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GoBuyside Analyst Comments on New EU Privacy Regulation

As a modern recruitment platform specializing in the financial services industry, a GoBuyside recently commented on the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) set to go into effect in the European Union May 25, 2018. This change will affect businesses around the world because it applies to every company that does business with entities within the EuroZone. The GDPR is not effective yet, but the EU wants every corporation affected by it to use their period to evaluate their current processes related to the protection of customer data, analyze and map out the gap between GPDR and their current situation, and implement any changes needed so they will be in compliance by May 25.

The GPDR changes the security obligations of businesses under the current European Union Data Protection Directive. According to the new General Data Protection Regulations, individuals have the right to privacy, so companies must design their data protection around that fundamental right of the individual. The bill requires companies to install whatever technical safeguards, organizational procedures and mechanisms are necessary so data is protected “by default.” The GPDR also places great emphasis on accountability and transparency. The new law imposes greater requirements for analyzing and documenting the processing of data. All companies are responsible, and must be ready to demonstrate their compliance with GPDR.

GoBuyside’s financial analyst pointed out all financial firms doing business with individual in the EuroZone must look at how they analyze personal data of customers, officers and employees. This applies to fund administrator, investment fund companies, management firms, depositaries and alternative fund managers. Each organization must examine how data flows within it what kind of arrangements it must make to ensure total privacy rights and freedoms of individuals as defined by GPDR. These firms will also have to implement changes in their notifications, security arrangements, transfers and processing agreements.

GoBuyside’s mission is to supply financial firms with the qualified staff they need. They work with hedge funds, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, alternative investment managers and advisory platforms. Because they have disrupted the traditional recruitment model, GoBuyside has over 500 satisfied customers. It uses the latest technologies and platforms to ensure their access to the highest level of recruits. They have a talent network involving over 10,000 firms and around the world in over 500 cities. They systematically screen all potential recruits to determine precisely which jobs they are most suited, and which companies they would fit into best.

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Jeffry Schneider, a Leader with a Heart for People and Life

As a leader who has over 55 employees to manage, Jeffry Schneider illustrates that it takes more than the passion for growing a successful business. Working with people who are always looking at you for guidance, encouragement, and direction, you must have a level head at all times. Your life in and out of the office should match. You should have high ethical standards, be approachable, friendly and accommodating. It is not all about accumulating wealth but influencing lives and making the world a better place. A keen observation of Jeffry Schneider reflects what a leader is.

A Good Communicator

Being able to relate to the team as well is essential to the growth of the company. You should know which communication tactics to employ on each occasion. Whether you are communicating on emails, over the phone, to a group or one on one, a leader should be able to pass the message across in a natural, understandable way and at the same time make the other party comfortable with engaging in the conversation. Listening is a significant part of a leader’s communication skills. A leader should listen more than talk.

Commitment and Flexibility

Leaders should have clear-cut goals and stick to the decisions they make. They should follow through with their promises and work demands. They should do whatever it takes to complete an assignment or target. The commitment, with time, gets infectious and runs through the whole team. Others will emulate you and work as hard to achieve the set goals or targets.

On the other hand, being too rigid can cost you opportunities and even frustrate the team. Sometimes, a crisis may force you to take a different path or jump for a chance you had not anticipated. Changing your mind or making a decision at the last minute does not show weakness but portrays the ability to stay strong even in turbulent times.

Ability to Delegate and Motivate

The sole reason you have a team working with you is so that each can contribute their strengths and guide the business to the next level. When you do everything, it shows you do not trust the team with their abilities, it is also tiresome and limits employees’ growth. Delegating ensures more is done and as a leader, the activities do not overwhelm you. As you delegate, it is also important to motivate the employees.


Commend them for work well done, offer incentives and maintain a positive attitude. Being friendly, and concerned about the employees’ welfare even in their personal lives without seeming to intrude, makes them feel they are part of the business. They will give their time and energy more to achieve the company goals.

As a leader, your employees will emulate how you live your life in and out of the company. How you relate to other people including your closest family is essential. It is also good to show them that it is not just about the paycheck, but that you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Jeffry Schneider made a decision to stop accumulating things and to get more involved in other people’s lives, this is a clear picture of how a leader should be.

