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Purina Dog Food Tops List Of Best Pet Foods

Purina dog food maybe one of the best dog food brands on the market today. This is a brand that has managed to become one of the most well-known brands because the creators believe in quality. As a pet owner I am well where that buying dog food can be very tricky. Dogs are not like children. They cannot talk and they cannot tell you whether the food you are buying is any good. This is why it is very important to read for yourself and find the best dog food for your pets. As someone that grew up with parents that also owned pets I was already exposed to the Purina Beneful dog food brand. I knew I at a very early age that this would be the best possible solution for any pets that I acquired. This is why I chose this brand, and that is why consumers are interested in this brand.

Purina has become a staple in the home of many dog owners. This food has become one of the most interesting brands because it has a lot of different flavors. This is what pets become interested in at my house. I know that my dogs cannot talk, but I truly do believe that they are excited about the different flavors of dog food presented by Purina. This is food that comes with vegetable and different types of meat blends. This is food that the average patient will benefit from because there are so many different types for dog food choices to choose. If the dog has a problem with weight and growing there is a special food available for this. If the dog has an issue with their weight or any other ailment there is also a dog food bring for this. It is safe to say that Purina is really covering all of the bases when it comes to a selection diverse dog food. I know that there are many other brands on the market, but I don’t see why anyone would want to waste time trying anything else. This is one of those brands that has become familiar not only because of the well-known name but because it has continued to provide customers with a higher quality than the rest.

The customer that makes a commitment to start buying Purina Beneful will discover that there is a lot less dog food that is wasted. There are also a lot of dog food buyers that are going to discover that this dog food is affordable even though it has high quality nutrients for dogs. This is a rare combination and that is why many consumers have remained loyal to this brand.

It is going to be one less headache for the dog owner that takes the time to buy quality food for their pets. This is going to be a huge money saver in the long run. Consumers that have chosen Purina have made the right choice for their wallets and the health of their pets.

Doe Deere Takes on Makeup Giants with Fun and Fantasy Palettes

It’s only been seven years, so it is still a rather young company. I’m talking about Lime Crime makeup; the colorful cosmetics company launched in October 2008 by young entrepreneur from Russia, Doe Deere.

It’s not easy surviving in the world of beauty when long established makeup giants like Revlon, Estee Lauder and others squeeze out the competition. To make it and actually thrive is quite the challenge, but then again, that’s what makes Doe Deere tick.

“Whatever I do — fashion, modeling, makeup — I do with vigor. I aim to be the best I can be because I want to create a brand I can be proud of, and products that inspire people and bring good energy into the world.”

Those quotes come from Doe Deere’s former blogazine. I miss her writings a lot, because I learned plenty from her vignettes about life, makeup and business.

Lime Crime makeup is not like the others and that is what makes the brand stand tall. Doe Deere has created a cosmetics line that goes beyond the pretty. Her sparkly eye shadows and “amped up” lipsticks are crazy colorful. She has carved out a niche that never existed, makeup of the moment for young women everywhere.

Lime Crime cosmetics are readily available online here. The makeup is also sold by retailers like Urban Outfitters and shops in Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

I think makeup should be fun say’s Deere on a storyexchange interview; I don’t think you have to wear makeup if you don’t want to, but I find that applying a few products can do a couple of good things. First, makeup is very freeing, allowing you to be you. Secondly, wearing cool, modern makeup can transform you from the inside out. For girls who often don’t feel like they belong, and trust me, we have all been there at some point in our lives, makeup matters.

Lime Crime is unique; these bold opaque shadows, liners and lipsticks are high quality. Probably Doe Deere’s most popular product are her Unicorn lipsticks which come in pretty purple tubes adorned with her signature unicorn design. These lipsticks rock! I’ll never forget buying my first Unicorn lipstick and wearing it so proudly. It was one of Doe Deere’s tamer shades, called Great Pink Planet (milkshake pink). For me, it was like creating a true doll’s face, so beautiful with my porcelain complexion.

