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Betsy Devos: the new Education Secretary

Over the course of a remarkable oral assessment by the Senate in January 2017, Mrs. DeVos refused to make a commitment that she would not reduce the funding handed out to educational organizations. Besides that, the scheduled appointment by President Trump of the well-heeled Mrs. DeVos as the leader of the Education Department amplified apprehensions which have been progressively developing from the moment of his preliminary revelation of her candidacy. At the same time, Mrs. DeVos can also undoubtedly be identified as the GOP’s most widely used supporter in the Midwest region.


Hence, she has promoted more than a few of the GOP’s candidates, and she has also advertised her educational action plan. For many years she has also encouraged the rights of moms and dads when it comes time to decide on the best suited academic milieu for their little ones. Mrs. DeVos on top of that endorses homeschooling, a type of tutoring that is utilized by a large number of conservative people with the intention of avoiding a secular education.


Furthermore, and as reported by her proponents, Betsy DeVos is a reformist, and they believe that she is going to be an exceptional new leader of the Education Department. At the same time, if a single supplementary GOP senator had defected, the choice of Mrs. DeVos in the role of the most recent boss of the Education Department might have turned out to be invalidated, and this is an issue that has not occurred since 1989. However, because she received the majority of the votes in the Senate, Mrs. DeVos is the brand new boss of the Education Department for the United States of America and the Trump government.


Mrs. DeVos at this point seems to have an excellent arena to make use of her fresh concepts. Also, she has developed Michigan as a sort of research laboratory for the development of charter academic institutions, and these are non-public educational facilities which are subsidized by federal government revenue. Furthermore, these instructional organizations possess a substantial amount of independence with regards to choosing their courses as well as instructional techniques.


Remember, Mrs. Devos has been approved in her role as the boss of the Education Department for the United States of America. Hence, you ought to be aware that she believes that schooling ought to be supplied by charter educational facilities. Moreover, these schools are non-public academic institutions with public financial backing, and they are also pretty much completely independent of the federal and state governments.


On the other hand, you ought to also bear in mind that the vice president had to vote in favor of the validation of Mrs. DeVos as the new boss of the Department of Education.


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Jay-Z Has History With His Close Friend And Business Partner OG Juan Perez

World famous rapper Jay-Z has a storied history with his close friend and business partner OG Juan Perez. The two first met in 1996 when they were introduced by Kareem Biggs Burke. OG Juan Perez was running the studios with Jay during the record label’s epic run in the 90’s. They have indulged in several business projects together including the record label Roc La Familia, as well as a series of sports bars known as the 40/40 Club. Juan Perez and Jay-Z formed a friendship immediately. Jay has repeatedly referenced Perez in his albums throughout the years and shown a great deal of respect for his close associate.

The 40/40 club is based in New York City and is the foundation of the partnership between Jay-Z and Juan Perez. In the spring of 2013 OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z announced that they would be entering into a another venture together. The two formed Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation Sports is a sports agency concept that has been a discussion point between Perez and Jay-Z for quite some time. It took years for the idea to be formed into a business plan. They decided to put the concept of sports together with the other entertainment enterprises that were already under the Roc Nation brand. OG Juan Perez is currently the President of Roc Nation Sports. The company is dedicating itself to supporting athletes in a way that they have not been in years past by their management teams. It is a similar concept to why Roc Nation was formed in the first place, to help deal with management issues for performing artist.

The sports agency is dedicated to building the athletes profile within their particular profession and to the general public as well. OG Juan Perez and his wife were subject of the news when Jay Z was rumored to have spent over $100,000 for OG Juan’s birthday. The crew went out as a small group. The entourage included Jay-Z and his wife along with several members of the Roc Nation family. The events were in honor of OG Juan Perez’s 50th birthday. Expenses included a $91,000 bar tab. This was preceded by dinner at the Japanese restaurant Zuma where $13,000 was reportedly spent. Another $9,000 was shelled out at Made in Mexico on Jay-Z’s cognac brand. The story ran wild in the press. However, it was confirmed by Jay-Z himself that OG Juan Perez actually paid the tab for the evening.

