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Billionaire Investor George Soros Is Gold Mining Instead Of Stock Hunting

George Soros, the Hungarian-born refugee that broke the Bank of England more than 20 years ago, is considered one of the smartest investors in the world. Soros is worth more than $24 billion, and he earned all that money betting on stocks and other commodities. The Soros hedge fund has made an exceptional amount of money for the limited partners over the years, but George Soros bought most of those partners out a few years ago, and now the fund is only family money. George is not afraid to invest that money in risky assets that other investors won’t touch, but his new investment in a gold mining company is producing a new gold rush. Investors are running into the gold market, and the price of gold has jumped more than 2 percent in the first quarter of 2016.

Barrick Gold is one of the world’s largest precious metal miners, and the Soros hedge fund now owns a serious amount of shares shares of that stock. George Soros decided to sell more than 37 percent of other stock holdings in order to invest in gold. The price of Barrick Gold’s stock has risen by 44 percent since Soros made that investment. But gold is not the only investment that Soros has in his pocket, according to Soros invested in Argentina a few years ago after meeting with former President Cristina de Kirchner, and his investment in debt bonds have produced some impressive returns. The current president of Argentina, Mauricio Marci, made a deal with the hedge funds that de Kirchner burned when she defaulted on more than $100 billion worth of bonds several years ago. After that deal was sealed, Argentina was allowed to offer more than $65.5 billion in bonds to investors around the world. Soros was one of the first investors in line to buy the new bonds.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Some investment experts say George Soros doesn’t always win, but he wins more than he loses and that’s the mark of an investment genius. Soros made a billion dollars in February 2013, when he bet the Japanese yen would have to be devalued after new Prime Minister Abe announced a stimulus package that put an unusual burden on the Bank of Japan. Soros is betting that his fund is going to make even more money when the Chinese are forced to devalue their currency because of the bad loans that the government and the banks are supporting through capital reserves.

The amount of money that Soros stands to make over the next 18 months is an incredible amount. But Soros bets big, and when he wins, he wins big. That’s the mark of a true gambler that has a Midas touch.

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The Importance of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, is one of the leading providers with the civil and criminal justice technology solutions towards investigations, public safety, corrections and monitoring, and has been reported by PR Newswire that there is to be a release of multiple reports, facts, articles and findings that highlight the wrongdoings and integrity that is breached by the inmate communications that are provided through Global Tel Link. In the press release it represented the first in a series of articles that the Securus America will publish the highlighted the integrity breaches and wrongdoings by Global Tel Link. To this end, Securus will be in the process of reviewing multiple issues of the potential wrongdoings and systematic wrongdoings by the Global Tel Link, in a series of press release that will come over the next six months, that will serve the purpose of shaming Global Tel Link into acting with a higher and better integrity. The first press release included a 17-page formal order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, that was in regards to the Global Tel Link actions that they served to the Louisiana Department of Corrections and have been provided to outbound telecom services to thousands of the inmates.
Securus Technologies headquarters is out of Dallas, Texas, and has served more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies and have provided services to more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America. Securus Technologies has been committed to connect and serve by providing incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, information management, communication, monitoring products, inmate self-service and services that will allow our world to become a safer place to live in. There are thousands of law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies that rely on Securus for simple, secure and powerful technologies that are easy to use and always accessible. Securus Technologies has also been named by as one of the largest providers in parolee tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solutions.

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George Soros Calls for Support for Ukraine

George Soros has made quite a few passionate pleas for international support for the future of Ukraine. Since Ukraine began its massive reformation in 2014, a new country with the potential for stable economic growth and more mainstream political parties has evolved. Although George Soros Ukraine concedes that the European Union (EU) is currently dealing with a multitude of political and economic crises, including Greece’s debt and the migration situation, he reminds us that supporting Ukraine should remain a top priority for the EU.

