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John Textor and the Evolution of the Digital Human

A few years ago it would have seemed unlikely to believe deceased musical performers could be brought to life again by digital technology so realistic that fans would hardly be able tell the difference between a projection and the real performer. But in 2012 that became a reality for Tupac fans at Coachella. The rapper came onstage posthumously for a completely original performance.

Fans could tell this was a digital rendition, but it was so life-like that everyone enjoyed the show. The internet and new media erupted that night and the next day. Stories were being posted and shared all around the world, calling the image a “hologram” of Tupac.

The people behind the magic said it wasn’t an actual hologram, but rather a somewhat simple illusion made from complicated technology. This illusion was achieved by hanging six high-end projectors from the ceiling above the stage. These were pointed toward a sheet of Mylar that hung above live dancers, and reflected the projects just right to achieve what appeared to be a 3D Tupac on stage. It’s a parlor trick that has been used in theater, magic, and haunted houses for hundreds of years, known as Pepper’s Ghost. But the technology to digitally create an entirely rendered, moving and believable human image from scratch is new.

Digital human faces and bodies have been used in Hollywood movies fairly commonly since George Lucas’ Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and somewhat minimally before. But the degree to which those characters seem convincing has changed dramatically.

Lucas may have brought the idea a little more popularity, but John Textor is the man responsible for making it so realistic, that when he helped to create a Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, audience members started getting out of their seats to cheer for his effects.

Textor is the executive chairman for Pulse Evolution Corporation, a cutting-edge digital effects company specializing in applications of the human likeness. They are responsible for many of the computer generated effects in popular Hollywood movies, and they are now expanding the industry to include live performances from deceased musical artists. Textor has said Elvis Presley is their next show, but that they are receiving requests from many different estates, all asking for their beloved performers to be brought to life for another show, and even possibly entire tours.

Textor has also said that there are many applications for this technology and right now, the only thing limiting Pulse from expanding to more fields is market demand. This is still a new technology, and it is only starting to gain traction with fans outside of films. As the software becomes more accessible and easier to use, the world may start to see digital human likenesses appearing more commonly.

Lime Crime – Who is Doe Deere?

Lime Crime is by far one of the best companies in the world of makeup an cosmetics. They have revolutionized the way makeup is applied by coming up with new changes and developments in makeup. If you are looking for a unique way to get started in the world of makeup, then you need to start buying your next set of cosmetics from Lime Crime. They are an independent company who has done so much over the years trough their unique approaches with makeup. Many people are using this brand as their main source for finding new and creative makeup.

Why Lime Crime?

First of all, Doe Deere started this brand to give makeup lovers a set of cosmetics they can enjoy using to help enhance their look. Basically, their wide range of colors in their entire line is what allows for users to enjoy showcasing who they are as people. You’ll find that Doe has really enabled for Lime Crime on  to be a place where people can find a wide range of colors available to help with how they look. It’s extremely interesting to witness all the beautiful ways women can change and enhance their look with the help of this brand. If you are looking for a brand that has allowed for women to look their best with a wide range of colors, this is the brand to go for.

Benefits Of Lime Crime

All of their products are entirely crafted to help create cruelty-free makeup. This allows for users to enjoy using a product line that is safe and not used on animals to harm them. The product line also uses Eco-friendly approaches to help enhancing your makeup. The brand is very reliable when it comes down to achieving the best possible look. Like Crime is a wonderfully professional brand that has achieved their success over the years because of their approach to cosmetics.

Who Exactly Is Doe Deere?

Doe is a wonderful woman who has worked extremely hard to get her product line to where it is today. She has worked extensively hard to craft only the best possible makeup on the market. Her product line is extremely respected because of its Eco-friendly approach to creating these makeup products. If you want to buy makeup that is easy to use, not harmful to the world, and also filled with great ingredients that will only benefit your skin, this is the brand to start buying your makeup from.

There are so many wonderful brands in this world that are not harmful, but Lime Crkme is just so great at providing incredible value at such low prices. Doe started this brand with just a couple hundred bucks to her name. She spent a huge amount of her time trying to build this brand from the ground up. It has eventually turned out worthwhile to her down the road. Buying from Lime Crime will turn out to be a worthwhile investment considering she has all the best makeup in her product line.