I tend to love pink, so I also got obsessed with the Zodiac Glitter of Lime Crime makeup. I wear the shade Sagittarius a lot, so I keep buying pots and pots of it. My sister can’t get enough of their Grunge Palette, one of the most amazing shadow kits ever invented. Estee Lauder wishes they had come up with that idea. The Grunge Palette is full of cool colors like rusty reds, stone, shades like bruised fruit, as Doe Deere would describe the palette. The Grunge Palette is so popular, you’re only allowed one per customer.

I love Lime Crime makeup!

How Sergio Cortes Found Success As A Michael Jackson Impersonator

Sergio Cortes has been keeping the memory of Michael Jackson alive for many years. It all started when he was just a child singing and dancing to the hit songs in his home. He was just like other fans who wanted to sing along to the songs, dance to the music videos and step into the shoes of his childhood hero. It was a hobby that made him popular among his peers. The impersonating did not stop with his singing and dancing. Sergio even looks like Michael Jackson himself. It was hard to believe this was Sergio and not the King of Pop.

His life changed when a photographer asked for permission to snap and publish a photograph of Sergio in the local newspaper. The photographer wanted the world to see the man who closely resembled Michael Jackson. The publication gained him instant popularity from the media and other fans. Photographers even sold pictures of Sergio as authentic Michael Jackson pieces.

The attention Sergio Cortes received pushed him towards a career in the entertainment industry. Sergio Cortes did not start on this career until Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. He was invited by a management company to perform in a stage show as Michael Jackson. Sergio accepted the offer and started his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. His rising popularity has created a large following of devoted fans. He has thousands of likes and comments from fans on his official Facebook page. He has even appeared on multiple television shows in Brazil. His appearance on the popular Spanish television program “Laura” has gained him a lot of attention from fans and other media outlets.

Sergio Cortes can be found performing concerts for fans all over the world. It is the perfect opportunity for loyal fans to hear their favorite Jackson songs performed live. The talent, passion and devotion of Sergio has earned him the title of the best Michael Jackson impersonator today. It should be noted that Sergio is not someone who wants to ride on the coattails of this late entertainer. He is just a longtime fan who wants to keep the memory of Michael in the hearts of all his fans.

Could Sergio Cortes Pass For MJ?

There are very many impersonators of Michael Jackson, but none of these has been as similar to him as Sergio. Raised and born in Barcelona, Sergio is a striking image of MJ. This is not only characterized by his way of dressing or dancing skills but also the physical mannerisms and appearances that are so alike to Jackson’s.
Sergio started impersonating MJ ever since he was a tiny boy. In the beginning, he did not strive to imitate Michael; he simply adored the way he made his moves and since he idolized him, started copying the moves. He nonetheless looked so much like MJ that crowds started drawing close to him wherever he went.
Sergio Cortes, the star we know of today, was born when a local reporter posted one of his videos and pictures on the internet. Sergio’s recordings became appraised almost right away, and he began getting all these requests to perform Michael Jackson’s songs in shows.
It was not till Sergio was a teenager that many people began showing up to watch him dance and sing just like MJ, that he realized he possessed a future in the show business. As he continued growing, he started learning about himself, how to make vocal notes as Michael’s as well as refining the dancing moves. Irrefutably, MJ made a big mark as an amazing entertainer. The moonwalk dancing technique is the best signature dancing move that characterizes Michael world over.
The innate ability for Sergio to perform just like Michael set him apart from the rest of impersonators in the world. Currently at the age of 44, Sergio has dance moves, vocal sounds and striking looks just like MJ’s that is very confusing.
There are many videos by Sergio Cortes on the internet that that display his incomparable skills in taking off Michael’s dancing moves and singing his widely known songs.

