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Philanthropic Work of the DeVos Family

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos who co-founded and operated Amway, one of the largest distributors of consumer goods. Hailing and residing from Western Michigan, Dick and his wife of 30 years, Betsy DeVos are not only known for their financial success but also for their philanthropic history. As members of the wealthy social class in Grand Rapids, it is customary to be expected to give back to the community through large donations. The DeVos family has certainly done their part. In a Forbes report, the DeVos family said they donated around $1.2 billion over their lifetime. This report came after Forbes reportedly kept requesting a response. According to an MLIVE article, the Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy were listed number 20 on Forbes’ top 50 giver list. A large majority of the funds donated stayed in their local area of Grand Rapids where they invest much time and energy to promote a better community in which they live. The fund donated were also given to church’s and other religiously affiliated institutions, educational endeavors as well as many Republican think tanks.

Hailing from Michigan, Dick DeVos attended and graduated from Northwood University. DeVos worked in many fields within his father’s company of Amway before eventually running the company as president in 1993 and continued to grow the company to 18 countries and increase profits substantially until 2002. Dick Devos has also had great success beyond his business ventures. In 1991, DeVos joined the Orlando Magic and he became CEO and President of the esteemed basketball team. DeVos is also an avid competitive sailor who has one two national titles. He also can fly planes and helicopters.

The DeVos, Dick and Betsy, have been together for 30 years and have since then had 4 children and 2 granddaughters. The family is involved in education and studies as well as business. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation was established in 1989 with the simple mission of giving the family a funnel through which they can do their philanthropic work. It is through this foundation that the DeVos family has done a majority of their philanthropy. Dick and Betsy DeVos’ affiliation to the Republican Party date back to when Betsy DeVos was in college. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos spend much of their time and energy in their local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan where they are on committees and chairs to make sure that their home-town continues to prosper and have a promising future.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

White Shark Media Offers Premier Services Designed from Client Requests and Complaints

White Shark Media is a pay per click (PPC) management agency. It has offices in Miami and Atlanta in the United States, Nicaragua in Central America and Denmark for its Scandinavia operations. White Shark Media focuses on delivering an efficient and transparent management service for small and medium sized businesses that advertise through the online platform using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The firm takes up each task knowing the client’s success plays a role in its success.
Over the years that the firm has been in operation, it has received a number of complaints alongside compliments. White Shark Media has developed a better service by working on complaints to ensure that such problems do not occur in the future. Among the complaints that clients have made include; losing touch with their AdWord campaigns. To resolve this situation, White Shark Media has ensured that clients are explained all they need to know about their new campaigns. This is done to enable them know where to go and check the performance of a given ad or keyword.
Some clients have felt that the communication is not good enough. Communication is an important aspect of White Shark Media. The firm schedules a monthly status meeting for the client and SME strategist to review the outcome from the last 30 days. This is done through GoToMeeting, an online conference tool. It has been highly successful with many clients praising the initiative. Additionally, phone systems have been established with direct extensions that facilitate clients to communicate directly with their contact persons.
Some clients feel that their old campaigns were performing better than the new optimized campaigns. Some procedures have been given prominence to address the issue. First, if the existing campaign of new client is successful, then it will be active in use before a new one is made to offer much better results. The firm also assigns experienced supervisors to run the campaign management and offer feedback on the performance of the campaign.
Other clients have been complaining that they are not finding a contact person that is in tandem with their needs. Some have made it clear that they do not like the creation of campaigns using the firm’s account. In addition, there are those that do not know how to follow the performance of their AdWords and those that do not prefer customers coming through the phone. Over time, the company has adequately addressed all these complaints. Currently, its clients are satisfied with service on offer. Many clients have reported a rise in sales thanks to the AdWords optimization. The team at the firm listens to each client’s needs and ideas with the view to achieving the best results that have made White Shark Media the premier place for AdWord campaigns.

Will Angela Merkel Be Able To Save The EU?

The European Union greatly changed the economy and political environment of europe as a whole. There have been numerous benefits to the existence of the European Union. However, this very successful and longstanding union of european nations may be coming to a close. Greece’s economy is in shambles, and this has put a drain on the economy of the European Union. Britain may leave the European Union. If they do exit the union, the EU will face even more problems. Ukraine is suffering economically, and this has caused even more problems for the European Union. The situation in the middle east is putting a huge strain on the European Union. There is speculation that this could be the final straw for the EU. The European Union is in a situation where many Syrians are coming in, but there is not enough regulation of this mass exodus. A successful European financier, George Soros, strongly believes that this influx of people from Syria could sink the EU. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, also shares this belief. George Soros believes that Angela Merkel could potentially offer solutions that could end this crisis. We can hope that this is true, and she is able to revive the European Union.