In a period of relative uncertainty with Ukraine still licking its wounds from fending off Russian forces, Soros sees reason for hope in Ukraine’s situation. He urges leaders of the EU to consider Ukraine as an agent for unification among EU member countries. At a time when support for European unification has been waning, the need for collective support of Ukraine’s independence and prosperity could be a welcome opportunity to show how effective the EU could be when the member countries work together.

George Soros Ukraine calls attention to one of the primary reasons to support independence and stability for Ukraine, which involves keeping Russian aggression in check, especially while Putin is still in power. According to Soros, there is absolutely no debate that Russia must be watched closely. The best way to prevent Russia from overstepping its bounds against sovereign nations in the EU is to make sure that its neighbors are able to take a stand against Russian aggression. In short, Soros’ view is that a strong Ukraine will inevitably lead to a stronger Europe.

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In addition to making sure that Ukraine is able to physically defend itself from Russia, Soros is adamant that European countries should be providing enough financial support so that Ukraine can continue its political and economic reforms. As the country continues to move away from its corrupt and bureaucratic systems, Soros says that the EU should make funds available so that Ukraine is able to stand as a beacon of democracy in that region of the world. Soros’ theory is that if the Ukrainian people are able to enjoy and stand behind widespread democratic reform, then perhaps the same types of policies will catch on in Russia. Given the proximity of Ukraine and Russia, it follows that a democratic reform in Ukraine could spill right over into Russia. This could be one of the biggest steps forward in keeping Putin in check for the rest of the world. Soros implores the EU to consider the long list of benefits that could come from political and economic stability in that area of the world. Surely, according to Soros, the price tag on that is worth more than the few billions that the EU has provided thus far in financial support to Ukraine.

In using his international experience and prominent position to plead for assistance for Ukraine, Soros once again demonstrates his commitment to seeing democracy and freedom spread throughout the world. He hopes that his words of wisdom do not fall on deaf ears of European leaders. 

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WEN For Glossy, Healthy Shine

When looking for a product that streamlines the beauty routine allowing more time in the morning for sipping a delicious latte, who would say no? When it comes down to trusting this product to impart a beautiful shine and leave the locks in perfect condition, some proof is required to really seal the deal.
Emily McClure, a beauty writer and hair stylist, decided to give us a sneak peek on how the hair product worked for her fine strands. Emily tried WEN by Chaz Dean for a week and shared her updates with the beauty community to show what really happened. Though WEN comes in various formulations, Emily decided to try the ultra moisturizing formulation called Sephora Fig. Because WEN Fig formulation worked wonders for her fine hair, with more to spare, it is definitely recommended for all hair types, especially color treated, bleached out, or thick and course dry hair that needs the extra moisture.

Emily was able to eliminate all the extra processes in her morning hair care routine including the shampoo, conditioner, and styling routine. She was able to get the benefits of a cleanse, condition and styling agent with one simple cleansing process in the shower. Right off the bat she could tell Wen was doing something different for her hair because her hair felt thicker in her hands, it did not feel stripped, even during the shampoo. After the blow dry when high gloss shine was revealed she was convinced that her hair was in a healthier condition than it was with a stripping shampoo.

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Securus is Finding New Ways to Connect

Security leader Securus Technologies is making noise again. Working closely with security and prison systems they’ve recently unveiled on PR Newswire a new and more convenient way of providing visitations via their mobile app for video calls. A testament to that noise is in the over sixty thousand downloads of this new app in less than a six month span.

Along with the ease and convenience of visitations that are improved, the ability for remote connection affords a connection between an incarcerated family member or loved one. Sometimes a visitation isn’t possible or practical. It just isn’t the same experience sharing a birthday, graduation and so on without being able to “see” them. Watch
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this Dallas, Texas based company has come up with this new idea. According to PR Newswire, the’re best known for their work with corrections facilities, public safety officials and law enforcement, this just feels like another step in the act of serving and connecting people. That connection has brought the families of over one million inmates together.
The focus and the work of Securus in the field of safety has apparently made them a good fit for supplying those connections to the incarcerated. Obviously the security factor in this newest app needed to be of the highest priority. The work of Securus Technologies involving their monitoring products, emergency response and information systems must have served them well in this latest endeavor.
Is virtual visitation next? Only time will tell, but it probably won’t be too long before Securus shares another new concept, service or product that will yet again enhance the connection between people everywhere. So we will just have to wait and see – who knows, maybe we will have to ‘virtually’ wait and see?