A Recent example of making a difference in others’ lives is his involvement with Elizabeth Stephen, a nurse at Dell Children’s Hospital, whose mission is to put a smile on children with a cleft lip.  His compassion for people is also evident in his interactions with his employees. Many are the times he invites the whole team to his house for celebrations when the company outdoes itself. These and many other qualities make Jeffry Schneider a leader others try to emulate.

A Philanthropist and Role Model, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the founding member of The Custom Companies Incorporation in Northlake, Illinois. He is dedicated person both in his career and to the community at large. He has been a role model to many people in his society. According to the blog post, Perry Mandera has received awards from the Illinois State Crime Commission, which He supports wholly in terms of volunteering and funds. He received The Citizen of the Year Award and Bishop Sheil Award from this Commission. This Commission works in Chicago in conjunction with the police, to help the Chicago state citizens and the law enforcement authorities work together, to improve the state of society. They help the people by educating them, therefore impacting them with knowledge, that will reduce crimes ensuring that all laws are adhered to. Follow Perry Mandera on Linkedin.

Additionally, Perry Mandera in his company holds a position of handling sales operations and development in business. This is due to his experience in the industry that deals in transportation. He has worked for more that forty years in such industry. Moreover, Perry Mandera together with his company decided to develop bill of lading, an electronic feature that works as a receipt of goods therefore, acting as a prove to the seller that the shipped cargo has reached the owner. It is also used as an evidence of contract of carriage, thus allowing the seller to take the transporter to court in case of a fraud. Thirdly, bill of lading could be used as a title to the goods therefore allowing the carrier to transfer rights or withhold it till full payment has been made. Perry Mandera’s main purpose for the bill of lading was to ensure that, all his customers receive customer satisfaction of his high-quality services easily. Follow Perry Mandera on

Furthermore, Perry Mandera has been of great influence to the community and the church. In conclusion, he is a philanthropist who finds pleasure in serving. He majors in charity organizations, purchasing and transporting basic needs to the needy. Perry Mandera also has helped the youth in the society improve their talents, as a coach for football, basketball and boxing.

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Lori Senecal Uses Talents to Bring Ideas to Life

It is one thing to have some talent that can help bring businesses and ideas to life. Another thing that is helpful is to have a team of talents that will help shape and mold ideas. Lori Senecal is one of the talented advertisers. Lori uses her talent and creativity to impress her clients with the work she does. She knows the types of moods and messages to send to the audience for her clients. She also looks for the methods that are best suited to the business of the client. She has managed to come up with some of the most creative campaigns that have brought forth some really good results. For more details visit Crunchbase.

One aspect that Lori looks at when advertising is where she could reach the most people for the company at the least cost. She comes up with some of the most efficient and cost effective ideas that the client can use so that they can maximize their profits. The best thing that Lori does for her company and other companies is let people know about the latest techniques they can use in order to maximize their effectiveness in bringing in the income from their sales. With the right combination of methods, a business owner will be able to put his advertising to good use. Check out Adweek to see more.

Lori Senecal is very innovative with her advertising partially because she is so passionate about it. She looks at the types of ads that can attract customers. One of the best things about advertising is that all that is needed is for people to know about it. However, there is still room for some really compelling headlines. After all, people are going to respond more to the creative description and display of an item than a mere announcement of the item. The presentation is especially important when attracting customers. You can follow her Twitter page.

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Finally, A Solution To the Problem of Cell Phones In Prisons

More than eight thousand cell phones have been confiscated from inmates in the last year and a half. This shows us that it is not a small problem. Indeed, it is a very big problem. Just ask Robert Johnson, who was a correctional officer who was in charge of confiscating contraband when it was smuggled into the prison. After he confiscated a package that contained contraband that was worth thousands of dollars, an angry inmate used an illegal cell phone to orchestrate a hit on him. Someone knocked down his door early one morning and shot him in the chest six times at close range. Fortunately, he survived to live the tale and to start a crusade against inmates using cell phones.


Inmates are coming up with creative ways to smuggle in cell phones. For example, some are brought by friends who visit them and discreetly give them a phone. Others are provided by drones that drop them off in the prison yards.


Robert Johnson says that confiscating phones is not a real solution to the problem. He says that something much bigger must be done. He went to Washington to try to convince the FCC to make it easier for prison facilities to block calls that are made by inmates using illegal cell phones. Robert Johnson, who is now a consultant for Securus Technologies, says that the only real way to be one hundred percent sure that you are preventing inmates from using illegal cell phones is by actually using special technology to block the calls. Florida itself is using Securus Technologies in order to prevent calls from connecting to the mobile network when they are made by inmates.