When he amalgamates the special effects, costumes, music and his dancing moves, he simply brings to live the king of pop on stage performing. These performances all the time leave the fans mesmerized.
Cortes currently resides and performs in Brazil and is a renowned celebrity there. His fans have embraced his work making him renowned in Brazil and South America. Most of these fans claim that Sergio is the splitting image of MJ and idolize and love him almost the same as they did the king of pop it is actually enthralling. He has acquired a universal following thanks to his top-notch performances. He keeps in touch with his fans via social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, with slightly over 17,300 likes in his Facebook page.

Get Local, Get A Vacation Rental In London

Whether you are looking for a museum to admire, a place to dance the night away, or a beautiful park to stroll along–London is your one stop destination. There is no wonder why it is one of the most popular vacation destinations for tourists, raking in about 16.8 million visitors in 2013. The streets are a study in antithesis. Tradition is juxtaposed against modernity. Ravers, business people, artists, and families can all find something wonderful to do in London to satisfy one (if not all) of their interests. A vacation rental is the best way to immerse oneself in a truly local experience and get the most out of a trip.

London Vacation Rentals differ from hotels in several ways. Instead of booking a room like in a hotel, vacation rentals rent out a fully furnished house or apartment. These come with fully functional amenities including private bathrooms, kitchens, washers, dryers, televisions, and more depending on the property rented. Vacation rentals also offer extra space to stretch your legs after a day of exploring the Thames or shopping along in Mayfair. Another factor separating vacation rentals and hotels is the privacy one gets from having their own personal space. Much like hotels though, pricing is dependent on where and how long the stay is, but there are spaces for each price point from budget to luxury.

There are so many websites for a traveler to scout out that perfect vacation rental that it can easily become overwhelming. WorldEscape offers an easy and secure way to search for the right place to fit your needs. They ease the process by their well organized site which gives details about each of the hand-picked rental properties available. Making a decision on where to stay during a trip can make or break an experience. Each home or apartment is handpicked by the people at WorldEscape. Photos, a property description, a list of amenities, a neighbor guide, and a map feature all create an involved experience which allows you to really get a feel for the vacation rental before seeing it in person.

The reservation process for World Escape is online with a secure and safe payment process. You either book directly and get a confirmation of the booking immediately or you request to book the property and will receive an approval or disapproval within 24 hours. Once booked, you will be given the contact information for your personal greeter from WorldEscape who will meet you at the property and give you the keys. After that, London is your oyster.

What You Need To Know About Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is a highly regarded attorney and Director at Phatsima Diamond. This reputable lawyer has been providing superior legal services for more than 22 years. He has done a great job of building Phatsima Diamond into one of the most reliable law firms in Bellville, South Africa. If you are dealing with any type of legal matter in South Africa, get in touch with Mr Frans Schoeman for proper guidance and advice.

Dealing with an issue that requires a lawyer’s assistance? Looking for the most suitable lawyer for your situation? Whether you are facing a simple legal case or a complex matter, you definitely need to hire a good lawyer. You don’t want to choose just any lawyer to handle the case for you. Although there are many good lawyers out there, not all of them have the expertise to represent you.

It takes some time and effort to find the right lawyer for your situation. Start by talking to friends and relatives to see who has hired a lawyer in your area in the past. These people will be glad to tell you whether they were satisfied with the lawyer’s performance. Once you have collected a few names and contact information, you need to perform background check and read reviews about the lawyers on your list of possibilities. It is also advisable to visit each lawyer’s website to learn more about the services offered as well as cost and other pertinent details.

When the time comes to deal with your legal problem you certainly want the most reputable lawyer you can find. It is also important to hire a lawyer with enough experience in the field. Find someone who has great expertise in the field. Frans Schoeman is a well experienced lawyer, and a visit to his website will certainly provide more details about the various areas of law he focuses on.

Before hiring a lawyer, it is necessary to meet with the lawyer and have a discussion. You should never choose a lawyer before you have had a chance to have a good discussion and review of your legal issue. You should choose a lawyer you can feel comfortable with, and that means someone you can get along with.