Angela Merkel originally got the ball rolling to bring Syrians in to Europe. She was able to get her plans through to open the door to the Syrian refugees. However, she did not put effective policies on the books to keep the exodus under control. There have been such large droves of immigrants that it has overwhelmed europe. George Soros feels that since Angela Merkel was able to get the plans in place to accept the Syrian immigrants, it could be possible for her to get laws in place to keep the exodus under control.

We must take the beliefs of Angela Merkel and George Soros into account with regard to the politics and economy of europe. Both of these individuals are extremely credible people when it comes to economic forecasts, due to their very lofty positions. Angela Merkel holds the lofty position of Germany’s Chancellor. George Soros is the owner of one of Europe’s most successful corporations. His company invests exceptionally large amounts of money in various european companies. He handles these investments with great expertise.

We can hope that the Syrian refugee crisis is brought under control. If it is, Angela Merkel will likely be at the center of the effort to bring the situation in check. If she is successful, the EU may be able to withstand the migrant crisis. However, without effective policies, it seems that the EU’s survival is not all that likely. The dissolution of the EU will alter europe in many ways, some of which cannot be known. It is likely that these changes would typically not be good for many european citizens, companies, and nations. The EU is an organization that has brought a plethora of positive changes throughout the nations of europe.

What Does TOWN Residential Have To Say About New York Real Estate Numbers?

Virtual Strategy Marketing first ran this story about TOWN Residential and their analysis of the end of 2015. TOWN Residential works in the residential and commercial markets as a seller and developer, and they publish their figures every year in their own magazine. This article explains what TOWN has gleaned from their own numbers, and there are implications for 2016 within the article.

#1: 2015 Ended Well

2015 was a banner year for apartments for sale in New York, but the numbers were so high that it seemed they would never stop rising. Investors were paying more and more over the course of the year, and anyone who was buying moved quickly to avoid the rising tide. TOWN watched as prices became stable at the end of the year, and they predict that prices will remain stable in 2016.

#2: Who Benefits From High Prices?

Developers and sellers like TOWN Residential made quite a lot of money in 2015 from rising prices, and sellers were able to sell their properties at a premium. Buyers were paying more for their properties as the year went on, but anyone who was willing to wait saw price stop rising at the end of 2015. The furious nature of the growth on the market caused a rush on many properties, and TOWN was hardly able to keep up.

#3: Will 2016 Be Different?

2016 will be a much different year from 2015. The high prices in New York will remain mostly stable, and buyers need not immediately move to purchase a property simply because its price could jump overnight. The uncertainty in the market has been replaced with stability at prices that are all-time highs. New York is a hotbed for development, and every seller or developer in the city will make just as much money in 2016 as they did in 2015.

TOWN Residential’s analysis of the 2015 real estate market in New York shows that prices have finally stopped rising. A bit of inflation will cause minor price increases, but the frenetic price increases that happened in 2015 seem to have ceased.

Make a Wikipedia Page Showing That You Have Arrived

Wikipedia is one of the primary online reference sources for millions of individuals around the world. It is the encyclopedia, Yellow Pages or online directory for those who want a solid, reliable description of an individual, brand, product, business or city – you name it. Hire Wikipedia writers to make your Wikipedia page to demonstrate your success.

“Wikipedia is Beginning of Many Referential Searches”

In February 4, 2013, the Wikipedia website was listed as the sixth most popular. The English version alone has more than 4 million articles with 29 million pages. Wikipedia is an open-source website meaning that professional writes can create pages for individuals, businesses or other entities.

Thus, if you want to increase your brand presence, popularity or authority, then creating a Wikipedia page can deliver great results. If a customer is searching another Wikipedia page, they can use clickable links to reach more detailed Wikipedia pages on each subject matter. Naturally, those who have Wiki pages are seen as reliable, popular and even authoritative subject matter experts.

“Develop Online Brand Reputation”

Wikipedia is the starting point for many online searches when you have no clue about a topic. A Wiki page assists with online branding. You can discuss your products and services in great detail to potential customers.

Unfortunately, there are rumors, controversies and falsehoods that are spread online. People might mistake an individual or business with someone else. When you have your own Wiki page, you can be pro-active in providing clear, accurate information to settle all disputes. Promote your entity with a great Wikipedia page.

“Get Your Wiki Creates Wikipedia Pages”

Wiki pages are important resources for entities around the world. It is wise for you to contact the “Get Your Wiki” writing service to create, edit, monitor, manage and update your Wiki page. You can receive a free quote within 24 hours.

Knowledgeable Wikipedia editors at “Get Your Wiki” guarantee page approval. Your page will have reliably-sourced references and be optimized to power Google’s “knowledge graph.” Wikipedia will look up your references to verify their authenticity and make sure it follows their set of stringent rules the writers at Get Your Wiki can navigate through flawlessly.