Securus Technologies has a unique Wireless Containment Solution that does just that. A spokesperson explained that the system works like a cell phone tower. It basically is able to control which calls go in and out within a particular location. This way, when a call goes in, those that operate the prison can decide what to do with that call. If a phone is not authorized, then the phone call simply will not work. The call will be disconnected immediately, and the inmate will not be able to talk to anyone. In other words, the phone becomes a brick, unable to do anything besides call emergency services. A call cannot go into the network either without permission if it is calling an unauthorized phone.


Rick Smith said that he consistently hears from the prisons he services that inmates with cell phones pose a great danger, and he is happy to have a solution for them. Of course, cell phones used by correctional officers are authorized and can make calls as usual.


Sussex Health Care, Providing Audiology Care

If you are in need of hearing services, Sussex Health Care is the number one recommend place to go. Sussex Health Care is a senior home that is dedicated to given the best care to seniors. Sussex Health Care also provides different types of services not just audiology services. Even though Sussex Health Care is a senior living facility, you won’t be required to live there just to receive care. However, if you are not independent and you do not have anyone to help assist you at home with your every day living needs, then it is recommended for you to live inside of Sussex Health Care.

Sussex Health Care has several accreditations. One of their most important accreditation comes from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. They are also registered with the Quality Care Commission. In addition, Sussex Health Care has also been licensed with the Royal College of Physicians. Sussex Health Care is defiantly a well qualified facility for all services.

Their audiology center is the newest addition to this senior home. The audiology centers can be found in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. This center offers assessments and diagnostic test for their patients. They also offer the actual hearings aids for patients. To ensure that patients have received the best hearing aid for their needs they also offer hearing aid fittings to patients as well.

According to, Sussex Health Care’s Audiology department also has some of the best long term care in regards to their hearing aids. Even after receiving care, patients are welcomed to come back with any questions or concerns within a three year time frame. This allows patients to be able to adjust to their hearing aids and to make sure they really know how to use them properly.

Sussex Health Care has some of the best staff members on their team to ensure the facility is ran properly. The Chairman of Sussex Health Care is Shiraz Boghani. This facility is doing an amazing job under his leadership. He requires all staff members to have extra training to ensure that they are trained well. This is simply the best place for health care.

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Why Nick Verducci Helps Others Achieve Their Dreams In The Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci established NV Real Estate Academy in order to help others reach their dreams by investing in real estate. He holds seminars and workshops showing others how to use his techniques to make big money. His company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California and employs a number of trainers who teach many of the seminars to NV Real Estate Academy’s students.

After losing his father at a young age, Nick Vertucci’s mom had to work a couple of jobs, keeping her away from the family far too much. This led to troubles for him and at age 18 he was using his van as his home. At this point he started looking for way to get his life turned around.

Things turned around for Nick Vertucci once he started up a new business where he sold computer parts. During this time he got married and together they had three children. Unfortunately, the market crash of 2000, which particularly affected technology companies, devastated his business.

For a year and a half Nick Vertucci got by on very little income, eventually losing everything he had except his house. It was during these dark times that a friend recommended he attend a real estate training event he had attended and found very worthwhile. Nick Vertucci attended the event and he said that changed his life.

After learning everything he could at this event, Vertucci continued to research and learn about real estate investing. Eventually, he was very successful and is now a millionaire. Once this happened he decided that he needed to teach his system to others so that they, too, could get out of debt and make a lot of money.

The NV Real Estate Academy webpage has a large number of videos of prior students of Nick Verducci’s business who have gone on to achieve great success working in the real estate market for themselves. The videos mention things such as learning lessons that work in the real world before having to experience those pitfalls themselves. They are now achieving their goals and living their dreams thanks to Verducci and his easy to follow real estate system.

One Jaw at a Time with Cameron Clokie of Toronto

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, entrepreneur, and at his core a scientist. He is a man who is willing to go the extra mile in discovering new treatments. He was the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Toronto. He stepped down from that position in 2017. He has been the face of that kind of surgery for three decades.

One big thing he wants to do is to revitalize the areas of facial surgery and bone reconstruction. One of the ways he is trying to accomplish this goal is by creating implants that can grow bone material when it is needed. In an article for THe Globe and Mail, Cameron Clokie describes the process and the story of two patients who are living proof that the procedure can work wonders for all kinds of people.