It is absolutely necessary to have everything about retainer fees and agreement in writing to avoid problems. There are several fee structures and billing methods used by lawyers in getting paid for their services and a reputable lawyer will make sure that you understand how things work in his law firm.

Mr Frans Schoeman oaccording to is a great person to deal with. He has a nice professional attitude and listens to his clients’ concerns. He allows his clients to ask questions and he does his best to explain things in a clear and easy to understand manner. Frans Schoeman makes sure his clients are comfortable with fee structure before signing in agreement. Mr Frans Schoeman is well liked and respected by his clients and his peers.

Enjoy your Time in London with WorldEscape

When you are visiting London, there are many needs to consider when selecting a place to stay. First, think if you have any friends or family members in the area that would host you. Staying with people you know is an excellent way to catch up with connections.

If you would rather explore England’s expansive history of hospitality, there are plenty of other options. One is a hostel. Hostels provide a rich, unique communal environment that allows travelers to meet each other and engage in discussion as well as get to know each other and hear each others stories. WorldEscape has a variety of London vacation rentals options such as shared dormitories or private rooms available to rent.

Bed and breakfasts are also available to stay at, and have the added bonus of a delicious home-cooked meal with a cozy environment. Bed and breakfasts offer the pleasure of a home like environment along with a private room, and the help of locals who will be more than happy to answer questions and make your stay as fun as possible.

A third option is a hotel. Hotels can run the gamut of basic to a luxurious spa with a pool and work out room. Everyone has different tastes, and Worldescape allows you to easily compare prices and gives descriptions of the options you have when you are traveling. What is your dream for your London trip?

WorldEscape is a family run company that has people available on the ground to answer any questions. They know all of the accommodations that they provide and are a priceless resource as they have been in the internet booking business since the beginning of the Internet trend. They have places to stay in many London neighborhoods, and are a click or a phone call away. WorldEscape has created a website that allows a user to search for a place to stay, but are also available at a more personal basis to find the perfect hotel, bed and breakfast, apartment, or other temporary stay location.

Safety First With Skout

I was brand new to online dating when I discovered Skout. I just knew I needed something different. I was trying to meet people by doing the bar scene and it just was not working. Then, I tried going on blind dates. That didn’t work either. Finally, my friends set me up. I figured out what the problem was after each and everyone of those incidents. The problem was that I was virtually dating a stranger and I didn’t like that whatsoever. For one, I didn’t know if I had anything in common with these people! Another problem was that I feared for my safety. I knew I needed to stop what I was doing and try something knew.

The main reason that I like Skout more than any of the other online dating apps available is because it’s the app that makes me feel the safest. I have never worried about my safety and well-being while chatting with people online and even taking that next plunge of meeting them. That’s because the support staff at Skout is awesome! They are always quick to respond and willing to help out with any major issues that arise. They have a section where I can report abuse if I ever feel like someone’s not treating me fairly. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use this. It’s very nice that it’s available though. It truly keeps Skout as a trusted community.

Skout further keeps the online community safe by separating it into two distinct groups. There’s a community for teenagers and one for adults. This is fantastic! It’s truly great to finally have an app that understands how important it is to separate the two. It keeps people talking to the age-appropriate groups. This avoids any predators from going after under age girls and boys.

Skout never compromises my safety. I’ve been on apps before where it’s told me when someone was within a few feet of me. I was creeped out. Skout never does this. Instead, they give out general locations instead of specific locations. They’ll never tell someone else when I’m on the same street as them or at the same place as them.