If there are any updates, then “Get Your Wiki” staff members will ensure these modifications are made in a timely manner. The “Get Your Wiki” Wikipedia writing service will assign a dedicated account manager to deliver high-quality customer support.

Beneful: Premium Dog Food That Owners Trust

According to a recent article on the Twitter, there is a strong demand on the dog food industry for premium dog food. The reporter who wrote the article was given a tour of the Freshpet, Inc. Company, one of the premium dog food companies that were highlighted in the story. The company’s CEO, Michael Thompson, said that since more people want to eat healthier, they are expecting the same for their dogs. The article says that premium dog food makes up a larger percentage each year of the billions of dollars pet owners pay for dog food. While the reporter was interviewing Thompson, the company’s chief production manager took a piece of food off the conveyer belt and ate it. The food was flavored with real turkey and vegetables, and the manager said it tasted like a holiday dinner, says the article. Many dog owners are suspicious of dog food that has ingredient lists that look like they came from a chemistry book. The article mentions the push for companies to use whole proteins, fruits, and vegetables instead of questionable fillers. Thompson says that if their food is good enough for a human to taste, then it will be great for dogs. He basically ignores skeptic economists who say that the cost of whole foods is too high for premium dog food and that companies like his will gradually fail. However, Thompson states in the article that Freshpet will be turning a profit in 2016. Among the premium dog food manufacturers that were mentioned in the article was Purina Brand Dog Food. Purina has been feeding generations of dogs and owners trust their product. Purina launched their own brand of premium dog food called Beneful. This product pleases dog owners who believe that their canine friends should eat just as well as they do. Beneful does not use questionable fillers and bi-products. When customers look on the Beneful ingredient label, they see whole proteins like beef, lamb, and chicken. These tasty morsels are blended with fresh vegetables such as peas, green beans, carrots, and spinach. Beneful comes in hard and wet dog foods in blends for each stage of a dog’s life. They also offer tasty treats and dental chews. With a name like Purina Beneful, customers know that their dogs are getting the best.

One Life to Live Profile: Stacy Morasco

Crystal Hunt is an American actress and producer. She was born in Clearwater, Florida. Hunt has said on Facebook before that she started her career participating in beauty pageants at the age of 2. Acting was always a major passion for Hunt. Hunt has starred in a number of commercials, including the Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary celebration, as well as an advertisement with NSYNC.

Her Wikipedia says Hunt was eventually spotted by an agent during the Actor’s Worship in New York. She was offered a role on the soap opera Guiding Light, as troubled character Lizzie Spaulding. This role last four years and helped Hunt garner an Emmy nomination while she was still a teenager. While maintaining a tough television schedule, Hunt also transitioned to motion pictures. Hunt co-starred in the Derby Stallion alongside Zac Efron and after finishing up with Guiding Light, she starred in the comedy Sydney White, alongside Amanda Bynes. The movie was an up to date version of the fairy tale Snow White.

Hunt returned to Soap Operas in 2009, as she was cast as Stacy Morasco on the soap One Life to Live. Stacy first appeared in the Soap Opera as a Vegas Stripper who followed her sister Gigi Morasco back to Llanview. She spotted her sister with her boyfriend Rex Balsom. Stacy then set her sights on trying to steal Rex from Gigi, while also developing an obsession with Gigi. Stacy eventually slept with Rex and became pregnant, though she had a miscarriage. Stacy then slept with Oliver Fish and became pregnant again. Stacy tried to imply that Rex was the father of the child.

Stacy asked her friend Kim to help her keep up the lie about Rex being the father of the child, so that she could steal Rex from Gigi once and for all. However, Stacy was kidnapped by Mitch Laurence, who wanted her baby. Once Stacy admitted that the baby wasn’t Rex’s, Mitch threw her out into the snow. Gigi found her in time, and she was able to give birth. As Gigi left with the baby to find help, they both fell into the ice on Llantano Lake, along with Stacy who decided to follow them. While Gigi and the baby survived falling into the ice, Stacy did not. After her death, Stacy made a few cameo appearances. Stacy’s role on One Life to Live lasted three years.

Hunt then went back to movies, co-starring in NYC underground, a suspense/thriller film. Recently, Hunt helped create the sequel Magic Mike XXL, starring Channing Tatum. In addition to acting, Hunt produced her first feature film alongside good friend Dania Ramirez titled Talbot Country; a horror movie based on a true story.  Her full list of film credits can be found on IMDb.