The story begins with the first patient. His name is Peter Russell. He is sixty years old and looks young for his age. He lost some of the bone in his jaw in 2003 when he had a benign tumor. This is where Cameron Clokie comes into play. He has found a way to utilize proteins in adult stem cells to turn into bone tissue. This process could go a long way in helping those with broken facial bones or any other facial skeletal condition. Mr. Russell is one of eight patients who has had the procedure.

The second patient is named Janine McFarlane. She had a benign tumor as well but it swelled to the joint in her jaw. She had a lengthy nineteen-hour surgery where a part of her shin was used to replace the bone in her jaw. She still has another surgery to go but the prognosis so far is looking good for her. The second surgery will take bone from her hip to build her jaw.

These two stories are why Cameron Clokie is that man that he is. He is a man willing to use the most cutting-edge techniques to get the job done. Helping people live better and more fulfilling lives is why he became a surgeon.

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Insightful Facts about Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes and has in the past years worked hard towards the growth of the firm. Stokes, together with Scott Stokes, the COO recently announced that the company would create some job opportunities to the public, and the best employees will secure them. The Huntsville based Disaster Relief Construction contractor firm has in the past years designed as well as constructed unique homes for the people of the area, and due to the extraordinary nature of their work, the firm has received a high accreditation. Scotts efforts towards making the firm great have seen it gain an excellent reputation and also emerge to be one of the profoundly sought after construction companies. Read this article at

The renowned chief executive has always employed teamwork and collaboration as part of her active policy, and in the recent years, she has sought the partnership with other firms to ensure that they combine their ideas for the generation of maximum profits in their companies. Her expertise in the architecture and construction industry is second to none, and through this, she has built an excellent reputation for herself. Barbara Stokes believes in the sharing of ideas and always involves people, particularly her employees and other prestigious entrepreneurs in her decision-making process. Her firm has grown tremendously, thanks to her commitment and passion towards achieving the best.


Scotts looks forward to creating the announced jobs to people around the areas of Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, North California, Minnesota, and many other regions across the United States. She believes that through the jobs, individuals in the particular areas will gain an excellent opportunity to upgrade their living standards as well as cater for their basic needs with less strain. She looks forward to employing safety in the daily operations of the firm’s activities and insists that she will ensure that the company adapts to the ever-changing trends in the market, particularly the construction industry.

Besides, Scotts has always employed innovation as part of her daily business operations and believes that the adoption of the latest trends as well as designs of houses is one of the primary ways through which the firm will efficiently cater for the huge demands in the market. She insists that the company will keep on providing Unparalleled American quality housing and ensure that each of their customers’ needs and preferences is met regardless of the many challenges that emerge in the market. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Louis Chenevert Significant Role at the Utc Success

Louis Chenevert is a former chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a Canadian businessperson. UTC is an American multinational company that is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of high-technology products. He served as the general manager at General Motors for 14 years, and in 1993, he joined Pratt Whitney Canada where after six years he was elected president.

Between 2011 and 2012, Chenevert served at Business Council as the vice chair of the executive committee. On December 8, 2014, he stepped down as the CEO of UTC joining Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in September 2015 as an exclusive advisor. His target is in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Louis Chenevert accomplishments

Chenevert played a crucial role at UTC while he was the CEO leaving behind a legacy of high standards that the other CEOs have not been able to meet. His notable achievement includes the acquisition of Goodrich and making profits for the company in the recession. The Goodrich acquisition marked his signature deal highlighting extraordinary patience and business acumen having spent more than a year in negotiating that resulted in $18.4 billion deal.

Chenevert enabled UTC to achieve its goals of investing in high-quality technology that creates manufacturing jobs, still pushes the growth of the company to date boosting the United States economy. Chenevert believes in employee education and the use of latest technology for future success the same belief shared by the UTC current CEO Gregory Hayes.

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Louis Chenevert understood the idea of creating more environmentally friendly and greener designs making it a selling point for the products United Technologies Corporation was producing. The company was able to set similar standards for all its facilities globally. They created products that minimized the emission footprint, factories and plants reduced water consumption by 53% and the emission of greenhouse gases decreased by 26%.

GTF was Louis Chenevert’s pet project and ranks on top of accomplishments. This project was selected as an option for the Airbus and was the basis for the establishment of Pratt and Whitney that has grown to be an influential company in the jet’s narrowbody engine market. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.