The Amazing and Ongoing Success of Harry Harrison

In the world of finance, there are those who stand out above the rest. Harry Harrison is a good example of a leader in the world of finance who has created a good name for himself because of his impact in the markets. For over 20 years, Harrison has worked in investments and finance at Barclays. During this time, he has discovered many truths and formulas about the market that have helped him to succeed. Anthemis Group is the new company that Harrison has decided to focus his efforts on. This digital investment firm has proven to be a driving force in the New York finance scene.

Harrison had a formed a strong curiosity of how companies work on a micro level. This is what led him to decide to work with companies on a much closer level. Instead of managing billions of dollars of funds from a major bank, he is finding out how these companies work on a much more personal level. This gives him a more grounded approach to the investments and consulting that he does today. He has said in interviews that he feels much more grounded as an investor since he has reeled things in on not such a massive scale.

Now that Harrison is self-employed, he has been able to take a much more hands-on approach to his family life. He is very involved in his children’s’ schooling and daily activities. Harrison has also been able to connect with other entrepreneurs more now that he is running his own business. It is exciting for Harrison to be on a much more personal basis with colleagues in his field now that he isn’t managing such a massive amount of funds.

The future looks very bright for Harrison as he is now able to really set his own goals, schedule, and path to future success. It will be interesting to see where the next decade takes Harrison. If the past is any indication of success, it will only be up from here for this new entrepreneur who is a veteran in the field of finance and investing.

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Charlamagne Tha God Understands The Kavanaugh Confirmation Situation


Charlamagne Tha God, a radio host of the nationally syndicated program on IHeart Radio, The Breakfast Club, had trouble with the sexual assault issue.

Recently, Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court nominee, had been in the news since he was accused of sexual assaulting two women. Many people had a problem with this and did not want to become part of the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. Other people did support him including, Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

Mr. Trump made a statement and through social media, Charlamagne showed his support for the president’s statement. In this statement, Trump believes that any young man in America can be falsely accused of sexual assault and could have their life ruined.

Charlamagne has had many sexual claims made against him. His response to Trump’s statement was that the president should know now how the Central Park 5 feel.

The Central Park 5 were five young black men who were falsely accused of raping and killing a woman.

In the past, Trump has actually said that he believes that Central Park 5 is guilty, even after they were released from prison. He put an ad in the newspaper, loudly announcing that the 5 were guilty.

A person could have seen Charlamagne, bestselling writer and “The Breakfast Club” radio is going to have a talk with Kenye West, a rapper, designer, and entrepreneur. This talk will be about how a person can reduce stress in your life.

Earlier in 2018, West had done an interview with Charlamagne and West had talked about that when he had a nervous breakdown, it was due to control, fear and stress. He had overcome these things and that he has come to a place where he is very strong. Read This Article to learn more.

Coincidentally, West is also a supporter of Trump. He is most famous for yelling at Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony because he believed that Beyonce should have been the winner.


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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Brought Into Being


Richard Liu is the founder of, which is one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms. He runs the company and has seen it become successful. started in 2004, though he began the journey of entrepreneurship years back and faced many setbacks; they compelled Richard Liu to reach the heights of success he is in now. The name JD (Jingdong) was gotten from the first character of his girlfriend’s name joined with the last character of his name.

Richard Liu Qiangdong commenced his journey when he was in college while working with his parent’s small company that dealt with transport services. In the third year in college, ventured into the hotel industry and opened a restaurant, which later failed because of inadequate time to manage both the hotel and his studies. Later on, he started a physical retail company, which sold computer accessories in 1998 in Beijing. After a while, the SARS epidemic occurred hitting down his business, and he was forced to close his twelve stores. The company board decided to look for the ways to survive the catastrophe, and that is how they came into the idea of online commerce switching the operations from physical stores to online business. Go To This Page for additional information.