Brian Mulligan Operatic Baritone

Brian Mulligan is an American operatic baritone. Brian’s family immigrated from the Irish County of Leitrim, and he was born in Endicott, NY. since Brian was born in the United States he holds dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. Brian has been interested in theater and performing since high school. He was 17 when he first began singing. His first role was as Motel Kamazoil in Bock’s “Fiddler on the Roof” and Tony in Bernstein’s “West Side Story.” Mr. Mullligan went on to study at Yale and the Juilliard School. In 2003, Brian made his debut while a student at Juilliard at the Metropolitan Opera in Die Frau ohne Schatten

Since his first performance Brian Mulligan has gone on to perform in some of the worlds greatest opera houses. Including the San Francisco Opera, Opernhaus Zurich, and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Brian has also performed with many of the finest orchestras in America. He performed in A Sea Symphony with the Cleveland Orchestra, Songs for Adam with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and in Carmina Burana with the Baltimore Symphony.

He has gained much critical acclaim in his career, such as his performance of Richard Nixon in Nixon in China with the San Francisco Opera, and Enrico in the David Alden production of Lucia di Lammermoor at the Canadian Opera Company. In 2008, Irish America Magazine listed you as one of the “Finest in Dance, Music, and Acting” of the the Top 100 Irish Americans.

Most recently, Brian has performed in Amfortas in Parsifal at Oper Frankfurt, Chorebe in Les Troyens, and Renato in Un ballo in maschera at the San Franciso Opera. Brian hopes to someday sing the title role in Sondheims Sweeney Todd, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel.

Yeonmi Park: Beacon of Hope For the Oppressed

Human activism has become more outspoken in the past few years. The internet has offered a medium for uncensored speech to be heard and to reach millions of people.Yeonmi Park is a face synonymous with freedom on youtube for most of the citizens of North Korea.For Park Yeonmi,it was video that changed it all; this was the medium that changed her outlook and also allowed her to be heard everywhere. Her story was projected to the whole world in 2014 at the One Young World Summit in Dublin where she gave a talk narrating the journey of her escape from North Korea.

Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea in 1993, and her other sibling was her sister Eunmi. Her father worked in the North Korean government and was a high ranking official. She says that they were well off for most of her childhood but one day all of that changed. Her father was accused of illegal trade and was sentenced to hard labour.For most human rights activists, they have a moment when they experience enlightenment, and their eyes are opened to the oppression around them. For her it was the moment she saw the Titanic; a movie she says gave her a different perspective on love.

Her escape journey began after her father finished doing his time and rejoined his family. He urged his family to run away from the country and Park’s sister Eunmi went alone without her family’s knowledge. Yeonmi and her parents then began their quest for freedom by first going to China, but her father stayed behind arguing that he would only slow them down since he was sick. They were helped over the border by brokers. But a ghastly event would happen to them when they were in China. Park’s mother was raped by one of the traffickers after offering herself in her daughter’s place.

Her father would later rejoin them, but there was no sign of her sister. They lived in hiding for a while, but her father died during this time. They then managed to go to Mongolia with the help of South Korean and Chinese missionaries but had a near death ordeal at the Mongolian border after crossing the Gobi desert to reach it. But they were let through by the guards after Park and her mother offered to kill themselves if they couldn’t. In the end, they flew to South Korea, and that is where they are till date.

After settling in South Korea, she now studies at the Dongguk University in Seoul majoring in Criminal Justice and was reunited with her sister Eunmi. She has written for the Guardian and has featured in a number of interviews for various media publications giving her the platform for her stories to be heard worldwide. She has said that North Korea’s current president, Kim Jong-Un dislikes her for the tarnished image she has brought upon his country. Earlier this year, the country released a video that sought to discredit the activist and called her a puppet.

Choosing Indie Beauty Brands

Drugstores and department stores are no longer the main places to buy makeup. Thanks to the Internet, people have more choices than ever for where to discover and purchase their beauty products. This has helped independent cosmetic companies to thrive.

Dozens of independent brands have sprung up, featuring everything from blush and lipstick to high-quality brushes and skin toners. Unlike mainstream corporate brands, indie companies focus on producing high-quality cosmetics and on enhancing their customers’ individuality.

For example, the popular brand Lime Crime began when its founder, Doe Deere, couldn’t find makeup that was bright or vibrant enough to suit her tastes. She didn’t sit around, waiting for an established makeup company to create something she’d like; she came up with her own lines of high-intensity eye shadows and lip colors. These bold, bright products in all shades of the rainbow are cruelty free — perfect for the person who wants to express herself without using makeup that is tested on animals.

The “cruelty free” factor is another great reason to choose indie beauty brands. Many of these companies are committed to protecting animals and the environment, while mainstream drugstore and department store brands are still testing their merchandise on rabbits, mice and other lab animals. There are even vegan indie beauty companies that use no ingredients derived from animals at all.