Finally, Skout tells me exactly who views my profile. I never have to worry about who was lurking on my page, rather I can check it out for myself. Overall, Skout really does the best job that it can to make sure that all it’s users are safe. Skout wants everyone to keep an eye out for one another because it is a community site. They also get involved as well when they need too. Our safety is their number one priority and that’s truly the way it should be. I wouldn’t be on Skout if I wasn’t 100% certain that it was certified to be safe. I’ve met a few people off of the site and I’ve never had any problems. That’s because I followed the guidelines that Skout put forward and I kept my safety as the number one goal in my mind.

The Rise of Susan McGalla as a Businesswoman

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman and a consultant living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Previously, McGalla has worked for a number of corporations such as American Eagle Outfitter, The Wet Seal, and P3 Executive Consulting.
McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, where she was brought up together with her two brothers. Her father, a local football coach, trained her to hard work without paying attention to her gender. She did her early and high school education in East Liverpool before joining Mount Union College for her undergraduate studies. She graduated from the college with a Business and Marketing degree in 1986.
The fresh graduate joined Joseph Horne Company in 1986 to start her career in management and marketing. Her eight years in the company saw her serve in various marketing and management positions. She was appointed by American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 to become the Divisional Merchandise Buyer (women’s clothing). Before she joined the corporation, the corporation only sold men’s sportswear. Her special marketing skills enabled the corporation to diversify into women’s clothing. The new division picked up quickly and increased American Eagles Outfitter’s revenues and profitability. This in turn led to the rapid expansion of company.
In January 2003, her hard work and expertise saw her being promoted to be the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the American Eagle Brand. At the position, she was responsible for overseeing designs, marketing, and merchandising of the brand globally. It also gave her a chance to manage other three brands owned by American Eagle Outfitters.
She was appointed to be the President and the Chief Merchandising Officer of the American Eagle Outfitters in 2007. She left the post in 2009 to become an independent consultant.
The Wet Seal appointed Susan McGalla in 2011 as their Chief Executive Officer. This was to help the corporation reinvent the Wet Seal brand. She managed to do a thorough market research and used the information to develop and execute a new brand strategy for the corporation. This resulted into improved quality and trends of The Wet Seal merchandise.
In 2013, she founded the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Through the firm, McGalla uses her experience in retail industry to advise other corporations. She advises them on business strategies, effective management strategies, marketing strategies, and branding. She recently took a Director of Strategic Planning and Growth post at The Pittsburgh Steelers. At the firm, she is involved in fostering and growing the American brand.
Susan McGalla believes that women can also succeed in the business world by competing against their male counterparts. She has been involved in motivating and mentoring female students and working women by using herself as an example. Susan McGalla is married to Stephen McGalla. The couple has two children and lives together in Pittsburgh.

Image Recognition Technology Used by Slyce

Slyce is a company that specializes in product and image recognition platform allowing consumers to identify and buy items that are offered by retailers. Slyce uses advanced visual search technology that is available on smart phones and other devices like desktop, laptops etc, to enable retailers to be ready to assist consumers in their areas of interest. Consumers are able to apply product recognition technology by identifying something they like on various social sharing sites. Indeed, Slyce has improved the way retailers interact with customers, and also the way consumers search and purchase items.

Slyce’s objective is to allow people snap photos of items in the real world and then assist them in identifying those items and direct them where to find to find the products. The company provides technology as a package to work under a platform called white-label solution. Slyce has partnered with six out of 20 top retailers across the U.S. The application will first identify the item, and then determine unique features on that item.

Market strategy and opportunity
Slyce’s marketing strategy is centered on creating a relationship with consumer brands and using modern technology as a reliable m-commerce solution. Therefore, the company’s marketing strategy is focused on strengthening and developing partnership with retailers and brands. The company has an immense market opportunity where the use of smart phones has facilitated M-commerce platform which is a major source of revenue for retailers.

Slyce has created opportunities for consumers to discover products they like and purchase them at any time they want. Consumers are only supposed to take pictures of the products they are interested in and let Slyce facilitate the process of buying. On the other hand, retailers are given opportunity to fulfill the needs of their customers anytime they are interested in their products.