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The Rising Star of Crystal Hunt

Audiences have been dazzled by Crystal Hunt’s acting prowess for years now and yet she is still quite young. Many people know that Crystal Hunt burst onto the scene as a tormented teenager named Lizzie Spaulding on the hit CBS show Guiding Light and her star has continued to shine brightly since then.

Most people don’t know that she was cast in that starring role at seventeen years old after an agent saw her in a Actors Workshop in New York. At the same time a confluence of events caused Crystal Hunt to break into the film industry by starring in the Derby Stallion which was a feel good movie that had her starring along side Zac Efron. She followed that film success by starring alongside Amanda Bynes in a modern day telling of the Snow White fairy tale called Sydney White.

It was in 2009 when Crystal Hunt got back to television with a role for a three year stint in the popular ABC series One Life to Live. She further showed the gritty range of her acting skills in a story of four Brooklyn teens who have to face the consequences of a drug deal that creates havoc and misery for all involved. As another example of her deft skill in picking films Crystal Hunt then starred in 23 Blast which was about a football start that tragically goes blind and triumphs over that adversity.

The most recent television role is an innovative look at the filming and producing of a sultry primetime drama. In addition to that, the breakneck pace does not abate for Crystal as she starred in the recently released file Magic Mike XXL. Simply put, Crystal Hunt continues to wow us with her strong selection of roles and gritty work ethic that make her a joy to work with and watch. Don’t be surprised if she continues to broaden her horizons as she just finished producing her first film called Talbot County. It is truly impressive and inspiring to see the body of work she has put together in a short period of time. It will be fun to watch and see where her career takes her through the years and how the roles she picks evolve. Great actors always find a way to innovate and keep pushing the limits of audience expectations. There is no doubt that Crystal Hunt will push the limits of her talents with her tireless work ethic.

KFC Costs: A Decent Investment for Entrepreneurs

As McDonald’s fortunes collapse, various other fast food restaurants are growing in the marketplace. Burgers and fries are being replaced by popular alternatives. Some are new, and other alternatives are classic staples. KFC’s wide selection of baked and fried chicken is hardly new, but the popularity of the chain is growing. Many entrepreneurs are showing interest in purchasing a KFC franchise. Doing so is not exactly cheap. The costs of starting up a KFC franchise location ranges from $1.3 to $2.5 million.

Of course, a large number of the entrepreneurs who are able to afford the startup costs discover KFC restaurants are a good investment. With the right location, millions upon millions in sales could be generated through the store’s coffers.

Hedge-fund manager and Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin might very well agree that a KFC chain is a good investment. Griffith has shown huge profits can be earned from any serious business endeavor provided the right vehicle is chosen and the primary owner willing to effectively manage it.

Based on current stock prices and market conditions, McDonald’s would not be high on any entrepreneur or hedge-fund manager’s top list. KFC, however, could be a decent alternative to those with an interest in the world of fast food. Based chicken is healthy and fried chicken is perennially popular. Red meat and deep fried French fries, however, are losing a lot of their appeal. Just ask the management at McDonald’s.

Purina PetCare: A Company You Can Believe In

Anyone who owns a pet must already know that there are names within the pet care industry that you can trust and some you might want to avoid. Purina PetCare is one of the names that has become very trustworthy with pet owners because of their consistent Purina news coverage. Perhaps if pets could speak words, they would say, we can trust the brand name of Purina.

Purina PetCare has done so many things over the years to develop a firm bond between pets and their owners, including producing the highest quality of food and community programs that are pet supportive. For example, Purina was the proud sponsor of the take your dog to work day. This program encouraged companies to allow their employees to take their dogs to work. Once there, each employee got to work and spent time with their dog during the work day. This accomplished so many things. First, it created a bod between the pet owner and the pet. Second, it allowed the pet owner to have a less stressful day because there is a direct correlation between pets and stress relief. Third, it made the employees feel happier and even take an exercise break during the day when they walked their dog.

The dog to work day is just one of the many programs that this company has established with much success. The company has also implemented programs to help animal shelters feed pets. They company does this be donating food to the shelters in need. This is a great way for them to give back to the communities who purchase their products and support them.

The pet food line that Purina PetCare has developed has become well respected over the years. This is not just because of successful marketing, but, because of the high quality product that they have researched and developed. That is not to say that their marketing hasn’t been a success too. They produced a television commercial that was worthy of a Grammy and went viral very quickly.

As a company they understand the importance of producing a great product that has beneficial results to pets. By making a choice to use high quality ingredients and produce a high quality product, this company has developed a successful business that is pleasing pets and pet owners alike.

Regardless of if you have a pet currently or are thinking of getting one in the future, you owe it to yourself and your pet to check out the finest pet related items made by this amazing company.