If toxins and harsh chemical ingredients worry you, have no fear. Many independent cosmetic companies focus on making products without unpronounceable chemicals that are rough on or possibly even harmful for you. Many of them do so at price points that are easy on your wallet.

When choosing indie beauty brands to experiment with, do some homework first. Read the descriptions of each item carefully and check the ingredients. If you’re not sure what an ingredient is, run a search on it to find out what it’s for and if there are any possible downsides to it. Investigate who created the brand. Was it a makeup artist? A scientist? A regular person? Be sure to read reviews on anything you’re tempted to buy, whether it’s from an indie company or a typical big-name brand.

How Stephen Murray Achieved Success For CCMP Capital

It is said that great leadership can turn the tides for the worst of times in a company’s life. If the times are good, great CEOs can turn them into gold. Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital and the reason why this NY based private equity firm is so successful is all because of the great work of its former CEO. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a visionary who not only worked for CCMP Capital but also had board seats for Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Infogroup, Crestcom International, and Octagon Credit. He died this year at the age of 52 years.

What is the reason behind the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital? How did Stephen Murray help CCMP capital and what were the secrets behind his success? The following points answer these questions in detail –

He Was A Leader Unafraid Of Challenges – CCMP Capital did so well under Stephen Murray because he was a unique leader who loved challenges that were generated by outside sources. He took challenges head on but was never impulsive with his decision. All the decisions he took were decided after much thought and deliberation. At the same time, he was capable of making quick decisions for CCMP Capital which ensured that opportunities were not lost due to wastage of time.

He Understood Failure As A Mechanism For Growth – Stephen Murray always told the members of the company to not be afraid of failure. He was extremely experienced in the field of private equity investment and, as such, there was rarely a situation that he couldn’t deal with. Even after all this time, he still understood that failure was a part of life and professionals need to use their failures as tools for growth and development. He made it a point to inculcate this habit in his peers and employees as well.

He Was Excellent In Communication – No one can become a great leader without knowing that communication is important. Stephen Murray had a personal communication style. He liked knowing about the people who were working with him and it made him happy to share stories about his own life with his people. He was extremely perceptive and a good judge of character which, combined with his jovial and open attitude, helped his employees trust him. He had the unique ability to make anyone comfortable around himself.

He Loved His Work – The biggest reason why CCMP Capital has done so well is because it has a knack for choosing leaders who are in love with their job. Stephen Murray was one of those people who liked working more than anything. Despite that, he still found time to spend with his family and friends.

It was because of these reasons that Stephen Murray was the best CEO for CCMP Capital.

Playful And Sensual Cat Eyes: Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Has A Great Palette

What girl doesn’t love to don a playful and sexy cat eye every once in a while? This look has such a classic feel, but can add a bit of edge, glamour or fun to your look depending on how you choose to wear it. Here’s a few ideas that will help you create a sultry cat eye. This look is great if you want to add drama to your day look or if you want to let the night pulsate with fun. Imagine how sexy you’d feel drinking cosmos at the bar with a fun ombre cat eye! You and your girls would be the life of the party!

If you are looking for a bit of a twist, try an inverted cat eye by lining only the bottom lash line with a thick bold line. This look is unexpected and a bit edgy.

Another cat eye look that can pack a lot of glamour is a double lined cat eye. First layer a black, dark brown or charcoal liner on the top lash line, then add a layer of color or metallic liner. This adds a bit of drama to your look. You can wear this look different ways depending on your eye shadow palette. If you keep the eye shadow a bit neutral it can draw more attention to the playful line of the double cat eye.

Don’t be afraid of trying the eccentric hollow cat eye. This creates a look that is dynamic and intriguing no matter from every perspective point. This look is engaging enough without eyeshadow.

Ombre has been quite popular in the fashion world and in the world of hair color. So it is no surprise that ombre cat eyes are becoming more popular. This can look especially stunning when it is achieved with bold vibrant colors like aquamarine. It is usually best to showcase the most striking color at the outside corner of the eye, in a fluid sweeping style.

A thick glitter cat eye can add a touch of fun to any look. Try silver or gold for a sensual yet whimsical look. This look can be achieved by applying the eyeliner in a thick manner and forgoing eyeshadow.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime make up line on ideamensch has a wild palette of glitter eyeshadows, and metallic eyeliners that can be used to complete a sultry or playful cat eye. The Venus Palette also features some neutral and earthy colors that can be paired with a classic cat eye. The Lime Crime cosmetic line is meant to inspire women to have a bit of fun with their make up. The Zodiac glitter eyeshadow comes in fun colors like saturated aquamarine, and mermaid green and a glittering gold.

