term apartment rentals.

Apartments are spacious, and the amenities are built in. They offer levels of privacy, comfort, cleanliness that just isn’t possible in hotel rental. Part of your vacation is eating at the fine London restaurants, but with an apartment you have the option of staying home, and preparing a special gourmet dinner in privacy. Preparing your own meals saves you even more money, and cuts down on cab and tube fares. The locations are convenient because short-term apartment rentals are available all over the city.

London has strategically located luxury apartments all over the city to fit any budget, and that pricey vacation becomes affordable for the entire family. The apartments come in all different sizes to accommodate any size group, and the services are equal or exceed hotel offerings. You can still get on sight seeing tours, and visit all the top attractions. With apartment rentals you can bring along your bicycles, and find yourself zooming beside the Thames for free. London offers a wide array of walking tours that are available to apartment renters at better rates than charged at the hotels.

Apartments are located in safe neighborhoods, and the security is tight for a worry free stay. The apartment rentals offer all the old world charm that is London in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Explore those famous museums, parks and shopping areas at your leisure, while strolling about like a native. Affordable luxury apartments fit for a family are available in the most attractive areas of London, Kensington, Chelsea, Convent Gardens, Westminster, and Mayfair are just a few of the prestigious neighborhoods where you can rent your own private and safe haven.

Renting in the same neighborhood as Queen Elizabeth, can’t be bad, and apartments are available within walking distance to Buckingham Palace. Consider a London apartment rental vacation this holiday, and enjoy the flowing Thames from your own window or balcony as you sip your tea.

Rooted In Diversity: Jaime Garcia Dias

Rio de Janeiro is a huge, sprawling metropolis with a massive statue of Christ overseeing the poor and the rich alike. From the “ghetto” conditions of Cuidad De Deus, the City of God–about which some profound literature and film have been devoted–to the downtown rich glitz playing host to Carnivale every year, Rio has a diversity unlike any other in the world. Born in that diversity seventy years into the twentieth century, Jaime Garcia Dias very soon translated the whirlwind of activity around him into some of the finest literature Brazil has ever seen, and even a popular video series on Vimeo.

Dias’ parents were very educated individuals, and that’s really saying something in Rio. There are very well-educated people that have a decent economic foothold in society. There are also those that come from a background without education, and continue thus throughout their lives. Because of the economic climate of Brazil in the seventies, when Dias was born, it’s almost a miracle he wasn’t one of the unfortunate uneducated statistics of the sprawling city. It is unthinkable that he would not have observed these elements of society growing up; and indeed his literature reflects the truth of the region. Perhaps this is a reason for its profound popularity.

Whatever the case, Dias’ educated upbringing as shown on LinkedIn, definitely had a hand in his writing. Dias’ father was a well-known writer already, and his mother an architect with some very well-liked projects to recommend her. With Rio and his parents shaping his psyche, Dias soon embarked on a literary quest, starting his first novel at the tender age of fifteen.

While many aspiring authors start writing young, Dias is one of the few who was able to do as much successfully. By the age of forty-five, he has managed to publish some twenty different novels on a variety of subject matter. And he didn’t stop at literature, either. Dias became an educator in 1995, teaching students out of high school how to write professionally. He soon became president of the same educational institution, and continues writing to this day. His most recent work is compiled from articles that were written weekly over the course of a year. The articles mainly described his upbringing and childhood in Rio, and the book compiling them was well-received.

It requires education and diversity to produce well-balanced literature which is enjoyable for a variety of readers. Dias has this diverse balance, and the education to not only translate his vision for readers everywhere, but to teach prospective writers how to do the same thing. There’s a reason Dias is instrumental to the Brazilian literature scene: his work demands it. Furthermore, being at his career’s height, Dias doubtless has many works to come and his CrunchBase continues to be updated with new career news about the man.

Telling the Whole Tale on a Wikipedia Page

Writers are people who have something to say. The art of writing is the art of communications. Writing can be both entertaining and informative depending upon the approach one chooses to take. For those who have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject, the written word can both inform and entertain. Wikipedia, the highly popular online encyclopedia provides a perfect venue for those who wish to write about a particular subject. Hopefully, all those with solid writing skills will create an account on the Wiki community and share what they know. If not, then no one else will be able to share in the knowledge they possess.

One of the most interesting aspects about how to make a Wikipedia page is that the online community provides a forum to write factual entries about virtually any subject. Be it a person, place, thing, event, work of art, or even concept in the abstract, Wikipedia probably will allow a page to be dedicated to it. As long as the page sticks to the facts and avoids critical analysis and editorializing, whatever is written onto the page is going to be allowed.

Writers who possess knowledge about a particular topic should seriously think about adding to the existing content on the site. If no content exists, then why not create that missing page. Again, it would be a shame if a writer held knowledge about a subject from others when sharing it is so easy. Upon creating a profile, all one has to do is use MediaWiki to write text or perform revisions, additions, and edits. Anyone who can use a basic word processor should be able to get a hang of MediaWiki.

Those who are not writers, but have a vested interest in seeing vital information find its way to Wikipedia should work with a company like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki provides full-service writing, editing, and monitoring work of Wikipedia on behalf of clients. All work is done at a high degree of professionalism and within the rules of Wikipedia’s guidelines.

So, if the client wants to see a Wiki page contain several paragraphs of previously omitted information but cannot do the writing on his or her own, Get Your Wiki steps in. The information is provided to Get Your Wiki and solid work is then done on the page.

The end result is a page that is as comprehensive as possible. Is that not what an encyclopedia entry should embody?