Jamie Garcia Dias and Other Famous Brazilian Writers

Many great philosophers and dreamers have written from Brazil, many going on to become world renowned and admired throughout the world. These include: Fernando Sabino, Jamie Garcia Dias, Sonia Coutinho, Aurélio Buarque de Holanda Ferreira, Florestan Fernandes, Gilberto Freyre, Joaquim Nabuco, Rinaldo de Lamare, Luiz Duart, Pedro Bloch, Carlos Lacerda, Elsie Lessa, Samuel Wainer, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Dante Milano, Caio Fernando Abreu, Bernardo Carvalho, Chico Buarque, and Roberto Drummond. There have actually been several hundred great writers who have captivated their readers with vivid, high-energy prose, like romantic operas, novels, news stories, and also some wonderful poetry. Many times novice readers will mistake a Brazilian writer for some continental European writer. One tip off to the knowing is the frank, clear, no-holds-barred situations, actions, and frequent poetic yearnings that are found in Brazilian writing more prevalently, perhaps, than in literature produced anywhere else in the world.

Jamie Garcia Dias is a fast rising star from the biggest, most-bustling, and very creative nation in the Southern Hemisphere, the great country of Brazil. Señor Dias started writing seriously when he was fifteen years old. His father, Arnaldo Dias, was a writer and architect who did much in his time to improve Rio de Janeiro. And he was a good father and mentor to his son Jamie, who inherited much from his father. His love for literature grew until he was taken on as a faculty member of the respected Carioca Literature Academy where he taught serious literature to advanced students. By the age of thirty, Señor Dias had already published over a dozen books!

Some have said that Jamie Garcia Dias reminds them of the Brazilian writers of old. Many of those writers, almost exclusively men, were clear influences on all the modern Brazilian fiction writers and journalists, but they also are read by most of the peoples of South America. Some Brazilian writers are much more popular in Argentina than they are in their home country. It is true that a large proportion of Brazilian writers take their holidays and many personal adventures in Argentina, where supposedly the wild ‘Green Man’ muse still resides. It is possibly true. That Brazilian writing magic must have come from somewhere.

All About Your Gallbladder

Everyone has one, few understand its function. The gallbladder is a little pear-shaped sac that sits under your liver. It quietly collects bile and releases the bile after fatty foods are eaten to aid in the digestion process of the fat. We are not aware of our gallbladder or its actions until there is a problem with the organ, and the unassuming organ only has two problems: gallstones or cancer.
Gallstones are quite common. The stones are crystallized cholesterol that are created when there’s an imbalance in the bile substance. Many people like Kenneth Griffin have gall stones and are not aware of it because the problem presents with no symptoms unless one of the gallstones becomes lodged in the organ’s narrow outlet or drain ducts. Pain in the upper right abdomen, fever and possible jaundice will occurs if the ducts or drain become blocked with a gallstone.
When gallstones are present and causing pain, the usual treatment is the removal of the gallbladder. The surgery is done laproscopically and afterwards, bile will flow directly from the liver into the small intestine to aid in the digestion of fatty foods.
Gallbladder cancer is very rare. People who have a history of gallstones are at a greater risk than those who have never had gallstones. Even then the risk is low. Symptoms of gallbladder cancer include abdominal pain, bloating, unexplained weight loss, itchiness and nausea.

FreedomPop Fills in a Gap for the Mobile Market

As the world continues to speed up, the need for high quality mobile services has increased. These days if you are going to be successful, you need a mobile plan, and you also probably need a data plan. The data industry has gotten increasingly competitive as more and more companies are attempting to compete for your dollars.

There are a wide diversity of options for those that wish to utilize a mobile data plan. In the early years of mobile data, almost every company in the industry had some type of unlimited plan, but these plans became expensive to provide, and thus companies moved towards data caps. The normal data cap was around 10 GB, which was agreeable to most people, because they were mostly using data for e-mail and social media.

Over the years, the demand for data has increased and many users have put pressure on their phone company to offer cheaper mobile data, so that they could watch Netflix and other video streaming sites on the go. This has lead to companies like ATT rolling out new unlimited plans. These plans are usually fairly expensive in nature, but they are sufficient for people that need a great deal of data.

While many people need a lot of data and are willing to pay for expensive plans for their data, some people are just looking for basic and cheap mobile service. One company has emerged to help people utilize mobile phone services. Freedompop started a few years ago in San Francisco. The company specializes in offering users free mobile services. These services have an extremely low data cap, but they are a major asset to those that need basic mobile phone service.

FreedomPop has endured many different acquisition offers from a wide variety of companies. These offers have approached $100 million, but the company has stayed the course. The company has gone through several rounds of funding and recently the company brought in $30 million. This funding has come from a wide variety of different venture capital companies. Investors are very high on FreedomPop’s potential. This company definitely has great potential.