High Priced Foods Not Always Best

I’ve done some serious searching for the best dog food, and, at first, I was surprised with the results I found. If you are looking for some advice when it comes to the best dog food then this Facebook article should shed some light for you. I love my dog and want to make sure that he has a great life. I have gone great lengths to find the food that is best for my friend. There was a point where I was trying out expensive brands that cost as much as $25 for a weeks worth of kibble. I switched his diet slowly and did everything perfect to make sure there was a smooth changeover. It was puzzling to come to the realization that all of these foods were messing up my dog’s digestive system. Each brand would seem great, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed that my dog was having constant bowel problems. One week I was low on food and money while changing over to a new job so my father bought my dog a large bag of Beneful’s original dog food. I was worried that my dog wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t the expensive food that he was used to. Amazingly enough, my dog went straight for the food like he hadn’t eaten in days even though he just had some food earlier that day. After 4 days of using Beneful, my dog’s digestive problems seemed to clear up completely. I went back to the store to try some of the treats. I picked up a bag of the Healthy Smiles and also some of the Baked Delight Snackers. Unlike other treats from Petco, my boy loved both kinds of snacks. I also began to mix in some wet food, and found that he liked the Chopped Meals a lot. I began to wonder if the expensive dog foods were too rich for my dog’s stomach. After talking to my mom we both agreed that the high priced foods were good, but the ingredients were too rich for many dog’s stomaches. I believe that Beneful has realized this, and it can be shown with the long-running record that the company has when it comes to a dog’s nutritional requirements. It was shocking to think that after spending all that time looking for the most expensive foods available, that the moderately priced food ended up being the best for my pet. It makes sense after thinking about the low price since Purina has sold so much dog food for so long that they can afford to sell for less. I guess the lower cost is proof that they deliver quality like the brand promises.

4 Popular Beneful Dog Food Products

Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands. All of their dog food options offer dogs and puppies a delicious, well balanced meal filled with all of the nutrients they need to live a long, healthy and happy life. Below are just 4 of the most popular dog food choices they offer.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight chicken- healthy weight dry food is perfect for dogs who need to watch or maintain their weight. It offers a healthy way for dogs to get all the nutrients they need without sacrificing any of the taste. Made with real chicken as well as apples, carrots and green beans it is a nice well balanced meal for any dog. It is available in 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 13 lb, 15.5 lb, 31.1 lb, 40 lb, and 44 lb bags.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life beef- playful life dry dog food is great for any and all active dogs. It provides 100% of all the nutrients a dog needs to lead a healthy, active life. It is filled with protein and made with real beef. It is also made with eggs, blueberries and spinach for a well balanced meal. It is available in a variety of sizes including 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 15.5 lb, and 31.1 lb bags.

Beneful Dry Dog Food IncrediBites beef- the incredibites are small and easy to eat making it the perfect choice of dry food for any small dog. Although the bites are small the flavor is not. It is made with real beef as well as carrots and peas for a tasty full balanced meal. It provides all of the protein and nutrients small dogs need to remain healthy and active. It is available in 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, and 15.5 lb bags.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Mediterranean Style Medley– this wet food is perfect for mixing with other wet foods, for mixing with other dry foods or for just eating it all on its own. The Mediterranean style medley is filled with all of the nutrients and taste dogs need and love. Although the bites are small the flavor is huge. It is made with real lamb as well as tomatoes, brown rice and spinach and then topped with a generous helping of a delicious sauce. It is available in walmart in 3 ounce cans and perfect for keeping any dog happy, healthy and well fed.



Shaygan Kheradpir appointment as the new Coriant CEO

In 2013, Coriant that was founded by Marlin Equity Partners became an independent company. This was following the business acquisitions by Sycamore Networks Solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks. Since then, Coriant has established headquarters in Germany, Naperville, Munich and USA.

From the local level, Coriant has so far extended its services worldwide. Having placed markets in even government agencies, the company has a vast target of markets. All these include; electric utilities, mobile and fixed line service providers, large enterprises, submarine network operators and content providers. Currently, Coriant is known in over a hundred countries for offering solutions in innovative networking in leading network operators. This has led to it attracting many customers. Some of Coriant’s customers include; cloud providers, enterprises and government agencies and the global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers.

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently appointed as Coriants CEO following his great experience. Shaygan graduated from Cornell University where he was studying engineering and has so far worked with many technology and financial service industries. Shaygan came in to succeed DiPietro who later on took the position of the company’s vice-chairman with Robert Leggett the chairman. Shaygan Kheradpir has worked closely with Marlin Equity Partners senior management team as an Executive Operator. Being an active member, he qualified for the leadership position. The company is looking forward to drive solutions that will help the company survive the competition in the vast end-user market.

He began his career in GTE Corporation and thereafter has worked in different organizations. He was the CEO of Juniper networks and he also has worked as chief operations and technology officer at Barclays.

Shaygan has worked in financial service, telecom and technology industries. In this, he has gained an over two decades experience. He is then looking forward to provide high levels of service agility, automation and programmability in the company.
Offering a vast line of products, the company is currently hosting an average of over 3000 employees. The vast products include; intelligent network management, integrated optical planning solutions, packet optical transport solutions, optical LAN and broadband access, MSPP solutions, cross-connect or TDM solutions and edge routing solutions.