Compliance Officers Effecting Change

Corporate compliance is a hot button issue. People all over the world routinely complain about corporate malfeasance and the damage it does to people, communities, and the planet. This has led local, state, and national governments to craft and enact new laws and stiffer penalties for companies guilty of non-compliance in a number of areas. These changes can be expensive and companies are not taking them lightly. One of the most effective and proactive steps companies make is to hire compliance officers. And these compliance officers are effecting change in a number of significant ways that help both the companies, their customers, and the communities in which they does business.

Compliance officers help to craft policies and practices designed to protect the public from harm and the company from expensive litigation. Compliance officers are also charged with making sure those policies and practices are followed by all employees. It is often like management by walking around. An effective compliance officer not only creates policy, they study its viability and interact with employees at all levels to see if those policies and practices are being adhered to and how that is affecting the employees, the business, the customers, and the bottom line.

One company that made a brilliant hire at Chief Compliance Officer is Hall Capital Partners. They hired Helane Morrison, arguably the perfect compliance officer. Morrison as a law degree from the University of California, Berkley. She has worked for Appellate and Supreme court justices, and was a partner in the San Francisco based law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. While all of this work gave Morrison a solid background to prepare her for the position of CCO of Hall Capital Partners, her next job made her the ideal candidate to become a compliance officer.

After 10 years with he law firm, Helane Morrison left to become the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco Regional Office’s head of regional enforcement. In that role she investigated companies throughout Alaska, Idaho, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Washington for signs of fraud, insider trading, and compliance with a whole host of laws. She was also in charge of the SEC’s examination and enforcement programs. After 11 years at the SEC, Helane Morrison left and became the CCO of Hall Capital Partners. Since 2007 she has helped the company to craft and continue to comply with the requisite laws.

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Managing An Invisible Resume: The Future Of Reputation And Employment

An important thing to understand about the internet is that while one can cultivate an esteemed online presence with a flick of the wrist, keeping up with the ever-changing technology can be nearly impossible and that reputation you fought hard to achieve online can plummet into obscurity just as quickly as it was established. Today, one’s image is the preeminent concern of all online business. If you are a restaurant, you don’t want to see business brought down because of bad reviews. If you are simply looking for work, you should be wary of your web presence.

Employers utilize google to vet job seekers and man and women alike are losing work for fixable online mistakes. In short, the management of one’s online appearance is incredibly important and while some are breaking their backs trying to everything on the internet themselves, some smart folks are looking for the right reputation management service to help them advance their dreams to the next level.

Online reputation management services are created specifically to help the individual issues, and help stop as well as prevent PR crisis from taking place, while additionally protecting the brand your name is associated with, and promote your business or quite simply, your individual presence. It is all about maintenance, and what works for a business can work for an single person online.

One, stand-out reputation management firm that has been garnering rave reviews is called Better Reputation. They are a classic example of an excellent service provider. This is a company who makes an emphasis on their clientele making a positive and lasting impression. Better Reputation understands the ebb and flow of online reputation. They understand the importance of one’s online signature and how it’s recognized.

Better Reputation will negate any negativity surrounding yourself or your brand. That means doing away with bad reviews, slanderous blog posts, ancient stories, and all negative info. They can guarantee quality work, and treat all of their clientele with the highest level of respect. In 2016, you can’t go wrong with Better Reputation when establishing a truly valuable online presence.