At the end of 2004, was already established. It marked the start of an e-commerce venture selling a variety of products in entire china and the word-Paris, London, New York, and other countries. Deliveries are done depending on the place you are. Richard Liu’s has proliferated and is well known worldwide due to its exemplary services. To satisfy the tremendous customer demand, it has more than 500 logistic centers in China with over 167,000 employees. Today, has a market value of $60billion, and Richard Liu Qiangdong is targeting to be the first e-commerce platform in China.

Richard Liu graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Renmin University of China in 1996. He spent much of his time as a scholar engaging in computer-programming activities through freelance coding. Liu pursued master’s degree at China Europe International Business School and upon graduation; Richard Liu Qiangdong was hired to work with the health product company Japan Life where he served at different capacities such as director for computers and director for business during his two-year tenure at the company.


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Michael Hagele General Counsel For Tech Companies

Michael Hagele serves as an advisor for a number of different technology companies that specialize in the aerospace, Internet, defense, and biotech industries. His experience in his career has laid primarily in the rounds of negotiation, drafting technology, licensing and distribution in the Internet and technological fields. In addition to this, he has served as an advisor for several venture capital funded companies where he managed intellectual property legal affairs and company governance. His experience as legal counsel for large and small companies has shown him that individual practitioners of law can often provide better quality services at a lower cost particularly in the realm of technologically focused clients. Read more about Michael Hagele at

In Michael Hagele’s mind, the most important concept you must master in order to bring ideas from your brain to fruition, in reality, is tenacity. One must not give up at the first sign of challenges as the best results come from a process of challenge and rebuilding old concepts. Artificial intelligence promises to be a revolutionary technology as the capabilities of machine learning algorithms are continually improving. These technologies are capable of analyzing patterns and insights that can help to optimize the company’s performance.

Michael Hagele believes that the most crucial advice for potential entrepreneurs is that when you are founding a business or launching a service one must always put the customer first as this is the most effective habit in the promotion of business. Perhaps the second most important thing one must do is incorporate a significant amount of physical activity in their day-to-day lives as this helps to maintain a sharp mental outlook so that one can function at their most optimum. In today’s age, presence on social media is almost necessary for the overall success of business particularly for businesses in the technology fields.

Michael Hagele believes that failure in the wall of entrepreneurship is one of the most essential ingredients for later success, as it is impossible to grow without overcoming challenges. This necessitates failure as one of the critical elements as well as one of the most vital and significant catalysts for potential future change.



Gulf Coast Western is a Reliable Community Organization

Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas developer that performs exploration processes to secure fossil based fuels. This company has been around since 1970 when it was first founded in Dallas, Texas. Gulf Coast Western operates within 6 states that include Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The company works closely with partnerships or joint ventures that allow them to carry out successful operations. Investors provides the funding that Gulf Coast Western needs to locate and extract valuable fossil fuel substances. This is why the company forms solid partnerships with other organizations, groups and individuals. They even have a set of rules that help them to determine the best investment partners for their outfit.

One of the best things about Gulf Coast Western is its commitment with protecting the environment where it works. The practices that this company uses to procure raw oil and gas resources are among the best for this industry. They ensure that the integrity of the land is not being comprised while they search for and extract fuel.

The company is so environmentally friendly that no one would even know that have been drilling for fossil fuels unless they had advertised this fact. The footprint that they leave behind is barely noticeable. This is important, because no one wants to tear up the environment while searching for needed fuel sources. This is unwise, impractical and very destructive for plant and animal life.

Gulf Coast Western also gives back to the communities where it works. Whether it is hospitals or schools, this company understands its corporate responsibilities and helps to ensure that people have a helping hand when it needs it the most. Gulf Coast Western works hard at being a leading fuel procurer and a corporate friend to the community’s where they serve.

There and back again…

There are many stories of people who have used their talent and focus to achieve success. Even those with the path laid before them may still have to work very hard to earn such success. An example is Mathew H. Fleeger who worked his way out of his father’s shadows to become very influential in the oil and gas industry.