One of the biggest signs of FreedomPop’s potential is their consistent expansion. Over the last few years, FreedomPop has consistently expanded to more and more cities across the United States. Now, FreedomPop looks to expand into international markets. FreedomPop recently announced that they were expanding into the United Kingdom. The plan FreedomPop has to offer is fairly basic in nature, 200 minutes of call time, 200mb of data, and 200 texts, which is comparable to basic plans in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop views the United Kingdom expansion as a major inroad into Europe, and the company is planning to expand further into Europe from here.

Today, you need mobile services in order to be successful. There are many companies looking to offer people unlimited mobile plans for a high price, but FreedomPop is looking to help those that are just looking for basic data. Check out more on FreedomPop through the TechCrunch article: “FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month

One Man’s Confederate Flag Loss is another’s Gain

News of a shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina that resulted in nine deaths became a volatile situation over a piece of cloth called the Confederate flag. The debate began when many people believed that the flag flying at the statehouse was a sign or racial hatred. Others believed that it was nothing more than a sign of heritage that reaches back into the history of the south. South Carolina residents like Kenneth Griffin doesn’t bite this one though.

Fire in the hearts of those on both sides of the conversation may have caused a greater racial divide than the United States has seen since the sixties and seventies. The Confederate flag was subsequently taken down from the statehouse, but that was just the beginning of the story. Action by many businesses created more hostile feelings by removing Confederate flags from sale on their sites. Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Sears were all part of the movement to obliterate the item from their history as well as American history.

Although some people are up in arms about the removal of the symbolic item, one business man is ecstatic about it. He said his business has increased 500% as he expands on the variety of Confederate items he sells. Their monetary loss is his gain, but he says that the sales are only part of the reason he is glad for the changes. He believes that only people who truly understand the heritage of the flag should sell them anyway.

Various Uses of Visual Effects

There are many things that visual effects are used for. The main use of visual effects is to help tell the story. It is not just action scenes, but there are various effects that can help the audience see things that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen. For instance, in certain racing films, they show the audience the engine at work during a racing scene. Some action films show the inside of the human body while it gets damaged. Other uses of visual effects include manipulating the age, size, and other traits of certain characters and environments. The limit is the imagination.

One company that tests the limits of imagination with visual effects is Pulse Evolution Corporation run by John Textor. John Textor is a producer of large movies as well as a visual effects expert. His company has worked on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean. They have brought out the scale of action and adventure movies as well as some of the smaller scale films that required visual effects. John Textor continues to work with big budget films and improve the craft of visual effects.

When the various types of visual effects are done right, they actually bring the audience into the film. When the effects are not well done, it makes the film look unfinished. It is important to Pulse Evolution Corporation that the film looks complete no matter how little time they are given to work on the post-production effects. In the end, their goal is to bring to life the world that is being presented to the audience.

The Best In Canine Nutrition

Dogs are human’s best friends. In order for humans to show their canine friends how much they care for them, a wholesome diet is a must. A dog’s diet requires a much different balance of vital nutrients than a human’s diet does. Dogs need a high level of protein in their food, a moderate level of carbohydrates, and a very specific formulation of varying vitamins and minerals. Luckily, dog food companies take out all of the guesswork so owners can give their best friends the nourishment they need.

What Dog Food Is Best?

The healthiest food for any dog is Beneful, one that has a high level of quality animal protein as the main ingredient. Wholesome ingredients in addition to the meat should include fruits, vegetables, and some starches. The brands of dog foods on the market today are plentiful to say the least. Some dogs prefer wet food while others favor dry kibble. Either type of food is perfectly fine for a dog as long as they enjoy the taste.

Guaranteed Health

Beneful is a dog food company that has the best nutrition in mind for any breed or type of canine. Beneful comes in both nourishing, stew-like wet food formulas as well as dry and convenient kibble. Owners can not go wrong when they choose a product from Beneful’s expertly formulated line of foods. Beneful looks out for the best interest of dogs and owners alike by keeping their foods both healthful and affordable.

Turn that Frown Upside Down; Here 10 Ways to get Happy

Your world’s turned upside down, but there’s always a reason to get back up again.

Sometimes you get down for a day or even several days and you may think you’ll never get back up again, but there is always something out beyond your door step to brighten your mood again. Here are 10 ways that will really make you happy again.

  1. Remember that your friends are never too far away.
  2. Have your coffee in a place that offers Free Refills.
  3. Treat yourself with a little surprise everyday; Doe Deere for example.
  4. You’ve found the song that describes how you are feeling – totally.
  5. Think about it. Somewhere there is a little dog wearing a little pink sweater.
  6. Make yourself some guacamole and add some chips. That will surely get you in the party mood.
  7. Watch all the videos on cute cats and kittens that you can find; they’re so cute.
  8. Strangers are still smiling at you, aren’t they?
  9. Take some time to read again. Read a comedy or a romance novel that has a good ending.