Venezuela Prolongs Two-Day Workweek

As recently reported by Reuters, Venezuela is in the middle of an energy crisis that threatens the economic and political stability of the country. Venezuela relies on hydro-electricity to power up most of the country, so a drought of the magnitude that the country is currently experiencing is a serious problem. There have been food and medicine shortages throughout the country with little hope of improvement in the near future.
As a way of curtailing energy use and trying to conserve resources, the government of Venezuela instituted a two-day workweek for government sector employees starting in March. Given that the situation has not improved, the government is now extending the two-day workweek for the public sector for an additional two weeks. This affects about 2.8 million employees in Venezuela. Expert Manuel Gonzalez sees mounting concerns over how these employees will afford to feed themselves and their families with the burden of more austerity measures from the national government. President Maduro has been the subject of widespread criticism for his failure to adequately address this situation and restore calm to the country. Critics of President Maduro say that the austerity measures are not enough to have a real impact on the energy usage in the country. His critics also lament that these austerity measures only serve to deepen the economic recession that is plaguing the country right now. There are reports from Linked In people clamoring for a more long term solution.

Brian Bonar Honored With Cambridge List

Cambridge’s Whos Who list has stringent requirements for inclusion. They seek out the top professionals in a number of different fields to include in their list. Once selected a special committee investigates both the professional and educational standards of the individual. Three of the main facets that are examined include professional accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership abilities.  Brian Bonar has been selected to be one of the two male inductees to this list –

He exemplifies what Cambridge is lookingfor and helps to set the standard for both professional integrity as well as academic excellence.  Brian Bonar holds a PhD degree. He has been working in the finance sector for more than 30 years.

His unique experiences in the management arena has led him to become the Chief Executive Officer of DelRada Financial Corporation. The duties that he has held within the company have put him in direct control of both employee and employer benefits, but also for after market products. Specifically Bonar has worked tirelessly to bring about higher levels of efficiency within companies.

As a liason in the marketing department he has brought offers of exceptional solutions for employee effectiveness.  Some of these solutions are contained within employee benefits and rsik management insurance. He has also aided in making worker compensation more effective and efficient across a broad range of companies.

Mr Bonar also is affiliated with the American Finance Association. Coupled with his extensive education in finance and management Mr Bonar is a perfect fit for the Cambridge list. He is one of only four individuals who are included in the list this year. Two women and two men are chosen according to the stringent requirements of Cambridge and their committee.

According to PR News Wire and Dalrada, Brian Bonar has exemplified excellence in all that he does. He works hard to bring better solutions to raise the bottom line for companies. In his private life he is a loving father. Living in Escondido California allows im the worldwide reach to the finance world. He volunteers with his children’s activities and has a rich and rewarding private life that includes many friends and close acquaintances.

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Try Informercials Hair care from WEN conditioners and Brag for Your Worthy Strands

Chaz began his career in photography and this gave him the passion of venturing into hair care. He is known Los Angeles stylist whose proficiency in salons gave his an opportunity to host profound clientele base that is embed who’s is who in Hollywood.


Chaz attended school in Los Angeles and studied Cosmetology after being in numerous commercial photography classes that gave him the interest to join a school of cosmetology. Chaz is a specialized in Cutting and color and much interest in hair that transcended into an enormous Professional career.


Wen Hair by Chaz Dean ( was founded by Chaz, as within the career line he perfected his skills that led him to become a manager of a Salon in Bel Air. Chaz Dean engaged into a consultancy and he is involved in helping Highly-profiled companies develop product and thus, his career in developing product started to grow. Chaz purchased a salon and his clientele base included an impressive roster of celebrities.


Chaz Dean relocated his business from Los Angeles to Hollywood and renamed it Chaz Dean Studio because most of his clients came from Hollywood and his coming drew more from paparazzi and its environs.


Informercials are known hair conditioners that women like to brag about being a product of Wen hair by Chaz that referred it to be a magical bottle that works wonders in their hair. Infomercials is a fantastic hair care conditioner that transforms thin hair into mystic worthy stand through using Wen cleansing conditioner.


WEN hair cleansing conditioners are superb as they contain all essential products that are all in one Shampoo, conditioner, and Stylish treatment. Depending on the formulation that you use, these products offer a great deal on Ebay and works well even on any type of hair. It gives an allure of big, strong, moisture, and bouncy shiny air.