Whether you are creating a playful or sensual cat eye look for going out with the girls or just because you feel like having fun, the cat eye is a bold look that radiates passion. Go ahead, let your hair down and have a good time!

Tips On Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is by far one of the most reliable online sites. What makes the site so reliable is the amounts of factual sources in the article. When creating your own Wikipedia page creation, the hardest thing to do is to get the article approved by their editors. The hardest part about Wikipedia is the fact that creating your own page requires following strong rules that may otherwise be tough to follow. With the following tips, however, you’ll have an easier time on getting your own page up without the struggle involved.

Tips On Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

– Write In The Third Person

Always write in the third person when you’re writing any type of upon tent from the site. Wikipedia is a very strict site that wants content to come from a strictly professional angle almost as if every article was written by the same person. They work hard to maintain their quality level of content consistently. This is an aspect that may not seem like that big of a problem, but it definitely plays a huge role with how the site portrays itself on the web. It is really important to use only the best grammar and correct usage of the voice when writing.

– Create Simple Sentences

Simple sentences sound so much better in the long run when writing an article. It turns out better and sounds more relaxed. The best thing to look out for is crafting articles that use as little words as possible in a sentence. Wikipedia wants articles to be straight and to the point. It’s easy to get lost when talking about yourself and to continue writing countless words about your life or your company. Wikipedia does provide a wide range of useful tips regarding typical writing mistakes made by writers on Wikipedia, so going through those resources can be a big help.

To create your own article, there’s plenty of expectations involved. It’s highly recommended to instead allow for somebody else to do the job for you. Get Your Wiki is an online program where they have writers craft the perfect looking wiki page for you. They have all the knowledge, writing abilities, and all the secrets to working with the full fledged online encyclopedia.

Slyce Becomes Big-time Visual Search Mobile Shopping Partner

Visual search has forever changed customer shopping experiences. With pioneering image recognition company Slyce promising unmatched search results for every query, no wonder it’s creating enormous waves. What’s its secret? Well, Slyce technology isn’t a standalone visual search resource. It complements a standard image search and recognition app. Slyce intelligence is nearly as accurate as the human brain which makes it extremely reliable. Launched in January 2012, Slyce has since become a top competitor. The Canada-based startup uses a dynamic image recognition software to deliver the perfect visual search results.

It’s established an alliance with numerous retail giants, including Best Buy, Target, Staples, Macy’s and more. It’s fast becoming immense competition for the already popular Amazon marketplace app releases. With a combined effort, Amazon Firefly and Flow apps have been creating a buzz these days. Unfortunately, both has restrictions, which make it undesirable to some real-world consumers. Slyce has no search limitation according to its developers. Unlike Amazon Flow which recognizes in-package products, Slyce has the capability to match any image. It promises the best real-world search experience. Mark Elfenbein, Slyce’s CDO (Chief Digital Officer) believes that there’s a larger audience out there looking to purchase items they’ve seen out of the package. With this thought, it makes logical sense to design a technology that focuses on delivering favorable results either way.

With a generous investment of $10.75 million raised by investors, including Harrington Global, PI Financial and more; Slyce intends to maximize its visual search effort. The desirable feature is that Slyce has the capability to find any product no matter the condition. Unlike other visual search technology that focuses on identifying products by analyzing the most distinctive features. Slyce uses complex image recognition software to match items. It intends to infiltrate all industries and not just retail. It’s also compatible with desktop platforms, particularly, a newly developed visual search resource.

Slyce has a presence throughout North America where it’s used as a support arm to retailer apps and web shops. It’s acquired Pounce, a deal comparison search engine designed to connect consumers with print materials. It uses smartphone image recognition to generate search results. Slyce invested an estimated $5 million in the acquisition and intends to enhance its capabilities. The culture of mobile shopping has reached unimaginable levels especially since visual search surfaced. Slyce promises to maximize the speed and accuracy of image recognition to increase consumer satisfaction. Its image recognition technology depends heavily on organic, single-click mobile shopping.

Its dynamic purchasing platform primarily focuses on visual search technology, NFC, barcode and QR scanning as well as audio/video recognition. With brands, retailers and publishing houses relying on visual search to connect buyers to their favorite products, they’re improving everyone’s shopping experience. Slyce has redesigned Pounce which it relaunched just last month to create better visual search opportunities for all shoppers.