Mathew having a background in the oil industry from his father obtained his B.A. from Southern Methodist University. Since the management knowledge of Gulf Coast Western was at his disposal Mathew focused on marketing, finance and sales in school. This prepared him for this taking over the CEO position at Gulf Coast for five years. He switched to another company in 1990 as the V.P. for Kinlaw Oil. Here his knowledge of acquisitions, mergers and corporate structure would prove to be very useful.

After his run in oil he started and developed his own company by the name of MedSoultions. This was a waste management company focused on the removal of medical waste from hospitals. Here Mathew H. Fleeger applied his skills as a Chairmen, CEO, Director and President between the years of 1997 to 2000. The company was sort after by the leader in the medical waste industry Stericycle. Mathew negotiated the sale of MedSoultions for over fifty million to Stericycle. He then took his talents to the tanning industry where help to establish Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Both businesses have combined revenue of almost $100 million.

With these accomplishments under him Mathew H. Fleeger has returned to the family business at Gulf Coast Western. His conditioning and experience has made him better rounded and better leader. His is now the perfect and proven person for the position to help the company to continue to grow.

Healthcare Business Strategist And Pioneer Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has spent more than two decades in the healthcare industry, and throughout that time she has held a number of leadership positions at several medical institutions and consulting businesses. She currently works as a Healthcare Business Strategist and Payment Innovation Expert who specializes in bundled payments, and she was previously the Senior Vice President at GE Healthcare Partners, a Los Angeles, California based company where she designed and started her bundled payments consulting practice and helped the group earn over $6 million in annual income by 2015. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

Before becoming a payment strategist in the healthcare industry, Deirdre Baggot attended the University of Colorado, where she received a PhD in Philosophy. She also earned an MBA degree at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University in Chicago, and a BSN degree from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. After graduating from college, she began her career in the medical field in 1997 when she worked as a Staff Nurse, Manager and Resource Coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She later held the position of Senior Administrator of the Cardiac and Vascular Institute at SCL, where she led 450 employees, and she was a Partner at ECG Management Consultants.

The healthcare strategist and consultant, who received her certifications from The Wharton School in Health Care Executive Leadership, and from the University of Michigan in Lean Healthcare, has designed bundled payments models for over 200 hospitals, helping them reduce costs and improve quality, as well as patient experience. She is a trusted advisor to several health system boards and executives in the medical industry, and because of her expertise in payment innovation, and her experience as an effective business strategist, she has been featured many times as a guest on popular NPR shows such as All Things Considered, Planet Money and Morning Edition.

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Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Eminem’s Diss Tracks

Television personality and Breakfast Club co-host Charlemagne Tha God says he does not think rapper Eminem is mindful about his comments in regards to the LGBT community. In fact, Charlemagne Tha God believes that the rapper bluntly does not care about offending others. Charlemagne Tha God understands all people have the freedom to speak what they want. He also understands how people can become offended when certain comments are made that affects them.


What Charlemagne Tha God is referring to is when Eminem Used A Homophobic Slur to rapper Tyler the Creator’s bisexuality. The radio presenter feels as though Eminem made the comment only about one person but millions of people who belong to the LGBT community can be offended by Eminem’s comments. The radio presenter is also aware of comments the rapper made about him. Eminem took a few shots at the radio presenter in his latest album. But Charlemagne took no offense to the diss tracks. In fact, he enjoys how he has made it to a place in his career, where big time rappers are taking shots at him in their lyrics.


Although Charlemagne Tha God did not care too much for Eminem’s last album, the radio presenter does like how Eminem is using his white privilege to speak about racial injustices. He believes that the rapper’s rants against Trump are a good look for the rapper and for the album. Eminem being an artist and expressing what he sees around him, is something Charlemagne Tha God enjoys seeing in music. He even feels like Eminem’s comments about Trump is more organic on this album.


Charlemagne Tha God is one of the most successful radio personalities of our generation. He joins Dj Envy and Angela Yea on The Breakfast Club. The radio personality has interviewed some of the biggest names in music and pop culture. He has written books that have made it to being on the New York Times Bestseller List. He has been on many television shows. Mostly, the successful radio co host has come along way since his days as a drug dealer in South Carolina.


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